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Review #1, by aditi Narcissa's Choice

26th October 2013:
a great insight into the malfoy world and i'll have to agree that it was a good story, thoughtful and tragic at the same time.

Author's Response: I am so glad that you liked it! The Blacks have a very tragic story, when you think about. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by tonksadora Narcissa's Choice

27th August 2013:
I love this one-shot; I think it's completely perfect and all around brilliant. I ended up liking Narcissa at the end of Deathly Hallows (how could you not) so I was glad to see she felt at least something for her sister but of course, she chose the traditional family pathway. Also known as the dark side haha

I feel so much for Andromeda! Tonks (as in Nymphadora) is one of my favourite characters so it was heartbreaking to see her own grandfather wishing she wasn't born :( But it was a perfet reaction.

Anyway, great writing and great characterisation :)

Author's Response: I am so happy to hear that you liked this so much!! Really, those are some lovely compliments. I definitely felt for Narcissa when reading DH as well. But yes, she did choose the dark side.. haha ;)

Andromeda is such a admirable character, in my opinion, for standing up against her own family. It is heartbreaking indeed that this was their response.

Again, thank you so much for your incredibly kind words! This review has made me really happy! :)

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Review #3, by missclaire17 Narcissa's Choice

20th August 2013:
In the end, I think everything worked out perfectly for Narcissa. She and Lucius really loved each other, they have a son that they both really love, and after the War, I think their familial bond has only strengthened.

But in perspective with this moment at Narcissa's graduation with Andromeda appearing, it seems as to me that she made the wrong decision. I hated seeing how Druella turned her own daughter away. I could see what Narcissa was thinking, about spurning her family, and to me, it only made me think that Andromeda is so brilliant and amazing for what she's doing. She would let her family come see her daughter, but her family doesn't want anything to do with her. Hearing her own father say that her daughter shouldn't live has got to hurt. With that in mind, it's almost easy to see what Narcissa was thinking. At the same time, I just feel so horrible for Andromeda because I think she would have let her family come see them, and I think that given the chance, she would reconcile with them if they wished to. I just always hoped that after the war, Narcissa and Andromeda will reconcile and be sisters again, properly.

I loved that bit with Lucius at the end because it shows how he really does care for Narcissa, even from the beginning. Of course, that care grows into deep love over time. This really was such a wonderfully written one-shot! (:

Author's Response: You could say it worked out well, I suppose. They loved each other and their son, but they also put him through some horrible things because of what they chose to do.

So yes, maybe she did make the wrong decision here. I agree, Andromeda is so strong for breaking out of all of this, but of course, she still loves her family and she still wishes that they would come around. However, they never did. Narcissa just wasn't as strong as Andromeda here. I like to think that the two of them made up after the war as well! :)

Yes, Lucius really did care for her, as we could tell in the books, so it will grow deeper. I am so happy that you liked this one-shot! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on it with me, and for leaving all of these reviews! They made my day!!! :)

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Review #4, by MagykNargle Narcissa's Choice

17th June 2013:
I liked this! It was short, but so is everything I write, so I can't really complain; also, it's a one-shot. But you know all that, hehe, so I dunno why I'm wasting characters on it. ANYWAY. This was very well written, and I particularly loved the bit on Andromeda. I always wondered what happened to her. Plus, I'm writing a fanfic about the Black sisters, so it's interesting to me to see how other people write them. Great job! :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that you liked it. The Black sisters have such an interesting story - I'll have to check out your version of it some time :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #5, by s2rocks Narcissa's Choice

20th May 2013:
Hi! this is for the review tag:

I really liked your story, it's plot is really good. You have shown that how in pureblood families, girls are usually married after they graduate from Hogwarts.

You have beautifully portrayed Narcissa and others characters.

'Leave this castle with the aspiration to do not what is asked of you nor what others are doing, but what is right.' this is my favorite line from Dumbledore's speech and how he Cygnus hated the Dumbledore.
You have shown the cruelness and hatred of Cygnus towards the headmaster perfectly.

The favorite character of the story was Andromeda. I loved the fact that knowing her family didn't want to see her, she came forward trying to convince her sister that the life she was living, was not good enough and she can have a better life. i loved the line when she said 'And what does it matter if he's caring if she doesn't love him?'

