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Reading Reviews for Exceptional Circumstances
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Review #1, by prongslittleflower Premonition of Doom I

25th August 2017:
I am dying to know what happens next!! Who is this Ganymede character and what is going on with their nerfarious plot?? Also, I'm interested in knowing more about the relationship between Cliona and Eliza. I like that we got a snippet of their conversation in this chapter. Also, I'm really excited for the potential that Addie will take James home with her and then they'll get closer and closer *sigh* I'm getting carried away but I'm more and more warming up to them. I really like Addie as well; her character is well-rounded, but still has some mystery to her. I'm interested to learn more about her background and see how this story progresses! Hope that you update soon! :)

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Review #2, by prongslittleflower A Rather Unusual Day

25th August 2017:
I think I'd like to see Addie rake James over the coals a little bit, but I'm also interested in what Harry has to say to her, so maybe raking him over the coals would have to wait to make sure she's not 100% fired or anything! I love Gus! Such a fun character!

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Review #3, by prongslittleflower I Don't Even Like Onions

25th August 2017:
I like that you made Bianca a squib. Sometimes it's nice to see a story where the older sister isn't hated by the younger sister for being better at magic or something like that. I like that Bianca and Addie seem like friends as well as sisters, and that they each have their own things going for them. Can't wait to see what happens between Addie and James next!

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Review #4, by prongslittleflower Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

25th August 2017:
Still enjoying it so far. I'm interested to see how James' character plays out. I'm right there with Addie though; I'd take a disliking to him as well...even if he was super attractive ;)

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Review #5, by prongslittleflower Curiosity Killed the Kneazle

25th August 2017:
Just dropping by to say I really enjoyed the first chapter, I really like Addie, and she seems like most 22 year olds I know...and now I'll be travelling on to the next :) I'll be leaving a longer review at the end :)

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Review #6, by Giý9 Premonition of Doom I

3rd February 2016:
Please, please, please, tell me you're still writing this!! I don't know how I found this story but I've just read it and OMG I need to know how it ends. It seems it has not been updated in over a year so if you have abandoned it I will have a panic attack! Kidding...BUT I would love to read more.

I loved the Eliza/Cliona part!

And about the names you chose for Teddy and Victorie's chidren, I have to thank you because of all the Italian famous cities you could've picked, you chose Messina which is where I was born. Although I don't live there anymore, it's still home and I wanted to cry when I read it XD :)

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Review #7, by Guest Premonition of Doom I

24th June 2015:
You left us with such a cliff hanger and you still haven't updated. That's cruel. You're just going to keep your readers waiting in suspense for months. So yeah, pleaaaseee update :) you have a great story. I think James and Addie are too stubborn to see that they're actually pretty similar. And I'm so curious as to know Addie's back story. You keep kinda mentioning it and then skirting around the subject. So keep up the good work! You're a great writer. Oh and my favorite animal is a giraffe

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Review #8, by pottered  Premonition of Doom I

31st May 2015:
hii it's Mary (I'm on my account now aha)
I just wanted to say I miss this.

Author's Response: Hey, Mary! Glad to see you got an account- I like your username :-)
Honestly, I miss EC too, but I just can't bring myself to write anything anymore. I swore I do something in March, then again in May, but other ideas and stories just blitzkrieg'd me until I totally lost inspiration for this. I'm hoping I can get back to it, but that's mostly a wish at this point of time.
Thanks for your love,

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Review #9, by happyanon Premonition of Doom I

12th February 2015:
I'm really confused. I have no idea who the others are 75% of the time. Suddenly there's olympus and athena and zeus and some guy whose name i cant pronouncE. Then theres this tarquin duds. I hope for more updates. to slightly un-confuse me. Much love!

Author's Response: Ah, yes. This is something which is my perpetual folly. People keep asking me who some of the characters are because I take so long between updates.but to un-confuse you, Olympus is the criminal organization of Ganymede (GAN-uh-meed), Athena and the rest of them are his people, and Tarquin is a person who was/is in Addie's life. Perhaps I should begin each chapter with recaps :)


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Review #10, by AlexFan Premonition of Doom I

30th January 2015:
If the people working for Ganymede have any of the qualities that the myths for the Olympians say the gods have, then I would say Persephone is the perfect choice to pick for whatever plan he has in mind. Hell hath no fury like Persephone scorned. Honestly the amount of things that that girl did to people that crossed her is amazing. I think the only person that comes close to Persephone's wrath is her mother Demeter.

