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Review #1, by TroubleFindsMe (but that was when i ruled the world)

25th August 2016:
Rereading your stories has turned me into a sad, wreck of a human being. I hope you're happy with yourself!!! (I love your writing btw, even if you did abandon these fantastic stories)

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Review #2, by sleepymuggleborn (but that was when i ruled the world)

3rd June 2014:
I was saving my first review for something really special, and I know that it seems a bit of a waste to put it up on this fic since you don't much come online anymore, but I really really think that this is what I want to express my love for first.

I've read all of your stories. All of them (I once had a different account, long ago). I adore your writing--the way you can manipulate words and phrases to make people feel so strongly about characters, canon or original. This story is no different.

The way you portrayed Sirius is breath-taking. He's sweet and silly and starry-eyed, but you wrote him with such vulnerability beneath everything else and I cannot help but to love him to absolute bits (he was always the character whose death affected me the most). He's absolutely perfect, his flaws and his dreams and his life tied so tightly in with James'.

I really did love the entire fic, but I positively adored the first few years the most, before everything got really, really awful for these boys. The line you used in the summary is astonishing and perfect (amazing amazing amazing so amazing). This line, here, ""This kid was all sparking hazel eyes - elbows and knees sticking out from wobbly limbs - messy black hair that stuck every which way - and that crazy smile that promised one hell of an adventure to anyone who was brave enough to join him. "" is honestly the very best, utterly perfect description of James. I'm in awe of your talent, to be frank. And the last line, when Sirius realizes that James is really and actually in adult-love with Lily, when he realizes how completely scary that is--that struck home, because it's so realistic and true.

(I'm glad Lily got them to get their acts together)

Thank you ten thousand times for this masterpiece of a fic. I know you're busy living out your own life, and I hope that it's going well and that it's full and overflowing with accomplishments and happiness, but I also hope that you don't ever give up writing for good.

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Review #3, by blue Hedwig (but that was when i ruled the world)

7th May 2014:
This was awesome! I wish you would finish your wips, but as long as the one shots don't stop, I'm happy...

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Review #4, by madness (but that was when i ruled the world)

14th April 2014:
I cried, and now my sister thinks I'm crazy, so thanks for that! Would love an update of your author section to let us know where you're at (:

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Review #5, by Serena (but that was when i ruled the world)

25th August 2013:
Are you considering a writing career? Cause you should. Your writing is brilliant and funny and deep and everything that would make a great book. I've always loved your stories--Running from the truth, Breathless, Deja Vu, everything. I check back very month or so in hopes that you updated. I've seen you develop as an author. It was great. Even if you're not going to continue your stories, I will always go back and re-read them all. I hope you become a writer (and continue your fanfics cuz you're awesome).

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Review #6, by courage9992 (but that was when i ruled the world)

17th August 2013:
that was beautiful :)

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Review #7, by Lizzie (but that was when i ruled the world)

2nd April 2013:
Well, when you're done with college, FINISH THOSE G-D

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Review #8, by Hedwig123 (but that was when i ruled the world)

24th March 2013:
I am speechless.
It's absolutaly brilliant, the way you've made Sirius so realistic. It's like you're reading a story about your long lost best friend, not just about a fictional character but from a real effing awesome human being.
And a massive thank you, your writing just makes my day xd
And about you not finishing your stories...
I am deeply wounded *sob sob*
but yeah it's understandable...
I feel your pain girl, school's a biatch
But anyway thank you for the story, it's very touching and.. sort of gives something to think about if that makes sense :p I mean, it shows how beautiful a friendship can be and it's lovely to read the story of someone who's such an inspiration.
Sirius Black may you rest in peace,
even if you may be not real
Nobody cares, may you rest in peace you awesome awesome person..

And ofcourse, I wish you the best of luck with college! :D kick some ass, show 'm what you've got and all that jazz

peace out xx

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Review #9, by noinspirationleftforagoodusername (but that was when i ruled the world)

23rd March 2013:
I can honestly say I'm just glad you're still alive :D
great comeback though!

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Review #10, by Nisma (but that was when i ruled the world)

2nd March 2013:
I don't even know how to describe how incredibly amazing this story. This is my favorite story of yours by far! Aack I'm just going to go dissolve into a puddle of tears now.

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Review #11, by dobbyismyhero22 (but that was when i ruled the world)

1st March 2013:
WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! this story was absolutely beautiful and I'm completely content with the fact that you may never update your other stories again if you continue posting one shots like these... Incredible

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Review #12, by Fan dom (but that was when i ruled the world)

27th February 2013:
Please finish ur stories (even if they are bad endings) so it's not left on a cliff hanger because that is really annoying or just say what u were going to make happen because I seriously think u could publish them or something they are awesome!!! (Plz finish welcome to the chase at least! My fav!) :D

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Review #13, by pnapple (but that was when i ruled the world)

25th February 2013:
Update on déjà vu, maybe?

