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Review #1, by MarieBlack A Rather Unusual Day

9th January 2014:
I totally love this story. Your writing is just very down to earth and matches the personality that Addison has. I feel like I'm really getting to know her! And I love her, she's all the sassiness that I wish I could be.

The Coco part was fantastic, a wonderful little ploy to get back at James.

I love Gus! He's just what Addison needs to make her possibly see the small itty bitty good side that just might be in James Potter.

I actually stumbled upon this from another story I saw of yours, so crazy! Please keep posting!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks a lot! Always glad to get some love :) Addison's sass is a product of my overactive imagination but truth be told, I would love to possess some of it too. I'm rather stoic and composed in real life, nothing like her sassy, aggressive self.

There's no doubt about this, Gus is my darling. And of course, if you were to tell Addie about anything being good in James, she'd think you need a Healer :p

Ooh, really? :D Which one? And i'll do my level best to keep posting, though life being what it is, will certainly get i'm my way :(

Have a great day,

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Review #2, by Spyci A Rather Unusual Day

9th January 2014:
You have nothing to worry about with this story; you've nailed an interesting plot, your writing is both capturing and colloquial, Addie has so much sass even if she doesn't show it and I love Gus (where can I get one!!! ;) ). The only thing I dislike is the lack of an update. Tut tut.

Author's Response: Wow. You just like, made my day :D thanks so much for your kind words! And about the non-updating thing; i'm really sorry but EC is proving very difficult to write at the moment. Once my holidays start in March, i'll seriously get down to planning the plot (and writing)...

Chocolate cookies and happiness,

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Review #3, by StellaRose A Rather Unusual Day

17th August 2013:
Hey there! The Coco scene was great! Made me love Adie even more and holy Gus! lol. It's kind of hard for me to understand Gus but he's pretty funny. I think Harry is very in character. In the books, he was always kind of concerned and worried about everything so I like how you've portrayed him so far.

No ccs really. But I do have one question...How did Adie not know who James Potter was? Even if they weren't friends at Hogwarts she still would have interacted with him a little, wouldn't she? I'm sorry if you did explain it somewhere and I just missed it. But besides that little detail I think you've done a really great job! Can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Hello! Very sorry for this very late response, but moving swiftly on, gee, thanks! Coco is one of my better on-the-spur-of-the-moment decision- i'm glad you liked her, and Gus as well.

As for your question, Addie really is rather an extrovert. True, her best friend is James' cousin, and her former boss his father, but she doesn't really discuss their families with these people. With Harry, its work, with Hugo, it's the different ways to pronounce 'pizza' and the benefits of a goblin-owned economic structure over a wizard owned one. Quite naturally, James never came up. Besides, even in school, he was her senior, so there was no scope of acquaintance there. I hope this answered your question.

Thanks for everything,

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Review #4, by queenwombat I Don't Even Like Onions

21st July 2013:
I like tge troll refrence to phikosiphers stone but since hugi was born with his parents being ron and Hermione ppl should know who they r

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad. And about Hugo, it doesn't matter who a person's parents are, they'll still be judged by their own merits. Atleast that's what I feel should be the case. Hugo was friendly to everyone, and people liked him, but his first lasting, solind friendship was with Addison, and yes, she tends to exaggerate a bit.

Sorry for the novel, and thanks again!

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Review #5, by queenwombat The Guilty-Conscience Syndrome

21st July 2013:
Love this story and i love tye bad boy james and hugo is compltly fab love him and addision is a perfect quinn fabre pls excuse my crap spelling

Author's Response: Even though this took a while to understand (no offence!) thank you so, so much! Bad boy James FTW!


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Review #6, by gracelyn A Rather Unusual Day

9th July 2013:
Addie has so much character! And Gus! Ok, I'll stop gushing. your french is pretty much good, by the way, but enchante means enchanted when it's used in the right context... whatever. Anyways I hope your fingers feel better.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And never stop gushing, its a beautiful habit!
Ohkay, thanks for that info, i'll change it asap.
Thanks again,

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Review #7, by sour_grapes_snape A Rather Unusual Day

20th June 2013:
Late review is late. In my defense, this is my first time on HPFF in weeks. Life = crazy right now. But this is not the place for me to rant.

Okay. So, I loved the part where Addie finds the girl totally naked. I laughed out loud. Can you say awkward?

Hmm. This isn't supposed to sound harsh, but I guess Gus seems like a bit of a cliched character? I mean, he's only just been introduced, so there's certainly room for plenty of character development and stuff, but I guess that's just my initial impression. That may or may not change in the future and I just want you to be aware of it.

Oh, Addie. I really couldnget the sense that she wasn't taking this job seriously - and neither was James. I'm excited to see how everyone will react to this. When James left on his own I just knew things were not going to end well.

