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Review #1, by SunshineDaisies Time

16th April 2017:
So I read this and I was SO CONFUSED about who you were talking about. My first thought was Lily Potter because of Karen Gillan on the banner (and also because Lily Potter is always my first thought in everything), but it doesn't quite seem to fit her. So I peeked at your review responses and saw that you didn't have anyone specific in mind and everything made sense again!

And after I had cleared up my silliness, I really liked the fact that you didn't name a character, and that you didn't have anyone in mind when you wrote it. I really like stories that are ambiguous in that way, I feel like it almost allows the reader to connect more with the character. Possibly because it allows you to project on to the character, or make it whichever character you relate to the most. It's an interesting concept and I think you did an excellent job of it here.

As usual, your writing is simply gorgeous, and I loved reading every second ofit. When I peeked in the reviews I saw that there was a narration of this floating around somewhere, and you can bet I'm going to go find it ASAP! This is so melodious and poetic and just lovely, I'll bet it's jaw dropping when read aloud!

The first sentence itself is just so pretty.

"The screaming, the terror, the fighting and crying."

The content is not so pretty, but the meter and the way it flows is perfect. I could actually probably analyze every single line of this to tell you how wonderful it is, but I think I'd probably run out of characters.

This is just gorgeous, I'll definitely have to come back to read some more of your work!


Hufflepuff CtF

Author's Response: Hi Katie! Thank you so much for your review!
I'm sorry I had you confused! I didn't want to specify the character because it could really be anyone. So many people will have lost family in the war.
I sent you a link on Twitter to the narration so you can have a listen to it!
Gah, you're too lovely!

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Review #2, by Dojh167 Time

16th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

Haha, you get story ideas while washing up as well? I do too! Plenty in the shower, but I think more while brushing my teeth somehow XD

I spent a moment trying to figure out whose perspective this story was from, but that uncertainty didn’t bother me for nearly as long as it normally would. This story is from anyone’s perspective, from everyone’s perspective, and it reads really well that way.

A line that really gets me is “The silence that spread across the entire world, causing everyone to stop. But no one rejoiced. No one stood up and cheered.” We’ve spent seven years building towards this victory and people have been fighting for it since before Harry was born, but it feels impossible to celebrate. All of the loss suffered aside, “The world is not as terrible place as it was going to be” is hardly above neutral on the negative-positive scale. Even for the few who scraped through without a huge personal loss, I imagine most of what they’d feel is exhausted.

You make a very good point that what is told by history as a victory rarely feels worth celebrating in the moment.

Okay, so at the end there you do make this from a specific person’s perspective, someone who has lost their entire family. I wonder who you meant that to be. Were you thinking of a specific character for that?

This ended super heavy. I really felt the sense of there being no hope for moving forward, to the point that I almost didn’t want to keep reading, that was how successful you were at creating a sense of drained hope in the reader. I’ll mark that one down as a yikes/well done.


Author's Response: Hi Sam!
I get ideas everywhere too :P Usually when you don't want them.
I purposely chose to not specify a character for the reasons you said: it would be from anyone's perspective. I didn't have anyone in mind. Though in my mind, it wasn't someone we met during the series.
Thank you so much!!

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Review #3, by The Basilisk Time

22nd December 2015:
This is a heart-breakingly accurate depiction of war as any I've ever read. Ssso sad! I am curious about who this could be, as you give the reader so much mystery around the identity. Also this could totally exist outside of fanfic land, so be proud of your writing there too. I hope this person is able to build a new life for themselves, though that may be out of reach seeing they're very much in trauma still.

-The Basilisk

Author's Response: Thank you, Basilisk!
I didn't have anyone in mind when I wrote this. The war affected so many people that it could have been anyone at all and that's why I chose to keep it neutral.

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Review #4, by nott theodore Time

9th July 2014:
Hi again, Amy!

This was an amazing story. I really, really loved this one-shot. It was just so powerful and had so much of an impact and I don't know why I haven't read more of your stories before. I hope you're still writing, because this was fantastic!

I liked the fact that you never named the character in this story. It could really be anyone of the people we know from canon, or a completely different person - I think that illustrates really well the fact that everyone suffered during the war and there wasn't anyone who came out of it unscarred. There were effects that continued a lot longer than the war, much later than the death of Lord Voldemort, and it's important to show that, which is what you managed to do in this piece. I find that really powerful!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #5, by gingersnape Time

14th May 2013:
Amy! I loved your story so much because wow did it show all of what war does with you. War always gets romanticized in stories and here it was ugly for everyone involved. I really felt pain and anguish when everything was unfolding because it was so visceral and real. War stories usually include a bit of gloating and glory, but here I could see how much pain war causes for everyone involved.

Everything in your story really flowed with such simplicity, yet I could still see how it all fell into place beautifully. Although it was short, it felt complete and whole. I didn't catch any grammatical errors or other slips.

I feel like my favorite part was when you described how how your character got on with everyday chores and such. While earlier you described big constructs like pain and loss, you ended on what are usually menial chores which were really so meaningful. Silence also played a big part in closing your story, which I really liked. I can't come up with any real con crit, and I'll go find Mike's podcast of your story now because I'm so excited for how it will be!

Author's Response: Gaaah, thank you!
War sucks for everyone involved and it rips so many families and friends apart. You're right when you say they always include a bit of gloating and glory and I think that's because it all doesn't seem so bad if you ignore the pain. But when I set out writing this, I really wanted to emphasise that pain and show that it is all about loss.
The other thing about war that never gets talked about much is rebuilding and how life just goes on when it is all over. You're suddenly forced to accept and deal with all the bad stuff and the loss of people you cared about and that isn't easy.

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Review #6, by adluvshp Time

27th April 2013:
Wow, what an incredibly powerful story. I just listened to Mike's narration of this, and it was splendid, and I loved the one-shot, so I just had to come and review it.

I love these kind of sad stories so it was definitely a treat for me. And of course it wasn't too sad, no story can ever be 'too sad' for me xP

I loved your idea - you truly reflected the horrors and pain of the war. It's true, everyone loses something/someone in the war, the experience can never truly go away, and you showed all that brilliantly in just a few words. *hats off*

The despair and pain was palpable throughout and the ending was just amazing as well. I liked the whole concept of the 'silence'. Really, you're a very talented writer and I am so glad I know you!

Great job Amy!

Lots of love,
(AditiDraco95) xP

Author's Response: Thank you! Mike did an amazing job of narrating this!
I feel like that's a challenge! Write a story that is too sad for you :P
War has so many casualties and that isn't always recognised enough! I wanted to show the pain of it all and that winning the war comes at a huge cost.

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Review #7, by Mihali1432 Time

9th March 2013:
AMY. I just read this to record and it asdfghjkl; I just wanted to leave you a nice review because this was amazing and I loved it and it's wonderful~ I thought it was so sad and the last lines are so brilliant.

Great story~~


Author's Response: MIKE! Thank you!! Eeeep

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