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Review #1, by Dirigible_Plums glance

23rd December 2015:
It's three am and I am now depressed because of how good this was. I'm not a Dramione shipper but this got me right in the feels. Great job.

Plums xo

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Review #2, by newgenerationlover glance

7th July 2014:
Why must you hurt me in this way?? Wha!!! Gosh, stop making me cry please! This story, like your other is beautifully written. I loved how you stayed true to the canon characters, kind of mixing both the book and movie characters together, but you gave Draco an unknown voice. He isn't a 'changed person' like in so many other Dramione fics, he is the canon Draco, and that makes me like this fic even more. I can't believe that she killed him, but maybe he was wanting death. (That's what I thought he was saying, but wasn't sure.) And then the letter. It felt like you ripped my heart out of my chest, tore it to a hundred pieces, threw the pieces on the ground, and then stomped on them. So thanks for that ;)
House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #3, by Julia glance

6th February 2014:
Just so you know, this is beautiful... And the ending was amazing... And I cried...

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Review #4, by confusedlover glance

17th March 2013:
Very lovely.

This is so amazingly beautiful! I absolutely loved this. You are an amazing writer and this plot was incredible and the story was very well written. Absolutely beautiful.

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Review #5, by Lily glance

6th March 2013:
I've just finished reading your completed stories, but I started with this one, so here I shall post my review.
Your writing is truly divine. It has grace, rhythm and so few errors as to be practically unnoticable. Every idea fits seamlessly into the rest of the story, even the slightly cringy ones in Orange.
I adore your writing, so please keep it up! :-)

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Review #6, by Dark Whisper glance

20th February 2013:

Well, I was looking at the Dramione story recommendations on the forums and happened upon this one.

I must say, that I do love a great sad story. It is what I love to write and read.

You wrote this very well. I love it that he is sick of his double life and being a Malfoy. You took us from that first glance to the last in a brilliant look into Draco's mind. You really did an excellent job taking your readers through the many years. He changed along the way, which you depicted quite well.

It is truly heartbreaking with so many things left unsaid between them. So sad that he will not break in his insistence that their conversations not go any further.

And then to die by her hand... that was painful to read. ;(

I can certainly see why someone would recommend your story.

Job well done...
Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by teh tarik glance

8th February 2013:

Goodness, this is an incredible one-shot. One of the most convincing Dramione stories that I've come across. You've gone into so much depth and detail with Draco's characterisation...his reasons are sound, his feelings toward Hermione are conflicted, shot through with resentment and utterly believable. Also, you've given a really harrowing portrayal of Draco as the Death Eater, and how his initial ambition for power goes horribly wrong and he starts to waste away. Really, you've written Draco so beautifully, and with so much compassion.

Those brief barely-there moments with Hermione are just so wonderfully done - your writing is very careful and meticulous, and the interactions between the two are done just perfectly. Everything he says to her is perfect and you've chosen his words well, and everything that he does not say to her is beyond perfect, hanging in the space between them, and Hermione for the most part chooses to look past them.

Hermione's characterisation is lovely as well; it is unclear whether Draco's feelings are reciprocated (at least it's unclear to me :P and I'm hardly the most perceptive reader around...), but I think all the ambiguity is wonderful and makes your story so realistic. I don't know if the two would ever come together even if Draco had survived in your story...the way you've written them - there is just too much in between them that time can't possibly forget. And it's so sad, but of course it makes the ending even more fitting.

The ending really surprised me :D In a good way. Because I love me some angst / drama / main characters dying. It's painful, it's beautifully written and certainly not overdone.

This has been a wonderful story to read; I do hope you continue to write Dramione - you're doing an excellent job with this ship!


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Review #8, by patronus_charm glance

5th February 2013:
Ravenclaw Review Tag! Just a note beforehand I only saw Les Mis once when I was 8, so sorry if my details on it are a bit ropey!

I've never read a Dramione which started off in their first year, so I thought it was a great idea that you did that, as it made it so much more original and fun to read!

I also liked your portrayal of Lucius and Draco's relationship as it seemed very realistic, and accurate to me, as you showed their coldness, but the fatherly love was still visible there.

I thought it was interesting how you showed what Draco's first thoughtes were of Hermione, as you're so used to knowing what Harry's thoughts are, you almost assume that everyone thinks the same as well!

I'm also mainly writing my Dramione from Draco's perspective, so it was nice to see how another author did it, as most of those stories are told from Hermione's perspective, so it gets a bit samey! So it's nice to see there is a nother Draco writer out there:)

Draco's love for Hermione does seem very genuine and sincere, and one of the best parts was him wondering whether she would mourn him or not, as that showed so much emotion! You can understand why his extreme hate for her, flourished from now.

I loved that scene between Hermione and Draco, when he's comforting her after she saw Ron and Lavender. As it does seem like something which could have happened, and in that situation would be the only one where Hermione may have forgotten about her defences and spoken to him.

It was interesting how you called the dead simply by a collective term, rather than personally naming them. I found that helped demonstrate the facelessness of war, and how there are many forgotten victims of it.