I loved the fact that you had shown that Lucius actually cared for Narcissa and didn't want her just as a trophy which usually pureblood male take their wife as.
It is great as in grammar and spelling.

So, in the end I liked it and it's really good and amazing. :D


Author's Response: Hi! I'm so pleased that you like this story! It's always great to hear that the characterization works, too!

I'm glad you liked that line from the speech, and that Cygnus' feelings towards Dumbledore came across as I intended it too!

I feel so bad for Andromeda! She's a lot stronger than Narcissa, I think, which is why she was able to make the more difficult choice, while Narcissa took 'the easy way'. Even if she did eventually fall in love with Lucius!

Once again, I'm so happy that you like this story! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review, I really appreciate it :)

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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Narcissa's Choice

16th May 2013:
This story gives me so many feels that I don't know what to do with them!! :D

At first, I just thought it was going to be about Narcissa graduating, so I kind of had the whole "Congratulations" mood going on. But when Cygnus started bashing Dumbledore, I felt like it was going to take a different turn, and it did!!

I think you did an AMAZING job of portraying the characters' thoughts and emotions here. I LOVE Andromeda, but when you allowed me to see her through Narcissa and Cygnus' eyes, I was kind of angry at her!

Deep down, though, I know Andromeda was trying to help out her baby sister, and seeing Narcissa refuse like that was kind of painful. Buut after seeing the way she and Lucius act together, it seems like they kind of ARE in love... so it's kind of like Cygnus got what he wanted, but Andromeda got what she wanted, too... if that makes any sense.

I know Narcissa only got bold enough to go through with it because of what happened with Andromeda, but still..

Anyway, this is another amazing piece, dear! Absolutely perfectly written! 10/10!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for this LOVELY review, and for making me smile even though I'm really too tired :D

I'm really happy that you thought that the characters thoughts and emotions were well portrayed! I love Andromeda too, and their whole situation is just so tragic. She wanted to help Narcissa, and yes, she did fall in love with Lucius and he with her, but I still think that she could have been saved from that dark life if she had gone with Andromeda. I agree, they both kind of did get what they wanted, but Andromeda also wanted to free her sister from their prejudices.

I am so, so happy to hear that you liked this! Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful review and making my day :)

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Review #7, by ChaosWednesday Narcissa's Choice

25th April 2013:

I'm glad to have come accross this story. There can never be enough stories focusing around the Blacks and the Malfoys...especailly stories like this one that try (and succeed) at giving each character a distinct personality and depth. Yuhu!

Usually, the Blacks are introduced in one big pile as part of an obligatory info-dump before the story continues. I'm very happy that you did not resort to that but instead let each character enter the picture on their own accord and in their own time.

The father standing up, Bella twirling her hair and Druella grabbing Narcissa's face...these simple details somehow brought the characters to life and distinguished them immediately. Without relying on contrasts, you somehow managed to not tell but illustrate what we already knew about the dominating, pinched and arrogant ways of the Blacks. It was clear that in your mind, neither character was a flat symbol, but instead a person, with flaws and inner conflicts.

I particularly liked how you foreshadowed the appearance of Andromeda with this: "Cygnus, on the other hand, now only had two daughters." It makes more sense to introduce such a family trauma not as a fact, but more as an unspoken feeling that tears at the characters while also uniting them. Although Narcissa and her father seem to have little in common, we see them both deal with the issue in the same way. I thought this was a great touch!

Generally, it seems that you thought out your themes very well: choice, perfection, control. Dumbledore's speech was an elegant way to tie these things together, and to establish the tragic contrast of what "right" can mean depending on the circumstances.

I would like to point out, though, that this sentence struck me as a bit off: "Shes beautiful, son. A great trophy to display to your friends." I realize that Lucius' father was intended to come off as misogynistic and rough, but I somehow can't imagine anyone saying that honestly. Even if he was half joking, the word choice would be a bit less, uh, straight-forward, I guess. As oppressive as high pureblood society might be, they would hardly degrade eachotehr in front of others. These things are known but go unspoken. I hope you see what I'm trying to say :P Basically, an indirect hint at Narcissa's status as a trophy would have probably been more realistic. And since the rest of your dialogue flows so well, this part really did stick out.

