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Review #1, by NW2017 The Fallout

5th February 2018:
No. Hermione and George need to be together!!

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Review #2, by GermioneLover! Fight and Flight

7th January 2017:
Wow... Lovely Story! I am guessing your milestone is that you are half way through! Also is haven't reached the ending but will the last chapter be when the say good bye? I hope not! I hope they don't break up... You are already a bit of line so can't you go more? I love Germione (George/Hermione)... Please give me some hints to your story by replying to the review... Also I think your stories are really interesting... 'A wonderful love' is awesome! I normally like reading Dramiones (Draco/Hermione) and Fremiones (Fred/Hermione) so I wasn't two excited but then I read it and have fallen head over heels in love with your story and George ;) Now to the reviewing you have perfected the characters and their behaviour... Ron though could have been made slightly more abusive as in saying 'bloody hell' and 'Merlin's pants' etc. The plot line is very good... (Thumbs up) I would like to read more George and Hermione fanfictions... I loved the scene where Hermione broke the new's, I could only imagine Molly's face... And George's affections are adorable... I will most definitely read more of your fanfictions after finishing 'A wonderful love'... Also I don't know if you will reply though... As it has been about a year since you finished... But you are an awesome author with a great talent, and maybe if you are interested in it could you write a Lily/James fanfiction for me or a Remus/Tonks... You must think I am a crazy reviewer to have written a review with 1547 words... I must now continue reading the fanfictions, so bye! 100/10

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Review #3, by lunarwhy Desiring Normalcy

25th May 2016:
I love your writing style so much! It's difficult trying to read a good idea but it's poorly written but yours is both thought out and nicely executed! Thanks for sharing!

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Review #4, by lunarwhy The Beginning

23rd May 2016:
Ah I love this story so much! George and Hermione, oh my stars :D !

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Review #5, by MeeshsWand The Fallout

27th August 2015:
Really liked this. I'm looking up the sequel now.

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Review #6, by Anita Fix Me

21st July 2015:
Hi, i'd just like to know why George's letters didn't appear in Hermione's book and vice versa? Im so curious ahah
I hope you answer xx love this fan fic 🎉🎉

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Review #7, by wolfgirl17 Distractions

3rd May 2015:
The feels! You've hit me right in the feels with this entire story. I'm so invested in this that it's not even funny. You're story is positively brilliant. I love that you had Hermione noticing the little things about him that set him apart from Fred. I love that you had them kiss. I can't wait to see where this goes, but I'm so insanely nervous for the mission that I can't decide if I want to hit next and read on or just dwell here in the blissful pool of feels you've created where all is good and right and happy because there is snogging.


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Review #8, by wolfgirl17 There for You

3rd May 2015:
Oh now you're just toying with my heartstrings!

It's me again, by the way. =)

Ah! The idea of sneaking around hiding from Molly in the closet, all intimate like. Pillow fighting! This is just brilliant! You'r truly a genius. I especially liked the bit at the end where Hermione gets to know a side of George that no one other than maybe Fred gets to see.

Your stories are all so marvellous. I love them!


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Review #9, by wolfgirl17 Reaching Out

3rd May 2015:

George is just the cutest and sweetest ever!

The nightmare was so sad, though, it was like I could feel the gut-wrenching fear and pain of what she had to do. I don't know why I'd never considered the personal cost to Hermione before to have erased her parents memories. I suppose because it's skimmed over in canon and in fan fiction. She just seems to roll with it as more more tragedy of war and so we don't see the toll on her to know that she could walk right up to them and speak to them and they wouldn't even know her at all.

I just can't imagine that kind of sadness and horror.

How do you keep doing this to me. You and your clever key-strokes and your way with words will be my undoing.


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Review #10, by wolfgirl17 Desiring Normalcy

3rd May 2015:
Me again!

I loved this chapter. The idea of Hermione thinking over how everyone is acting differently is a great stepping stone in the events I hope are coming. I'm even more nervous about the twins now. I don't know if I'll be able to bear it if they fight over Hermione.

I seriously hope that Fred was ribbing Hermione too and that he doesn't fancy her the way George might be beginning to.

I would just die if you have them fight.

They're meant to be together. Usually I wouldn't be nervous, but I don't imagine you're intending to write and Fred and George share Hermione type story so I'm literally biting my fingernails with worry.

Gah! Look at what you do to me with your brilliant writing!


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Review #11, by wolfgirl17 The Beginning

3rd May 2015:
Hey Bud,

So there I was, perusing your page with the intention of spreading the love for the review comp we're running, when I come across this gem!

How did I not know about this fic? I mean, I've checked out your page heaps of times, (whilst stalking you for updates on Guarded Hearts and Soul Mates) *cough*hint*cough* and I recall checking out all the pretty banners on your page, even noticing this one and it's sequel, and yet I must've skimmed right over the blurb and not paid any attention.

Like a total git.

But I'm here now to dive into it, and that's what counts. =)

I love the way you've begun this story. It's intriguing and has totally hooked me into wanting to read on. The bit about Mrs Weasley thinking of Hermione as family in all but name before connecting such a notion to Ron is priceless. I also loved the idea of Fred ribbing George about fancying Hermione.

Does the hint of Fred noticing her sexy attributes too mean he's also noticed them? I don't think I could bear to see the twins pitted against one another. Even over a girl like our Hermione.

Can't wait to read on. I'm totally going to be reviewing every chapter, just FYI, so I hope I don't get repetitive or annoying.


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Review #12, by Unicorn_Charm The Beginning

10th March 2015:
Hey there! I'm here for our swap! :D

Well I haven't read a George/Hermione yet, but find myself getting into it already. There is something about Hermione that she just pair so easily with different men of the series, I think. Normally I read Hermione with the Marauders (excpet James) but recently have gotten into some Fred/Hermione - which I enjoyed, too. But anyway, I'm rambling.

