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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Quidditch, Bludgers and Cartwheels

27th April 2017:
Here for CTf!

And I am left truly wondering what exactly happened with Lexi's family and how she got hurt so much. I mean, Amos is being a douche and it's just not done to go and sleep with someone else just because your partner refuses to sleep with you for whatever reason. Really, honestly, not done. But then again I never truly liked Amos as it is.
What makes me wonder, however, is how she was so rude about Lily and used her against James even if she wasn't sure it was true or not, especially after what Lily did for her, and then she goes mad at her for her apparently having called their story out while I doubt that actually happened in the first place? I don't know, but it sounds a bit hypocritical in a way.
I do love the fact that she managed to beat James and Sirius both on the pitch and verbally though. It seems like they both need someone who doesn't take their crap and just goes full speed ahead against them.
And there's Dumbledore. Not sure if I completely got him from this chapter, but what he did for her and told her are typically him as it is, especially the wisdom when it came to her name and why it might not be the best idea to change it all. Very nice to read! Well done!

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Review #2, by AbraxanUnicorn Quidditch, Bludgers and Cartwheels

27th April 2017:
Hello! CTF #3 is underway, and there's a flag in one of your stories that we'd quite like to capture :)

Lexi sounds like a very versatile quidditch player to be able to fill the role of both seeker and beater at house team level, but despite the difference in physique required for each position, this ability is explained well with good reasoning. I love the way you introduce details about Lexi into this chapter without it feeling contrived.

OOh, it's set during the marauder era! I didn't read the covering brief, so I wasn't sure when we encountered James Potter as a Gryffindor quidditch captain, whether he was the next generation character, or James the first. But yay! We get to see Sirius in this story! That makes me very happy indeed :)

Tensions run high as there appears to have been an error of pitch booking, resulting in an argument. Blimey, Lex dealt Sirius a low blow by insulting his upbringing! I'm not surprised he's angry about that, but he should have taken the moral high ground and not tried to hex her; he's stooping to her level by doing that.

Boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend? I'm intrigued! OMG, it's Amos Diggory! I wonder what happened between the two to cause a rift?

Friendly match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw to settle the pitch dilemma and Yay! The Claws won! I am going to like this story, I can feel it in my bones!!

Ugh, Amos HIT her? Good old Lily Evans coming to Lexi's rescue, but then I'm surprised to read that Lexi thinks Lily would tell tales behind her back and thinks that warrants more violence?

Exciting first chapter :) Will I be back for more today? Let's see!

Brax X

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Review #3, by MalfoysAngel Quidditch, Bludgers and Cartwheels

1st April 2017:
WOW! Just wow. This was amazing! The way you set up a feud between Lexi and Lily (and the rest of the marauders) and the events leading up to the feud left me wanting more and more. The slap was a bit much but I'm hoping Lily is able to explain herself soon.

You've done a great job introducing your characters and giving background information to explain some potential future actions. I'm hoping that you expand on Lexi's relationships with Charlie and with Diggory and I was glad to see you had some interaction with Dumbledore early on. (Sorry I know I'm rambling but I'm sleep deprived)

So my question is did Lily really tell the Marauder's what happened and if not how did they find out. It really is a butt move to have Sirius taunt her like that so what is his goal here? Why is he doing that to her?

I really can't express enough how much I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more chapters later when my RL slows down a bit and I have more time on my hands.


P.S. I feel the same way about bacon as Lexi does. Bacon is awesome!

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Review #4, by Marshal Quidditch, Bludgers and Cartwheels

1st April 2017:
Wow this was a LONG chapter - you have an interesting original character here. She has life and originality to her that is amazing. I really like Lexi and I am finding myself interested in what will happen with her.

I will admit that I love the stings and insults you have written here. There was one point where I litterally thought in my head "Ooo BURN!" I really liked the interactions on the qudditch pitch. Quite honestly it was my favorite and I sort of liked seeing the Marauders get bested. I love then and I think they were commonly top dogs but to see them get beat here and there is nice too!

As for Amos - wow I would not expect what you've written of him! I mean with the way Cedric turned out I'm like Amos has to have cleaned up his act I would think particularly when we see Cedric be such a good guy and it seems he is close to his dad as his dad is who shows up at the tri-wizard tournament. So you certainly gave me a shock there!

With the final bit of the chapter - I can't help but feel that Lily didn't tell and something more is going on like maybe Remus messed up? I mean there was a heavy play toward him here and I wonder what is up. Still all in good time I suppose.

Also based on your author's notes if this is one of your early works it is very well done for a 'first'. Seriously my early works are no where near as good!

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Review #5, by Rumpelstiltskin Libraries, Snogging, and Traitorous Thoughts

23rd January 2014:
Holy halibut! An update (and thank goodness, because I could really use this little break from writing, for a moment).

I don't blame her, for believing that Sirius was going to break her heart. The boy has got himself a reputation in that department.

I couldn't help but laugh not only at the "wronged women" testimonials (tomato farmer? ;p), but also at the Sirius' statement of trying harder next time, if she wanted to avoid him. It was a perfect "caught" moment. Despite Lexi's anxieties, I continued to laugh because Sirius is really just adorably foolish in his antics.

Off the record here, whoo! Charlie broke up with Carter! I suppose I should feel badly about that, but I have my motives ;). *Cough* I do feel bad that she is crying, though :(.

Oh come now Lexi, you don't really want to give Sirius Black up, do you? Though, it's nice to offer him to a friend ;). Baha. And Lexi is a very good friend.