But in other words, yay, the plot is finally moving forward and we finally get to meet the villain! I like the air of mystery that you keep around him, he sounds dangerous but at the same time, you don't really know much about him.

And regarding Roxanne, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T INCLUDE PEOPLE IN IMPORTANT PLANS LIKE JAMES'S SAFETY THE PERSON PROTECTING HIM ENDS UP NOT BEING ABLE TO DO HER JOB. Honestly, it's like Addie has to watch not only James but his entire family too just to make sure they don't do anything stupid and put him in harms way. THERE IS A DANGER A FOOT!

Author's Response: Did you honestly say (type) THERE'S DANGER AFOOT! You are my new favourite :D

While Ganymede's people have nom de plumes after Greek gods/goddesses because their work is similar, I chose Persephone because she is a young goddess, and therefore, I'm inclined to believe, quite inexperienced. Forgive me if that is not, mythologically spaeking, the case :)

Addison does have quite a lot on her plate, doesn't she? And handling a firecracker like Roxy can never be easy :)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Clara Premonition of Doom I

23rd December 2014:
I really love your story. I think it is great. My favorite character is Addison. I like her wits and sense of humor (she is a bit ironic, isnít she?). I hope she will cheer up soon or maybe James will cheer her up? For, sure he will not bore her.
James is such a spoilt and arrogant person or at least acts as such. I cannot like him so far (just do not like people who have such a disregard for others) but still I enjoy reading about him and obviously there is more to him. I hope he will learn his lesson soon though.
1.Ganymede seems so evil. He makes me shiver.
2. I did not like Eliza at first. Now I feel kind of sorry for her. Hopefully, everything will turn all right for her.
3. Addison should not ignore her premonition. She should also go home, she can always take James with her.
4. I love cats. All kinds of cats, they are fascinating.

Author's Response: Eeep, I'm so sorry for taking ages to reply, but thank you so very much! This is such a kind review I'm asdfghjkl;
Ah, so Addison's your favourite? That makes me unreasonably happy, considering she's only a fictitious character anyway. And I don't know about ironic, but she's certainly a messed-up person.
I don't think James' capable of ever being a bore. When he's around, there is no guarantee it'll be a joyride, but there's sure to be loads of action. I hope he lives up to your expectations.
1. You are not alone, dear. My friends tell me I make him sound entirely too sinister sometimes ;-)
2. I kinda hoped people would see Eliza in a new light after this chapter. It doesn't mean I'm making excuses for her behaviour, just maybe there's more to her than meets the eye.
3. Addison would never ignore her premonitions. It has never paid off in the past. And taking James home? Quite apart from the fact that he would never agree to come, what would Addie tell her family? No one is supposed to know about their arrangement, right? :-p
4. Tigers belong to the cat family. So it means, by extension, I love cats as well! :-D

Lots of hope and happiness,

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Review #12, by Celeste Premonition of Doom I

18th December 2014:
Oh I was not expecting that. Love the chapter but wow. So amazing. Can't wait for the next update. I'll still remain impatient. But i can't wait to see how this plot plays out.

Author's Response: Yay, i do love doing the utterly unexpected! (Completely irrelevant, but: you wouldn't believe the number of people I've surprised this week, simply by putting on some eyeliner and letting my hair down). Thank you so much, in any case. For reading and reviewing and being so impatient :-)


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Review #13, by LoveAnnie98 Premonition of Doom I

17th December 2014:
This is an AMAZING story!
-I can't think what Ganymedes plan is but I have a feeling it includes James... I LOVE that they're named after Greek Gods! I am a massive fan of those myths and legends!!
-I'm not sure how I feel about Cliona and Eliza, mainly because I'm not a massive fan of Eliza... But I love Cliona- she seems quite nice!!
-I think her premonition might have something to do with Ganymede and his plan... Also, the letter has made me a little bit worried, this may sound stupid but I'm not sure if she can really trust Bea... I think the meet up on Friday May be used as some kind of distraction!!
-My favourite animal is the wolf. I love the loyalty they have for members of their pack. Having said that, I would ABSOLUTELY choose a Phoenix, if they existed :'(

I'm really excited to find out who Persephone and Ganymede and all the other mysterious people are. I think Ganymede is possibly an ex death eater or something?? They must all be annoyed with Harry!!

