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Review #1, by jkrowlingstone Fool in the Rain

15th March 2016:
i love remus/oc almost as much as i love sirius/oc!!! i hope this works out for him! also im loving the chemistry between the marauders. james and sirius wrestling is totally something i picture them doing haha

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Review #2, by jkrowlingstone I Shot the Sheriff

14th March 2016:
i love this!!

the way you write the marauders is almost exactly how i see them. some people when writing them make them more mature and level headed then they realistically would be at the age of 17-18 years old but you are staying true to their age!

plus i LIVE for references to the 70s in marauders fics. its not done enough and even the little hints of the bell bottom jeans and the pot really add to the charm of the story!!!

awesome chapter!!!

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Review #3, by marauderfan I Shot the Sheriff

23rd July 2014:
Hi there! After you left me a few absolutely lovely reviews on my own fic, when I saw this in the recently updated I decided it was time to share the love! :)

First off, I looked at the list of chapter titles and I love that they're all songs from around that time period, clever ;) But I'm getting ahead of myself!

Aw, poor James. That must be so much pressure and so nervewracking - even though he's trying to be a good leader, I imagine Lily isn't too thrilled that he's Head Boy after all his rulebreaking indiscretions in previous years. I like Marianne so far, though - given the one scene she's been in, she seems like a good friend for James to get started on the right foot in his new authority position.

I kind of love that Sirius' other friends outside of the Marauders are an actual band. That seems very appropriate - he would have friends like that :D And yeah, he would decide to throw a party with a band without considering how loud it would be!

Your portrayal of Remus is exactly how I would imagine him to be - critical of his friends' ideas for foolish mayhem but secretly the mastermind behind it all. Because if anyone can get their dumb ideas to work out, it's him.

Ahahaa, this line about Peter: he liked to remind his three best friends that he was the only one with a steady relationship out of the bunch. It was the only way he was superior to all of them. -- brilliant! Ha, I could so see this being the case. And when he takes his plate off the table and looks all shifty-eyed at his friends as they have a food fight, that made me laugh. Peter doesn't get enough recognition in a lot of Marauders fics so I love that you gave him his own story here.

This is a great start! I'm excited to read more :)

Author's Response: Omg, hello! Thank you for reviewing my story - I feel the love-sharing and it makes me so happy!

Ah yes, the music. I am a total tune junky, so I knew I wanted to quote lyrics at the beginning of each chapter ... but when I decided to only do 70s grooves, I got even more excited/into it. I love old school stuff!

If you keep reading, you'll see James handle the pressure a lot better. I've never written Jily before, but I knew that if Lily finally accepted him, he needed to mature. So right now he's shaky and afraid, but that's on purpose. As for Marianne ... well you'll see where she fits in XD

When I first thought of Gemma, I knew she had to be a music junky (as she's partly based on me) and I also knew she needed a random connection to Sirius. I feel like all fics have a train ride/compartment scene, so I decided to spice mine up a bit!

Remus was really fun to write too. Remus/OC fics are my total weakness so I really enjoyed playing with his thoughts about romance. Also, JK had just released her new stuff on him, so a lot of that influenced me. But his relationship with Tonks ultimately shaped his subplot.

Peter's subplot, on the other hand, used to be my least favorite. I really hated writing Aeryn too. But as they progressed, they became one of my favorites. Well, actually, all the characters all my favorites. I love them to bits!! But yeah, he's fun to read.

Thank you so much for your amazing review, I hope you read on!

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Review #4, by castaspell Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

23rd July 2014:

Author's Response: Oh yes, he returns. And gets even more snarky, if you can believe it. I hope you keep reading to see him in action!

Again, thank you so much for your reviews!!

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Review #5, by castaspell Tumbling Dice

23rd July 2014:
Ah I love the shallowness of Sirius, like he's falling in love with the physical side of Gemma and all he knows about her is how old she is and how she knows Gio. Really excited to see how their relationship grows (or fades) :D

Author's Response: Ah yes, Sirius and Gemma - they are a rollercoaster ride, let me tell you! I know this story is a lot different than most Marauder fics, but I wanted to show Sirius' full transformation into the man we know and love. So he's shallow now, but he doesn't stay that way ;)

Your reviews are making my day!!