On the whole, great chapter. Loved the interaction between James and Addie. Can't wait for the next update!

Much love and fluffy kittens,


Author's Response: Considering the number of times /I've/ left you late reviews, I'm not going to say anything, although, admittedly, I waited long for your review.

That was a fun bit for me to write too. But God knows where I got such a strange idea.

Gus /is/ cliché. He is a typical sassy gay best friend, and I decided on including him because a) I don't see many sassy gay best friends on Harry Potter fanfic and b) I love him. I regret nothing. :D

Addie was careless, and she knows it herself. James' non-seriousness was only to be expected, but Addie will have some tough questions to answer when it's time for her to meet Harry.

Thanks so much for reviewing and the fluffy kittens, Laura!


PS. The wait for August and CoB- The Movie is killing me. Not really relevant, but I felt like you'd understand. :')

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Review #8, by Hedwig_Pie The Guilty-Conscience Syndrome

15th June 2013:
ooh i like james so far, very bad boy if you get what i mean. shall prove for an interesting it :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I totally get it. ;) Very spoilt and uh, Casanova-type, right? Thanks so much, dear.


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Review #9, by MaryAnn A Rather Unusual Day

12th June 2013:
woah, I really wonder how Addie and James will ever get along, and hopefully Mr. Potter isn't to upset with Addie!!

Author's Response: That /is/ the question, isn't it? And Harry's bound to be upset with Addison, after the entire episode.

Thanks for R&Ring,

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Review #10, by dreamer21 A Rather Unusual Day

11th June 2013:
OMG I LOVE THIS. I am in love with James. SO BADASS. :D
Also I love your name? Indian? :)
Update son. I'm actually very excited to read what's coming next. :D

Author's Response: Hiii!
THANKS SO MUCH! And practically everyone's in love with James- including me.

My name? Really? Well, I must remember to thank my parents for giving it to me, then. And yes, Indian. :)


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Review #11, by sweaterweather21 A Rather Unusual Day

10th June 2013:
What a fantastic story you have here!

I absolutely love the idea - playboy James and a sarcastic ex-Auror together can't mix well, as you've shown. Addie's perspective is brilliant as well. I love the way she is extremely down to earth and blunt, and obviously used to problems, as she's been an Auror. I wonder how she'll deal with this particular problem?

The scene with Coco was pretty amusing. It's just like James to sleep with a girl and then not give a shit about her the next morning and it's just like Addie to make up a big lie to make her leave and never come back.

And yes, I do wish Vampire Sojourns was a real thing. Definitely sounds like something I'd read haha!

But by far my favorite part of the chapter was Gus Gosselin! Every girl needs a sassy best friend and obviously Addie is no exception. I love how within a few minutes he's already divulged his life story and motivations to her. Can't wait to see this friendship continue :)

And I know in Harry's letter he is beyond angry, but I'd agree that it doesn't sound exactly like him. In my imagination at least he would try to keep his anger in check and it might be a tad bit more disappointed instead? I'm not sure though, either way it did the trick of getting Addie into trouble.

Speaking of Addie being in trouble, though-- can't wait to see where that goes! She'll probably be mad at herself for screwing up another job and probably mad at James as well while trying to be apologetic for Harry, it can't be a good combination!

Overall, great chapter, I'm looking forward to what you come up with next :)

Author's Response: adhsfhbddjkldfn; THANK YOU! :D

This review has caused me to loose my coherency. So you'll have to deal with a woefully inadequate response for your beautiful review.

Your understanding of Addison and James is spot-on. Even I couldn't describe them as eloquently as you have. C:

Hmm, liked TVS, did you? Maybe I can add an excerpt from the book.

Gus is a really talkative, cheerful and genuinely nice person. Plus, he ships Addie and James. Maybe next chapter, he can come up with a ship-name for them?

Harry's letter...well, I'm certainly not very happy with it. Going to edit it out.

Once again, thanks muchly for reading and leaving me such a nice review.


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Review #12, by AlexFan A Rather Unusual Day

10th June 2013:
The indirect smack talk about Twilight was awesome! For some reason I always find it funny when fanfictions do that. I feel so sorry for Addison though, she's got to deal with a knocked out James now AND she has to report to work because she wasn't doing her job properly.

Things aren't going that well for Addie

(Also, you're very welcome for the reviews [I sound incredibly obnoxious and I'm terribly sorry about that] and knowing me, I'll probably end up reviewing most chapters of the story.)

Author's Response: The part about Twilight wasn't planned originally. It was for my best friend, Aisha's benefit, who, for some reason, loves that book.

No, definitely not going well. But then, she didn't do her job properly.

Yo don't sound obnoxious- you're one pf my best reviewers ever. And that'll be fantastic!