I really, really liked the start of this! I can easily see why she would need someone to help her apparate, because her head really wouldn't be in it after that, would it? I like the little subconscious hints that she is more aware of him that she may be letting on, too. Like how she noticed how well he pulled off his Muggle attire, flushed at being called "pretty," and gave him a kiss on the cheek. So far she seems very Hermione to me, which I like, too. :)

George was really just so sweet! I know that it's in his nature - and Fred's - to not take things too seriously and make jokes out of everything. But here, he was actually sincere and all around lovely. I really liked seeing that side of him (and I think Hermione did too. *nudge nudge*) After hearing what Fred said about her, I'm assuming that George was not the only person who noticed what a beautiful young woman Hermione grew into. I wonder if that will cause any issues.

Even from the little bit of Molly that we saw, she seemed totally in character and so motherly. I always loved how even though the Weasleys didn't have much money, they took Harry and Hermione in almost every summer. I think you were right and Molly really did feel as if Hermione and Harry were family.

This was a great first chapter and definitely has my interest. I'm going to be back to continue on with this. I really want to see how it plays out! Thanks for doing the swap!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm so glad that you're getting into Hermione/George, because I find them amazing. Especially because I think of George as a little gentler than Fred, so I think they're a bit more compatible. Anyway, I hope the rest of the story continues to hold your interest. You'll have to let me know your thoughts as you continue with it. I'd appreciate it! :D


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Review #13, by HunningTheGreat The Fallout

22nd February 2015:
I don't understand why George and Hermione never talked about how they didn't write each other. I think it would have been only natural for both of them trying to find out.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I rationalize them never talking about it by the fact that they went about a year without seeing each other. They both had time to cool down and make their own assumptions about the reasons to the point where it was no longer at the front of their mind. Then, the only time they see each other is right before a war when they're both determined to make amends and after Fred's death when their grief is what's at the forefront of their minds. I didn't think it made sense for them to investigate a break up during such dramatic circumstances. At least in my opinion. :)


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Review #14, by GeorgeRemus The Fallout

15th February 2015:
I really liked the story, one of the best on this pairing. Looking forward to the sequel, where can we find this?

Author's Response: Thank you! I really appreciate that :) The sequel is in the queue here at HPFF now. Should be up within a day or two.


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Review #15, by daliha Distractions

15th February 2015:
The kiss! My god that was so beautifully written, in fact everything is! Sweet Merlin I'm in love with your portrayal of Hermione and George (by the end of this fic I'm sure I'll ship them.) This fic deserves more love!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I really appreciate your words. The story has gone behind the scenes for a while! :) I'm hoping it will develop more Hermione/George shippers now that it's complete and the sequel is in the queue.


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Review #16, by daliha Reaching Out

8th February 2015:
I love your portrayal of the characters! I could totally see George comforting Hermione like that. Poor girl, I think the books didn't really go into what she went through losing her parents, your doing a good job of doing so. I loved the bits with George in this chapter, I'm dying to see how this turns out for both of them :)

Author's Response: I tried to keep the characters as canon as possible (besides for the obviously non-canon plot line). I agree with you in thinking that the books really jumped over that very sad decision she had to make.


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Review #17, by daliha Desiring Normalcy

8th February 2015:
I love this story so far, you'e kept everyone in character :) Also huge fan of this pairing though barely any fics are up that catch my interest, this one definitely did, so I'll read on onto the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Hermione with either of the twins. I think they're a good match! :)

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Review #18, by Emma Breaking Point

31st January 2015:
Thanks for uploading! This is such an interesting story. Curious how this will end

Author's Response: I appreciate the review! The next chapter should be going into the queue today! :)


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Review #19, by Emma Fix Me

14th January 2015:
Please continu! I need to know what happens

Author's Response: The last three chapters will be up ASAP! Thank you!

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Review #20, by DontBeSilly Hopelessly Affected

11th September 2014:
Oh excellent!! I loved the scene between them when he returns home.

Author's Response: It's a personal favorite of mine too!

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Review #21, by hp Fix Me

28th January 2014:

Author's Response: The final three chapters will be up very soon! Thank you for hanging in there!

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Review #22, by wolfgirl Fix Me

12th October 2013:
So I know it's beneath an author to beg. but for the love of Merlin please please please UPDATE!!!
I'm loving your work and so hating Molly Weasley for her meddlesome ways, though it does seem very in character of her to put Ron's love for Hermione above George's feelings.
Anyway I'll stop babbling, pretty please update with the final chapter!!!

Author's Response: I will be finishing this! It is not beneath you! I was begging myself to just do it already! So, the final chapters of the story are with my beta. The story will be finished very soon!

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Review #23, by your biggest fan Fix Me

9th October 2013:
Are you still writing this? I really, really miss this story :( It's the only George/Hermione fic I ever read and look at for updates :( Please tell me you're still writing? This is so beautiful and perfect. Please write

Author's Response: I am still writing this! I had to take a hiatus because of familial problems, but the story is finished and ready for my beta to look the chapters over. The story will be finished very soon! :) Thanks for hanging in there!

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Review #24, by Anxious Reader Fix Me

17th September 2013:

Author's Response: Haha, you'll be happy to know all the chapters are written. Chapter 14 is with my beta. The wait is over for the end of this story!

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Review #25, by 00mLe00 Fix Me

22nd August 2013:
I love this story! This chapter made me sad, not because it was bad but now I can't wait for them to meet up and be okay again :)

Author's Response: You'll be happy to know that chapter 14 in with my beta now! :) The wait is over! I'll be finishing the story within the next few weeks. :)

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