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Review #6, by castaspell Fool in the Rain

23rd July 2014:
Ah I really love this love-sick fool side to Remus but I'm also super curious as to why he's no longer a Prefect? I'm sure it'll be touched upon soon. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, keep reading dear. It's explained in James' first chapter.

Cheers for all the reviews!!

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Review #7, by castaspell I Shot the Sheriff

23rd July 2014:
Definitely love how you've characterized the boys so far -- especially Peter, since there's usually only one kind of Peter Pettigrew and he's a pathetic, whining thing. Super excited to read more!

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for the review!

This story originally started out as a Sirius/OC fic, but then I knew all the other Marauders had to have back stories ... so when I finally decided to give everyone their own chapters, I knew I had to make Peter special. Hence the evilness >:)

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Review #8, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish New Coat Of Paint

18th June 2014:
Wow. I honestly can conjure no more than a few words after that. Speechlessness is creeping upon my brain after reading all of this story so far. This story is one of a kind in my readings thus far and absolutely spectacular. I AM EXPERIENCING INTENSE JILY FEELS RN. Beautiful work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review of this chapter! I haven't gotten any feedback about it, so I'm happy to hear you liked it :) It was a lot for me process too - it's been a long journey from chapter 1 to 36!

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Review #9, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish Wish You Were Here

15th June 2014:
I can just see myself in Marianne in many ways, and adore how you are going about developing the character as well as her relationship with Remus.

Author's Response: Ah yes, Marianne. She's one of my favorites in this story and I have a feeling you're going to like her subplot with Remus :) Cheers for the review!

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Review #10, by LiveBreatheNeedHP I Shot the Sheriff

20th April 2014:
This is really cool. I was a bit sceptical about reading it and wasn't sure whether I would like it but I really enjoyed this chapter. I really love your take on the characters so far, I think it's really cool and I think it will continue to work well.
The chapter was good, but you kinda missed the Sorting Ceremony and I think Peter may have overreacted a little to his friends stealing his food. But maybe that's just his character.
Sorry if that all sounded repetitive. Anyway, I really enjoyed the chapter overall.

Author's Response: Oh hurray, a review!

I'm glad you liked the chapter and you do bring up a really good point - this fic jumps around a lot so scenes like the Sorting Ceremony aren't always there. But since there are so many POV switches in group chapters, I sometimes have to skip things to make the chapter flow realistically. And yes, that is just Peter's character. I write him a little differently than most XD

Your review was not repetitive, thanks for so much for leaving me one!!

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Review #11, by Betsy Black Dog

3rd April 2014:
I really like your story so far. I've always loved Marauder fic, but sometimes feel annoyed by the common cliches in them. Your story is very original and I think the characters stay true to canon. Even when you switch back and forth between POVs, it is easy to distinguish between the different voices. I loved the political detail that you added to this chapter because it is such an important part of the war that is raging around them. I appreciate that you didn't turn Peter's character into a blatantly ignorant drone or ignore his existence completely, as I have seen in so many stories. You also do a really good job of sticking to the time period and setting of the era. I realize this review is super long now, but I love it when I find a well-written, fun, smart story. I can't wait to continue reading, particularly about Sirius and Gemma. (Sirius/OC stories are kind of a guilty obsession for me)

Author's Response: Hello Betsy!! I don't mind that you left a long review - in fact, I always freak out (in a good way) every time anyone gives me a lot of feedback.

First of all, I feel you on the Marauders cliches, so I tried to stay away from them as much as possible. In 34 chapters, I don't think I've ever done the "You're serious?" "No, I'm Sirius" joke ... maybe I'll throw it in the last chapter just for giggles XD But anyways! Yeah, I've tried really hard to make this story different in that respect.

As for the realistic/canon part ... well most of these characters are based on me/people I know. So that's probably why it feels so realistic! But I've also added a lot of canon details, simply because it distances the story away from my real life. It's also supposed to be a "coming of age" tale, so I also wanted to connect it back to the canon Marauders after they're done with Hogwarts. I was also a Political Science major in college, so I just had to put the whole fascism part in there ;)

Which brings me to Peter. Sirius and Gemma sparked this story and it was originally supposed to be all about them ... but then I realized that all the other Marauders had to have subplots and it would be difficult to explain everything going on if everyone didn't have their own chapters. So that's why I decided to give Peter a brain - his chapters would be pretty boring otherwise!!

