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Review #1, by anonymous The One With All The Potions

16th May 2015:
Where's the action packed next chapter?! i'm so excited!

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Review #2, by goldenginnyxo The One With All The Potions

20th December 2014:
Loved this chapter, please hurry to upload!

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Review #3, by hp The One With All The Potions

27th November 2014:
Super enjoyable story!! Can't wait for the next chappy and LOL at the fact Als a stoner/dealer - totes dig it!

Author's Response: Ha! I thought so too - there's so many ideas surrounding a spin-off, you wouldn't believe some of the things I've been coming up with! I shouldn't though...

Anyway, thanks for reading!! :)

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Review #4, by Celeste The One with the Christmas Holidays

19th November 2014:
Uhhh hey. So just discovered this fic.
I really hope you continue with it. It is a brilliant fic. I love all the cute moments with Jess and Freddie. Such a cute friendship going on with them. I can't wait to see what this stuff with the ex is all about. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! You'll find out in the next chapter - it's nearly done, I'm just fixing it up. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #5, by GJ The One with the Christmas Holidays

13th April 2014:
Just found this and wow its amazing! Love the Jess and Freddie moments :) Plz continue updating, its too good to stop!

Author's Response: Thanks! I like the Jess and Freddie moments too...there's lots of drama to come! :)

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Review #6, by RoseWeasley7 The One with the Christmas Holidays

6th March 2014:
Look, I know you haven't got many reviews, and that is totally unfair, this is a really good story and your writing is great, you obviously have a lot of talent and it saddens me that others can't see that. Don't let the lack of reviews get you down! You're amazing! Please update soon

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much. Reviews are great and I'd love a few more, but I'm really enjoying writing it. I do hope people like it though. Thanks for reading! xxx

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Review #7, by Annabeth The One with the Christmas Holidays

30th January 2014:
You know u have a talent. U are awesome at writing!
Love this story! Update soon! I would really like 2 know why james kissed Zoe.

Author's Response: Thank you! As James and Freddie keep saying 'it's complicated' when it comes to James and Zoe. All to be revealed soon - I'm writing that bit now and it's taking me ages to get it right!
Thanks again for reading :)

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Review #8, by LillyLuna The one where James is pulling all his best moves

23rd February 2013:
For the 3 chapters you have wrote, i think they are amazing. i really want to read more. by the way Freddie is acting i have a sneaky feeling he has a Crush on Jess... please write more!!! i love it!!! x

Author's Response: Thanks very much, I never had 'amazing' before! I've written quite a lot of this story so expect quick updates (chapter 4 is in the queue today). As for Freddie, is he really that obvious?! You'll just have to wait and see if anything comes of that :)

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Review #9, by The seeker The one where James is pulling all his best moves

22nd February 2013:
I really really love the story!! But it is so confusing that you changed Mark's name to Jack and Zoe's to beth?? Or are these two different people and omg JUST MAKE JESS AND JAMES KISS :))

Author's Response: I am an idiot! I've changed both names about four times and this was the only chapter I missed because I was making loads of plot changes to this one. It's all changed now so hopefully it makes a bit more sense.
Thanks for reviewing, I'd never have noticed it otherwise. I'm glad you like the story! xxx

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Review #10, by SourGrapeSnape The one with the plan

22nd February 2013:
I love it. I love the plot, the long chapters and of course the lovely characters. Definitely keep going with this :)
The only thing I don't understand is: are Mark and Jack the same person, but you just accidentally made a mistake or are there two different characters in the quidditch team?

Good job :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I have Changed the names about four times and this chapter was the only one I hadn't amended because I was making so many changes, thanks for letting me know!!
Glad you like it!

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Review #11, by MissMdsty The one with the top hat

29th January 2013:
I love that challenge! It's just great!

This first chapter was really fun, it had a good pace and you introduced a lot of OCs that I'm curious to see how you incorporate into the story.

That being said, I have to say that at times I had difficulty following who was saying what and where it was happening. I think if you work a bit on your descriptions and the setting of the chapter it will make more sense.

In the paragraph where they find Aiden in the bathroom, I had to read that part a few times to understand what was going on and who was there.

I liked the humor in this story a lot and the way in which you incorporated the Potters and the Weasleys. Looking forward to reading more!


Author's Response: Yay, first review!

Thanks for the advice, I completely agree. I don't have a beta for this at the moment so it's great to have the feedback.

I know what you mean about the bathroom scene. Pace was something I have worked on from previous stories but maybe I got carried away with hurrying things along.

I'm glad you think the humour is ok- I sometimes think no one else will understand my sense of humour or find the same things funny as I do, so thanks!

Thanks for the really helpful feedback!


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