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Review #1, by Jchrissy Found

9th February 2013:
Aww you went from terrifying me to making me all warm and fuzzy! You two are sneaky snake/lions.

I was really, really thrilled with Victoire's reaction to learning that it was just Teddy. I think the way you guys took it, with her anger, was much more realistic than her just laughing and hahaha all good sort of style.

She clearly has a real, honest to god fear. I've been in similar situations and it's not funny when the fear is there and real and not just something you can brush off. But at the same time, Teddy is still just a young guy and he probably thought he was being the funniest thing in the world.

And I'm so on Victoire's side about it being all his fault that she hurt her ankle, haha.

The way that he came around to his feelings was really adorable. I like that he says he isn't the most romantic guy, at least he realizes it :P

Victoire's joke was so perfect. She's a smart girl, that one. I was so happy when Teddy came back too, because he would have been a jerk not to. Yes, you're nearly positive she's faking it, but what if there's that tiny chance she isn't and you're leaving there on the couch with on medical treatment? But he couldn't do that. And the way his own panic starts to build up, slowly but surely, was awesome.

I really enjoyed this second chapter! I hope you two keep working on this!!!


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Review #2, by Jchrissy Followed

9th February 2013:
So, Scott and Ashley, when I have nightmares I WILL be angrily tweeting you two. TWEET TWEET.

I saw that Scott linked this and was really curious to read a collaboration of you two!

I loved the pace this first chapter moved with. We get this slow sort of introspective start with Victoire thinking about her friends. That alone is enough to get any of us who have left home/had to miss old friends in a sort of mushy kind of mood. Then when her fear becomes more pronounced, the reader is quickly trying to piece together if this *will* be the night that the fear is finally justified.

The reason why she was walking home alone, with her stubbornness being stronger than her fear because Teddy had teaser had about it first (well, probably not always, but at that time it was). I have done that many, many times so I love that you guys had it being something so easy to relate to that caused her to be alone in the dark that night.

And now, because I really need to know what happens, I'm going to cut this review short.

Really enthralling start, you guys!! ♥

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