Thanks so much,

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Review #13, by laughingfornow A Rather Unusual Day

9th June 2013:
Good story. Wonderful plot.
To answer one question.
About the letter.
Harry Potter would be a little calmer and would probably informing Addison more of what happened, saying that it couldn't happen again, rather than just freaking out about the whole situation.

Author's Response: Hi.

Thanks for that. And for your views on the letter as well. They confirmed my doubts- it didn't quite sound Harry-ish. I'll edit that the very next chance I get.

Thanks for reading,

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Review #14, by Holly_Mist A Rather Unusual Day

9th June 2013:
Hello :) I'm back! :D Board class eh? It's going to get a lot worse than it already is, i guarantee you that ;)

As for the chapter, it was great, but i felt it was a wee bit of a filler! You introduced some new characters - who i absolutely love by the way, (especially Coco), but i felt that the chapter could have been longer and the plot could have moved forward! The element of mystery needs to be brought out more strongly! Right now, it's just sort of hanging (for lack of a better phrase!).

I hope this doesn't sound too harsh or anything, because it honestly wasn't meant to be! I hope you update soon! :)

Author's Response: Hello! Yup, I'm a Boardie. And please don't say that, I'm already really scared! :(

If i'm being honest, I really was expecting being told this chapter was fillerish. I'm just really trying to set up things a bit, but a fair warning- you may expect filler chapters in the future as well. I'm sorry about that, and hope it wasn't too terrible and all.

Nah, not too harsh. And I'll try with the updates.


PS. On a completely unrelated note, I just returned home after watching the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani. I LOVED IT! If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it! :)

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Review #15, by Loop A Rather Unusual Day

8th June 2013:
Im loving where the story is heading and plus her character! COCO PART WAS THE BEST! GUS IS PRETTY EPIC BY THE WAY!

Is it weird that im scared as to what harry is going to say to addie?!?!

KEEEP UPDATING AND WRITING! i am incredible interested in the tale of addie and potter's (for the lack of better words) bimbos.

Author's Response: Yay first review!

I'm glad yo be back too! I really missed answering reviews and seeing peoples' reaction to the story.


Nope, not weird at all. Truth be told, i'm a little scared as well.

Addie and Potter's bimbos? Maybe I /can/ add a bit more of those.

Thanks for reading,

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Review #16, by Scor Rose I Don't Even Like Onions

21st May 2013:
I love this story!! Great work! Updatee please
I like how different it is from many stories.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm honoured!
This month is turning out to be the busiest month of my entire life, so bear with me...Updates will come soon.


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Review #17, by BBWotter I Don't Even Like Onions

12th May 2013:
I actually can't believe I haven't read this before!! I've seen it before, true, but AI never paid it much attention (sorry!) and today, I decided to check it out, AND IT'S UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! It's amazing, and I can't wait for you to write more :D A story hasn't quite captured my attention like this in such a long time! xx

Author's Response: You can't believe the number of times that's happened with me to (like, seriously!) so I'm not going to blame you. I'm just very, very glad you decided to check this out and liked it and THANKS SO MUCH! Next chapter is currently being written, and I hope to post it sometime this month (fingers X'ed!)


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Review #18, by Sofia I Don't Even Like Onions

6th May 2013:
Update please!!! This is so good and I cannot wait to read more.

sofia. xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! Updates may take some time though, I'm caught up in this school play and all... So, yeah.

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Review #19, by sweaterweather21 I Don't Even Like Onions

6th May 2013:
Bianca seems interesting -- will we get to meet her in person? It's kind of funny how the two sisters are so different...

I like my sandwiches without olives, thank you very much.

The story about Addie and Hugo's friendship was adorable! I love how you had Hugo in Hufflepuff, he seems to fit so well there. It was also cute how he really wanted to be Addie's friend even though she cursed them.

My favorite part was when James told Addie he was having a funeral for his pet flobberworm. Seems like something a slightly drunk James Potter would say.

Hopefully James matures a bit as the story goes along because I can't see Addie keeping her cool for much longer haha! And it would be an interesting background story as to how James is so spoiled/entitled with Harry as a father. Harry is like the epitome of humble, so its interesting that his son would be so arrogant. But I guess James Potter I was pretty arrogant too, so maybe it runs with the name? Or maybe it's just a Potter trait that skips generations...

Anyway, lovely story so far! Can't wait for more chatpers :)

Author's Response: Hi! :)
Yes, we're definitely going to see Bea in the skin, but not for some time. And she and Addie are so different because despite being sisters, they never exactly led the same kind of life- one went to a wizarding school in Scotland, the other to a private school in London, one is an Auror-turned-nanny, the other is a supermodel.

You're not alone, dear.

Hugo is my favourite, even though as an author, I'm not supposed to have favourites. 'Nuff said.

That was my favourite bit too! The perfect amount of sassy, and like you said, slightly drunk James.