A lesson that I must constantly remind myself to do is eat away the feels :D. ABAO is a fantastic reminder of that ;).

Hm, does Sirius know what happened? Right? I don't know! Omigosh you can't end the chapter here! :( Oh gods, now I need to read the next chapter! Gah. Okay, okay, okay.

Fantastic chapter, but you're killing me with anticipation!


Author's Response: Hiya Rumpel!

Yes, I'm sorry it took so long... hehe!

Sirius does have quite a reputation, doesn't he? Haha! The wronged women testimonials were my favourite part to write! And yes, Sirius and Lexi's little moment there was priceless!

Ergh, I know! It's been coming for a long time, but I'm slightly glad they broke up too! (totally off the record though!)

Um, she might want to give up Sirius Black. I mean, Sirius could be of some comfort. And yes, she is a good friend! Yes, eating is always awesome to do!

And yes, or no. I don't know! I must end the chapter there! I'll try and write the next one ASAP, but it's giving me trouble!

Thank you so much Rumpel, I hope you don't die before the next chapter is out!

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Review #6, by toomanycurls Libraries, Snogging, and Traitorous Thoughts

21st January 2014:
I read this at work today and couldn't stop grinning. :D :D :D

I want to prod Lexi at the beginning because she's avoiding sirius while he's all sick and in the hospital. I get her reasoning - no one wants to be played by a player. but, :( Sirius really likes her and she's not just a bet!!!

Having Lexi be friends with Regulus is brilliant (I think I've said that before). I can see that it really burns at Sirius to see Lexi friendly with his brother (even if it's regular friendly and not pervy friendly). I wanted to slap Lexi (you really get my emotions going) when she was about to walk out but then she opened up. I laughed when Sirius asked if she was scared of spiders and said he'd take care of that for her. I love his nurturing/caring side. Oh Sirius is just so perfect through that conversation! He doesn't get defensive and doesn't let his huge ego get in the way.

It was the "I think I'm falling in love with you line" that made me go all gaga. I thought it was delivered flawlessless and Lexi's response was just to die for. haha, then Sirius got his wand in a knot talking about Regulus. *sigh* THERE COULD HAVE BEEN SNOGGING!

Of course one of her friends was a row over. :P Oh well, at least she doesn't have to think of a way to tell them.

oh no! Charlie and Carter! Oh yes... I hope this makes room for Remus/Charlie. :D So, Charlie is falling for Carter and he's not loving' her back? I'm glad they've stuck together too.

...James went to Ravelclaw CR to talk to Kendra to talk about Lily when Lily was really there? o.o that's a lot. I don't think James could have said anything bad about Lily's freckles! I'm sure he loves them and thinks they're adorable! Oh poor Lily. I also laughed when everyone was throwing in their suggestions for what Lexi does best.

Okay, now I'm mad at James. He can't blame her time of the month. Whoo! Punching!

I'm going to hope that, for your sake (:P), Sirius isn't behind the attack on Prof. McLaren.

Awesome chapter!!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

Yay for grinning! Yes, prod Lexi! Sirius doesn't deserve her avoidance! I know she's not just a bet, but does she?!

Oh I just love Lexi and Regulus's friendship! I think I wrote that just to get on Sirius's nerves. :P And yes, maybe slapping was deserved, although I'm glad she stayed as well! And Sirius was just such a doll, wasn't he?

Ugh, I loved that line! And then there's Lexi. *shakes head* Goodness, what am I going to do with her? And then Sirius goes and mucks up the romantic moment. They're made for each other, I'm telling you.

And yup! There's Charlie! I'm slightly concerned over your priorities right now, what with being happy that Charlie and Carter broke up, although you are definitely right: more room for Charlie/Remus! :D

And then there's James. That boy. To be honest, Lily was just having a bad day, so James saying something about her freckles set her off, although I do agree, punching was definitely encouraged in that scenario!

And I'll tell you now, Sirius isn't behind it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know anything about it. o.0

Thank you so much for such an awesome review Rose!

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Review #7, by toomanycurls Phil, Picnics and Screams in the Corridor

14th January 2014:
I feel very uneasy about the last chapter. You might be getting periodic pep talks from me on this story. :D (They're pep talks, not harrassment)

Sirius has a hot cook friend. ^_^ Seems like a more than handy connection. I don't blame Lexi for being weirded out by Madame Puddifoots. It doesn't seem like her style. Though, hot boys with sexy voices seem quite her style. :P Phil kind of seems like a role model to Sirius.

I love that Lexi is totally blunt about wanting to get the date over with at first.

:-o Purple is a manly color!! Well, dark purples are. None of that lilac nonesense though. ooh, they're getting slightly less awkward together!!

Um, I'm going to sound a bit redundant but I love how they're going all smooth and flirty then Sirius calls her Ace and gets all cute and awkward and says he's not usually the real date guy. *sigh*

Is Lexi reading for Sirius straddling? I guess not.

How could he tell her about this bet. Lexi's reaction is just too sad and there were tears and IF HE TELLS HER ABOUT THE OTHER BET SHE'LL CRY AND BREAK INTO A MILLION PIECES!

I might be cracking up that Lexi is leaving because she's bored and has other stuff to do. She's my hero. I'm so glad they're planning another date!

! WHAT HAPPENED TO SIRIUS AND PROF WHOEVER?!? Stop toying with my heart, Lo!

It's really cute that all the Marauders seemed to help Sirius plan his date. DARN RIGHT HE'S OKAY!!