Thanks for reading - but I will say that you're early on in the story. Things are about to heat up for you XD


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Review #12, by Anon Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

31st March 2014:
"It is with a heavy heart that I must share some bad news with you. Gemma is no longer with us." I literally cried for five minutes then said to my screen, I will find you and I will kill you. Then you ended up to be trolling us, so...

Author's Response: Yeah, I know that was a bit mean of me, but I literally wrote that sentence and was like omg, that sounds totally wrong ... but then ended up running with it XD

No need to kill me - things will get better I promise! And thank you for your reviews Anon!

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Review #13, by Anon 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

31st March 2014:
I hate you, how could you do that to my remus. You cruel soulless monster. Oh THE FEELS!

Author's Response: Hang in there, things are not over yet ;)

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Review #14, by usualrandomnickname Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

25th March 2014:
Aah one of my favs! sounds so...real
And no I'm not a guy ever, I can't really imagine boys talking about love and stuff that open but for a girl's fantasy it works quite well.

Author's Response: Omg, I know right? I have a really hard time writing the boys' POV because I'm a female and I honestly have no idea what guys talk about when they're all alone in their dorm rooms. That's why I put in the disclaimer that I'd love for a guy to give me some pointers!!

Thanks for all your reviews ;)

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Review #15, by usualrandomnickname I Shot the Sheriff

25th March 2014:
I just noticed that, despite following this first class story for months, I missed the first chapter! (yes, I've begin to read all of it from beginning on once again, waiting :)
already strong and awsm!

Author's Response: You missed the first chapter? Ha! That's funny. Well now that you're rereading, you'll pick up on a lot of foreshadowing :D

And the next chapter is in the queue, should be out in about 4 days!

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Review #16, by MistyWitch 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

18th March 2014:
Hi... I randomly came across this story... And I absolutely love it... I generally scour all Sirius/OC stories and marauders in general. And this story is by far offers the most explicit account of there every move and emotion.

Its commendable how every chapter is so well researched and articulate... and the analogy of fascism was well written.

I love the character of Marianne she is by far i feel most strong character... And generally I like sirius love stories coz i love him in general :)... but I really love James/Lily moments of your story... U have portrayed there chemistry well...

And the best thing I liked were the chapters image they are the best.. U have chosen the play-by well... they suit the characters perfectly...

Update soon i want to keep reading the fic its really addictive story

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you found Wide Awake then! I love to hear from new people XD

I can't take credit for JK's work or the trends/fashions of the 70s, but most of the characters are based off me or people I've met (and I was a political science major in college, so I couldn't help but compare the situation to World War II XD ). So yes, it's well researched, but only because I've lived most of it. But I must say, it's been really fun to rediscover the HP universe and the events of the past!

Every time someone mentions their favorite character, no matter who it is I'm like, yeah me too! I think that's because I love all of them to. But Marianne has definitely been a joy to write. She's so precious XD

And thank you for mentioning the chapter images! I made all the face claims before I joined Tumblr (so I had no idea who Aaron Johnson is) so I may go back and change things ... or not. Don't know yet!

I'm about 80% done with the next chapter. I can't give you a definite release date, but soon!!

Thanks for the review MistyWitch!!

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Review #17, by whatevernickname 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

16th March 2014:
me sad :(
i had estimated her to be more rebellious. "Lawyer face"...what a hard milieu

Author's Response: As I said in the author's note, this story isn't over yet! We've still got 4 chapters to go and Marianne may or may not be in Sirius' POV coming up next ;)

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #18, by randomnickname Heart Of Gold

12th March 2014:
Ow- at the end, again one of those moment when you think AHA! that explains SO MUCH!
I'm referring to the - line. How can Peter, later on, act so cruelly towards his friends if he doesn't, somewhere deep down, hate and envy them. And it shows this really much hatable part of good guy James. Thrilling, well done, nothing knew to you :)

Author's Response: Haha, I have to say, Peter is probably my favorite character to write. I always thought he hated/envied his friends, otherwise why else would he betray them?

Realistically, I think he defected because the war was getting too much for him, but to make his subplot more interesting, I decided to make his betrayal start at Hogwarts. Plus, Luciana is kind of a metaphor for addiction, so I thought that would be fun to play around with as well. But, as I said before, it's fun for me to write Peter in other people's POVs, because we all know what's going on in his head, but the other Marauders don't (you'll see more of this in the upcoming chapters - hopefully Remus' is published sometime tomorrow or the day after!).

