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Review #1, by MuggleMaybe A Recipe for Disaster

14th April 2017:
Hello dear! I'm back to read another of your wonderful stories to free Sam for CTF. :)

This is Just Lovely. It's so sweet and silly. I'm student teaching in first grade right now and I can just imagine how my students would giggle if they witnessed a scene like this! Truly, it's delightful. You added such wonderful details about Dumbledore. I love the teddy bear hair clips. haha

Those poor house elves! I bet they were awfully scandalized! (Am I evil if their distress in this case makes me giggle?)

This story also made me realize exactly how many mischievous boys there are in the Potterverse. At first I thought this was going to be about James and Sirius. It could have been any number of characters from next gen, or even Dean and Seamus. And then when you mentioned twins, I, like Minerva, thought it would be about Fred and George. You definitely tricked me! I was so surprised to learn it was Dumbledore and Dobby! But I totally believe it! And I love that you made Dumbledore fascinated by Muggle libraries. For one thing, YES, THEY ARE AMAZING. And for another, it reminds me of the pleasantly playful side of Dumbledore that I personally have a tendency to forget about. Which is really a shame, so thanks for remedying it!

Minerva, oh Minerva. You wrote her so well. Her exasperation is spot on, and I really can't blame her for going speechless considering!

THE LAST TWO LINES THOUGH. THEY ARE PERFECT. "counting backwards slowly from ten in Latin" --> this is the most minerva mcgonagall thing that has ever happened. She definitely earned that day off!

Thanks for a very fun read!
xoxo Renee

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! It has absolutely thrilled me to get these unexpected reviews!

And I'm so glad you thought the story was funny and silly. That was the whole point. Ah, you caught the teddy bear clips. Was hoping someone would see that. :) Figures a first grade teacher would.

Scandalized! And excellent word for it! And no, giggle all you want.

There really are so many pairs or groups of trouble-makers aren't there. It really could have been any number of them, up to and including the Golden Trio themselves.

I love getting to indulge in writing Dumbledore's lighter, little boyish side. It's so much fun. And I just figured, given his fascination with Muggle sweets, he'd like other things as well.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked my Minerva! She was fun to write. And the counting backwards - that was just another thing I couldn't resist.

Thanks for the amazing review!

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Review #2, by Ron 4 Hermione A Recipe for Disaster

14th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Oh dear, poor Albus haha! I wouldnít like to be on the wrong side of Minerva if Iíd woken her up, or been the reason she was woken up, at 3 in the morning. I feel like itís probably best that it wasnít Fred and George there, Iím not sure theyíd have survived, although I do wonder whether her being not so harsh on them also has something to do with them being in her house as much as their potential.

I love how you write Dumbledore as well, the poor house elves must have been so confused when he came in and said he wanted to make muggle sweets. I can see why only Dobby would volunteer to help, especially considering it didnít even seemed to work. It paints a funny image though, Minerva stood there in her dressing gown all covered in goo and Dumbledore asking if she wants to try some because Strawberry flavour is delicious.

I love these sort of fics, itís like a glimpse into the fun backdrop sort of world in Hogwarts that J.K Rowling didnít have time to write about. It so entertaining to imagine things like this actually happened. Anyway, this was a great one-shot, so funny!

-Shaza :)

Author's Response: Hi and thank you! I'm so happy you came by!

I'm not sure Albus should be called "poor" anything for this shenanigan. He certainly doesn't seem very repentant, does he? LOL. But yes, I think I would hide if I woke Minerva up from her few hours of hard earned rest. I'm sure you are right - if it HAD been the twins, they might not have made it.

I'm sure the house elves were properly scandalized - and Dobby was thrilled.

Thanks again. I'm so happy you liked it and got a good laugh!

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Review #3, by Dojh167 A Recipe for Disaster

14th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

Haha, this reminds me of ProfessorMinnieís story I read the other night where Dumbledore couldnít sleep and Minerva helped him =P In my brain these stories are happening in the same universe.

I love Minerva, and I really appreciate it when people focus on simple little moments like this with her. There is so much interesting that can be done with her character, but because she is such an intense character, I most enjoy it when we see the simple quiet moments in her life like this.

Something seemed odd to me about the elf saying that they were coming to Minerva because ďwe canít stand it any more.Ē It doesnít seem like a house elf to disturb their master because something is inconveniencing the elf personally, but rather because the matter would disturb the master. I think that applies in this case. I know this is nitpicky, itís just a little thing that stuck out at me.

