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Review #1, by Hhh Chapter Five: Albus

5th June 2014:
Please update! I love this story so much!

Author's Response: Hi,

I'm sorry this probably won't get updated. Nothing is currently working with it and I've lost all muse. I also have a lot stories which I am currently working on.

That doesn't rule an update in way into the future thought. But for now this is on hold. Sorry.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

-Potterfan310 :D

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Review #2, by Marauder__Lover23 Chapter Five: Albus

8th November 2013:
Please update soon! I really enjoy this story!

Author's Response: Hi there!!

At the moment there probably won't be any updates. I've sort of lost my muse for this but there's no saying it won't come back eventually. When that will be I don't know.

Right now my focus is trying to finish three of my stories as well as a short story which I I'm in the middle of writing.

I probably will eventual update this, but I'm not sure when.

I'm glad you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #3, by AlexFan Chapter Five: Albus

22nd June 2013:
I'm so sorry for getting to your review late but hey, it's fit here!

So for some reason the only thing that I can think of talking about at the moment is Noah. Is it weird that I can imagine I Oliver giving his daughter a boy name because he thought it might keep the boys away from her? Am I the onl one who can see that happening?

Anyway, this chapter was by far the best. The reaction that Albus had was a lot more realistic than the other ones but it still could've been more dramatic. His friendship has just most likely been ruined and Albus should be absolutely livid with Ally but instead his reaction is all "oh it's all cool bro, I'll talk to him."


And Ally is way too calm, cheerful and not at all apologetic sounding for someone who may have destroyed two people's relationship.

The speech that Scorpius gave about loving Rose ended kind of abruptly. He's going on about how much he cares about her and then just stops and goes "night."

Besides a couple of grammar errors there's really nothing else that I can comment on. The only thing that I can say is -and this occurred to me while reading through the chapter- is that it would be a huge plot twist if Cole ended up being the father. Then Ally would have to deal with a giant jerk. Anyway, I'm interested to see who the father really is.

Author's Response: Hey,

It's fine don't worry and thank you once again.

Haha I like you're theory a lot, I think I can see that being plausible as well. Although that's not the reason, the actually reason sounds so un imaginative now, but Oliver thought Noah was going to be a boy from the starts and insisted on the name, even when she turned out to be a girl!

I'm glad you think it's the most realistic so far!

I think Ally is just a fairly calm person like me and one of my friends.

I thought it did was as well but I couldn't be sure whether it was just me or not, so I'm glad it wasn't and you noticed it as well.

Thank you once again for reviewing!!

Soph :)

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Review #4, by AlexFan Chapter Four: Ally

22nd May 2013:
I think Dom is my favourite character out of everyone so far. There's just something about her that makes me like her. She's so sassy but she doesn't push it but at the same time she's nice.

When Dom asked Ally if there was anything else that she should know about and Ally said nothing I could not help but just sit here with my mouth hanging open because, hello, yes there's more! How about the fact that two of Dom's cousins could be the babies father! I'd say that's something that Dom needs to know and is important to mention!

What I didn't really understand was why Ally didn't just enlarge her shirt when it didn't fit. I mean, her bursting into tears was perfectly in line with her being pregnant and her hormones acting up (or maybe pregnant people don't just burst into tears for reasons like that and I've watched too much friends). That being said, Dom and Ally are witches, they've got wands and magic at their disposal. They're at school and can use magic, surely one of them would've thought to use and Enlarging Charm or something like that.

If I was Ally, I would be extremely suspicious of my dad using the term "love" with a fellow teacher. I would be wondering what he was up to and I'd snooping through his things to see if there was anything going on. Then again, maybe I just like sticking my nose in people's business and I want to know everything.

I'd also suggest reading the entire chapter over and fixing some grammatical errors that caught my eye. One thing that was really bothering me was this sentence in particular:

"Rose Weasley: Dom, James and Fred's cousin came in with a book in her hand."

The use of a colon is to make an abrupt ending and that sentence was anything but abrupt. Personally, I would take out the colon and replace it with brackets so that the sentence ended up looking like this:

"Rose Weasley (Dom, James and Fred's cousin) came in with a book in her hand."

There was also a line where Dom was talking to Ally (at least I think that's what it was) and there wasn't any quotation mark to say that Dom had stopped talking so when I kept reading it sounded strange to me and I had to go back and re-read the paragraph because I thought I'd read something wrong.

Anyway, not a bad chapter, you left off with a good cliffhanger and I liked everyone's reaction to the news about Al.