Please update soon! This story is amazing. You've probably got bored of reading this review by now... I'm so sorry about the length!!

Again, this story is INCREDIBLE!!

Author's Response: You are an AMAZING reviewer! Have i ever mentioned before that people who sequentially answer all my questions are extra special? :-)
-Ganymede's plan may or may not include James. You have to remember Ganymede addresses his threat to Harry, who's James' dad, though of course, my devious mind can come up with anything.
-This year has taught me, more than anything, that most of the time people have a reason for being the way they are. That being said, Eliza's reasons are certainly not her excuses, and I don't expect you to like her just because of them. In effect, she's not a very likable person. But i do love how invested you are in their relationship c-:
-Ah, this is something even i didn't anticipate... Bea, evil? Or atleast, untrustworthy? Hmm, the possibilities...
-Wolf pack dynamics are indeed fascinating! And i must admit, the reason i have a liking for these animals is all my childhood summer afternoons spent watching nThe Adventures of Mowgli/.

An ex-death eater? Really, this review keeps getting better and better. The ideas... I'm afraid, though, that it's a /bit/ more complicated than that.

Also, never again apologise for the length of your review. I love the long ones, and am honoured anyone would like my story enough to bother with them. So thank you times fifty, lovely reviewer. :-D

Have a great day,

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Review #14, by cocopops Premonition of Doom I

11th December 2014:
I'm just so happy you updated!

Author's Response: I'm glad i could make you happy! :)

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Review #15, by QuillIce97 Premonition of Doom I

9th December 2014:
The sheer amount of Greek gods and goddesses :O

Author's Response: I know right! I think i might be obssessed with all those Greek myths and legends...

Thanks for reading,

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Review #16, by Irishseeker Premonition of Doom I

9th December 2014:
I'm seriously loving Roxanne, she's fabulous and I definitely want to see more of her.
Ganymede's plan is seriously like messing with my brain. SO MANY QUESTIONS. I just need to know more and the message to Harry was so evil and I can't wait to see how his plan develops.
Cliona and Eliza made my heart ache a little. Stories and story lines like theirs are just really heartbreaking and sad but I really hope we get to see a little bit more of their story and see how it ends.
The letter sounds interesting and sounds like a plot twist. :D
I just wanted to say thank you for what you said at the end, it seriously made me so happy! I love reviewing stories and this is one of my favorites!
xx IrishSeeker

Author's Response: SQUEEE! One of your favourites?! I'm dancing right now :,)
Oh my god, really? And here i was, expecting people would totally want to smack Roxanne for her behaviour. :-)
SO MANY ANSWERS, TOO! Atleast, there will be. Once we get around to those chapters...
Oh, you'll definitely get to see their ending. I'll write a oneshot just for it if i have to. Cliona and Eliza were unintentional, but now that they're here, they're here to stay.
Plot twists! I /love/ those! But honestly, I'm a bit scared by how much you guys are expecting from that letter... I only hope i don't end up diappointing you.
Thank you thank you thank you for reviewing this silly little product of my imagination. You have no idea what it means to me :-D

Lots of love,

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Review #17, by chicken addiction Premonition of Doom I

9th December 2014:
Some James and addie action would be awesome :) I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: James-Addie action, surprisingly, is hard to inject in the right places, seeing how they both rather dislike each other. But it shall be attended to. And me neither, dear reviewer!

Chocolate chip cookies and love,

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Review #18, by mary Premonition of Doom I

9th December 2014:
omg this was so good. And omg all of Ganymede's gang?? Thing whatever are named after Greek Gods and Godesses or maybe it's like a code name I guess. But I love the name Persephone she's my favourite, this story got so much better now I didn't think it was possible. And aw, cliona and Eliza ): I hope they sort out their problem and if cliona really loves Eliza, I hope she confesses soon.
It was amazing chapter :D

Author's Response: YES! I scored two omg's in a single review!
Ahem, so. Ganymede's gang (actually, not /really/ his gang, but that's another story) have codenames based on what they do and the corresponsing Greek god/goddess. Like Hermes is in charge of communicating orders from higher-ups in Olympus and managing and coordinating members' activities, and Ares and Artemis are the trainers of the new recruits, and so on.
I really like the name Persephone too! :-) And this will sound sad, but even if Cliona loves Eliza, she'll not be quick to confess. You'll find out why soon.

