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Review #1, by Owlpost68 Part One of One

23rd August 2015:
Oh my gosh, where do I even start? These were the PERFECT characters to do this challenge with. Really, I can't think of... okay, maybe something with Dumbledore, but even then, really there's no one else I could really see this challenge working for.

What I can't get over was that you were somehow able to explain words without repeating yourself. Also, I surprised myself by knowing or figuring out a good 70-80 percent of them anyway. The rest you were unbelievable using in context.

Another thing I'm amazed with is how you were even able to describe the surroundings so it didn't feel like it was ALL just words. That is so important and I think it's because you were describing the amazing places he's been and the things he's seen.

I really cannot say enough about this story, this might be one of my favorites which I'll do after leaving this review.

Thank you so much!
Team Red

Author's Response:


Ah, thank you. This was so much fun to write, using all those crazy words. I think I put together several different lists, even though I only had to use ten words. Context is important with whatever words you choose. I'm happy that you thought everything fit well inside the story. That was one of the reasons that I picked this character. I thought it would flow more naturally than with other characters who we know don't talk or think this way.

Thanks so much for taking a chance on this story. You never know what you're going to get!


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Review #2, by The Ten Plagues of Egypt # Two : Frogs Part One of One

2nd April 2015:
I come with flame and sword to render judgement upon the houses of Hogwarts.

And Lo there shall come ten plagues visited upon the stories of HPFF; behold the second plague as frogs shall smite thy borders ...

though I suppose a Newt will have to do.

The eye of judgement has fallen upon:

A Man Named Newt Scamander


If thy purpose were to use a larger lexicon than is currently the vogue, then it seems your purpose is well met within the sentences of this narrative.

Employing the sons of the elder Scamander as you do, is a neat piece of work - there is no mention of his sons within cannon, but there is a grandson that bares his name, but there must logically be a son or sons who occur in the intervening generation. You are therefore free to do with the character of Rolf's father as you please. I see the invention of a second son, which some may say is unnecessary, but as you have deployed the two brothers charmingly well and appropriate for your plot; this reader at least will for give the liberty.

The phrasing concerning the relationship between clarity with which Newt's spouse is viewed and her attractiveness almost caused this reader to vocalise my amusement. That was only barely tolerable as I am here to pass judgement and not to be diverted by your phrasing. Glad was I that the outlandish humour was not to be employed to a great extent throughout the rest of the tale.

The character of the two brothers is quickly and comprehensively established, as well as their sire. Once again, this reader is impressed by the caliber of the writing to be found on what is ostensibly an amateur fiction collection. Having one brother interested in the business of the business and the other brother interested in the politics of the business is leavened by having them both be highly competent. It speaks to the competency of their Father, as well as the abilities of the son - whom must be worthy in our eyes to deserve the love of our Luna. It is a good set up for the eventual romance that must occur between the two and one feels that a sequel would not fall amiss.

The disappointment that Scamander the senior feels in having two smart and capable sons, but having neither actively interested in his passion is palpable. As to is his distaste for the necessities of the evils of Marketing and what ultimately pays the bills and allows him the ability to indulge in research. His hopes are invested in his grandson, and it seems that they will bear fruit, especially with the delicious piece of plot shenanigans that his eldest son serves up to him. To seemingly placate the boy's father, Rolf will travel to South America, but not for the purposes that his father desires. Adding to this the grandfather's desire to have one of his pet theories fully explored by potential candidates for the position he has to fill, is just icing on his proverbial cake.


An exploration of a cannon character in a remarkably non-cannon way. Allowing an old man to realise that his dreams will not die with him is a fantastic piece of storytelling and gives the character what he deserves.

Review done for the Ravenclaw, spread the Easter Cheer challenge.

Author's Response:

Ah hahaha! Ten plagues! This fits with the story so well!

Sorry it has taken me ages to respond to this review. I just loved it so much that I wanted to stare at it for a while in my unanswered reviews.

You are so lovely to do all of these reviews for people across the archive. We really appreciate you for this, you know.

There was so much room outside of canon to play with here. It was a treat to suss out what I was going to do with it. The words for the challenge were also fun. We were given a set of ten words, but as I was writing this, I thought, why shouldn't I just try to incorporate as many lists as I could? I never counted, but I think I used at least four lists. It worked for Newt. He's crazy that way.