Author's Response: Hey,

Dom is my favourite as well especially since I'm trying to write her different to my other Dom's.

You're right but Ally didn't exactly think it was the best place to tell Dom that which is why she didn't.

Neither of them thought of it and the engorgement charm makes think swell rather than stretch.

Haha, Ally's preoccupied with her pregnancy but there is some snooping to come.

Thanks for pointing that out. I re-read it but I couldn't find the line you were speaking of, which one was it?

Thanks again!!

Soph x

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Review #5, by AlexFan Chapter Three: Cole

17th May 2013:
I'm back! I know, I'm getting to this late and I'm really sorry about that.

Characterization: Where to begin, where to begin! Cole is an insensitive pig that needs to go sit into a deep hole in the ground and think about what he's done.

Like, really, is this boy for real! I'd understand if Cole was this way with everyone and I get that it's his personality, but, come on, the girl is pregnant and that's how you respond.

I'd also expect a little bit more surprise at the idea that he knocked up some girl. Especially after what he said about his dad freaking out on him. And he was so mean to Ally! I would understand if she had done something to him that was really mean or something but just to call her stupid for no apparent reason practically screams that Cole is a complete wiener. Either that or he's just that arrogant.

I also feel the need to beat Cole over the head with a book full of federal laws. "Took advantage of her" is the nice of putting what he did to her. Having sex with someone when they're drunk or not in control of their inhibitions counts as rape. Because the person is not sober they are not in their right mind and therefore cannot make proper judgment or fight someone off of them. Especially an attacker.

Technically speaking, Ally could have Cole arrested on the fact that he sexually assaulted her.

Plot:Things are finally starting to get intense! We've got Cole here who is a total jerkface and who knows what he's going to do and the things that he's going to say. We've got the two other baby daddy's that are unaware that their life could be changed forever.

Yep, things are starting to heat up!

Flow: This chapter seemed to go by really fast. There was this hurried pace to this and it felt rushed. I would suggest slowing down everything that's going on and add more description and dialogue.

Reader Interest: The story has definitely gotten more interesting and I think that readers are going to enjoy hating Cole as the story goes on. After all, everyone loves having someone that they can hate.

Anyway, good job on the chapter!

Author's Response: Hello again!

Cole, you got it in one. He is not a nice person at all. You certainly have permission to beat him over the head, in fact I'll even join in!!
Yes she could, who knows what will happen once everything is out in the open.

Cole is a massive jerk face, but will he change???As for the other two who knows just yet. Things are definitely heating up!!!

I'll make sure to slow it down.
Thank you once again!!!

Soph x :)

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Review #6, by LittleLionGirl Chapter Five: Albus

15th May 2013:
Holy Crap! Another job well done dear. Only two grammar issues found: "I too (no) notice as I went down to the dungeons and as I stood in front of the brick wall I (realised) I had no idea what the password was"
I dunno how I feel about all of the shenanigans just yet- we'll see. Plot is twisting and characters are coming into focus! It is so exciting! I just hope you'll continue!

Author's Response: Chapter 7 is a quarter of the way done, so it may not be for a while yet.

Thanks for pointing them out!

There are more people and twists to come ;)
Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!

Soph xx

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Review #7, by AlexFan Chapter Two: Ally

10th May 2013:
I'm back again! After that long review I didn't think that you'd actually be back again. I thought I'd scared you off, anyway, I'm not even sure that you read the review yet but whatever.

Characterization: Ally isn't as annoying as she was in the last chapter but there's still something about her that just irks me, I don't know what it is but she just annoys me.

I think what annoyed me was the fact that she expected her mom to be on board with her being pregnant and everything. My mom doesn't speak to me for days on end if I don't do one of my chores properly, does Ally really think that her parents are going to get over what she's done that quickly?

Plot: We're finally getting some action! I've finally learned the father's names and there's more interesting stuff going on. We've got the plot moving people! It's just weird how all of these guys seemed to go out of their way to be around her.

Flow: You had great flow throughout most of the chapter except for the grammatical errors (like "your" instead of "you're" for example) and some punctuation errors.

Reader interest: The chapter was relatively interest but again, you need more action and interesting stuff. I would suggest taking out the parts that aren't totally necessary to the chapter.

Again, I'd suggest getting a beta reader because it'll make life easier but that's just a suggestion, you don't have to take it.

This chapter was definitely better than the last.