Thank you so much for being such an ardent reader of this story. It's people like you who's enthusiasm motivates me to slough off my laziness and write ;-D

Lots of good wishes,

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Review #19, by Celeste Breakfast for Dinner

26th November 2014:
I only just found this story and now I'm disappointed that I have to wait for the next chapter. I didn't want to stop. I love her relationship with Hugo such a cute friendship reminds me of me and my best friend.

Can't wait for the next update. I don't want to wait but I guess I have too. I shall remain impaitent though :)

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so sorry to leave you disappointed. Even more so considering my laptop is dead, so it'll be a while before I get back to updating. But thank you so much for your kind words; they mean the world to me! :)

Have a great day,

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Review #20, by cocopops Breakfast for Dinner

6th November 2014:
YOU NEED TO UPDATE LIKE ASAP! This story just keeps getting better and better!

I'm so hoping this Addie - James chemistry will take a turn for something more soon!

Author's Response: I KNOW I KNOW! But the trouble with life is, reality is a hag. Thankfully my school's Annual Sport's Meet is over, so I have more time on my hands. Next chapter's almost done :)

And isn't that what everyone wants? But whether it's soon or late... Let's see! ;)

Thanks for reading,

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Review #21, by Spyci Breakfast for Dinner

28th October 2014:
Thoughts: what the hell was that ending, how can you just leave me lying here with so many questions??!??!?!

Views: Addie and James are hella cute.

Predictions: I predict that you're gonna update soon before I go into a blind rage and kill somebody and probably cry a lot.

Loads of love

Author's Response: That was my exact same reaction when I finished Blood of Olympus, and like Rick Riordan, I'm just gonna shrug like, *oh well* Lol, seriously though, if not a few questions, how am I ever to keep you guys interested? ;)

Aren't they? :) It's almost disgusting.

Update soon? Let's see... Since I do not want to be the cause for someone's murder and angry tears, maybe ;)

Loads of love to you too,

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Review #22, by hedwig_pie Pixiedust Delirium II

23rd October 2014:
OMG LOVE IT SHE IS THE ENIGMA GIRL AHHH EXCITEMENT. i also love the way you write - it's great! the mention of cassandra clare at the end of the chapter reminds me that your writing reminds me of her's! seriously though, great chapter. update soon!

Author's Response: More all-caps!! I don't think i'm ever going to get over it :D And Cassie Clare! If I could ever match up to her level of awesomeness, i'd probably implode. But thanks all the same c-:

Have a lovely day,

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Review #23, by happyanon Breakfast for Dinner

21st October 2014:
You're very good with names. I enjoyed this chapter and this Uncle James. I hope to read more from you!xoxo

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much! I do put rather a lot of thought behind them :D
Thanks for reading and reviewing,

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Review #24, by GP2LEGIT Breakfast for Dinner

13th October 2014:
I have never left a review on this site before, for personal reasons, but this story is so good, that I have to leave one. It's inexplicably amazing.

Author's Response: DUDE.
I once read someone that real writing is when you move someone to react, to speak. I feel like I've finally achieved that in a significant way, if you're the kind of person who doesn't usually leave reviews. This in itself was the highest compliment you could pay me :)

Thank you so much,

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Review #25, by Mary Breakfast for Dinner

6th October 2014:
it's okay to update late, you're the author, you can take time and the chapter was CUTE.
Very, very cute.
The children were so cute aw, also when James swiped off the flour from addie's face- CUTE.
All I can say is the chapter was very cute. I had on a big smile while reading it.
And as for Hugo and addie's runs around the blake lake- amazing friendship
Sooo Tarquin is her ex probably, and she's hurting Bc of him or maybe it wasn't his fault at all tho he gives me bad vibes lol
And ooh, i guess the last part of the chapter is where addie's auror skills are needed, for whatever it is.
Loved the chapter!!

Author's Response: YES I UPDATED! :D
Aww, thanks for being so understanding, love. And oh my, nothing I've ever written has been called cute, and certainly not so many times. Thank you times twenty!
Your guess about Tarquin is very accurate, obviously. And as for the last part: you betcha! At last those famed Auror-skills come into play ;)

You're the absolute best. :)

Have a great day,

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