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Review #1, by purplepotter77 the Birch House

16th July 2013:
"No," I answered, "but I am sure a Mooncalf does poop." omg, Hugo is so adorable!

I love the way you've characterized him, and he has so much childlike innocence and imagination. The way you write Hugo (in both this fic and your other Hugo fics) is seriously the best Hugo I've read.

The descriptions were so vivid and imaginative, and I found myself getting lost in Hugo's world so many times. The imagery was fantastic and everything flowed almost like poetry. This had such a mystical, fantasy-like feel to it, and the mood and general atmosphere of the story was just lovely. I loved the centaurs and the Birch House and how the queen of the centaurs was half-cat! This was such a pleasure to read!

House Cup 2013,

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Review #2, by lia_2390 the Birch House

1st February 2013:
Okay, I'll be honest. I haven't read any of your Hugo Weasley stories before. I feel inspired to go read the rest of them now. But I thought this was lovely and a nice change to what I usually read. It's very vivid, which I think is accurate when writing an eleven year old boy with a tendency to wander.

Introducing the centaurs for me and the lore surrounding Birch House was dreamy. I could seriously get lost in this if I'm not careful. Magic creatures are not things I come across often in the fanfics I do find the time to read. I like that you extend your talent to include them in your work.

Love is one of those things we tend to be selfish about. We give it to who we want, but not always who deserves it. Or, there are those who want to keep it. I like that you included that…it made me a bit philosophical. Hugo's fascination with mooncalf poop was hilarious and made what I thought to be a potentially serious situation much lighter.

I really don't have anything constructive to say at all, and I'm sorry. I really, really enjoyed this :)


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Review #3, by TenthWeasley the Birch House

7th January 2013:
I just want to take this story and wrap myself in it and not emerge into the dreary unpleasantness of the real world for a long, long time. ♥ I will warn you right now that this review is not going to be either sensible or desirable, but I will do my best!

First -- always first -- is Hugo. ♥ SO EXCITED to read about your Hugo again, because I've said it so many times, but absolutely nobody can write him like you can! Yours is my absolute favorite, and I always say I'm not a fan of next generation, but with stories like yours I'm often made to bite my tongue. He's such a dear here, and yes, I did catch that he wiped his chin at one point, because the dear boy is such a mess of spittle and I have strong feelings to give him a hug right at this very minute. And somehow, I feel as if you wrote It's Called Adventure with this little backstory in mind all along, because it fits in so seamlessly with the other Hugo-centered things you've written. I have absolutely no trouble believing that this is exactly what happened, in the world you've created. And you've even brought back Xury and Delphi!

And moreover, the entire premise of this one-shot is gorgeous and lovely and mysterious and it's something I can feel, even more than describe in words (which seem too clunky for the purpose). I'm actually very much intending to look up both the Ash Houses of Dartmoor and Walpurgisnacht sometime in the not-too-distant future, solely because you've made me intensely curious. I LOVE that centaurs are half-anything, too; that's just... I am so intensely jealous in this moment it is ridiculous. First I read a short story of Sarah's, and then this, and now I'm expected to write my own things later and it just cannot be done.

And now I've read over this review and realized it's all a bit rubbish. I apologize for that. :( I'm so honored that you've made this story a gift for me, and do believe me when I say that I will be around to support and champion Hugo forever. ♥ This was fantastic, Lily, just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this with the HPFF world at large!

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Review #4, by Hogwarts27 the Birch House

7th January 2013:
Hi, I happened to find this story as it came through the queue and I'm so glad I decided to read it. The writing is absolutely lovely. The words just flowed like poetry with descriptions so vivid that I felt like I was walking through the forest with all my senses. The writing also creates mood and mystery but in a calm peaceful way that soothes the reader while intriguing us to know more about the creatures and lovely fantasy setting you've created, all highly imaginative. This is a fantastic piece of writing! I really enjoyed it and would gladly have read more.

Author's Response: Hello! I'm very flattered by your compliments; the style I chose for this is inspired by epic poetry, or German Romantic poetry, so I am glad that came across (: I know this is a very short story for all the creatures I introduced; as I mentioned, I am thinking about expanding this into a short story collection that would develop these characters/creatures more.

Very glad you enjoyed reading it, and thanks so much for leaving me such a lovely review! xx

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin the Birch House

6th January 2013:
Wow. Really creative and interesting concept, I loved it. Even more reading that it's my favorite character ever, Hugo Weasley.

I've seen your other stories before, but never had a chance to read them. This one-shot has just further acknowledged the fact that I should read them and you'll see me there very soon.

Brilliant story. I love.


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you, I'm glad you like Hugo, too (:

Well, I'm very flattered, and very glad you enjoyed it! I'm a bit of an inconsistent writer, so if you do read the other things splattered across my page, I hope you are not too disappointed (;

Thanks so much!! x

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