Author's Response: Hey,
Sorry I didn't get around to replying sooner, I haven't been able to access a computer until now. I had seen you first review before I requested this, and thank you.

Again I think it's because Ally's sort of a here and now girl she thinks everything will be ok in a flash.

That was me trying to fit in how Ally acts and all the boys act around each other. I think it was show how Ally deals with each of them after having coitus.

Again, I'm not to good with grammar and I'm going to look for a beta soon.

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You're so helpful.

Soph xx

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Review #8, by AlexFan Chapter One: Ally

9th May 2013:
Sorry for getting to this so late but I'm here.

Characterisation: My main problem is Ally, I'm sure she's a great girl but no offense or anything, I just don't like her. She slept with three different men on three different days, one after the other. As much as I want to pity her and feel sorry for her, I can't. She brought this on herself, she should've known better than to get drunk at all of the party's and by extension, she should've known better than to have coitus.

She can't exactly blame anyone else for what she did and she can try but she could at least come up with something more than just "it's their fault for throwing the party." She's sixteen, she should know by now that you are not in your right mind when you're drunk.

She's being incredibly dramatic and, honestly, really whiny. She's not nearly as freaked out as she should be about the fact that she's pregnant. I know that if I was me, I would've flipped out for weeks on end before getting myself together and figuring out a plan.

I get that she's pregnant, really, I do but when your sister is crying about the fact that she got dumped by her boyfriend, I would not suggest turning her problem into yours by bringing up your pregnancy. I would suggest talking about how the guy wasn't worth it and comforting her and then cracking a slightly lame joke about how at least she's not pregnant unlike her.

Also, for someone who made a huge mistake, she's really pushing it with her parents. They're both worried and disappointed in her and she's yelling at them about how they aren't supportive enough and how she should just pack her stuff and move. At that part, I just scoffed and went "really, where are you going to go then?"

She should at least give them time to digest the news, like a week or two, before getting annoyed about the fact that they're not being helpful or supportive at all.

I hate to say this but I honest to God do not like Ally -at the moment, she might be different later on. She's acting like one of those people that I get annoyed with all the time and just want to punch in the face.

Despite all the problems that I have with Ally and what kind of a person she is, all of those problems mean flaws, flaws mean human and human means real. Ally does sound very realistic as a character which is a great thing to have.

Plot: You've got an interesting idea of making the father three different guys, I've never seen that happen before and it'll be interesting to see where you go with the idea. The problem of finding out who the father is can be solved by taking a paternal test to see who matches the DNA or however that's done and bam, problem solved. I'm looking forward to Ally giving the three guys the news.

This is a suggestion you don't have to take it but, I would suggest making this chapter more dramatic. There's no build up to Ally telling her parents, there's no panicking, there's no quick thinking on how to tell them without them blowing up the house or making up lies like "I have a stomach bug." It's just "I'm pregnant," and that's it.

I'd suggest going into more detail about her parents' reaction and stuff like that. I can tell you one thing, my parents would not have been as calm as hers, especially my mom. Personally, I found the part where she told them really anticlimactic. I had expected a lot more than there was.

Flow: You had great flow, the chapter went pretty smoothly but you seemed to go through scenes very quickly and there wasn't much description about them, it was almost like a tour of the house. They felt a little bit unneeded to be perfectly honest. I would suggest fixing grammatical errors that there are throughout the chapter (spelling, proper word usage etc.), it's not they stand out like a giant sign but it's just that I've become so used to noticing them that they just jump out at me.

Also, watch out for punctuation errors that are throughout the chapter as well.

I also noticed that you sometimes slipped up on your verb tense and switched from past to present tense sometimes, I'd suggest watching out for that as well.

I would suggest getting a beta reader because it would be a lot easier and it's always better to have an extra set of eyes looking over your work to make sure that everything is in check.

Reader interest: The chapter was relatively interesting but it was fillery and just slightly slow. Again, in my opinion, you could make it a lot more interesting by amping up the suspense to when Ally tells her parents the big news and such.

I know that this sounds like a really negative review and all but I mean it when I say that this story has a lot of potential and that it is interesting despite what my feedback may have said.

I'm so sorry for all the negative things that I said and I wasn't trying to be harsh, this was just everything that I got from the chapter.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say and again, I'm so sorry for all the negative feedback!

Author's Response: Hey,

Where to begin...

No ones perfect, and it is sort of her fault. Ally is dramatic and she's even more dramatic at times. I don't think it helps that her hormones are all over the place as well. As for the moving out, she'd either go to Dom or Hazel's. Ally likes things to happen there and then, she's a bit impatient.

