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Review #1, by Anonymous stalker I- Grace

2nd February 2013:
Heya E,
(yes, I know your name, where you live, where you go to get the bus In the mornings and your school),
I congratulate you on your first ever fanfiction and have comissioned the fanfare to someone who can actually play the trumpet :-p
A very well written start apart from one teeny tiny very big annoying little error- "i'm-part-veela-so-everyone-must-fall-at-my-feet...".
"I'm" is always spelt with a capital letter! ALWAYS!
As said, this is on tiny spot on an otherwise very good chapter :-)
And also, if I'm going to be very fussy, in "Sorry Daddy, it's not my fault muffins are the best thing that has ever come to be on this earth", Daddy went to Dad. But this could just have been due to mouthfuls. WRITEANDWRITEANDWRITEANDWRITE! I need more excuses to get out of maths revision!
from, F

Author's Response: Thanks for the corrections 'mysterious F' (I will edit them soon).
Thank you for the review- I hope reading this helped ease the pain of Maths revision (I have a feeling I may need to revise too).
Thanks again!

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Review #2, by Solo II- Grace

31st January 2013:
I love Grace, especially her deductions. What a darling.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by AnnyTheWitch II- Grace

28th January 2013:
why in the world is edward cullan doing at the top of this page?

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Review #4, by padfootllama I- Grace

18th January 2013:
Grace seems really unique... can't wait to see her at Hogwarts in social situations!
Keep writing,update soon and DON'T GIVE UP (or I will send my llamas to assasinate you.)

Author's Response: Can llamas hold knives, guns or wands? Or maybe they'll headbutt me into a road where I will get brutally run over? Anyway, I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Solo I- Grace

17th January 2013:
Aw the nickname Grape's cute! I like Grace so far. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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