Lexi really knows how to show her concern... sounds like language that would come out of my mouth. :P


Ah, I am definitely going to be asking you how the plot is going. o.o O.O. I LOVE THIS STORY!


Author's Response: Hello!
That's okay. I'm uneasy too... And I would love harassment - I mean pep talks! (In other news, I absolutely just finished the 20th chapter! Rejoice!)

Ooh! Hot cook friend! I just love Phil. He's so awesome! And yup! Definitely a good connection to have! Nope, Madame Puddifoot's is definitely not Lexi's style. But you are right on point with what is her style. And yup! Phil is kind of a role model for Sirius *and* James!

Yeah, she doesn't think she'll have fun and the whole fan-club-threatened-her didn't help... And perhaps purple is a manly colour... kind of... And yay for slightly less awkward! And that's okay! Redundancy is fine! I like that part too.

No, she certainly is not ready for that... And he was just testing her reaction! He didn't actually bet James! But now he knows how the actual bet will affect her! AND I KNOW! IF SHE EVER FINDS OUT, WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN? *inner turmoil*


And yeah, the marauders work as a team. Yay for recovery! And yup, she's not the best at conveying her emotions! AND YAY! ITS NOT ABOUT THE BET! And awesome! I hope to hear from you soon! AND I LOVE YOU (*cough cough* sorry for that. it just slipped out *cough cough*)

Thank you so much darling!

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Review #8, by toomanycurls Strudels, Talking and Insufferable Pleas

13th January 2014:
I know I'm going to get shout-y in this chapter. IT WASN'T THE RIGHT TIME!!

...why doesn't she remember? He was trying to get all proper and yet Lexi was insisting and Sirius eventually gave in. She needs to review the security footage.

I'm not sure if I should cry or smack Lexi around. I'm sure she enjoyed it! she just doesn't remember!!

Wait, doesn't Sirius remember what they did? Or does he not know why she's mad? She's totally eating her feelings. Ah, he does remember he just doesn't think that's why she's mad. This chapter is making me hungry.

Ooh, wow, Cami's POV. ^_^

Her flashback to when they were younger was adorable!! I just wanted to pat them both on the head. :D I love that Cami is excited by the idea Lexi hooked up with Sirius. (I'm proud too, does that make me a bad reader?!?!)

I kind of love Cami's advice. I know she's off in a lot of her life but I like her priorities when it comes to ze bedroom.

ooh, I like that Lexi is all confrontational about her sister's self harm. Maybe that will help Cami out in the long run.

Sirius brought James AND James' parents to St. Mungo's to spy on Lexi. Smooth, man.

oooh, I love this line: As an honest to goodness witch, I was being burned at the stake. The stake in question? Sirius Black.

It's just wonderful and perfect.

I love her shout-y speech even more!! HIGH FIVES!

Um, I think James called it. Sirius seriously likes her.

Despite what Sirius said to the contrary, it sounds like a pity date. I hope it goes well!


Author's Response: I'm sorry Rose! It had to happen. It's in the plot! It'll all work out, you'll see!

And she does remember. She's just in that half-sleep mode/denial. She remembers all of it... Nope, she was in her right mind. She knows what happened!

She does remember, she just doesn't want to admit it! (She does really like him [and possibly it] though). And yes, Sirius remembers what they did, but he's too thick to realize why she's mad. Yup, she eats her feelings! That comes up a lot in subsequent chapters. And yay! You've got it! :)

Ooh! Cami's POV! I know, Cami was such a sweetie and so was baby Lexi. They were just so flipping adorable! And yes, I know I was excited too (and no, it doesn't make you a bad reader).

Yup, she's got quite the experience in zat area (just don't tell Lexi). And yeah, Lexi isn't very subtle either. And it might definitely! And nope, he didn't bring them to spy, him going to the Potters' family Healer was the honest-to-goodness truth!

Yay! I like that line too! I'm really glad you think it's 'wonderful and perfect.' *blushes profusely* And yay for shout-y speech! And yup! Sirius seriously (heehee) likes Lexi. And no! It isn't a pity date! I promise! And I hope you like how it goes!

Thank you so much Rose!

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Review #9, by toomanycurls Kisses, Blood and Something More (?)

12th January 2014:
oh heyy, there's that description. ...and then Cami walks in. Don't they have a door? or a lock?

They seem super-coupley together which I like. Not the ball and chain couple but the adorable couple who lets each other do their own thing.

and here's Wood to add to the competition. ^_^ What can I say, I like competiton.

Wood and Sirius seem like more than a handful together. I wonder how long until they realize they're competition? oh, now I guess.

I was going to comment on their cute argument about him being 17 but now all I have to say is WHAT IN THE EARTH DID YOU DO TO CAMI!??! or did she do it to herself? :( :( Lexi doesn't need anymore issues, okay??

I could just hug Sirius for trying to be so admirable and not take advantage of Lexi. It's not the right time for them to go to the next level for their physical relatinship. ^_^ Sirius is being quite decent.

Ooh, drama and harsh words from Sirius. He has a valid point that it's only Cami's fault that she tried to take her life.

WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT IT NOT BEING THE RIGHT TIME? any other chapter and I'd be jumping up and down with squee. *sigh*

I only have two more chapters to read!! eee

Author's Response: Yay for description! And nope! They're in the living room on the couch! And yay for them as a couple! They're so cute together! I just want to squeeze them!

Yay for Wood! I honestly like the kid. Just as a person (character?), he's super fun to write. I'm glad I'll be writing more of him later on (oops! spoilers!) And yup! Here's the realization that he's on his way to steal yo girl, Sirius!