I can say the same here, mine would so not be calm. I agree I do think it was a bit abrupt but Ally wanted to get it over straight away.

Grammar and spelling are so not my strong point, I'll be sure to try and find a beta reader.

Thank you so, so much!!! This review has been extremely helpful!! As much as I love it when people review they never normally contain constructive criticism so thank you. :)

Soph xx

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Review #9, by LittleLionGirl Chapter Four: Ally

11th April 2013:
Ahhh! That is a terrible cliffy to leave me with! Great story though I have to say! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I know, I'm evil... :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Soph x

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Review #10, by Maraudette116 Chapter Four: Ally

11th April 2013:
Okay just a question... if she is actually 13 weeks and she thought she was only 8 weeks wouldn't that mean that the parties were only 8weeks ago? So wouldn't that rule out like all the possible fathers?

Author's Response: Ally is 13 weeks but she's in denial. She'd rather think she was two months than think she's just gone three.

Ally's young, worried and pregnant and she's not 100% sure who the daddy is which is why she would rather it be some total stranger's rather than the three boys whom she knows. She hasn't slept with anyone else apart from the three boys. But that's why she would rather be eight weeks as then she would know at least who the father is. If that makes sense?

Hope this answers your question, if not ask again on my blog (link found in author's page).
Soph x

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Review #11, by bookworm_hermione Chapter Four: Ally

10th April 2013:
Haha! Smooth Ally. Real Smooth.

This plot is really cool. I would hate to be in Ally's situation. I really hope it isn't Cole or Albus. If Fred really likes Ally, I hope it's him ...unless of course, you're an author that likes a nice twist, and Cole ends up being that dad.

Just DON'T have Albus as the father IF Fred likes her. Please? That's a lot of Drama. I think I like the Cole father thingy drama better.

Better yet, Fred! (If he likes her, I would like it officially confirmed at one point of the story please.)

I'm Really curious to see what happens next, (especially at that huge cliff hanger) so update soon! :D



Author's Response: Hey, :)

Thanks, I'm glad you think so! Same, I don't think it would be much fun at all. Just think of all that drama!

I think if Al was the daddy and Fred dates Ally it would be so awkward but again think of all the drama it would cause. But then again having Cole or Fred as the daddy will cause alot of drama no matter what. :)

I won't sat too much because of spoilers but there is a little moment... ;)

Hopfully once I update my Al/OC this will be next!!!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

Soph x

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Review #12, by slightlyobsessedwithfanfiction Chapter Four: Ally

10th April 2013:
oh my gosh this was so good... especially the way you ended the chapter! just perfect!!! but now i can't wait to read what happens next!!! oh i can't wait to see how frankie will react!!!
for some reason... i don't know if you've consciously planted this idea in my mind or if its just me :P ... but i like fred. and i think he likes ally. they seem like they would be good together. but then again, the whole baby situtation, especially since it also involves his cousin is so awkward i don't know what would come of it!
but of course, fingers crossed for a happy ending :)
please don't make me wait long for the next chapter. when do you think it'll be up?

thanks so much,


Author's Response: Hey,

Frankie's reaction comes in the next chapter and there is some in chapter 7 as well.

Fred and Ally = ? Of course they like each other since they're friends but who knows what will happen. It would especially awkward if the baby was Al's and Fred and Ally started dating but again who knows what will happen ;)

I'm hoping for a happy ending too :)

I can't say for sure, because I need to update my Albus/OC fic as it's been a while. Once that's updated this will be next because chapter 5 is ready to go.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

Soph x

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Review #13, by slightlyobsessedwithfanfiction:S Chapter Three: Cole

29th March 2013:
Hi! Love the story already! What a jerk... urh... (proof that you write really well because i really do not like him in the least). But i really like Frankie, he seems like a really good brother. It must be awkward though for Albus to just stand there knowing he's done the same thing :S... wonder how that will play out. hm :P
It was a great chapter but too short :( - i read it too quickly and now i have to wait. When do you think the next one will be up?
Well, thanks for a great story that i can't wait to keep reading! So hurry yp! :D

Author's Response: Hello :)

I'm glad you like it!!!

Cole is a jerk right now but will he change his mind???

Frankie is such a great brother isn't he :) Haha, I bet it would be so awkward for Al and all is revealed in chapter 6.

