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Review #1, by abbeygrimm Don't Think Twice

22nd May 2013:
I admit, this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I
don't like Twilight but your writing isn't as stilted as
the original (which may be in part due to the
protagonist of the main story) and the plot seems


Author's Response: abbeygrimm,

I, myself, was rather reluctant about trying my hand at a Twilight crossover, but at the same time, I was so desperate to experiment with it...I just had to brave my chances of either the idea sinking or floating.

I'm not really fond of Twilight either. I think Stephanie Meyer could've made her characters more in depth, instead of perfect, one dimensional forms. And the plot was weak. I like the idea of vampires and a normal girl getting into a forbidden relationship with one, but the characterization was what killed it. Bella was weak and hypocritcal...Edward was possessive...Jacob was just a random character whose sole purpose was just to add in pointless drama. Meyer honestly blew what could've been a good story.

As for my plot, I'm glad I captured your interest. As far as updates go, I'm planning on taking this story slow. It isn't one of my main I said. It's an experiment. An idea I'm just going to fiddle around with. It's not exactly a story I'm so serious about, like I am with my one-shot collection, and other works. It's sort of like my other cross-over which is right now, on temporary haitus until I find the time to fix it up. Just approached with great gusto.

I will update. I promise that. But when, I just cannot say.

Thank you for giving this a chance and your review. It means much to me, as a writer.

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