A great story I thought, and it was wonderful retake of the usually cliche Dramione stories, so kudos for that! Thanks for the enjoyable read, and GO TEAM BLUE! (I don't think I'm going to win, as I'm the only one reviewing for the team :( )

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Review #9, by Jchrissy glance

4th February 2013:
Wow. When Amanda recommends something, especially a ship that isn't one of her absolute favorites, I can't resist reading.

You deserve every ounce of praise you have/will get for this.

The emotions you've intertwined. The way that Hermione hurts Draco, almost physically, year after year as he wants desperate to not feel what he feels. The small slips of his tongue when her and Ron have there everlasting Drama...

And she's still a mudblood. She isn't the princess that he has to have. She's a mudblood that he won't take because of it. But then when it's almost the end, and none of that matters, and that last line about him still loving her after she's ripped him apart. Gah.

I loved the way you moved through the years. From that first instance of hope until the hat called Gryffindor. Then to the anger inside him because he knows whats there, and his ability to make himself almost hate her for what she's making him feel. So he takes that out on her with his insults, his torments.

And then in fifth year he sees her how she could be, almost how they could be if it were all different.

You manipulated words and emotions so beautifully with this. It's a really wonderful piece, m'dear ♥

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Review #10, by academica glance

4th February 2013:
Hi! I'm popping over from Review Tag :)

So I will say up front that I'm not a Dramione shipper. I don't outright hate the idea, but I've always found it difficult to understand the rationale behind the ship. But something about this story just drew me in--I looked up and down your page, checking to see if I thought I'd like something else better, but I couldn't not choose this one. Weird.

I'm so glad I did.

This was so powerful. I love the way you used Draco's insecurity, instilled so perfectly by his father, to allow Hermione to worm her way into his heart. This line sums it all up completely:

Not a Malfoy. Not someone to look up to; someone to forget about.

And he hates her for it.

Hermione's almost an unwitting villain in this story, with the way she treats Draco like a puzzle that's all too easy for her to solve, except for those moments when his behavior is incongruent with the boy she knows too well. She cut him down so much that the ending was really poetic justice; Draco's lost all sight of his father's initial ambition for him. In a weird way, I'm happy for him, because he was able to shed all of that baggage and figure out his own way through life, what really mattered to him. I love that this boy has written her a love letter.

I think the moments you chose were great. I liked seeing Draco's perspective on things like the Yule Ball scene. That scene in particular, really, was quite powerful because Draco's moment of weakness was just all too tangible, especially in the same space as Hermione's emotional breakdown. It was like a whisper in a crowded, loud room, and yet it was hard for me to tear myself away from it.

I don't know what else to say. I have all these feelings and I hardly ever have feelings for Dramione. I really think you should be proud of this--and best of luck to you in the challenge! :)


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Review #11, by maskedmuggle glance

30th January 2013:

i don't generally read dramione but this was a really great one shot for that pairing! i think you can never make it 100% realistic and believable in the hp world that we know but i really love that this came quite close to that and how canon you kept it. as in, i will never think draco had a secret obsession with hermione, but everything else seems like it could happen.

i really liked draco's characterisation. he wasn't mean but he still felt like the draco we know. especially the tormented draco in the 6th year. i think you did a terrific job with the dialogue scenes with hermione - it felt plausible for draco to say something like that. the ending was also brilliant - i like how he never gets his happy ending, because then that would make it unrealistic.

i also liked the structure of the story - it worked very well for this! well done :)
- charlotte

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Review #12, by Brigitte glance

28th January 2013:
This was really, really beautiful.
Thank you so much for writting this! It's amazing.

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Review #13, by Gabriella Hunter glance

28th January 2013:

I was stalking the forums earlier and saw that you had this up. And so, of course I decided that I would bother you and leave this review! And wow, what a great little one-shot that should have been at least a novella! D':
I loved the time lapses you gave in the beginning and the conflicted Draco. There was so much depth to him even as a child and I was so intriqued by it and the way he regarded Hermione. That version of his affection for him seems more realistic than say, lust and I really enjoyed reading it.
The way he regarded himself over the years, knowing that he had to keep up appearances only made me really sorry for him. He can't have what he wants and so he watches her instead, insults her and that just really stood out to me. :)
Their little talks also were very good, and I thought your wrote Hermione very well. She's a tough character to get, isn't she? Draco's refusal to admit to his own feelings made me feel so sorry for him and it showed later down the line. The canon events that you added in, with Dumbledore and all that were great little tidbits as well and I really LOVED that ending.
Sad as I don't know what but it was lovely. I didn't expect it to be that way, to be honest, I thought that you would follow canon but you tore right through it! And way to make my heart explode. That had to be the most depressing letter ever but it was superb. I'm glad that I stopped by! :D
Make this a short story.
Do IT.
Much love,

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Review #14, by Anonymous glance

27th January 2013:
Reading this story is the first time I have ever truly been convinced of a Dramione pairing, and I actually cried reading this! It was so good! Totally believable; I could totally sympathize with Draco, which I have found hard to do before. Again: really incredible.

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