Chapter 5 is done but there's the bit in the middle that's causing me trouble. As soon as I've wrote that it'll be in the que, so within the next week I hope.

Thanks again :D

Soph x

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Review #14, by UniQuorn Chapter Two: Ally

21st March 2013:
Wow. I can't wait for the next chapter. But for now, I must be off to PIGFARTS!!
*Draco dramatically exits stage*

Author's Response: Hopefully I'll put it up soon, when I get the time.

Off to Pigfarts to find Rumbleroar!!!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!!
Soph :D

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Review #15, by dramione276 Chapter One: Ally

20th March 2013:
This is an amazing plot for a Harry Potter FF! I LUV IT ALMOST AS MUCH AS I SHIP DRAMIONE!

xxx Shelby xxx aka dramione276 xx

Author's Response: Hiya,

Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Soph x :D

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Review #16, by alicia and anne Chapter One: Ally

15th March 2013:
Wow Ally has a big family! Neville and Hannah have certainly been busy!
That must have been so awkward for Ally to tell her mother that she didn't know who the father/s were. It's great that she's being so sympathetic and supportive of Ally, kinda, I think it'll take a while for her to get her head around it all.
I hope that Neville comes around soon, Although I reckon he'll be on the look out at Hogwarts trying to find the culprit. Probably going to make their life hell :D
I love how Frankie is the protective brother, I can't wait to see him talking to the guy who made his sister pregnant, I think he's going to be having a stern word or two.
I really can't wait to see how this develops, I just know that it's going to be great!

Author's Response: Hello again,

Ally certainly has a big family what with her four siblings. I think Neville would have wanted quite a few since he was an only child as well as the fact he is so loving. He and Hannah have certainly been busy. :)

I would imagine so as well, one thing telling your parents your pregnant at sixteen but another is telling them there are three potential ones and you don't know which one it is.

I think it would take anyone awhile to adjust to the news and with Hannah she wants to support Ally but she isn't sure how to since the news is still sinking in.

As for Neville, he'll come around when the time comes and who knows what he'll do to find out who the father is.

Oh I believe Frankie will have a stern word or two, or maybe even more. He is definitely not an older older brother to be messed with when his siblings, especially his sisters are involved.

Thanks again for reading, reviewing and favouriting. I'm hoping to put chapter 3 up soon!!

soph xxx

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Review #17, by alicia and anne Prologue: Ally

15th March 2013:
This is a really good start to the story, I love that it's different already from the other stories I've read about teenage pregnancy as it's the first one I've read where the person is Neville's daughter.
I can't wait to see his reaction to finding out his daughter is pregnant.
I wonder who the father is? Or possible fathers?
You really got across Ally's nerves and worry about the possibility of being pregnant and it's written incredibly well.
I really can't wait to find out more, this story is going into my favourites definately!

Author's Response: Hello,

I've never read one where it's Neville's daughter either. I think his reaction is that of any father who finds out his teenage daughter is pregnant.

All will be revealed soon.

I'm glad you like it!! Thank you for reading, reviewing and favouriting!

Soph xx

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Review #18, by Elphaba and Boyfriends Prologue: Ally

14th March 2013:
Hi, I'm here from the review battle!

First off, I really like the rapid-fire pace of Ally's thoughts and dialog. They feel authentic and help the story zip along at a brisk pace. I also like how Ally introduces the various characters who hang out at her parents' bar.

I think there are some issues with punctuation, mostly places where periods or commas should be added. Even with fast paced writing like this, there should be places to pause for breath. Here's an example: "When I was sick I told mum it was sun stroke and the other times that I must have ate something funny." I would just add a comma after "stroke."

I assume that Ze is Hazel's nickname, but it came as a jolt when Ally suddenly switched from calling her Hazel to calling her Ze. It might help to stick with one or the other, or explain the nickname the first time it's used.

I like that you don't reveal that Neville is Ally's father until she imagines the future headline in the paper -- that detail comes as a nice surprise. I would think he'd try to shield her from that type of scandal, but I can also imagine Rita Skeeter pouncing on a bit of juicy gossip like that.

Ooo, I wonder who the three potential fathers could be? I like the cliffhanger that you end the chapter on; it definitely gives me some incentive to read on. :)

Author's Response: Hello,

Punctionation isn't one of my strong points but I will go back and check over and the necessary commas' and periods should be.

Yes, Ze is Hazel's nickname. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll make to mention it's her nickname when I edit this.

I think Neville would try to shield her as well and that even after the war he would say Harry was the hero not him.