You can tell Minerva is angry - sheís tying her dressing gown *savagely* XD

Ohh, the troublemakers here are Fred and George. That makes sense - at first I assumed it was the trio, because your banner reminded me of her ďWhy is it when something happens, itís always you three?Ē line. But Fred and George make more sense for something lighthearted for this.

Wait no, itís Dumbledore! Bahahahaha! That makes the elfís line from earlier make more sense, well done!

o.m.g. This is so perfectly Dumbledore I canít stand it.

Iím not sure if Dumbledore is enabling Dobby or the other way around. ;) Either way, both of them are perfectly adorable.

Haha, I give Minerva props for even trying to tell Albus off, but yup - itís clear soon enough that would do no good.

Haha Dumbledore, what a hoot.

Good on you, Minerva. Take tomorrow off so hard. I hope she can actually relax and not spend the whole day washing strawberry taffy off herself.

This was such a fun delight of a story!


Author's Response: I haven't read that story. Sounds like maybe I should!

I love McGonagall as well. She's one of my favorite characters and she gets used so little. I love having the chance to show a slightly different side of her.

hehehe. I'm glad you liked the "savage" tying - I did that on purpose, and it apparently worked!

Fred and George - also loved that so many people take the bait of my red herring. I love the twins, and people know this, so I assumed most people would think I was writing about Fred and George anyway. I figured I might as well go with it and throw people off for a few seconds at least.

And I'm glad you thought the elf's words from earlier make more sense now you know who it is.

Writing Dumbledore exercising his more lighthearted, fun side was so enjoyable. And throwing Dobby in there - I just couldn't resist!

Minerva certainly deserves her day off. she puts up with a lot.

Thanks so much for this fun review!

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Review #4, by ABlack A Recipe for Disaster

1st April 2017:
Oh Merlin! The way you started with Minerva being convinced the trouble brewing kitchens had to involve Fred and George, all I could think of was when my son attempted to make pancakes and nearly blew up the place. But for it to be Dumbledore?

*dies laughing*

And of course leave it to the Headmaster to attempt to make something sweet. I do have to wonder, though, when it exploded whether McGonagall was hurt. Taffy typically is heated upwards of 275 degrees. Not that I think Minerva would have noticed at that point. I love how you pointed out she hadnít had a decent nightís sleep in ages.

The dialogue well done, too. I could readily hear Richard Harris speaking Dumbledoreís words Ė a solid indication you nailed the way the Headmaster speaks.

The other thing that really stood out to me is the details you slipped in. The color of Dumbledoreís nightshirt and the teddy bear hairclips. How both he and Debby had donned aprons. You painted the perfect picture.

The only thing I would have liked to see is McGonagall mentally compare the difficulties of dealing with the Weasley twins in her House versus the struggles she had with the Marauders. Fred and George might be formidable, but there were four Marauders and one of them was a werewolf. I think it would have been natural for Minerva to compare these set of boys.

Overall this was a wonderfully and unexpectedly sweet tale!


Author's Response: That sounds like a very interesting story. Pancakes and explosives don't usually go together.

And oh, don't die. I'm not very good at bring people back from the dead. Though I AM very happy it made you laugh so much.

Yeah, I know taffy gets REALLY hot. I just kinda ignored that fact in this story because it took away from the humor to go explaining how hot it was and how she took measures to protect herself. I just finally went - whatever. That's bad, huh. LOL.

Oooh, thank you! It's always such a compliment to know you get Dumbledore right!

Poor McGonagall really has had to deal with all the mischief makers, hasn't she. No wonder she needs a long nap!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by Marshal A Recipe for Disaster

1st April 2017:
Oh, this was cute and clever! I would never have expected this to be Albus and Dobby! I admit I knew it wasn't Fred and George just that gut feeling sort of thing. I also love that it is muggle taffy that they are making.

I swear Dumbledore was probably a problem child when he was a student and to think people gave him power over the whole school and he still has the same knack and penchant for trouble making! Or course the man is brilliant and I'm sure your Minerva would agree - when she's had more sleep and Albus isn't up to mischief.

Which reminds me I love how you characterized McGonagall. I love how you explain why she is typically cross. I think I would be too if my sleep was always interrupted like that. Honestly that little tidbit adds a fun little flare to the persona of the head of Gryffindor house. Kudos to you and your creative idea.