Thanks for the review dear :DDD

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Review #19, by Anon Heart Of Gold

10th March 2014:
C'mon, I want more!!

Author's Response: The next chapter is awaiting validation my friend ;)

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Review #20, by Ian126 Heart Of Gold

28th February 2014:
This was great, I love seeing Sirius maturing and caring so much about gemma!

Author's Response: Hello again! Glad you're enjoying things XD

Yeah, Sirius is finally starting to grow up. Is he too late tho? You'll find out soon!

Thanks again for your reviews!

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Review #21, by randomnickname Looks Like Rain

26th February 2014:
Wha wha wha favcharacter? hard to say, almost all awwwsome!
I always have a big Remus crush (love of martyrs), and his story with Marianne was sweet, although a little kitch on the edges ("I save you, almost died and oh btw I'm a werewolf), in particular her reaction of IMMEDIATE understanding, that I didn't found very realistic. But I love how you imagined the world of upper-class wizards!
Gemma is huge, bit too dramatic sometimes, but c'mon, she smokes gillyweed! the beginning of her relation with Sirius - one of my fav moments I think. Sirius, hm, a little too aware of what he feels for an arrogant teenage boy, but still good match.
The Lily-James-mating cene is also one of my favs, Lily is also a really cool character.
I found Aeryn annoying in the beginning (think I skipped the Mrs. Puddifoot-ring-scene), but is becoming interesting with her bisexual feelings.
Peter is in my eyes very well done, you understand why he's still their friend,and the story with Luciana is also pretty fascinating.

In general for your story: sometimes too much details and characters thinking too much and too clearly - they could unfold more quietly, if you see what I mean.
But hell, you have such a lot of good, original ideas, you have managed your own coherent world and splendid characters, very well done and thank you sooo much :)

Author's Response: Hurray, a review!!

I also have a big Remus crush - ESPECIALLY when writers make him into a martyr. So I wanted to run with that idea and then add my own little spin to it, hence Marianne and the whole upper class wizard society stuff. But your comment about her reaction is spot on and it's one of the things I don't like about this fic. For plot purposes, I have to be rather frank about people's emotions, especially since the POV jumps around a lot. So I've been trying to sprinkle character actions throughout all the chapters, but yeah, it's not perfect.

Gemma is supposed to be a complete crazy pants, so that's why she's a bit dramatic. As for Sirius ... he's the other thing I don't like about this fic. Well, I do and I don't. He doesn't start out as the Sirius everyone knows and loves, but I want to show a progression into his more canon self that we see in the books. So don't judge him until you get to the end!

Lily and James are adorable, aren't they? I never liked them until I started writing this fic XD

Aeryn is supposed to be boring - I HATED writing her beginning chapters. They were like pulling teeth, I swear! But her eventual subplot is going to be good, so I pushed on thru XD I'm also so glad you like Peter! I modeled him after Peter Campbell from Mad Men - I wanted to show him being a sneaky little rat, ehehe.

Thank you for saying there are too many details, I will definitely cut unnecessary descriptions when I go back and edit the previous chapters. As for the thinking too much - as I said before, I want to show a progression, so hopefully you won't feel that way at the end. But if you do, please let me know in a review and I'll try and make the transition much smoother!!

Thanks randomnickname :D

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Review #22, by keyty Fool in the Rain

22nd February 2014:
Hello there! A very late requested review. Sorry for the delay.. but I'm here now!
I really like this. You have some solid writing and your pacing is spot on. I didn't feel too rushed or bored with any of the scenes, and you definitely left me wanting more! I also think you write Remus very well. And I like that instead of saying he's single because of his lycanthropy you attribute it to his love for Marianne. That's a nice little twist I haven't seen before. Overall I think the plot moves very well, and I don't think it's too information heavy! You're in the beginning stages so it's natural to have to fill the reader in on what's going on.
Anyway, I enjoyed this very much! Can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Hi, hi! Sorry for the late reply, work/the weekend took up all my time.

I'm glad this chapter isn't too information heavy because I wanted to lay the groundwork for Remus' actions in the future. I wanted his relationship with Marianne to mirror his relationship with Tonks with very subtle similarities ... so for instance, I made him love her from afar for 2 years but he never tries to date her because he feels guilty about his disease. I've made the parallels stronger as the story progresses, but again, it's good to know the pacing is normal and not too much to handle.