Thank you for reading, reviewing anf giving me advice!!!

Soph x

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Review #19, by Rae Ella Chapter One: Ally

7th February 2013:
Dying to know who the fathers are!!

Author's Response: All will be revealed in the next chapter!

Thanks for reviewing :)

Soph x

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Review #20, by AlexFan Prologue: Ally

4th February 2013:
Sorry it's taken me so long to get to you with this review. I'm here though!.

I'm giving you a heads up right now but you need to check for grammar and punctuation because no matter how small they are, they'll jump out at a reader. I know that they jump out for me.

You should make sure that you don't switch verb tenses because it can confuse a reader. In the beginning you started out using present tense but then you switched to past.

You've got an awesome idea and there aren't many stories with plots like this (actually, I'm pretty sure there's only one where there are three possible fathers).

The chapter was really short but there were lots of descriptions to make up for that so it's not that big of a deal. The beginning was a little bit slow though to be honest.

Your writing flowed really well and I had no trouble reading this and the few grammar/punctuation errors didn't interrupt the flow of the writing much.

As for your characters, I don't know them much. I realise it's the first chapter but even in the first chapter you usually get an idea of what the character is like and what they're personality is like. You know something about them. I just didn't feel like I knew Ally, there was nothing there that I could've looked at and had an idea about what type of person she would be.

I don't know Ally's thoughts, I don't know her feelings, I don't know ANYTHING about her.

Anyway, it good job on the first chapter! See ya!

Author's Response: Hey,

Thanks for the heads up!!
Whoops, I forgot to edit that when I checked over the chapter. I'll make sure I change it right away :)

Thanks and that was one of the reason's this plunny came to me.

Thanks for the CC, I'm off to re-write to see if I can add some more about Ally in, like her thoughts and feelings.

Thanks for the review and CC, they're very helpful. :D

Soph :)

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Review #21, by aquabluez17 Chapter One: Ally

3rd February 2013:
Hey Its Mya here =)

Since I already reviewed the other chapter before for the heck of it I will just review this one for the request you put in =)

I really did enjoy this though I would love to know a bit more about the siblings. The fathers is a great mystery place and I would love to know how you are going to play with that but I am glad you didn't beat around the bush with the whole telling parents thing.

I would also love to see more bout Frank but I do understand you need to build the plot.

Besides that this was a great start! I really do love it =)

Author's Response: Hey Mya,

Well hopefully it'll come as a surprise as who they are especially since two of them are related.

I didn't want Ally to drag out telling her parents because she's just gone 12 weeks even though she doesn't know it yet. And she know's that with he dad as headmaster that he would find out sooner or later.

Ahh Frankie, there will be more Frankie to come :)

Thanks for reviewing!!! and I'm glad you love it!!!

Soph xx

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Review #22, by zipzin Prologue: Ally

27th January 2013:
The mystery of the fathers. Duh, duh, duh. Actually excited for this because for some reason I really like teen pregnancy fics and yours seems promising. Please update soon!

Author's Response: The mystery of the fathers. Oh yes, any guessess?

I'm glad you're excited :) and I love teen pregnancy fics as well.

Hopefully an update will be soon but I'm not sure.

Thanks for reviewing x
Soph xx

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Review #23, by HermioneEverdeen Prologue: Ally

25th January 2013:
Hello! HermioneEverdeen is back in the business!!

I was wondering this; and kinda wanted to catch the chance- I was wondering is you would like a banner from me or a chapter image?


I really like the idea for this story. It seems very unique, especially when you added a mor reasonal OC. I really like it!!

Sarah xxx.

Author's Response: Hey again :D

For this story??? At the moment i still have to find face claims for this story but if I need banners/CI's i'll let you know
whats your penname on the dark arts??

I'm glad your liking this so far!! :D
thanks for reviewing xxx

Soph xxx

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Review #24, by aquabluez17 Prologue: Ally

16th January 2013:
Hey! Im Mya =)

This is a great chp! I rele like Ally :P

I wonder who the three fathers are haha. Looks like someone is busy :P haha

Can't wait for the next update =D

Author's Response: Hey Mya :)

Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you like Ally!

As for the three fathers, all will be revealed soon...

Soph xxx

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Review #25, by LittleLionGirl Prologue: Ally

14th January 2013:
Wow. Good first chapter! I cant wait to read more of this as it comes along!

Author's Response: Hey,
Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you like it. Hopefully more soon be coming along soon! xx

Soph xx

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