I think however the ending line is my favorite part of this story. It is what made the whole thing for me and I actually laughed at it. For the first time she was owling in sick. Cute clever and brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, I threw Fred and George in there as a red herring, hoping it would make people really surprised by the two it actually ended up being.

Of course Dumbledore was a problem child! How could he know all the secrets of the school if he didn't spend his youth finding them all? hehehe But, that can cause stress for others, as I'm sure Minerva would also agree.

Thank you! It is so fun to write McGonagall in a slightly different light! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

This review was amazing! Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Diogenissa A Recipe for Disaster

6th March 2016:
(For the HPFF Review-A-Thon!)

Hello lovely lady!

Iím sure youíre not expecting this but I couldnít help but notice your status last night saying you were feeling sick and Iím sorry to hear that. I got to thinking that perhaps a review to help you get better was a good idea (and Iíve been meaning to get over here to your page for centuries so here I am)!

THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME ITíS NOT FUNNY! I can totally imagine an exasperated McGonagallís face when she walks in to see not a pair of troublesome twins but the Headmaster and Dobby! I laughed so hard---OMG I literally laughed myself to tears!

I absolutely LOVE McGonagallís characterizationóyou got her character so perfect I donít know if Iíve read a better portrayal of her since Iíve been here. I could totally see myself in her place, her reactions mine and for the love of all things holy that woman has the patience of a saint. I know I couldnít have stood there without losing my head!

I also love Dumbledore here tooóhis playful nature and absolute excitement over a Muggle candy is so funny yet simply sweet. Itís a nice change of pace from the way we see him in the books most of the time.

I donít have a favorite partóbecause the ENTIRE STORY IS ! This just tickled me to no end and I absolutely enjoyed it. It gave me a much needed laugh and a full heart of happiness and laughter that thanking you for it doesnít seem like enough but thank you for such a lovely and heartwarming story and reminding me that thereís not a single thing wrong with being young at heart! Hope you feel better soon!

Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Oh, this was such an amazing thing for you to do, and such a surprise! I hope you know how much this meant, even though it's taken me more than a year to respond to it! You are SO NICE!

And now I'm blushing. Like crazy. I have to admit, writing this was fun - though McG is a little scary at this time in the morning.

Ah, Dobby and Dumbledore. What a pair. And also so much fun.

Thank you for the compliments on McGonagall! Do you really think so? WOW!

Muggle candy just seemed likes something he would totally love, given his sweet tooth.

Thank you again! This review rocked!

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Review #7, by The Ghost Of His Last Laugh A Recipe for Disaster

20th July 2015:
Hi again! This round of TAR has got me glued to your author page. :)
This story was hilarious! It's the little details that make it so good; for example, I love how Dumbledore calls Dobby "Master Dobby". I thought it was a great touch. It just had me imagining the first time Dumbledore would've called him that, and how ecstatic he would've been. Secondly, those teddy bear hairclips are something I can really imagine on a crazy old man. It's a nice little touch. Him stopping in a library and being fascinated also cracks me up. I could go on for a while, but you get it. Anyways, great story - I'm favoriting it!

Slytherin House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Awww, thank you!

I'm so glad I could make you laugh. I had a blast writing this story, even if it did take me longer than I planned. There was just something about writing Dumbledore and Dobby that was...rather perfect. (And the teddy bears were too hard to resist.)

Thanks! You made my day!

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Review #8, by SunshineDaisies A Recipe for Disaster

12th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

Oh goodness, THAT WAS HILARIOUS. I love McGonagall so much, and she is so on point here. As much as I love her, it really was amusing to watch her get so flustered. I really enjoyed the shock she experienced when she realized it was Dumbledore of all people, terrorizing the House Elves in the kitchen. Her reaction throughout the piece was absolutely priceless. And Dumbledore was such a treat! He's perfectly his eccentric, mischievous self. I absolutely love that he just wrote off McGonagall's concern, and went ahead with his taffy making, completely unconcerned. Dobby was so cute. I love how excited he was to make taffy with Dumbledore! It was so endearing.

I did feel bad for the House Elves though! What are they supposed to do when the headmaster is destroying their kitchen? It must be very distressing for them.

Anyway, thanks so much for the laugh!

Author's Response: I know I'm two years and a bit too late responding to this, but it's better than never, right?

And I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It always makes me smile so much to know that people are liking what I'm writing.

Flustered McGonagall was more fun that it probably should have been to write, poor lady. She puts up with so much, she really does deserve a holiday. Having to keep the kids AND the adults in line.

And I don't imagine Dobby had much fun in his life before Hogwarts, so it was fun to write him all cute and adorable.

