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Review #1, by newgenerationlover Step Two: You make the good witch mad

2nd March 2014:
Love the story! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks heaps! I promise the next chapter will be out soon! :') xx

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Review #2, by chocobean11 Step Two: You make the good witch mad

26th February 2014:
i love this fan fiction.
its nicely planned out! :)
cant wait for the next chapter =D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! New chapter soon! xx

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Review #3, by Robinhood Step Two: You make the good witch mad

25th February 2014:

Author's Response: I PROMISE xoxox

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Review #4, by heartjily4ever Step One: Get the good witch to tell a lie

28th May 2013:
Hey this is a really god start. The plot seems like it will be pretty awesome, and I can't wait to find out more about Emily and her two friends ( and the mysteriously hot James Potter's) lives. Hope you get the next chapter up soon

Author's Response: I'm so excited for this story! The next chapter is being validated and I really hope you enjoy it! xoxox

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Review #5, by Loony_Scorpy Step One: Get the good witch to tell a lie

28th April 2013:
JESSYYY! This is fab! I'm so excited to see how this pans out :D Will you be continuing it? :)
I love Emily she seems really cool alreadyyy.
I also laughed a lot during this chapter which is fab!
*gives cookies for inspiration to write more*
♥ Caitlin (I don't know if you remember me since it's been a while, I'm Caaitiee in some places eheh)

Author's Response: No. I'm sorry, I don't remember you at all. ;D I'm totally joking! HI CAITIE! I MISSED YOU!! Also, next chapter is done, I'm just waiting for my computer to come back from repairs. So it should be posted by the end of the week! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Review #6, by -BookDinosaur- Step One: Get the good witch to tell a lie

3rd April 2013:
Haha, loved it, you had me laughing out loud several times there.

Your characterisation is good, I can relate to Emily. Actually, Emily is my name, so I already love her!

Please update soon!

PS-Did you know 'Ringo' is Japanese for 'apple'? True story!

Author's Response: Awe! You're so sweet! I'm so glad you like Emily, she's my favourite character to write by far!
The next chapter is finished, I just have to wait until the end of the week while my computer is in repairs! :
Omigosh! I forgot that Ringo meant apple! That's awesome! :DD

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Review #7, by ines0803 Step One: Get the good witch to tell a lie

28th January 2013:
I liked this chapter! Keep writing this story, please!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for your review! Next chapter is written and I'll post it tonight. :')

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Review #8, by goosey girl Step One: Get the good witch to tell a lie

28th January 2013:
I liked it, it was funny and a fast read. Hope the plot starts soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much darling! Next chapter is coming in the next few days. :')

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