Aw, but I liked that argument! It's so sweet! AND I'M SORRY! I JUST THOUGHT IT WORKED AND IT DID AND IT WAS IN MY PLOT! And yes, but Lexi will have tons more issues to deal with...

Yay for admirable Sirius! He *is* decent! But he is not known for his subtlety, nor his sugar-coating. He's straight to the point!

I'M SORRY! IT WAS IN THE PLOT! I PROMISE I'LL MAKE UP FOR IT! And I know, but it fits and will make sense, I promise!

Yay! (ish). Now I have to write more! :S

Thank you Rose!

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Review #10, by toomanycurls The Party: Kendra Williams

12th January 2014:
Kendra might be my hero. Just to let you know. ^_^

Wow - someone has it hard for Sirius. I love her hunter mentality though (did I mention hero?).

oh, harsh, wrong name. At least it's a J name. (Total hypocrite for being so down on Sirius for the same thing.)

Knowing that Kendra and Lily are bffs makes her sleeping with James a bit more harsh. I mean, previously it seemed a bit thoughtless but now it seems just hurtful. I'll have to wait and see why she did it.

Uh, her dad is cold and harsh. I guess he hasn't heard any rumors about her social life otherwise he'd probably have something to say about that too. I like the bit of depth you've given Kendra here - it's a clear reaction to her parenting.

Everyone says Diggory is good to be rid of (which from what i've seen I agree) but why did Lexi go out with him in the first place?

I guess her hooking up with James wasn't quite as purposeful of an action as I thought it would be. I do love the way she commands a room and people's attention. ^_^ I'd probably read a story about Kendra.

Author's Response: Oh Merlin, I love Kendra. I've had mixed reviews about her though (I still love her). And yup! She really likes Sirius (and yes, she's my hero too :P)

Yup, she's not very good with names! And yay! You caught the parallel! And yup, the Kendra/James thing is pretty harsh, but it does come up later! It *was* thoughtless, *not* meant to be hurtful!

And yes, her father is not a nice man. And nope, she makes sure to be the 'perfect' daughter when she's at home. And yay! I'm glad you like Kendra's depth!

Ugh! I know! Diggory is horrible! But he is very sweet and that will come into play somewhere in the next 3 (?) chapters. He is a charmer when he wants to be though.

Nope! Kendra just likes... she's kind of like Tonks in EOAGM in that way, I guess. And yup, Kendra is a show-stopper! And yay! Probably not right now, what with my exorbitant amount of WIPs, but I really want to start a Kendra-centered series of one-shots!

Thank you darling!

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Review #11, by toomanycurls Furry Coats, Non-Verbal Spells and Obscure Letters

12th January 2014:
With the pace you're reviewing, I thought I'd double dip. :D

I forgot to menton that I thought it was sweet that Sirius brought her something warm to wear as she went to Hogsmeade last chapter. ^_^ And that he went with her for support.

So, is this how Sirius flirts with everyone? I don't know why they'd be all head over heels for him. It's kind of sweet with the poking but I'd be annoyed (even teenager me would have been annoyed). Sirius and I went to the same place when Lexi asked to be distracted. I really like their pact to write to each other during Christmas break. :D

oh darn, I forgot that Frank would be showing up. He kind of broke up that cute cuddling they were doing.

It's great that you have another person running the Three Broomsticks and Rosie there as a barmaid. Ava sounds wonderful and makes me want to stay for one of her free meals. ^_^ Her lax rules are pretty cool too. Ooh, a Wood fellow. No doubt Oliver's dad or uncle, right? I know I'm rooting for Sirius but I like Wood. I hope something happens with him too. haha! Cami called it.

Sirius' letter sounds rather dire. :( WAIT, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM??!! It's super sweet how she stays with him and is concerned for his health and safety. WAIT, THEY FINALLY KISSED?!?! AND NO SEXY DESCRIPTIONS?!?! There better me more of that soon, lady.

Author's Response: Ooh well hello again!

Aw, well he is known to be sweet sometimes! :) And no, this is not how he flirts, he just gets bored sometimes. Usually the girls hang off of him so he gets more attention. And bad Rose! ;)

Yup! The Christmas Break pact! Too bad it will... anyways!

Yay for Ava! I love her! She so sweet! And yup! That's a Wood alright! And you (and Cami) aren't that far off ;)

A little bit dire... I'M SORRY BUT I NEEDED TOO! And yup! No matter how hard she denies it, Lexi has a soft spot for Sirius Black! AND YAY THEY FINALLY KISSED! BUT NO DESCRIPTION...yet.

Thanks doll!

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Review #12, by toomanycurls Middle Names, Regulus and My Life Story

12th January 2014:
Oh boy, they're going to have a fight aren't they?

haha, I'm glad Lexi finally remembered what she was angry about. Is Kendra in ear-shot every time someone takes a dig at her? :P It's kind of hilarious.

I love Lexi. ^_^ Her sarcasm and juice dumping skills are sublime.

Is Carter having a moment? Does he need special attention? I mean, she hasn't forgotten how to play quidditch.

I really like Lexi's run in with Regulus. It makes me laugh that she likes him more than Sirius. I liked PIMA - good acronym.

Oh dear, Sirius is quite something that I can't quite post in a 12+ world. He called Amelia by the wrong name... she's going to be scared for life between the guys asking her out because Sirius snogged her and then him not even having the decency to recall her name correctly.

