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Review #1, by Annainthetardis Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

24th October 2017:
So. more? Cause this is too good to just be a one off.

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Review #2, by Emandem Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

6th January 2016:
Classic fake-married spies shenanigans, I used to love this so! But honestly the best part might just be Ron and Harry being such /dads/ and "Harry will be in later to give you your first assignment. I wonít. I enjoy life."

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Review #3, by lola Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

26th October 2015:
Please say that you'll finish this! This is brilliant and I really want to know where it goes!

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Review #4, by pottered  Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

23rd May 2015:
omg loved this! especially rose!! kickas.s rose Weasley is my favourite rose Weasley. and the sexual tension between them ?? and the action in the story had me so: (heart eyes)

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Review #5, by CeCe Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

3rd July 2014:
Apparently no one ever told Scorpius that bow ties are cool. ;) This is seriously one EXCELLENT story! Loved it! But I hope you haven't completely abandoned your other stories, such as Deja Vu and Speaking in Rainbow. Those are also excellent, and I would love to see some updates. But, you know, all in your own time. I know how crazy life is. Anyway, great stuff!

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Review #6, by slythergryffinclawpuff Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

3rd June 2014:
Please keep writing!!! I've read and reread every single one of your stories multiple times and I love your writing so much!

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Review #7, by jade Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

2nd February 2014:
That was hilarious and bloody amazing. Its been a long time since I've read a one-shot Ive enjoyed this much. Kudos to you.

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Review #8, by Toni M. Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

29th July 2013:
you must finish Deja Vu. I refuse to read any more of your stories until it's complete!

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Review #9, by tiger_lily Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

27th July 2013:
but, could you maybe, maybe, possibly write a Sirius/OC one-shot/anything when you have time like please like im on my knees right now do you see me begging in front of you yeah that's me ok. (pleaseee)

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Review #10, by randomwriter Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

16th July 2013:
Hey :)
Like your other stories, this one is so well-written. Your sense of humour really shines through.
You had me laughing and gushing and swooning all the way through!
Some of the dialogues were really witty and this made a very interesting read.
Also, LOVED the characterization :)
All in all, A great story :)

P.S- This is for the House Cup 2013. I'm so glad I somehow stumbled on this!

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Review #11, by Penelope Inkwell Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

8th July 2013:
Loved this! Secret Agents Rose and Scorpius. So fun!

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Review #12, by :) Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

12th June 2013:
I really loved this one!

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Review #13, by go hannah abbott Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

25th May 2013:
This is really funny! Love it!!

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Review #14, by madness Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

15th May 2013:
Love it. A brilliant one-shot :)

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Review #15, by hpfanficfanpollmod Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

30th April 2013:
Dear dream_BIG,

I am writing to inform you that you've been nominated for the following category for the Spring-Summer 2013 Round of The HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards (hpfanficfanpoll dot livejournal dot com):

CATEGORY: BEST COMEDY for "Thank Me Later"

You need not take any other action at this time, unless you would like to reject the nomination. In that case, please contact us and we'll remove the nomination and contact the person who nominated you to let them know your decision.

We have an "I've been nominated" banner on our website for you to post on your blogs/Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook pages right now, if you wish. The banner can be found here: hpfanficfanpoll dot livejournal dot com / 16826 dot html.

The nominations period is now over (it closed April 28th).

The voting period will commence on May 1, 2013 and close on June 30, 2013 (that gives two full months to read and consider the nominated fics). Our awards ceremony is open to the public to vote, and we encourage you to ask your friends/family to participate. Read the rules here, if you'd like to participate in the voting: hpfanficfanpoll dot livejournal dot com / 1530 dot html.

We will tally up all votes and announce winners on or before July 10, 2013. Please check back then to see if your stories placed, or add us as a FRIEND on Livejournal so you can get emails when that list is broadcast on our blog. Banners for your nominations/placements will be available at that time, too.

Congratulations on your nomination!

Melissa, The HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards Moderator

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Review #16, by BellaBoo Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

11th April 2013:
"Turns out Weasley has breasts. I learn something new everyday." classic :P haha, YOU SHOULD MAKE A SEQUEL! That would be awesome! :D I love all of your stories, i've pretty much read all of them and you are hands down my favorite author! this story is deffinetly going on my favorites list!! Keep writing, you are amazing!

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Review #17, by Belieberxo Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

8th April 2013:
It's reaaally good, but I thought they were getting the Resurrection Stone?

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Review #18, by liz Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

31st March 2013:

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Review #19, by Lilah Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

31st March 2013:
Absolutely hilarious! Loved it, loved it, loved it

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Review #20, by RoseWeasley_13 Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

28th March 2013:
Yeah, so, I love this. You're my second favorite author. Ever. Only second to J.K. Like no joke, I love thiss and everything else you've written.

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Review #21, by MadiMalfoy Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

21st March 2013:
Ahh this was so cute!! :) All of Scorpius's thoughts and thought process made me laugh and really made the story more enjoyable. You wrote this very well and with impeccable language, so kudos to you! I will definitely read some more of your other, older stories too! Great job! xx

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Review #22, by Eirinita Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

10th March 2013:
To be continued? please?! Great story!:)

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Review #23, by TheHallow Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

4th March 2013:
That was really really great :) Super enjoyable to read! Kudos!

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Review #24, by Dizzy73 Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

4th March 2013:

Seriously, you should make a full novel sequel for this story or something!!

*cough*don't forget breathless, chasing madness, deja vu, speaking in rainbow, etc*cough*

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Review #25, by JordanQ Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

20th February 2013:
Wow, i love it. it was very funny and supper cool.
Plz pretty please update Breathless i love that story and welcome to chase too.
Those are great stories which i don't think need to be abandoned. So C'mon complete it.

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