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Review #1, by Beautiful Soul A New Start....

22nd February 2013:
Heyy, I'm really liking your story. A brill plot!! LOL I love all of these crazy demon names!! Well done on thinking up an AMAZING storyline.

It is well written but I'd just like to point out that your grammar and spelling aren't that great. Maybe after you've written a chapter leave it for half an hour (this helps your brain to stop thinking about what you've just typed, so it'll be refreshed) and after half an hour read over it carefully again, or if you type out your story on Word then spell check it AFTER reading it over, if you're still not sure that you have got it all right. Trust me, this is an awesome idea and it is well written and you will get HEAPS of reviews if you just sort out your spelling and grammar:)

Another thing, to keep people wanting to read on maybe end some of your chapters in suspense, I KNOW that when authors do that I ALWAYS want to read on. I basically stalk the website until the next chapter is out!!

Anyways, good job and check out my stories, I know that there are a lot of unfinished ones, but I've been busy, so I'll be starting them up again soon, and maybe if you would be so kind to leave a review on them? ;)

Hehe ciao for now and good luck, I'll try and post another review on your next chapter:)

Author's Response: thanks for the advice !

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Review #2, by hpfangirl The Demon World...

21st January 2013:
i can't wait for the rest :)

Author's Response: So I guess it was alright to read then ...
And ur my first reviewer so I will give a shoutout To u.
Anything confusing ?

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