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Review #1, by soulincantatum A Remus & Lily Story ~ Written By MarauderFelicis41

24th February 2013:
this was mainly about building dialogues... it's challenging because it's not just about copying the manner in which people talk in real life but conjuring up an utterly new way of expression that is both "fake" and convincing. admittedly you've got the skill. light smooth and self-spinning. i haven't stumbled once, nice one

Author's Response: Sometimes I think the dialogue is essential in building personalities. I feel I can get to know the characters a little bit better through the dialogue and then I can work on the actions etc. I love the dialogues sometimes, it can make the characters more real.

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Review #2, by jamesandlily_forever A Remus & Lily Story ~ Written By MarauderFelicis41

23rd January 2013:
haha you have to stop using the prefects bathroom...I think this is a great idea showing how Lily and Remus are friends

Author's Response: I remembered they were prefects together. So it would make sense that the other boys were abusing the prefects bathroom. :)

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Review #3, by jillybeans A Remus & Lily Story ~ Written By MarauderFelicis41

14th January 2013:
i really like how this is a FRIENDSHIP story and not a ROMANCE! it shows that a boy and a girl really can be friends without dating!

Author's Response: This friendship was one of the most important friendships to me. I was eager to explore it. I may delve back into the friendship again in the near future.
I think even if Remus had any kind of feelings towards Lily, he would have respected his friend and just held them in. That would have been an internal struggle for him.

I'm actually really enjoyed writing for their friendship. Glad you enjoyed it too.

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