Thanks so much for the unexpected review! I loved it!


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Review #3, by Kinnu Part One of One

4th February 2014:

Here from review tag!

Woah! What a story...

I've never read anything that doesn't include major characters. This is my first and I know I'll read more.

I loved the subtle humour and the old man looking at his wife through a telescope. It brought a smile to my face.


I'm so going to read your other stories,


Author's Response:

Thanks for the review! As you probably saw in the summary, this piece was written for a challenge where we were given a list of rarely used words. I had a lot of fun creating the characters that would use this type of language in a natural, believable way.

I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by purplepotter77 Part One of One

24th January 2014:
Here for the review tag! c:

This was such a lovely story! I loved the language and vocabulary and how it really complimented the oddity of Newt and really fit in well with this story. You managed to use them in such a way that they didn't sound awkward at all, and they flowed well with the rest of the story. This was written in a really witty and entertaining way, and I loved your writing style in it. Lines like "at ninety-eight, she looked amazing, especially when she wasn't in focus" were so funny. The connection to Luna was such a nice touch as well, and it was great to see that she had a connection with Newt from something other than Rolf.

Newt's characterization was another great thing that I loved. It was very easy for me to picture his eccentric personality and little quirks. His relationship with his family was so well-developed, and even though this was a one-shot, you still managed to give us a wonderful insight into their personalities.

The description was yet another thing that was done so well, as was the dialogue. The small details were lovely, and the whole piece flowed so well.

Overall, this was a joy to read, wonderful job!!

Author's Response: Hey!

Newt really came alive in this, thanks to the pretentious vocabulary I was given for the challenge. I was surprised and delighted by the result. Thanks so much for the great review! I'm glad you took a chance on this piece!

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven Part One of One

19th January 2014:

You cannot believe how happy I am to have read this and understood all the words... okay, most of the words, but technically all the words because I didn't have to pause and consciously think about context. It feels like I've unlocked some sort life achievement. Woohoo!

I was actually going to read Just Rose which I started reading ages ago, but then this is a bit newer, and I have soft spot for stiff upper-lipped old men (oh, how Downton Abbey has spoilt me) and an even softer spot for Newt Scamander. Since the announcement of the FBaWtFT film, there's been a bit of an influx of Newt stories, but they all feature him as young, and not old and crotchety at all like you portray him here! I loved that! He was just so fantastic!

You wrote the characters with such clarity that even in so relatively few words, each of the three men were well-formed and distinct. HOW DO YOU DO THIS? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET, OH GREAT ONE? Rolf was also delightfully relateable and had me itching to find out more about him, even though we never meet him. His so-far colourful career and war of attrition with his father make for an incredibly compelling character (can you tell that I'm just not-so-subtly begging for a sequel about Rolf?).

This was just so lovely, and I actually wish that it were longer! I really wanted to see poor Beauregard's reaction to his son's act of rebellion and father's decision of support. I have a strange sort of respect for Beauregard as well, because he forged his own path, albeit it be one of corporate wealth and tyranny. It's not often that I come across a one-shot that has closure but also leaves me wanting to know so much more, which is a hallmark of your wonderful writing! So wonderful :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

I am so happy that none of the words bogged you down. I tried really hard to use them in a context that would push the reader through the multi-syllables instead of slow them down, you know? It was a great challenge, and brought forth this colorful man, Newt.

I actually have a long-standing idea for a Luna/Rolf story. It's been in my head for years, but the one thing holding me back is ?Luna. She's tricky, and I have more *thinking* to do before I decide how I'm going to present her.

Anyway, thanks so much for the compliments! I am always amazed when people pick this fic over my others to read in a tag. A few people have mentioned that they wish this was longer, but quite frankly, I think the relentless verbosity would start eating away at my soul. :p

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Review #6, by Infinityx Part One of One

16th January 2014:
Hi there! I'm here for the review tag.

Wow. This was such a brilliantly written story. I haven't read such language in ages! When I read your A/N, I was so curious to see how you'd make the story flow with such vocabulary and needless to say, I was deeply impressed by this fine piece.

Your idea behind this is wonderful. Making the story predominantly a dialogue was a really fitting setting for such a piece of writing. I love how it also provides a backstory for Luna and Rolf to meet.