Don't feel too bad for them. They're house elves - so they do tend to over-stress a bit. Besides, I don't imagine Dumbledore would be so cruel as to leave it a mess. A flick of his wand and all will be right in the end.

Thanks again!

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Review #9, by The Basilisk A Recipe for Disaster

9th January 2015:
Ssstoping by to sssay hello, and to take a ssswift sssnoop at thisss ssstory!

Anyway, I loved this! When I first started reading, I was expecting the culprits of the kitchen mess-makers to be either Fred and George or James and Sirius! When I discovered that it was Dumbledore and Dobby, well, that just made things even funnier. I also love that her first thoughts (once I figured out what era it was -- someone didn't read the summary and etc *blush* -- were that it MUST have been the Weasley twins ;).

That was a beautiful dialogue-break during the world "expulsion" by the way... didn't know that Basilisks enjoy that type of thing, did ya?

I would have been baffled, too! Though, I suspect that I would have accidentally petrified the pair of them *sigh* it's not that I mean to, really. Poor Minerva! Covered in gook! That has to be awful!

I would have called out, too!

Thanksss for the sssuper fantassstic read! It really made me sssmile!

Author's Response: Hey, you came back! Thanks!

I'm glad you enjoyed this little tale. It was a lot of fun to write, especially using characters that not many people would have suspected at first. I knew most people would suspect Fred and George given my propensity for writing them, so I purposefully stayed away from them.

I did not know Basilisks enjoyed that kind of thing, but I'm ever so grateful that you did! Thank you!

Accidental petrification would put a crimp in their candy making. But, it would be one way to stop them I suppose. Still, probably best it didn't happen that way.

Thanks so much for reading! This was a brilliant review.

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Review #10, by HEG A Recipe for Disaster

11th December 2014:
Awww!! Such a cute, well written one-shot.

I love how you've turned such a short, simple plot into a magnificent story. Dobby is one of my all time favourite Harry Potter characters so it was good to find him at the centre of attention in this one-shot. I also like Dumbledore's friendly and rather strange personality shining through here like a bright light. I gave an internal laugh when McGonagall realised that it was Dumbledore causing all the trouble. And Dobby! Dobby! You captured his personality perfectly here in such a short snippet of writing. Everytime he said something, I could picture it perfectly in my head :). How did you come up with the idea for this? There are no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes as far as I am aware so great job! This was had a lovely fluency to it which made it a pleasure to read. If I could have one thing that would make this better, I would definitely ask for more *hint, hint*. I would go as far to say that this is one of my all time favourites on the archives!

Well done!


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so thrilled that people are enjoying this one. It almost didn't happen, as I got very stuck in the middle.

I love Dobby as well. He was such an original and refreshing character. And it was so much fun to get to explore more of Dumbledore's eccentric personality here, without him having to be serious and with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The idea for this was born out of a challenge on the forums. I didn't finish in time to actually enter, but I did want to still put my story up. I knew everyone would expect me to write about the twins, so I wanted to do something unexpected instead.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much you think there should be more! That's quite the compliment. I doubt I'll ever add to it, but thank you just the same!

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Review #11, by Pretense Of Perfection A Recipe for Disaster

15th July 2014:
Hello there!!

What a pleasure this was to read. I love anything about dear old Minnie, and this was no exception. You did brilliantly with your characterization, and I literally laughed out loud at a few points. Dobby and the house elves spoke perfectly, I always have trouble with that myself, but you made it look so easy. I can totally see him and Dumbledore making taffy at three a.m.

I noticed one or two spelling/grammar errors, but nothing huge. Everything else was spot on, and this was literally a joy to read. Good look for your SOTM nomination in the CR.

-- Fae

Author's Response: Why thank you! I can't believe the surge in interest this little story has had recently. It's crazy, but I won't say no. LOL.

I'm really glad I could make you laugh. That was the point of the story after all. And I'm relieved you felt the house elves sounded okay. Writing house elves is HARD. Believe me, it wasn't as easy as you claim it looks, hehehe.

I do need to apparently edit this little story. Several people have pointed out a few typos I missed. Will hopefully be going that in the next little while.

Thanks again for a wonderful review! You left me grinning.

- Farmgirl

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Review #12, by CambAngst A Recipe for Disaster

13th July 2014:
Farmgirl! How on earth did I never see this before? Just goes to show you easy it is to miss things. Then I saw it nominated for Story of the Month and I knew right where I was headed.