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Review #14, by Anisha (but that was when i ruled the world)

13th February 2013:
you are amazing. it's okay if you don't finish. i just love reading your stuff so do keep posting randomly :)

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Review #15, by ProphecyAuror4269 (but that was when i ruled the world)

12th February 2013:
hi amazing story. i am so glad that you are back but why wont you complete all the stories. i have fallen in love with those stories a bit too much and i wouldnt mind any help that you might need to write these stories. so i beg you to continue writin and i will do anything to help , even give you some ideas for plots if needed

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Review #16, by jillybeans (but that was when i ruled the world)

3rd February 2013:
crying, dying, THIS WAS SO GOOD! i... can't really put into words how much i love this. (i tried several times and failed miserably) LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Review #17, by Mia (but that was when i ruled the world)

3rd February 2013:
that was a really good on. it´s great that it wasn´t only about olve and it gave a lot of insight in the marauder group. I now really can imagine that how hard even young live was for sirius. really one of you best one shots so far! ps. The ending wasn´t as good as the rest, you kinda fell back into clichees like hedboy-headgirl love. But the very last part with sirius sying, that was all brilliant again.

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Review #18, by tajancosi (but that was when i ruled the world)

1st February 2013:
wish you were updating, especially deja vu, but maybe just a one shot about the ending or a brief summary of what happens. we want to know!

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Review #19, by harrypotterluver123 (but that was when i ruled the world)

1st February 2013:
and I cry. This was one of the best of your works, yay!

Hey Saval, how's life? I totally understand you've been busy and stuff. Life does that. But I was wondering, would you maybe consider writing a summary of what you were going to do with the other stories?

It doesn't have to be soon or anything, but I know a lot of people would love to know just what was going to happen (ARIADNE AND AL?!?!? JAMES AND ARIA?!?!?! DOM AND APOLLO?!?!?!??). You don't have to, as you are the author and it's completely up to you. I just think it might be a good sign of closure, for yourself even.

Just think about it.

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Review #20, by TheOnlyDevnet (but that was when i ruled the world)

30th January 2013:
Thanks so much for posting this, I really loved it. And.yeah, there's not much else to say, welcome back :)

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Review #21, by Crescent Moon  (but that was when i ruled the world)

27th January 2013:
I loved this one shot!!
I'm not going to complain that you're probably not going to update because I know real life takes over and it's much more important to focus on that as it's actually happening. (I know this is going to sound really sucky seen as I've just said that I'm not annoyed that you're not going to update but...) Would it be possible just to write how your stories end because you're such a good writer that I feel like those plots actually happened it would be great to know how it ends even if it's just like a sentence per story.
Anyway, back onto a happier note. I'm so glad you're still writing one shots!! I just love your writing so much, so when I came onto your page re-read some of your stories (because homework didn't seem that important at the time) and noticed that there was TWO new one-shots. You should have seen the grin on my face.
I'm now off to go and read the other one-shot but I'll just say again, you are an amazing writer and thank you for continuing to write and posting them!!

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Review #22, by Tantin (but that was when i ruled the world)

26th January 2013:
K but atleast reply to ur rewiews as a fresh start btw i liked this :)

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Review #23, by limelight1816 (but that was when i ruled the world)

26th January 2013:
OMG you're back! And although you arent updating Breathless which i am so disappointed about, im glad you're writing SOMETHING, because it's better than nothing, and you truly are such an amazing and talented writer! I will say that this isnt one of your best one-shots, but it is a really good one and the end made me tear up. And i love the Sirius/Lily relationship, its just the way i'd imagined it. Now im off to read your other one-shot. :D

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Review #24, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs (but that was when i ruled the world)

22nd January 2013:
Where does this come from? How can this inspiration sit inside you and not consume you from all angles with pride in yourself? (Ok, I know why- you always think your own writing sucks. It doesn't though.) I can't even begin to describe how much I loved that. Just as always, you strike me speechless and I almost run out of feelings in my body because this story just takes up so many of them. That breath stopping heart thumping saddening freeing lovely hated rejoiced in too big for your body feeling of perfectness when I finished reading this story? I loved it. I wanted to be mad that it was over, but I couldn't because it was beautiful. In one chapter, you managed to give me the same feeling I walked out of the 8th Harry Potter movie with. And that is high praise indeed.

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Review #25, by Hope's Mom (but that was when i ruled the world)

22nd January 2013:
I'm sorry that you (probably) won't finish your stories but you should focus on your education. That said, I will likely enjoy anything you write. I'm glad you can't stop! This was very sweet - thank you!

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