Your characters are just brilliant. Newt has been portrayed so well with his beliefs and attitudes towards his family. I love the wit and humor that adds an edge to his way of speaking. If I start quoting the sentences which I found fantastic, I'll probably end up typing down most of the story!

I really enjoyed reading this. The way you brought in all the details and facts is impressive. I wish this story wasn't just a one-shot. I wouldn't mind reading a few more chapters of this. :D Also, the lack of any errors made sure the flow of the story wasn't disrupted. It was perfect. I loved reading it. Wonderful job!

- Erin

Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm surprised you picked this story, but I'm glad you liked it. I had great fun trying to get the words to fit without sounding... wrong, I guess. I don't know why, but the vocabulary just brought Newt to life for me.

Thanks so much for the great review!

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Review #7, by milominderbinder Part One of One

28th September 2013:
Howdy! Maia here from review tag :)

So, not the most professional way to start a review, but - man, this was just AWESOME. I absolutely love the style of it - I don't know exactly what the vocabulary challenge entailed but I think I can probably guess just from reading this :P But more than the weird language, your writing was gorgeous. It really flowed, and this might sound weird but the inner monologue and dialogue joined really well together, so they seemed cohesive which is actually pretty rare in fic and made me super happy. And my English student side was so proud that I was understanding all the words, and then I got to the line "She was a great zaftig of a woman", and was like... wha? But I thought all the wacky language just made it more fun to read.

Newt was the PERFECT character for this. It was so cool seeing inside his wacky brain, and seeing his so conventional sons! You somehow made all the crazy language sound really natural :)

Also, you wrote this before we found out about the movie? Talk about synchronisity! That's so wacky! I really love your characterisation of Newt and I feel like this'll be turned utterly canon when we get the film :P

Thanks for a great read < 3


Author's Response: Howdy back atcha!

Oh man, you liked it?? Hehehe. I had a load of fun writing this for the vocabulary challenge, where we were given a list of twenty or so under-used words to put in a single one-shot. It was certainly a challenge!

Newt Scamander fascinates me. I have this long-standing Luna/Rolf idea that I can't seem to get off the ground, so I decided to come at it sideways-like to build some backstory, and then, BAM! This happened. And wow, I am SO excited about the upcoming movie announcement. You have no idea. Or well, you probably do have an idea. :) I can't wait to see what he's going to be like! *hopes I'm kinda close*

I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Thanks so much for the happy review!

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Review #8, by Celtic_Dreamer7 Part One of One

1st March 2013:
Is it surprising that I actually enjoyed this?? Believe it or not, I actually knew a lot of the vocabulary and could follow along quite nicely. It was definitely a different type of story and until the mention of Luna, I thought this was a story set in the pre-Hogwarts era, lol. Granted, I couldn't imagine reading an entire novel with this type of vocabulary, the plot and story are there. The names were kinda hard to follow at the beginning because I didn't know the characters but by the end I had everyone down. Again, an interesting read, to say the least. I'm glad I found it on your author's page. It was a very enjoyable read and nice to find something so different out on the archive.


Author's Response: I'm glad the vocabulary didn't make this a horrible read. :) I can't imagine writing anything lengthy with this style either. Haha! But it was a good exercise and I ended up having fun with the words.

Thanks so much for including me in the Review Battle!


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Review #9, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Part One of One

23rd February 2013:
Hello! Laurenzo7321 here filling in the review for the exchange in the CR :)

So, when I read your AN, I really wasn't sure what to expect from this. I really loved it though, it was really great read! The humour and wit you brought into it was just flawless and made me laugh so much.

I loved what you did with Newt's character. He was a bit odd, but quite frankly its what made the whole piece work so well. I do think the bit at the beginning was my favourite part though, 'it was just Mrs. Scamander down in the garden, a gorgeous, half-blurred vision if he did say so himself, but at ninety-eight, she looked amazing, especially when she wasn't in focus'. That just made me laugh so much! I love the fact that he and his wife are still very much in love later in life, it's just cute.

The relationship Newt has with all the different characters in this are all so well thought out. I liked the whole idea of Beau disappointing Newt somewhat but Rolf is going to end up disappointing Beau right back. You also got Luna in! I thought this was the perfect backstory to how Rolf and Luna would meet and eventually get together. If you were considering writing more about that I would love to read it!