The premise of this is nothing short of hilarious. Poor McGonagall! If she's not struggling to manage her unruly, mischievous students, she's struggling to manage her adventurous, sweet-toothed boss. I loved the panic that the elves brought to the start of the story and I loved the way that you very gradually built up Minerva's head of steam. For a short piece, the pacing of this was brilliant. You did such a good job of interspersing her thoughts, letting her anger grow and focus. Excellent work.

And the visual of Dumbledore and Dobby cooking taffy was off the hook. I can see it all so easily, the twinkle of barely restrained glee in Dumbledore's eyes and the earnest joy on Dobby's face as he helps with something that he doesn't understand in the slightest. One of the talented illustrators of the Potter fandom should seriously take this up.

I noticed one tiny typos as I was reading:

The topics those Muggles think off to write books on! -- think of

Awesome, awesome job! This brightened my day!

Author's Response: *Shrugs* I have no idea how you didn't see it. I really thought you had read everything of mine. But I was totally excited to see a new review from you so I'm glad you missed it until now! And Story of the Month? Me? WOW! Guess I should really go poke my head back into the Common Room and come out of hiding.

Writing this was really fun, even though my muse got derailed in the middle and it took me a year to get back to it. I love when I can write Dumbledore being quirky and a bit silly instead of all serious as he got toward the end. And Dobby is always a hoot.

I've developed a real fondness for McGonagall and it was so much fun to push her to the limit of her patience here. LOL. She really is the only responsible adult around sometimes, isn't she.

That would be amazing to see a picture of this! I'd draw it myself but it would look like a pile of sticks... But I am so very glad you liked the picture I tried to paint in the story.

There are apparently quite a few typos in this, though. I had several pointed out to me this weekend. Looks like I will be doing a careful edit of this story soon. Thanks for catching them though.

Thanks for a review that brightened my day! As always, you are the best.

- Farmgirl

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Review #13, by randomwriter A Recipe for Disaster

11th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hello :) Remind me WHY I haven't read this before, please? I apologise for what will be a rather short review, with not much detail, but I am attempting to be speedy and review as much as possible, so please forgive me.

Anyway, back on to WHY I haven't read this before! I'm favouriting this story and coming back whenever I need a quick laughing! First of all, lovely idea! I would never have imagined this sort of thing, but now that I think about it, I can't not imagine this sort of thing happening.

Your characterisations were spot on. McGonagall is not an easy character to write. But you managed to get her perfectly! Her demeanor, her actions, her thoughts and her speech, were all definitely entirely her. I love how she automatically assumed it was the work of the twins. Dumbldore was also in character. Eccentric, with an irrational love for sugary sweets. Muggle taffy! Hahaha :D I find it cool that he went to a muggle library and picked up a recipe book, brought it back to Hogwarts and decided to experiment, at three in the morning! The house elves too were perfect. Dobby was written well, as were the other elves. I find that often, people overdo the House Elf speech patterns, but yours was perfect. This is exactly as it should be.

As for CC, I found two typos.
1) The topics those Muggles think off to write books on! It should say 'of', not 'off'.
2)she found her mouth gapping open again with absolutely no words to fill it with this time. 'gaping', not 'gapping'.

Apart from this, I absolutely loved your story! The ending was so funny! McGonagall being rendered speechless, after being covered with taffy! And just lieterally everything about this was amazing! The last line was a perfect ending to a great story! :)

Author's Response: Erm...because it's just a silly little story that no one knows about? That's why. LOL. But I'm so glad that you found it and enjoyed it now. And I'm so terribly sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to your amazing review. No worries about the review length! I'm not at all upset. Besides, it was just a short little story to start with.

I can't believe you favorite this! But I am so happy that is makes you smile. That's what I wanted, to make people laugh, and it always feels good when I know it's working.

I really appreciate your praise for the characterizations. It's hard and daunting to take on writing canon characters, especially now days when not very many others are doing it. I always worry so much that they are going to turn out totally wrong. Your words make me feel much better. THANK YOU!

Also, I love Dumbledore. I know there are many who think him a bit evil and manipulative, but I believe he tried his best. And I relish a chance to show his lighter, more eccentric side.

ugh!! Must fix those typos! I hate it when they creep in.

Thanks again for reading! Loved your review.

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Review #14, by DracoFerret11 A Recipe for Disaster

10th July 2014:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums here to review for you for the House Cup 2014! :D So, let's go over things:

Grammar/Spelling: The only error that I caught was near the end where you wrote, "her mouth gapping open" instead of "gaping open."

