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Review #1, by patronus_charm The Call

17th July 2013:
Hi Rachel!

Gah this story insane feels time! It was just so heart-wrenching reading this and knowing what was about to happen to me, by the end of tears were coming down my face. I think the sweetest thing was the way Colin viewed his coin and how it was a call from Hogwarts, he seemed to be a true Gryffindor then and the way he died just made him even more heroic.

Im guessing the gruff man was a cameo from Aberforth? I really liked that and it was nice to how all of it linked together and how one of them could have died instead of the other so easily. Gah the ending line is what made me choke up. He really was a sacrifice to the war and I could see it in the ending line. Another wonderful one-shot, Rachel!


Author's Response: Bonjour again, Kiana! :) I re-read this after a couple of new reviews on it, and it was actually sadder than I remembered (which probably made it a really horrible Christmas present, come to think of it). But I feel a sort of sorrowful pride for Colin, and that's where this comes from; he is SO brave, one of the best examples we have of a true and selfless Gryffindor. He went back in to fight despite everything, and just... gah. I love him. I think he's an awesome character.

That was actually just a random character -- although it could have been Aberforth! Except I don't think he died in the battle, like the old man in this story, but I could have just written it that way, I suppose.

I didn't mean to make you cry! ♥ I'm very sorry for that. But thank you for reviewing this for me! I really do appreciate your returning here, even just for the Cup. I can't even tell you!

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Review #2, by HarrietHopkirk The Call

16th July 2013:
OH MY SWEET LORD RACHEL. REALLY? A FIC WRITTEN BY YOU ABOUT COLIN CREEVEY? That's thing that'll definitely end if feels - and it has, so I guess... well done.

I've been a lot of war/sad fics recently and they've all been so good that I've been very sad. Colin Creevey was definitely the biggest 'shock' death for me. I always knew that the entire Weasley family could not come through unscathed, and so Fred's death didn't shock me (although I always thought it would be Percy). But Colin - I think it was particularly sad because he was almost the most mentioned of Harry's friends in the younger years, and because, like you said, he was so unwavering loyal.

This is written so well, as well, and makes the feels hit that much harder. You're such a great writer - I love your word choice, your characterisation, everything. I think what makes it so much more moving was definitely was the mantra of calling and answering.


Author's Response: Ah, Colin. ♥ My heart twinges for him -- he's one of the most innocent characters in the books, and so GOOD. You know? One of the best examples of a true, through-and-through Gryffindor, and seeing as he's a Muggle-born, that is saying loads. I'm getting more feels just writing about him in this response!

I'm not sure who the biggest "shock" death was for me, but I do know that Colin's was one I definitely didn't see coming. It makes it much harder when you realize that, as he wasn't of age, he really shouldn't have stayed behind. But he knew the risks, and he laid down his life for them, and that is a very noble thing. ♥ He was so loyal, all throughout the series -- to Harry, to the DA, to Hogwarts -- and I just. I love him, when I take the time to think about it.

Thank you so much for reviewing this, Hattie, and saying such lovely things! I'm very happy you enjoyed it. It's been ages since we've talked properly, but I do hope you know that this meant a lot to me!

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Review #3, by Arithmancy_Wiz The Call

7th June 2013:
Happy Review Battle!

I totally agree -- Colin Creevey is a wonderful minor character, and this was a lovely tribute to him. He's a bit like the younger brother Harry never had, always following him around, wanting to be just like him. He falls into that perfect zone of adorably annoying early in the series and then brave in his own right by the end.

You had some wonderful lines here. Two that really stood out to me: ...he was underage, though this past year had been more than enough to turn both him and his brother Dennis into adults... AND ... it was easier to think of himself as a soldier when he did...

What deep and poignant thoughts! So many of the students in the final battle are caught between being children and adults. They are old enough to know what side they want to fight for, but still not old enough to fully internalize the risks... and with so much still ahead of them. Very sad and very touching. And the word "soldier" holds so much meaning on its own. Part of me is proud for his bravery, and the other part is sad for him not really knowing what he's about to sacrifice.