I can't really blame Sirius for being upset that his brother made the first name list before he did.

I'm not going to complain about the shirt taking off. Nope. but, wow, that is cruel. and that kissing (while not on the lips) is quite the change in heart for Ms. James. Just when they're about to for real kiss she gets a freaking owl! argh!!!

It's sweet that Sirius shared that with Lexi where he hasn't let others see it (except where unavoidable) but part of me feels it might just be another ploy to win the bet. IT BETTER NOT BE FOR THE BET!

Ooh, backstory! I think you've fit it in really well. I mean, it's a long explanation but the not-so-patient reader has been wondering about her backstory for quite a long time. ^_^

of course Sirius has to say something cheeky about getting to know her bed.

Oh! Kiss on the cheek is something.

Author's Response: Hello Rose! :D

Yes, they might get into a fight... well I say fight, others might say she was just yelling at him... :P

And yes, one of Kendra's many talents is being somewhere right as someone insults her. And yes, I love Lexi too. And her juice dumping skills!

Um, Carter is just a strange little boy... It's a miracle he actually got a girlfriend. And yay for Regulus! Oh why thank you, I thought of that acronym all by myself!

Yup, that Sirius. Always has to ruin a fifth year's day. -.-

I can blame him. He's not exactly Mr. Nice-and-Wonderful all the time. But nope, no complaints here! And yup! An owl! Don't you just love my delay tactics?

Yup! This is definitely a turning point for Sirius. AND I'M GOING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING THAT YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW - IT'S NOT FOR THE BET!

Yay! I'm glad you liked Lexi's backstory! And yup, that Sirius. Bed comments aren't always appreciated though. And yup! At least there *was* a kiss!

Thank you Rose!

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Review #13, by toomanycurls The Party: Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew

11th January 2014:
Yay! A party chapter!!

I feel bad that Remus is mostly annoyed by his friends. Just because they stick together so much and I'd hate for him to be constantly doing a *facedesk*.

I do enjoy Remus' commentary on the others (besides his annoyance). His thoughts about James needing his plans to go perfectly and the whole Lily Pad thing were interesting and entertaining.

so, I've been waiting to read Remus' version of this evening... WAIT, HE THINKS ITS A SOBERING TONIC TOO?!! WHAT IS IT? I mean, someone has to know what it is for real or does sobering tonic makes people black out and bump hips?

Peter's perspective is interesting. I can sense a slight layer of bitterness and a deep need for acceptance from his friends. The bit about James annoying him was a surprise but I liked it. Peter does seem in a bit over his head though when he and Sirius are confronted by the Slytherins.

This something big better involve snogging!

Author's Response: Yay!

Yes, but he loves them deep deep down! And he knows that they accept him for everything that he is! And yes, Remus's commentary was splendid to write!

YES I SWEAR ITS A SOBERING TONIC, BUT THEY JUST HAPPEN TO BE TEENAGERS! And no it doesn't, but sobering tonic does take *some* of the alcohol out of your blood. Not all of it and not instantaneously.

Yes, Peter is fun to write. I quite like him until he turns against his friends. But until then, I think of him as more of a good friend until he gets threatened. And yes, I find that Peter wouldn't like James so much as say Sirius.

And this something big just might!


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Review #14, by toomanycurls Prisons, Parties and Bruises

11th January 2014:
haha, of course Charlie sees there's more going on between Sirius and Lexi. ^_^

"Just because I said something doesn't make it true" is a very ominous thing to come from Sirius at this point. Especially after his comment at the end of the last chapter.

I like that they're reconciling their two versions of their run-in with Bellatrix. O.O SHE DIED?!?! Well, good thing for postmortem torture...

Ah, what is the purple light and how did it hurt her? I dunno, I feel quite attached to Annabelle now.


Jeeze, Sirius, lay off the students!! He does need a leash. haha, I like that Lupin asks if she's jealous. It's a bit smug but it fits with his excellent observation skills.

Ugh, Why does Diggory still exist?!?! I really like that Lexi stands up for herself to him. Aw, it is sweet that Sirius said she's too good for him. ^_^ oh dear, a fight. I'm torn between thinking it's sweet to thinking they should shelf those egos. She likes bruises? Sirius does come up with good insults until he goes too far... I got a good laugh at Sirius' reaction to what Lexi says he should do to his family.

I giggled when he said pish posh.

and now they're having some hardcore flirting. uh, but WHY AREN'T THEY SNOGGING YET?!? I'm so torn. I don't want him to hurt her feelings but I need them to make out and have more romance.

Author's Response: Hi!

Oh course Charlie knows. She's a smart girl! And yes, I know! It all makes sense! Yup, I'm glad that Bellatrix went farther then she usually does, because where would this story be without that?

I know! Annabelle is such a sweetie! DUMBLEDORE! Yup, Sirius needs to slow down. And Lupin is like the doctor of love!

Diggory sucks. But he comes back at one point! And yay for cutie-pie Sirius! And yes, bruises are cool! Ugh... Sirius needs to tone down the insults! But he didn't know!

Heeeheee, Pish posh...



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Review #15, by toomanycurls Annabelle, Snowmen and Air Ducts

11th January 2014:
I think we're both going to be shouting at each other for a few chapters. :P

Why doesn't Lexi believe there are DEs at St. Mungo's? I mean, it's not an entirely implausible situation. *sigh* I am glad that Sirius is taking this seriously (haha). How did Sirius forget that Lexi knows his furry little secret? Uh, wow, did it get warm in their room? With the licking and conservation of body heat. I like seeing Sirius' moves in action. he has quite good moves - they might work on me. AND THEY'RE ABOUT TO SNOG!!