Plot: What an adorable story idea! I loved it. The image of Dumbledore and Dobby cooking together is so cute, and you did a great job capturing the mood of the whole scenario. Well done!

Characterization: Great job with Minerva. She really seemed to be spot-on in her characterization. She was stern and fed up and really just lovely. As for Dobby and Dumbledore: perfect! Dumbledore was so goofy and eccentric. I loved it.

Descriptions: I could really see that scene in the kitchen with Dumbledore dressed in such silly attire and all the elves in fear for their lives. It was almost like a movie playing out in my mind. Good job!

This was very sweet and funny, and I'm glad that I read it. Well done and good luck to Gryffindor in the House Cup!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review, Educational Decree #7)

Author's Response: Hey there. Thanks again for this review, and sorry I'm so slow responding. Life has been absolutely crazy.

Eek! There is still a spelling mistake in there? MUST fix that! Thank you for catching it!

And I'm so glad that you liked the story. I really wanted to create something that was unique and not what people would expect, but was fun and cute.

Thank you for the compliments on characterization. There is nothing that is nicer for an author to hear, in my opinion, than that their canon characters seem true.

Thank you so very much!

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Review #15, by MyMyMiss A Recipe for Disaster

15th March 2014:
forty two years and she's calling in sick? gosh she really did love her job :P lol

Well another brilliant story! The descriptions of the Kitchen being a mess and Albus being awake at 3am and Minerva was incredible!

The characterization's especially of Minerva and her aggression was perfect. The pace and flow were great throughout the entire story, you didn't falter or drag things on, and stop abruptly with something and leave us clueless, everything was answered and it was nice to see that!

I love how she instantly thought it was the twins!! that was priceless, typical Fred and George get the blame for all mishap and misfortune and they would indeed ruin a kitchen ! lol not to mention the level of sarcasm you wrote in this story, was awesome! lol


-Blackout review battle 13/20

Author's Response: Yeah, she probably deserve a day off after that long, don't you think?

I'm so glad you liked this! It really was a fun story to write, and I don't know why it took me so very long to finish it. I had a lot of fun describing the events that were happening at 3 AM. hehehehe

I love the twins, so I HAD to throw them in there somewhere, especially since I usually am writing about them, so I knew people would assume it anyway. Call it a red herring if you will, but it made the surprise all the more exciting.

Thanks for reading! Glad it gave you a good laugh.

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Review #16, by adluvshp A Recipe for Disaster

7th March 2014:
Blackout Battle 13/15

Haha this was awesome. I enjoyed your portrayal of McGonagall immensely. I think this was very much in line with her canon self.
I also found it amusing that Dumbledore and Dobby were making taffy in the kitchen. Imagining the sight of the two of them in matching aprons was absolutely hilarious.
When the taffy exploded, I almost laughed out loud. Poor McGonagall. I also found the last sentence very amusing that she was finally planning to take a sick leave.
Honestly, I could actually see this happening in canon too - Dumbledore is just that eccentric and with Dobby at his side, I could just imagine the havoc, with poor Minerva having to deal with it all. The condition of the other house elves was awesome too, they just knew nothing good could come out of this and the two would destroy their poor kitchen haha.

Great job!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm only, you know, almost 6 months late responding. I've decided that I am incapable of doing this in a timely manner. So sorry!

I'm really glad you liked this little fic, though. It was fun to write and I enjoyed having a chance to use McGonagall in an unexpected way. It's comforting to know that you felt she was pretty canon! She can be a hard one to write!

When I started this, I knew everyone would expect me to use the twins, and I really wanted to throw that expectation off. When it hit me to use Dumbledore and Dobby instead I knew it was perfect. I'm really glad you enjoyed the duo as well. And you know them...there HAD to be matching aprons if they were involved.

Thanks so much for reading and I'm honored that you enjoyed it enough to laugh out loud. This review was so much fun to get back in March, and a treat to re-read now as I replied to it. Thanks again!
- Farmgirl

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Review #17, by marauderfan A Recipe for Disaster

2nd September 2013:
Hahahaha! Oh this was great!! You write McGonagall so well and this was no exception. I was so sure in the beginning it was going to be the Weasley twins wreaking havoc in the kitchen (which would have been pretty fantastic, given how excellently you write the twins!) but then DUMBLEDORE. IN AN APRON. And Dobby too, with a matching one! So great. I actually had no trouble visualising that in my head because it didn't seem that unrealistic for those two, haha. They're both very weird characters and a midnight taffy-making experiment really seemed like something they might do.