The last line was great too. Hogwarts becomes the call to arms. It's such a neat way to look at it, especially since the battle for the wizarding world is sort of condensed down into this one battle at Hogwarts. It's still so sad what happens to Colin, but at least he goes down fighting for something that meant so much to him.

Author's Response: Hi, Becky! Sorry this response is a bit tardy, but I do try and make it a point to respond to all of my reviews, and I'm really pleased to have one from you to answer. :) I'm happy that you enjoyed the story, too!

Colin is one of those characters that I've found gets painted with a biased brush in canon, much like Fleur. Harry thinks he's a bit obnoxious, and maybe he is, but there's a lot more to him than just a little kid dogging his idol all around the castle. I do think that he is incredibly brave, and very loyal; he's one of the truest Gryffindors in canon, in my opinion. He comes into his own as he grows up, too, and let's face it -- most kids are pretty annoying in their early years. ;)

One of the things that strikes me most about the final battle is how much it did age the people who participated in it -- and Colin wasn't even of proper age, not to mention being a Muggle-born. He was an adult and a proper soldier in the moment he chose to fight for the castle that was as much his home as Harry's, and I can't help but feel fierce admiration for that bravery, like you said. He was willing to die for the place that took him in, a stupid little kid, and gah. I have so many feelings for Colin, when I take the time to analyze them.

Thank you for this review! And again, I'm just really happy you enjoyed reading it. ♥ I appreciate it very much!

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Review #4, by slytherinchica08 The Call

17th January 2013:
Oh Rachel I'm in love! Colin was just so cute and brave and just gah I dont even know! This was amazing, it had me sucked in right from the very beginning and all the way through the end. I loved the ending particularly. Knowing that Colin died a great death just makes me want to wrap my arms around him in the previous books and knowing that he was alright and brave was great! I love the song choice as well that you used to start of the story... its a great song, one I listen to a lot actually. The description and flow was as I always think for you, perfect. I honestly wouldn't change a single thing about this story at all. Its just so cute and I don't just wonderful. I loved this last look into Colins life. Great Job!


Author's Response: Colin is yet another of those characters who I feel is drastically underrepresented in fan fiction, and as such I had a lot of fun writing him here, because there's a lot to work with where he's concerned. The ending is one of my favorite parts, too -- I mentioned this in response to another review, but I really think Colin is one of the truest examples of Gryffindor bravery in the books. Because he is SO brave; he defends Harry until the end, he sneaks into the castle as a Muggle-born to fight for Hogwarts. When you look at it like that, there's no way you can't at least respect him a little.

"The Call" was a song that I was nearly obsessed with a while back, and I didn't even mean to use it, but it sort of started playing through my head halfway through the story... if that makes any sense? And a few of the lyrics really stood out to me as good choices to tie into the rest of the story. I'm glad that you enjoyed them! :)

Thanks so much for leaving a review on this for me! ♥

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Review #5, by long_live_luna_bellatrix The Call

12th January 2013:
Ahh, I love it! Thank you! You wrote Colin SO well. The way he held his coin and told himself he's brave-- it was heartbreaking. It's interesting, you always wonder, when you have your big life-altering moments, if you recognize them for what they are and react. If mothers think of the miracle of life when they give birth, if the person taking the bullet for someone else really thinks it through, or if a soldier wants to be brave when he/she dies for his/her cause... And realistically, though heroes are often celebrated for doing these things naturally, I'd be surprised if such thoughts didn't cross their minds.

One of the best things you did here was capturing the emotion of Colin's story. Words like war, soldier, etc really made the story feel like it was on a grand scale, and I felt so much for Colin. The image of the broken suit of armor was chilling, and the smells, sights and sounds felt real. The whole story felt real. It was so well written!

There were flashes of a younger Colin here too, which added to the real-ness of him and the story. When he mentioned how Hermione had commanded them to never ignore the Galleons, I pictured a young little Colin quivering under the imposing older girl. :P His decision to fight, then his doubts, then his ultimate choice to stay were also so realistic, and made his death all the more sad. I was also really glad he got his chance to prove his bravery by disarming one of the men, even if there were two more there to replace him.