I thought the words you used for the vocab challenge worked well - it can't have been an easy task getting them all in but you did it really well without them getting too much and spoiling the flow of the story so a big kudos to you for that!

I really loved this piece and it's almost a shame it's a one-shot. I would have loved to have read more to the story! Great job!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hi!

I have this strange concept for a Luna story in the back of my mind, but my muse isn't cooperating. My current strategy is to come at it sideways-like and try to fill in the pieces. This story is one of those ideas I had for back story - the challenge was a great way to force me to sit down and get it out. Unfortunately, the story that I want to write will probably not come together any time soon. My muse is taking its sweet time. *sigh*

I really had a lot of fun getting all those words in... and then some. I guess part of the success was that I didn't allow the story to take itself too seriously, which gave me some room to play and keep it light. I'm glad that worked for you and make it an enjoyable read.

Thanks so much for your review!


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Review #10, by teh tarik Part One of One

16th January 2013:
Egads! I have made it intact, indeed. Oh, my sides. They need sewing up from all this laughter! First, can I say that I absolutely adored the verbiage and verbosity of your opening author's note?

Ah, the wit and the lightness of tone of this piece. I love it, and I love how the eccentricity of the language really reflected on Newt's oddball personality. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on reading too many entries for the Vocab Challenge, simply because some of the words assigned were just...impossible to incorporate smoothly into a narrative (least that's what I thought until I read your entry). Some of the words sounded like they were obsolete words, and others wouldn't have fitted too well with the natural rhythms of dialogue, or contemporary language. I skimmed through a couple of the other entries, and while they were really well-written, the assigned words really stuck out like broken bones. But for your story, I really admire how you've bent and molded the entire narrative and the language of your story and fitted them around those words. Also, your use of humour and the fact that the narrative does not take itself too seriously really really contributed to the success of this story - and it is a huge success.

The use of dialogue here is particularly effective, and the fact that you crafted the entire story as one long conversation was a really good decision, as it really enabled you to explore and exploit the language and fit those words in. I mean, it would have been rather strange and disruptive to the flow of the story if you were writing a fast-paced action scene using words like "apricity" or "tintinnabulation" :D

And now, the characters. You've done an outstanding job with this. Oh, you've really really brought the idiosyncratic and outlandish Newt Scamander alive in my mind. You've fleshed him out so well, with his beliefs, and his attitudes toward his family (wife, sons and grandson), and the quirks of his old age and most importantly, the attention to detail. The whole bit of him fiddling around with his pressure points (and hitting the wrong spots) is just brilliantly funny. The opening paragraph with his observation of his wife " ninety-eight, she looked amazing, especially when she wasn't in focus"...THIS. HILARIOUS I TELL YOU. You're too witty for your own good :p And of course, Newt using a telescope as a substitute for his missing spectacles :DD OK, but the eccentricity is not all. You've done a fabulous job depicting the relationship between him and Beau and Richard, as well as Beau's relationship with his own son, Rolf, even though the latter never featured in this story. I really appreciated the whole "rebel son about to be one-upped by a rebel grandson" thing, making things very convenient for Newt indeed :) Beneath all the humour and the wit there is a very realistic depiction of parenting experiences and the gap between generations. You've handled all that so well. I also enjoyed the contrasting characters of Beau and Richard: Beau as the Galleon-minded one with business acumen and not a lot of patience for his father's oddities, and Richard as the more sympathetic son.

One other thing I really enjoyed about your story was how you fitted it in with canon. The whole expedition thing with the candidates...of course it will probably be a setup to Luna and Rolf's eventual involvement with each other! I love how you've foreshadowed this!

And you've also really really gone into so much detail when it came to describing the affairs of the wizarding world. There's the mundane and bureaucratic side of it, and then there's the whole bit about Magizoology. And Magizoology is not just a term you picked up from canon and threw it really showed me that you knew what you were talking about and you wrote Newt as a naturalist with a preoccupation with Environmental Preservation so convincingly. Guess what, you picked the perfect person to request a review from because I work/used to work in the field of conservation ecology. I can SO relate to this, and how projects and research is entirely dependent on external funding and grants (I am currently unemployed because there is no funding at the moment for my research group :((( ). And then there were bits like this: "...her treatise on the connection between the dwindling Plimy population and a sudden rise in the use of Vanishing spells along the banks of the North and South Tyne is very convincing.". And also: ...Rolf had been doing field research on a little-known medicinal plant that only grew in Giant droppings and had isolated the source of a mysterious ailment that had been adversely affecting the Welsh Pixies for over half a century. When Richard read to him the entry regarding Rolf's involvement in the campaign against the habitat destruction of the Scandinavian River Troll...