...except there's a kid. Why is there a child in her room?

I nearly died from cute at "Siri-bus" - cutest cute thing ever.

Oooh, I quite like that she recognizes Sirius' eyes as Bellatrix's eyes. What kind of curse was she hit with?

I just want to sit down and hug the scene with the hair stroking and hand holding. It gave me the warm fuzzies. the finger tracing was sweet and kind of alluring. I'm going to nominate you to start directing my love life now. ^_^

oh noes - What are they doing to Cami!?!? I am glad Sirius is keeping his head at this moment. Is an air duct the best place to have that argument?

No - it was not the right place because BELLATRIX AND HER DE FRIENDS FOUND THEM AND NOW LEXI IS BEING TORTURED. This is way worse than *anything* you had to read in Epitaph. You wrote Bellatrix magnificently.

How did they escape? Wow.

SHE'S NOT JUST A BET! BAH! You've turned me into a shout-y box - thanks.

Author's Response: Hey Rose!
And that's okay, I like shouting at you because you give me chocolates!

Lexi doesn't believe there are DEs at St. Mungo's because supposedly St. Mungo's is safe. Sirius believes there are because he knows what the DEs are capable of. (heehee, seriously...) And perhaps THEY MIGHT NOT SNOG!

JUST KIDDING! I'm evil, I know. Ee, she's such a cutie! And a bad one that may or may not surface way later on. I would love to direct your love life, but I think I need to work on mine first...

I don't know why they're having an argument in the air duct! They aren't thinking! And exactly! I'm so sorry, although I'VE HAD TO READ WORSE THINGS IN EPITAPH!! (*cough* Moody *cough*)


Thanks Rose!

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Review #16, by toomanycurls Healers, I've Never and Lockdown

11th January 2014:
This chapter - just wow. Knock me over with a feather. I read all the way through it and wasn't able to write a coherant review so I had to come back.

I love that you show more of Lexi's background and introduce her sister. I forgot that Lexi has a past and that it was complex. Cami seems like the flaky sister no one wants. I'm a bit surprised Lexi hadn't talked about her sister being in the psych ward before. It also has to be weird having a flat so close to the school but not going there while school is in session.

ahaha, and here's Black to aggravate her life. Um, I kind of liked the clothing scene here. And Lexi's preoccupation with his arms, well, I can sympathize. I can't believe the crowd they got to go to the hospital. Their dialogue is just incredible.

Their drinking game just doesn't seem like a smart idea. I mean, Lexi just had a massive brain injury and drinking isn't a good idea! Though I do love that they play I Never. I like the scandalous information they learn from each other. I cracked up at Lily having kissed James. :-o Charlie is so cold - her comment about Remus. grr.

Then the ending - with the death eatsr???! I just don't know what to do now. o.o

Author's Response: Hi Rose!

Yay for attempted coherency! Yup, that's our Lexi, complex with a bad past to boot. You've got to admit, neither Lexi nor Sirius really have a good background...

And Lexi doesn't like to talk about her sister because of what her sister did and how she's ashamed of her. And yes, it is a little awkward for her, but she does get to stay the night there on some Hogsmeade weekends! :)

Gosh darn you Black! And yes, well... It's Sirius Black. He has nice arms :P And yay for dialogue!

No, it is not a good idea, but have you ever told the marauders not to do something?

As for the game, Charlie wasn't trying to be rude, she was just joking! He really isn't a man yet, he's still a boy.

Erg! I know! Death Eaters in St. Mungo's? What?

Thank you Rose!

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Review #17, by Julie Phil, Picnics and Screams in the Corridor

10th January 2014:
I am officially in love with this story. I read the entire thing in
one night. it's SO good omg. I hope you can update soon, I
can not wait to see what happens next :) you're a fantastic

Author's Response: Hey!

Wow! You must be tired! I'll try and update soon.

Thank you so much!

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Review #18, by toomanycurls The Party: Sirius Black

9th January 2014:
I've been waiting to read this!! So excited!!! :D

Knowing what will happen at the party, Sirius' thoughts on Remus are especially hilarious.

I love the banter between the marauders - it flows really well and makes me feel their friendship.

Aw, poor James. :( He seems so vulnerable when he asks her to dance. I can't blame Lily's attitude. oh gosh, I laughed so hard though when James said "but I'm handsome"

I just want to cuddle Sirius for being so sweet to Mary. ^_^ That's the only reason too. :P I do like that they both have some emotional connection with one another. It's a side of Sirius that isn't often talked about

I really love that Sirius is critical of James - at least in his own head. That's something.

The party from Siruis' POV is quite different than the others. His dancing with Lily is quite scandalous - she's quite astute to catch his sneakiness.

I'm getting the feeling that the party is less fun for Sirius than it is for others. Between not getting kissed, having to help out Melissa, and putting up with his disrobing friends - he kind of seems like the only sober person there.

ah! Drama in the corridors! Slytherins v. Gryffindors. They're a bit outnumbered. Too bad Remus is busy getting his wolf on and James has lost his clothes.

I'm not sure my reaction, to hearing those noises behind a door, would be to open it to see who was in there. I'd just slowly creep away.

:-o James and Kendra! That ... you know what I want to say here... ! :P

I think I enjoyed Sirius' version of the party the most!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

I'm excited too! And yay! I'm glad you like their friendship! And yes, poor James, but he really needs to learn to tone it down!