Dumbledore nonchalantly tasting the taffy after it exploded... of course. McGonagall counting backward in Latin. The other house elves sensing that this is all a bad idea the whole time. The characters are PERFECT in here and this was a really enjoyable read!!

Author's Response: Hehehe, so you read it, huh? After my mix-up from the PM. LOL.

Glad you liked it! I am trying to learn to write McGonagall (we'll see if that still holds after people read the next chapter of Ashes). She was fun to write here, though. It was a little too much fun to write her grumpy.

I knew people would assume I was writing the twins - why I put that line in there. And it WOULD have been fun to write them in such a situation, but I just knew it had to be Dumbledore and Dobby.

Yes, Dumbledore in an apron - I think once Minerva calmed down she wished she'd had a camera. hehehehe. And sh, don't tell them they're weird - they'll get a complex and need therapy.

Thanks so much for such a fun review for the swap! Yours is coming today, I promise.

You are awesome!

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Review #18, by Athene Goodstrength A Recipe for Disaster

25th August 2013:
Hahahaha, oh my. This was absolutely not what I was expecting (I guess it wasn't quite what Minerva was expecting either!), but I love it. So sweet, and so funny. What I like most about this little one-shot is that while some might see it as bordering on parody, it's actually quite in keeping with the silly, eccentric, wonderful Dumbledore I know and love. That side of him is often forgotten in fics, due to all of the secrets and manipulation :P The teddy-bear clips made me laugh. I think that probably is where we step into parody!

The enthusiasm and complete madness of both Dumbledore and Dobby make them ideal partners for such an escapade.

The imagery in this was great, and your grasp of dialogue is excellent too. I really, really liked the little touches that you managed to include in such a small story - Dumbledore showing respect to Dobby by calling him 'master Dobby', and McGonagall counting backwards *in Latin*.

This was really sweet (Ahaha!) and very enjoyable.

Thanks for the 'swap' ;)

Athene xoxo

Author's Response: I'm kind of flattered that it wasn't what you were expecting. :) I was going for the element of surprise. Guess it worked!

I am glad you liked it though, after you found out it wasn't what you thought! I love remembering Dumbledore's eccentric, playful side. It's what drew me to him as a character in the first place. Here is this man, one of the most powerful wizards ever, and he uses the names of candy for his secret passwords?

As for the teddy-bear clips, you're right, they were probably pushing it a bit. But, I just like to imagine they were a gift from some sweet little first year. Hehehehe

I always thought Dobby and Dumbledore would make great pals. They both love to try things. So, that's where this fic was born from.

Ah, thank you so very much for such nice compliments! It was a really fun story to write.

And thank you for the unexpected "swap" as well. This was great! I hope life is going a little better for you now.

- Farmgirl

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Review #19, by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace A Recipe for Disaster

24th August 2013:
Omg the way you wrote this I can just imagine Minerva running to the kitchen expecting to bust the Weasley twins and stopping in shock when she sees Dobby and Albus. Just picturing Dobby, Albus and Minerva has me covered in taffy has my laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. Nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was really fun to write, and I love that people were surprised it was Dumbledore and Dobby in the kitchen. I was trying for that. And to make people laugh. Very glad it did both for you!

Thanks for reading!

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Review #20, by 800 words of heaven A Recipe for Disaster

15th August 2013:

Oh, my goodness! I picked this one because it reminded me a little of that television show Madeline, where the poor teacher/nun would often have to get up in the middle of the night and sing that song in a very worried tone. This was so wonderful!

I really loved the way you showed McGonagall. It seemed like a very realistic reaction, being woken up in the middle of the night and assuming the Weasley twins were up to mischief, only to find the Headmaster and a sort-of deranged house-elf making a mess at three in the morning.

One thing that really caught my eye was the way you wrote the house elves' dialogue. I always have trouble getting a handle on their syntax, but I absolutely adored the way you did it! It was amazing!]

I'll just say this one more time, in case you missed it, but this story really was amazing and funny! Well done!

Author's Response: *Huge grin*

Wow, this tag game goes fast! Cool!

And I'm so glad you thought it was funny! It was a blast to write, and so different from the usual stuff I do. Not that I don't do humor, just different characters than I usually use.

But I've decided I like writing McGonagall. She's been turning up a lot more in my stories lately. And I just couldn't resist that nod to the twins.