This was such a great read, thank you SO much for writing it! A lovely, lovely gift. Wonderful job.

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you enjoyed this! :3 I knew that you liked minor characters, going into writing this, and I think somewhere you mentioned Colin -- but I was a bit worried that I'd be TOTALLY off the mark somewhere along the road. :P

I do think that, towards the end -- or towards a really big life-altering moment -- you would sort of think those things, that this is going to effect you for the rest of your life. It's really interesting to turn over in your mind, though, especially because most of us HAVEN'T really been through that sort of thing yet. Colin's just a boy, but he knows what he's up against; I'm pleased that the emotion translated well here for you!

One of the things I did most intentionally in this story was to keep some of Colin's known traits, while adding in his bravery -- but when I think about it now, that's an old trait of his too, isn't it? He stood up for Harry in the fourth book when no one else would; he didn't even think twice about joining Dumbledore's Army. But then there are times when perhaps the more annoying, lovable Colin we all know emerges, like when talking about Hermione's coin. :P

Again -- I'm just really, really happy that you liked this. Thank you so much for reviewing it! (Which, of course, wasn't necessary, since it was YOUR present.) I hope you had very lovely holidays!!

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Review #6, by Violet Gryfindor The Call

11th January 2013:
This is heartbreaking! As soon as I saw it was about Colin, I had a feeling that it would lead to such an ending, yet I couldn't not read it all. You're right that Colin doesn't receive as much attention as he deserves. JKR puts forward so many different kinds of heroes alongside Harry, showing her readers that anyone can be a hero for doing even the smallest of things. And Colin is a hero. He could have saved himself, and no one would have called him out on it - he was too young to be there, but he wanted to help. He didn't even want to do it to prove himself as a wizard or a fighter - he just did it because he was answering the call, as you put it. There aren't any words to describe my emotions after reading this story, and thinking about what Colin did. People use the phrase "a true Gryffindor a lot", but Colin is that - a real Gryffindor, incredibly courageous, reckless, and selfless all at the same time. And you've captured all of that in this one-shot.

Another aspect of the story that I greatly admired was the way that you described the battle. It's chaotic and frightening, and Colin doesn't really know what's going on around him - he doesn't even know the name of the wizard who tries to help him - yet the descriptions make every object Colin comes into contact with intensely vivid. It made me think that Colin has an acute sensibility, a more powerful awareness of things than most people possess. It's a very tactile story, and it draws the reader in more deeply.

I don't know if any of this is making sense. It's an excellently written one-shot, which isn't at all a surprise. However, what is a surprise is the intensity of emotion and thought this story has evoked from me - I hadn't looked at Colin in quite this way before, and I'm very glad that you have given readers the opportunity to revisit his character (and his death). JKR may have provided such characters as Colin in a few vivid brushstrokes, but you've enhanced that portrait in an amazing way here.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked this story -- and that you returned once again to read a one-shot of mine! I truly don't think you know what it means to see your name pop up here, time and again. ♥

Colin is, I feel, one of the fandom's more unappreciated characters, and I agree wholeheartedly with you that he's the near-perfect personification of a Gryffindor. There are countless heroes in the Harry Potter books, not just Harry himself, which is very important. It's one of the reasons I think I admire the books so much: It's Harry's story, but it's not all up to Harry, in the end. There are so many strong people standing beside him at every bend in the road, as it were.

Battle scenes have never been my forte, but hearing you enjoyed this one really made my day! It's almost easy at times to throw yourself into a scene to the fact that you experience emotions, and then you write just those emotions down. You know? I'd be full-out panicking in his situation, and so I think that's where the panicking comes across. I don't think a review of yours could ever NOT make sense, unless it's because I've turned to such goo from the loveliness of your words that it's hard to read.

In all seriousness, really -- thank you /so/ much for this review. ♥ I'm thrilled to have given you a different angle from which to view Colin!

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