I always debate adding more to this chapter because it's the shortest one of the series, but I think I'll leave it as it is if you didn't feel rushed or bored. That's just what I wanted to hear!

Thanks for the review keyty, I appreciate it a lot!!

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Review #23, by PitchBlue Looks Like Rain

13th February 2014:
OMFG CHAOS WHAT IS THIS I CAN'T *bangs head against wall*

alright glad that's out of the way.

oh my god Carly, where to begin? this chapter has been such an emotional rollercoaster. First, the cute conversation between Marianne and her sisters (I didn't know she had two, time to reread some chapters!) about Star Wars (yes, Leia and Han should be together). Then creepy mcCreeper Rastaban appears with his evil plan and Marianne has to deal with it (my poor baby!). I really loved her last line, it's totally badass and fits with her Pureblood attitude that comes up every now and then.

And then Lily, you stubborn thing. It's just so like her to think she knows better than Sirius what James needs. I love that you refer to that trait of her every now and then, it really adds to her character. Also the reference to his birthday was amazing, and it really shows Lily's need to be the hero/caregiver (I mean, she's not always like that but you know what I'm trying to say, right?)

AERYN AND CORA OMG IT FINALLY HAPPENED. One of the things I love the most about this story is the evolution of Aeryn's character. It's sooo realisti c and well done! And it's intertwined with Peter's story as well, it all just fits perfectly. I also like how Aeryn is a fully developed female character without needing to be 'strong' or bold. I'd go on and ramble about it but my review might get too long then :P Just know that I reallly like her character.

I actually laughed out loud at some lines in Gemma's part (the 'noodle' thing omfg I'm dying of laughter!). But the rest of this part was so intense. I mean her vision becomes true and she gets ambuished and forced to drink the potion AND SHE ACTUALLY SEES THE HORCRUXES!! Omg where is this going how will it turn out??!

Hahaha I just realised I forgot to answer any of your questions xD But no worries, I'll answer them privately or something.

Amazing writing, Carly. But seriously you can't keep writing chapters like these and expect me to just get on with my life.


I know, I know, I shouldn't have tortured you guys like that. But like I said in the chapter, I'm in the process of wrapping things up here ... so I thought, well if 2 out of the 3 plot lines are going to have roadblocks, why not just go for it and make it 4 out of 4? So yeah, a lot to handle, but there's a reason for it XD

Marianne's POV was the most challenging one for me. Originally I had her in a more forced marriage type situation, but since that's against HPFF rules, I went back and edited it to give her a choice in the matter. The change is actually going to play out pretty nicely in the long run so I'm excited to get her subplot going. And yes, she has two sisters - I wanted to highlight Nanette for a reason, but that initial plot isn't going to work out. So that's why you think she only has one ;)

As for Lily and James ... even though they are the golden couple, they had to have fought every once and awhile, right? Plus, as you mentioned, caring too much can become a fault rather than a virtue. They will eventually have a conversation (James' POV is the next chapter) and hash things out, but like I said, I wanted to show a Jily fight scene.

OMG YEAH, IT DID. Wow, this subplot has morphed so much, it's not even funny - and I mean that in a good way, because you helped a lot! So yeah, since this is Aeryn's last POV, I thought I should lay the groundwork for what happens in final group chapter (OMG IT'S GONNA BE SO GOOD).

I thought Gemma's POV was going to be the most difficult, because as you pointed out, she connects to canon by seeing the Horcruxes. Her original plot was supposed to bleed into the sequels, so I know all the dream events are happening rather quickly, but oh well. It's gotta happen! And funny you should bring up the noodle thing because that was actually a personal quote from when I was ... shall we say, "mentally impaired" XD

Don't worry, things are about to get better. This chapter was a necessary evil.

Thanks for your review love, you know your reviews mean the world to me ;)

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Review #24, by Pat. Looks Like Rain

11th February 2014:
Okay. So I wish you weren't finishing this story, it's my favorite Marauders era fic of all time. But I understand, you don't have the time to write another tale has detailed, riveting and all around awesome stories. I thank you for your dedication to us as readers. I have really enjoyed reading this series and I will reread until I know it back to front. It was so good, and your knowledge of 70's music surpassed mine, which is rare. Not to brag. I'm not that great as far as 70's music goes, just Marley and Zep and some other, random stuff. I'll stop rambling, sorry.