My goodness. BRILLIANT. You've taken all that boring Muggle stuff and given them a wizarding twist and they WORK. I AM FAVOURITING THIS STORY RIGHT NOW.

OK, well, running out of characters so I'll address your concern in your request - that is whether the words used were too over-the-top and detracted from the piece. Honestly, there are certainly going to be places where bits don't really fit together. There are some parts where the words are a little too clustered, and the narrative does begin to get a bit cumbersone e.g. consortium from the Ministry would be arriving in the coming crepuscular hours, and Mrs. Scamander was determined to be a xenial hostess for the evening. Newt sat back, pulled out of his reverie by the idoneous reminder. Words like "consortium" "crepuscular", "xenial" and "idoneous" - all of them awkward sounding should be spaced out a little more, IMO. You might have to go through sections of your story to make sure not too many of these words are clustered together, but are peppered evenly throughout the narrative.

OK, that's all -teh

Author's Response: Oh my! I didn't expect so much praise and adulation, but I'll take it! :)

If I had known about your background, I would have haunted you for beta work on this... ;)

I was half-tempted to do a little 500 word thing and cram as many underused words in to each sentence as I could, but in the end I didn't want to seem too... whatever I would have seemed like if I had done that.

Would it interest you if I mentioned that I have this Luna story in my head and I'm slowly building up background for it? I still have a lot of questions that I have to answer before I get started with it. Writing this piece allowed me to explore a few options I had been toying with. I'm so glad you found the characters, particularly Newt, to be fleshed out enough that you got a feel for him and his attitudes. And I'm doubly pleased, particularly with your background, that you found the research and Magizoology bits believable and engaging.

I was slightly concerned about clustering those words, as you pointed out. But there at the end, I was trying to fit in as many of them as I could, just for fun. I'll have to go back in a little while and see if I can smooth those sections out a bit more, now that I'm not on a deadline for the challenge. When I finished this, I really liked the plot points and the characters too.

I hope that funding comes through for your research team soon. I can imagine how frustrating it is to have to wait around for the stars to align so you can get back to your important work. In the meantime, do you have any thoughts on Magizoology?

Thanks so much for your fantastic review and favoriting of my quirky story!!

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Review #11, by classicblack Part One of One

5th January 2013:
Hey there, I'm here to review your marvelous entry into my Vocabulary Challenge. I really liked this.

I found this one-shot fresh and entertaining and frankly Newt's oddness and his connection to Luna (through her eventual marriage to Rolf) were really the perfect way to incorporate all the rather strange and unusual words that I presented you with. I liked that you portrayed Newt as really the perfect grandfather-in-law for Luna. He certainly is a wonderful author of Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them.

I laughed when I realized that you were going to have Rolf disappoint Beau just as Beau had disappointed Newt. It was a rather clever way of tying it all together. I also giggled a bit when Newt was spying on his wife in the garden. Frankly, I love displays of elderly couples still in love. It warms my heart.

You did a wonderful job of incorporating all the words into this quirky little one-shot and certainly entertained me. Thanks for entering and keep an eye out for the blog announcing the winners!

Happy writing,

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm so relieved that you found this entertaining and the word usage appropriate. I seriously had those words boldfaced, but when I pasted my chapter, the formatting went away and I just noticed it now. I used all twenty words, by the way, and then I couldn't stop. Those lists were too enticing. I don't have a final count of how many words I used, but there were an awful lot of them. I kind of got carried away for a while.

Newt is certainly an odd character. I had fun trying to piece him together for this, make him quirky and slightly outrageous, but not overly so. I'm sure he will get along fantastically with Luna, once they meet face to face, which is more than I can say for her first meeting with Beauregard... that would be interesting to watch.

Aww, there was a 'ship in this after all, wasn't there? I had pictured Newt all bored and restless and what else was he supposed to do during the dull business meeting?

This was a really fun and CHALLENGING challenge. Thanks for hosting it!

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