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Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione Entrapment

2nd April 2013:
Hey there, here to review your piece for my challenge! :)
This is a great idea, I love how she goes to see the conducter and then she gets kidnapped that way, it's an interesting idea because of course, we don't actually see how Luna got took.

I love your characterisation of Luna, it's perfect! From the start when she's thinking about her friends right to the end when she tries to get rid of the Wrackkspurt, you've written her perfectly! I also love how she is so defiant and isn't going to show them that they are getting to her.

Your prompt was Luna Lovegoos and you've did a perfect job with it. It's an interesting part of Luna's life at Hogwarts and you've written it beautifully!

It's a lovely one shot and you've did a great job with the prompt! :)

Author's Response: Hello! :D

Yeah, I sat down and was about to start typing before I realised I didn't know much about Luna's capturing. :p

I'm so glad my characterisation was perfect! A few reviewers have said that, because she was SO difficult to write! Because she's a bit of an oddball - let's face it - but she's also extremely brave!

Wow, thank you for all your compliments! Thanks for posting the challenge, I might never have written Luna otherwise! :D

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #2, by S.Vallas Entrapment

10th March 2013:
A very good start. That is exactly how I would expect Luna react.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #3, by Siriusly89 Entrapment

13th February 2013:
Aaah! This was quite hard for me to read, as Luna is one of my all-time favourite charcters and reading about her being tortured by that horrible biddy Bellatrix was difficult to say the least!

I do like how you kept Luna's personality throughout it all! I really don't think dying would scare Luna much, as she strikes me as a very strong person, who can pain and suffering and put it in perspective. 'It could always be worse' really comes into play in this, as lets face it, Luna finds herself in a pretty nightmarish situation, yet she's still upbeat and swatting away wrackspurts and what-not

10/10! Brilliant :D

Author's Response: I love Luna as well, she's just a brilliant character. :D Writing her being tortured made me sad as well, because I don't WANT her to be tortured but she has to be. D:

I'm glad you think I've kept Luna's personality, she's SO HARD TO WRITE. By golly, I was REALLY struggling! Also, I had to add the bit about wrackspurts, she wouldn't have been Luna without them. :p

Thanks for the lovely review, it's really appreciated! ♥

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Review #4, by teh tarik Entrapment

9th February 2013:
Hello there! I've been meaning to read this story since I saw you post the link on the forums...but never really had the time :) First, I'm so so glad that you liked my suggestion for the title!

Wow, your characterisations are excellent in this story! Luna is written so beautifully, and she's so in-character. She has so much courage and innocence such a strong sense of morality...and then there's her trademark weirdness, her quirkiness, and I lovelove how you've ended the story on this quirky, slightly humorous note about wrackspurts.

It's a dark story, but Luna really shines through. And I love that little moment with Ollivander.

And Bellatrix is so chillingly portrayed here. I think you've pretty much pinned her down perfectly - her cruelty and everything.

I think this is a fantastic story, exploring Luna's war experiences and emotional state. I've enjoyed reading this! Great work :)


Author's Response: Hello! :D Thank you again for the wonderful title! :D

Oh my, I'm glad you think my characterisations are excellent! They're very hard characters to write! :D

I feel like Ollivander and Luna would have been really close after their time in the cellar. And I think it would have started on good terms straight away. :)

Bellatrix was SO hard to write. I kept thinking, "Is she psycho enough? Is she too pyscho?" :p I'm glad you think I've written her well, it really means a lot! :D

Thank you for the lovely review and thank you again for the title! :D

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Review #5, by CassiePotter Entrapment

3rd February 2013:
I absolutely loved this story! You write Luna and Bellatrix so well! I loved that you showed how strong Luna really is, because people underestimate her sometimes. And Bellatrix was perfect with her taunting! You did an amazing job with this, and I thought it was really great! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello there!

I'm glad you liked the story! Luna and Bellatrix were really hard to write!

Many people underestimate Luna, I think they forget that she had to also go through Bellatrix torturing her. D:

I'm so gad you thought Bellatrix was perfect with the taunting, I was so nervous about it! :p

Thanks for the lovely review! :D

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Review #6, by Faith100z Entrapment

1st February 2013:
Hey! :)

So, I really really liked this! You're a braver author than I am for taking on Luna, that's for sure! You sure did her justice though, in my opinion.

I loved how you wrote her through the whole one-shot. It was all very true to her character, and I like how you said she always talked to the conductor, it seemed very like her to me. :) And her last line is just so perfectly Luna!

Bellatrix was well written too, great job! Just one thing: "They were quite for a few moments and then she started swatting the air around her." I think you probably meant quiet there? :) That was the only thing I noticed though, brilliant work!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hello there!

I was SO nervous for writing Luna, I kept thinking, "Is she canon enough?! Does she seem too airy-fairy?! Is she TOO grounded and not airy-fairy-enough?!" but I'm glad that you think I did her justice. She's a difficult character to write!

Well we never really see Luna in the early parts of the books and I knew she had to be SOMEWHERE on the train so I thought that would be something she would do. :D

ahahaha glad you liked the last line. ;) I thought it was very Luna-esque. :p

I fixed that up - thank you for pointing it out! :D I'm glad you liked Bellatrix - she was scary to write because she's so evil and psycho! :p

Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #7, by PhoenixPulse Entrapment

27th January 2013:
Hello! I'm back again, *cheerily waves at my computer screen*

Oh, you've got my feels yet again, Kayla! Luna's one of my top favorite characters, and I wanted to reach for her, shield her, and start a biotch fest with Bellatrix. (Which is strange because I adore the sadistic witch as well) So the fact that you made me hate her here...well done!

I liked how you decided to write about Luna's torture. I haven't read much fics about that...well, to be honest, I haven't read any at all. This was the first one, and you did very well!

I am pleased how you started and also ended the story with the Luna we all know and love. Still peculiar and out favorite little oddity, still so innocent, but the mansion scene with Bellatrix...that was intense. It shows us the brave side to Luna, and her determination. You gave more to her character, and I liked that. Her maturity. And how war sort of stained, yet not stained her child-like innocence. (I don't even know if that made sense).

But anywho, lovely one-shot. I liked it! :D

Author's Response: Hello again! Sorry for not replying to this earlier; I'm just too lazy. :p

Luna is just adorable, isn't she? I love her! She just inspires me to be weird and peculiar. ♥

I'll admit: I kinda like Bellatrix as well. I liked creating her as a sadistic psychopath. :D

I've NEVER read any fics about Luna's torture, which I think is odd because it was a pretty big plot thing. I'm glad you liked it though. ♥

Luna is really brave; we see that in the books. And I knew she wouldn't be airy-fairy when she was faced with Bellatrix, but I still tried to make her as canon as possible.

It made sense, don't worry. :p

Thank you for this lovely review; you're just too kind! :D

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