Favorite character. Gemma, why? She's so cool. She's just a free spirit and she does her own thing and doesn't give a f**k what people think. She's the type of girl I'd fall hopelessly in love with and watch them run away, because they can't be tamed.I hope to hell that she and Sirius make up, but I can't see that happening. Speaking of Sirius, he's also a bit of a favorite, he's the kind of guy I would love to hang out with. I suppose that's why I love this story, you make the characters so real, and sometimes they remind me of myself or my friends.

I guess, I just want some sort of resolution, which I guess we'll get, just a suggestion, maybe if you have the time you could do one shots every now and again just about what characters are up to when you finish this? Just a suggestion, you're the author, you do what you want man.

Another thing, I know long review, look at it as making up for me not reviewing as much as I should of have. I first read this chapter on FFnet. I enjoy how you wrote Marianne and Rabastan relationship in this version then it the FF. Also, not sure if I spelt Rabasatan right, and I think I wrote it wrong twice. EH.

In all, thank you very much for this story, I've been reading it since last March and you keep me hooked with your visceral, fascinating, REAL style of writing. You rock, oldnumberseven! Have a lovely week, month and life I suppose.


Hello again, Pat! Nice to hear from you! XD

Man, I really wish I could continue writing this story. Like, REALLY wish. But sadly, I don't think I'll have time to finish another series, because this fic was an accident. I say that because I've never actually finished a fic before and this is my third one (Bleh, you don't even want to read the first one, but the second one is decent, if I do say so myself). So I never planned for Wide Awake to be this long ... but these last couple chapters inspired the whole thing, so I raced through the first ones to get to this point now. Funny, considering it's a year later!

But I think the reason I've stuck with it is because this story is basically based on my life. Gemma is probably the closest character to my personality, but Marianne is also my logical/academic side and Aeryn is my weak side. The girls' interactions with the Marauders are also based on real people - for instance, Remus is based my high school boyfriend and Sirius and Peter are both based on my college ex. James and Lily? I have no idea where they come from but I'd like to think they are what my next relationship will be like!

So that's probably why you find them to be so realistic and relatable/like you and your friends. Now, that's not to say that I didn't add some extra dramatic elements to the story (i.e. Marianne having to choose her husband), but there are several scenes in this fic that are basically verbatim of what happened to me. Oh, and speaking of Marianne, I posted my original plan for this chapter on FF, but it did not pass validation here because a forced marriage is against the rules. So you're not going crazy - there are two different versions. I'm going to go back and edit the FF one to match this one any day now (as well as going back and fixing grammar mistakes), I've just been lazy ;)

I'm seriously considering your one shot idea, although I've been messing around with a collection of one-shots/pensive like epilogue to sort of fill in the gaps between the Marauders and Harry. Dunno tho, that part is still in the planning stages. The last chapter + the epilogue will definitely give you some resolution, because I think I wrapped up things pretty well in terms of the plot/where I eventually wanted to go with things.

So in conclusion, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your reviews - and I especially want to say thank you for recognizing my music taste! I heart the sounds that came out of the 60s/70s :D

You rock, Pat. You truly do!

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Review #25, by KailynBryn Looks Like Rain

10th February 2014:
Aw, I'm sad this story is coming to an end, but thanks for writing, you've been amazing! My favourite character? I love them all, except Aeryn. My favourite moment? Gemma's visions, and any James/Lily chapters. My least favourite moment is when Aeryn started having feelings for Cora. (Ew!) So ya, I like your idea with Marianne's possible betrothal.

Author's Response: Huzzah, a review!

Yeah, as I said in the chapter, I originally planned to have another large sequel to explore every character's life after Hogwarts, but I just don't think it's gonna happen. And I personally hate it when I find a really good fic and it's just left incomplete. I totally understand fan fiction is a side project for most (because that's the case for me) but I don't want to leave my readers hanging :D

Thanks for telling my your favorites! I have a feeling everyone is going to say they don't like Aeryn, but that's a bit intentional. She's based on me in a certain point in my life and I cringe every time I think about my ... shall we say 'submissive' behavior. But you're going to like the next couple chapters, because they touch on the future of Jily, Gemma's visions and Marianne's ultimate decision. Fun stuff!

Thanks for the review dear, I really appreciate your feedback!

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