Writing house-elves is HARD. I'm glad you liked how I did it because it was really, really hard and I finally said, whatever, this will have to do.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Great fun!

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Review #21, by LittleLionGirl A Recipe for Disaster

25th July 2013:
Hahahahah! This one shot was the best! I have never read something so amazingly fluffy! Dobby and Dumbledore making taffy? Taffy of all things... Just ineradicable! Poor Minerva though...

Author's Response: Glad I could make you laugh! That was the whole point of this silly little story! And yes, taffy. Odd, I know, but so are Dumbledore and Dobby, hehehehehe.

Two reviews for the price of one! You spoiled me! Thanks so much!

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Review #22, by Akussa A Recipe for Disaster

17th July 2013:
That was brilliant!!!

First, I would like to say that I'm in awe at your writting style. The quality of your vocabulary is amazing and refreshing! It makes things come to life even more because you are using the perfect word for the precise things you want to talk about and I really enjoyed that.

Second, the idea in itself was just hilarious. I love how you managed to make Minerva so much in character and, in so little words, manage to explain how she is that way and why. Then, the complete opposite of having Dumbledore and Dobby working together excitedly to make taffy? That was really surprising and had me laughing out loud, just imagining the scene!

Congrats on a great little story that put a little sunlight in my heart; I was having a bad day but this cheered me up quite a bit!

Author's Response: Thank you! It really was fun to write, even if I missed the deadline for the challenge it was supposed to be for.

And your compliments about my writing style have left me blushing. Thank you so very much! I don't quite know what to say. It's not like I memorize the dictionary or anything... I guess I just read a lot.

I really had fun with the idea. I love Dumbledore, and I love how strong and powerful he is in the magical world, but I also love that there is this whimsical side to him, and it was fun to explore that. And I imagine poor Professor McGonagall sometimes feels like she's stuck with TOO many children because of it. So, that was fun to show a little bit.

Glad I could give you a laugh today! Hope the rest of your day gets better. Keep smiling!

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Review #23, by Pheonix Potioneer A Recipe for Disaster

28th April 2013:
This is the funniest thing EVER! Thanks for lightening my mood! My mood usually goes with whatever story I happen to be reading, so thanks so much!!!

Poor McGonagall. Woken up at three in the morning by the house elves, only to find Dumbledore and Dobby making treats. I really do feel sorry for her.

This totally sounds like the type of thing Dumbledore would do. He does like muggle sweets.

Thanks so much for making me laugh!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! And sorry I'm slow responding to this great review!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it made you smile! That was my intent, but sometimes I wonder if I've done it all right.

It was so much fun to use McGonagall, and put her out of her element. It's hard to imagine her not being able to handle anything, so this was really fun.

And I love Dumbledore and his odd quirks. What makes him such a fun character.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #24, by Debra20 A Recipe for Disaster

5th March 2013:
Hey there!

I haven't laughed this loud at a fanfiction story since forever. It's so hilarious and brilliantly written that you just can't resist it's charm. You were amazing in conveying such a comedic scene in less than 1000, words while keeping all the characters SO in character. I mean we're talking about Dumbledore and Minerva here. I don't know about Mc'Gonagall but I am sure that Dumledore is udner the classification of "one of the hardest characters to write". His speech, his mannerisms, all were his own and it was a true delight to read him. Now you made me want to eat something sweet haha

The idea behind of the story is to die for. I just can't imagine being in McGonagall's shoes when she opened the kitchen door and stumbling upon that scene. Genius I tell ya! :)))

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for the fun review! I am so excited that the story actually made you laugh out loud! It's such a tiny little thing, as stories go, and I wasn't really sure if anyone else would find it funny or not. Nice to know someone shares my sense of humor!

I actually love writing Dumbledore. He was one of my favorite characters. So child-like and unasuming, completely genuine. And then, when he needs to, he shows exactly who he is and why you shouldn't mess with him - all while offering you lemon drops. It is a great honor, though, to have you say I did him justice! That makes me blush!

Thank you so much for reading and for your kind review! Made my day!

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Review #25, by Jet LaBarge A Recipe for Disaster

24th January 2013:
I'm glad you are back! I have been looking for a new story from you. Keep writing.

Oh, the story is very funny too.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's good to be back!

I'm having some technical issues (my flashdrive with all my stories died) so it may be a bit before I start updated unfinished fics again, but I'm working on it! It's nice to know I still have readers out there!

Thanks! It was fun to write!

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