Ok, that's it! I liked this :D

Author's Response: I definitely agree with you. The Blacks and the Malfoys certainly are a bunch of interesting people, so I really liked writing this. I'm so glad to hear that you liked it! :)

It's so nice to hear that their characters came across without interrupting the story with a lot of descriptions of them. I think that there is so much depth to the characters, which makes it both trickier and more interesting to write, and I'm glad that it came across in the story! They are all so very complicated.

It also makes me really happy to hear that you think that the themes were tied together. That was the point of Dumbledore's speech, and I'm glad to hear that it worked. Yes, this probably wasn't what Dumbledore meant by making the right choice, but it was the right one in Narcissa's mind.

As for that sentence, I absolutely agree with you. I haven't even thought about it like that before, but thank you so much for pointing it out! I'll try to come up with a better, more subtle way of putting it. I really appreciate your advice :)

Thank you so much for this review! It's really helpful and encouraging, and I appreciate it so much!! :)

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Review #8, by adluvshp Narcissa's Choice

5th April 2013:
Hey! Here for your requested review from the forums. Apologies for the delay.

I am a huge Narcissa fan - I write and read her a lot - so I was pleased to read this story. I think you did a great job with it, portraying her character, as well as her thought-process, and the choices she made and why, very well.

I liked the plot and the way the events unfolded. Andromeda's arrival and interaction with her family was definitely realistic. I liked how she seemed to care for Narcissa and wanted her to come with her, and how it was evident that she was hurt by her parents' words. I also liked how Narcissa compared her situation with Andromeda's, remembered Dumbledore's words, and made a choice then.

Lucius seemed quite sweet too, and I liked how he seemed to have some affections for Narcissa. It definitely shows a start of the caring attitude between the couple, as we see in the books. The ending was very sweet too, and it reinforced Narcissa's choice in a way which was good.

I didn't see any obvious grammar/language errors, so I think you did pretty good, especially since English isn't your first language.

Narcissa's characterisation was spot on as well. I loved the whole idea of "perfection" that she seemed to have, and the way her mind worked. You portrayed her quite well.

All in all, good work, and I hope I answered your concerns. I don't have any CC for you =)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for doing this! I really appreciate it! I'm glad that you liked this One-shot, and that you found both the characterization and the plot believable. That makes me really happy.

I felt like Andromeda's arrival played a huge part in Narcissa's decision, because she got to see what she didn't want to happen.

And yeah, at first I wanted Lucius to be kind of cold, like his father, but they do love each other in the book, so I wanted to show that he was actually quite sweet to Narcissa.

Thank you again for the review :)

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Review #9, by N&L Narcissa's Choice

14th February 2013:
oh i'm just thirsty for more!

Author's Response: how nice to hear! You can check out my other stories if you'd like :) thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by ScorpiusRose17 Narcissa's Choice

19th January 2013:
I really liked this One-shot. I thought you did a great job capturing the characterizations of the Black family. Even their response to Andromeda being pregnant and at Hogwarts to see Narcissa graduate was just how I would picture them to be. I did find myself laughing a couple of times at how proper the family is and thinking about how things actually turn out in the end of the series. They are quite the passionate group of people.

I also liked how you made Narcissa really think about what she wanted rather than rushing into it. She really is and always has been a divided character and seeing that trait come out in this story was wonderful. I also really enjoyed Bellatrix. She is just this insane character and always laughs, I find, at the most inappropriate times which adds to her insane-ness. :)

I did find a couple of places where the wording didn't flow well because of the tenses used. It's not a huge deal, but I thought I would mention it anyways.

Keep up the great writing! I look forward to reading more of your stories!! :)


Author's Response: First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review - and a long one too, I love those! ;)

I'm so happy that you liked this one-shot. The idea just came to me one night, so I thought I'd write it down. I guess I just imagine them as being overly proper, trying to make everything 'perfect', but failing miserably! That's what I love about Harry Potter - even the smaller characters, like Narcissa, has such an interesting background...

Yes, I thought it was quite hard to write about Bellatrix, actually, because she is such a special character. A great character, yes, but a tricky one all the same!

I will definitely take a second look on this story and try to edit it to the better. English is not my native language so I do make mistakes sometimes, but I'll try to improve :)

Thank you again! Your review has made me so happy, I hope you know that! I think you just made my day :)

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