Hmmm, maybe the entire Potter's-arrogance-and-obnoxiousness thing /is/ genetic. Or maybe there is just this extremely surprising (I hope) backstory behind it. Either way, we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for the wonderful review,

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Review #20, by rogue_bludger I Don't Even Like Onions

6th May 2013:
loving where this is headed so far! your characters are awesome, though i do hope harry doesn't raise his kid to be that much of a brat :) i can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you so much. My characters are my babies, even James, but he wasn't raised to be a brat by Harry- it was his own choice. :)
Have a great day,

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Review #21, by Carolina I Don't Even Like Onions

30th April 2013:
Well, isn't James a giant ball of sunshine?
I'm just really curious about what is going on with him.

Updates make me smile. :)

Author's Response: Oh yes, the early morning kind, that which makes the whole world warm and pretty and golden.
You are not alone, dear.

Point taken :)

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Review #22, by S I Don't Even Like Onions

26th April 2013:
I find James really annoying. But it's a really good story! :)

Author's Response: James is an expert at that. But thank you!

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Review #23, by missclaire17 I Don't Even Like Onions

22nd April 2013:
I find it interesting that her older sister is a Squib. I would love to be able to read more about how their relationship developed over the years and what sort of troubles they had because it's bound to come up, two sisters.

It's kinda sad to think that Lily would ditch Hugo because he's in Hufflepuff, since I feel like that just wouldn't be the type of thing that she would do, but of course, that is where the flexibility with writing next-generation characters comes in. Lily being the type to ignore her cousin and not stay "friends" though is definitely new and interesting, despite the fact that I wouldn't write Lily like that myself. No matter, describing how they became friends was nice to read because they are just so different so having Addison telling how they became friends was fun to read.

The party scene was slightly rushed, so I would advise that you could have wrote it out for longer. The lead up to James's anger at Addison was well done, but the party scene could have been a lot less rushed and written either more in detail or explained more. It sort of came up out of nowhere, so that's one critique I do have of that, if you don't mind me saying.

One last critique I do have, I think you should be careful of having this story drag out for too long because for the majority of the last two chapters, it's reiterating on how much James and Addison don't get along, and I think that's just something you should pick up.


Author's Response: Actually, Bianca is Addison's younger sister. She's 19, and Addison's 22. I felt that it would be better if she were younger, as then the jealousy factor could be played out more. As for their relationship, I'll be bringing Bea into play pretty soon.

I should have clarified, Lily never completely stopped being friends with Hugo, basically, she never found enough time to be with him like she used to, and Addison somewhat exaggerated the entire situation. Nevertheless, I'm glad you enjoyed reading their friendship story.

I can completely agree with you on that point, the bit at the end was extremely abrupt and rushed, but I really wanted to complete and postthis chapter as at thattime, I had to go out somewhere and didn't want to keep this hanging. I'll edit it out, probably by the end of the week (school is so busy!).

As for your last bit of criticism, from the next chapter, I'll be introducing some new characters and we'll be getting a bit back on the entire 'someone's-out-to-kill-James' track. ;)

Thanks so much for the insightful review,

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Review #24, by AlexFan I Don't Even Like Onions

21st April 2013:
I hate olives in my sandwich, I don't know why but I just feel like I'm eating moldy bread.

James is a pretty rude guy, like really! At least feel sorry for the fact that your friends thought your nanny was a stripper and she was thrown on stage. He's taking this whole thing pretty badly.

Personally, I would've socked James in the face by now and then blown a hole in his ceiling and yelled for everyone to get out.

My favorite quote was "There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and facing down a considerably larger Sixth year who did such acts of unspeakable evil as disfiguring Library books is one of them."

That would totally be me. I would be the outraged bookworm screaming my head off as I watched books he defiled. Madam Pince would've flipped over a table and probably killed that boy.

Author's Response: You are the third reviewer to have said you hate olives. And now I have this image in my head, of little green and black olives feeling unloved and shedding tears and comitting suicide by jumping off a cliff.

My brain is weird...

Moving right on, I'm sure Addie would agree with you. The only reason she didn't actually hex James on the spot was because she never knew a single person was capable of being so... annoying and infuriating and James-like, and was shell-shocked.

But she shall have her revenge. ;)

I can't stand people who disfigure books in any way- I'm a true-blood Ravenclaw. And I love that you love that quote! It is one of my favourite quotes in the entire HP series.

Thanks for your lovely review,

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Review #25, by SSA I Don't Even Like Onions

20th April 2013:
I really hope this doesn't turn out to be Addie/Hugo in the end. >_> Although Hugo/Biancs would be cool. *.* :O

Author's Response: Ehh, maybe. Because I'm a hardcore Addie/Hugo shipper. But you never know... ;)

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