Ooh, and Mary! He's so sweet to her! Gosh, and his James criticism! Gosh, I really liked writing this, especially with dear old Lily!

And yes, this was not Sirius Black's finest party! Ack I know! Where are the other marauders when you need them? Oh right... Haha! I might too, but Slytherins aren't exactly the walking away type when it comes to potential humiliation.

And yes I do, but don't be mad at Kendra! I love Kendra! Ooh, I'm excited to see if you still feel that way after everyone else's!

Thanks Rose!

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Review #19, by ponytail1717 Phil, Picnics and Screams in the Corridor

17th December 2013:
Please please update!! I love your crazy characters.

Author's Response: Hi!
I'll try my best to!
Thank you!

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Review #20, by Potterhead Phil, Picnics and Screams in the Corridor

4th December 2013:
Please update soon! I'm dying to read more! I love your story
so far honestly seems perfect to me! You have a talent for this!
So update please!

Author's Response: Since December is dedicated to ABOA, hopefully I can get a few chapters up soon, although I can't promise anything unfortunately!

But yay! Thank you for this awesome review, you're making me blush!


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Review #21, by toomanycurls Flying, Falling and Hospital Wings

28th November 2013:
There's so much awesome in this chapter that I'll have to try hard to focus.

I love the pre-match tension at the beginning. After the late night adventure Lexi had and Charlie's pregger stuff - this match will be a fire fight! (Been watching Boondock's Saints - sorry)

Yup, can't blame Lexi for appreciating the quidditch boys. *ahem* Wait, Carter plays in a kilt? That has to be interesting. I might watch that match with binoculars. :D Oh, they all play in kilts? That's a nice flair.

I like Carter's pre-game talk. It felt very tense and pre-game-y.

Um, is the match the best time for Charlie to open up to Lexi? :-o but I wanted her to end up with Remus!! I laughed so hard at Lexi's imagined wedding vows between Charlie and Carter.

haha, I do think Jordon's comments are right on with their mid-air fight. They're going to snog soon, I can feel it.

Oh dear, the body block was an extreme measure. o.o

St. Mungo's? For a week? And Sirius is lurking in the hospital wing to see how she's doing??! I might die from squee and worry. I do think their conversation is adorable. They should snog... No? okay. I'll wait.

Ha, is Sirius just intrigued because of her persistent rejection? I like Remus' role and Dr. Love.

Lily and Sirius' joking/banter/(flirting?) was awesome. I got a good laugh with her secret obsession with his lips and her calling his hair beautiful. ...where did Remus go?

She needs to go stick with Remus!

Can't wait to read about the party from Sirius' POV.


Author's Response: Yay for awesome and unfocusing! (I think!)

And yes, the match! I love this chapter! (And no need to be sorry! :D)

Ooh, those quidditch boys. And not a kilt, a kit. Like jerseys, robes, the things the wizards wore for quidditch in the movies.

And Carter! I love him as Captain! :) And no! Charlie really needs to work on her timing! And don't worry, she will (sort of) end up with Remus (spoilers!)

And perhaps, but that's one thing I won't spoil! And yes, although Lexi does take quidditch very seriously!

And yay for squee! And I'm sorry for no snogging! It will come... at some point...

Yay for Dr. Remus/Love and Sirius predicament! And yes, flirting is a must! And where did Remus go? :P

Go Remus! And I hope you like the next one!

Thank you so much Rose! :)

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Review #22, by toomanycurls Pregnancy, Werewolves and Towels

27th November 2013:
I'm still made at Charlie for not telling Lexi about this. Ugh!! I'm glaring at her now. I really admire the lengths Lexi will go to for Charlie - though, poor Kendra's nose.

I do like Kendra's cheekiness. I mean, about to get pummeled and she's still flinging insults about Lexi not figuring out who it is. hehe, Kendra's mind is vaguely familiar.

Tickling got to her?!?! I guess everyone has their weaknesses.

Have I mentioned how funny it is when they say "Ravenclaw" as an explanation for something? I feel like I have but it's still really funny.

Ack! Lexi!!! Why is she going out on a full moon!?!? What is her dysfunction? My stream of thought for her being chased through the woods is "oh no oh no oh no - RUN FASTER."

Whoo! Sirius to the rescue!!

Seriously, Sirius? Trying to turn the situation around as to why she's out there?

Oh my, where are his clothes? *ahem* I should focus here.

Well, she worked that out like a Ravenclaw should. :D Though, I am a bit surprised she hasn't worked out the werewolf thing yet. Maybe Sirius is distracting her.

I'm completely amused by this scene. The lack of clothes, the casualness of no clothes, and the towel drama. haha, James - describing his issues with being outside was too funny.

No, wait, Remus didn't tell his friends about Charlie either? ugh. I like that they're shocked he got lucky.

Oh dear, was the fetus a werewolf??!? Is that what happened? ah, the drama is killing me here!!

Lexi keeps getting in these moments with Sirius. They're quite amusing moments.

As much as I'm mad at Lupin and Charlie, I hope they stay together!! Mainly because Remus is one of my favorite characters.


Author's Response: Hi!

And yes, Charlie needs to get a good talking to. Lexi is her best friend! And I love Lexi's love for Charlie. She is her best friend after all.

And Kendra! I love Kendra although some people don't... And her weakness! I just love Kendra!

Heehee, I'm glad you like the 'Ravenclaw' explanation. I'm quite proud of that.

And yes, but realize that Lexi doesn't know what Remus is! But yay for Sirius! Except, he does know how to mislead conversations, doesn't he? And don't worry! Lexi got distracted too. And yes, that's why she still hasn't figured out Remus's secret :P

Yes, I think this is one of my favourite scenes! :)

Ah, yes, and as for what the child would be, none of them knew, but Lexi assumed it would be. (But now with Teddy, we know that's not true)

The moments! There will be more, I promise! And yes, Lupin and Charlie will get together at one point (spoilers!) but I don't think you'll like me for what I have planned for them!

Cheers and thanks for the review! It made me smile *a lot*!

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Review #23, by toomanycurls The Party: Charlotte Meaver

27th November 2013:
I'm prepared for this chapter. *phew* I think I am.

I do need to know what happened with Charlie at the party.

I'm trying hard to like Carter. So hard right now. I can kind of get why he's upset about the secret romance but she has some valid concerns (as valid concerns people ever have for secret relationships). Well that fell apart rather fast as far as relationship arguments go. I do think it was weird for her not to tell Lexi. I mean, they're bffs. I'd be mad at my bff for having a relationship and not telling me.

Smooth move, Charlie, tell her you're devastated because of her breakup. *sigh* teenagers

As much as they make fun of Kendra. I quite like her. She seems to have a good idea as to what's really going on with people and yet she respects their privacy a bit.

I still crack up when they say they don't look cheap.

I really like her percetion of the party. It's kind of how I feel at parties. With all the noise and movement it could be quite overwhelming.

*evil eye at Remus* I can't decide - was that really a tonic? Did he intentionally get her smashed? Did he roofie her?

I do love his flirting. This line was perfect 'He isn't much of a good person, is he? And I quite like the dress'

O.o how did they get from compliment to the next scene? O.O I feel like I need to give one of them a lecture - I just can't decide who at the moment. But, yeah, is it warm in here or is that just me?

I love her reaction when she wakes up! Immitating Trelawney like that.

ugh, Diggory. Can I hate him? :)

Oh no, running into Carter then was not ideal. :(

haha, I really do like Kendra. She pretty much asked the same questions I would.

I really love how you play with perspectives by telling the story of the party from multiple perspectives. It's brilliant and very well done. I'm less happy with Remus and his drunk decision making skills.


Author's Response: Hey!

Are you ready? Really? Let's go then! ;)

And you must like Carter! Love Carter! Become Carter! Actually, don't. That would be weird if my character started talking to me via internet. ;)

And yes, teenagers are weird. But Kendra! I've had mixed reactions about Kendra, but I can't help but love her! Although, that might be because I know her and I know why she is how she is. :)

And yes. They are expensive ;)
And yay for parties! Well, not really. And yay! I got the party feeling down! That's big since I've never been to one :)

And don't worry, Remus is a sweetie! It really was a tonic! And that line! Remus is such a sweetie (redundancy here, but he is!!!).

And yes, they do seem to move fast... and maybe you should. I feel awkward lecturing them...

And yes, Charlie's not good under pressure. And yes! HATE DIGGORY!!! And no, not ideal whatsoever. And Yay for Kendra!

As for the perspectives, I'm so glad you liked the multiple perspectives idea for the party! Yay! And Remus... poor little sweetie. Gah! I don't even know what to do with him.

Thank you so much Rose!

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Review #24, by lindslo2012 Quidditch, Bludgers and Cartwheels

20th November 2013:
I loved it!!!
You have no grammar issues at all and your first chapter is amazing. I will be reading on for sure! You are a very, very talented writer!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! And yay for no typos and the like! And yay for reading one! Honestly, you're making me blush with that talented writer comment. :P

Thanks so much!

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Review #25, by toomanycurls Guillotines, Curses and Invitations

20th November 2013:
Dude. DUDE. O.o This chapter just threw me through a loop. Several loops actually. I just want to shake Lexi and Charlie. I read through this chapter before work this morning and literally sat in my car for an extra 15 minutes to read more.

I quite liked Lexi's interaction with Sirius in class. I really do like that Lexi is still protective of Charlie even if they're a bit on the rocks this chapter.

Ooh man, the nonverbal dueling scene was almost too much for me. I just want them to get along!!

In a completely different way, the bit with Sirius and Lexi made me "ooh man" too. It was more of a O.o that was a private moment way. All of that for a wand. hmm

hehe, I'm glad she figured out it was him at the party.

This line had me giggling: "Wow, even in the face of danger the Ravenclaw doesn't flinch until it comes to tardiness"

There could be a lot of good fun with Lexi planning a party with the Marauders.

OMG dude. OMG. Pregnant?!?!? My face is doing an expression that I don't have an emoticon for. Consider me shocked (kind of).

I'll probably get to the next chapter because I have to know more.


Author's Response: Hey!

I'm so sorry for putting you through this but I'm so happy you like it! And yay for loyal Lexi (though I can assure you, she's no Hufflepuff).

And I'm sorry for the fighting, but it'll get better, I promise!

And yes. The Sirius and Lexi interaction made me extremely happy. And of course for a wand. A Ravenclaw doesn't just surrender her wand to an opponent. ;)

And yay for that devoilement! And yes, she's not scared of much that girl - actually, scratch that, she is - but she does not like to be late! And while I do wish they could plan that particular party in the future, I am sorry to say, they do not.

And yes! Pregnant! And I'm picturing you with a face of disbelief and shock that no emoticon could ever truly capture! And yay! I'm glad you're intrigued! ;)

Thanks so much!

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