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Review #1, by Blibbering Humdinger A Quaint Little Town

17th August 2016:
Did you know Blibbering Humndingers love vocabulary? No? Well now you do! How could I go past this little gem?

I stared at the summary to this for a long time, trying to work out who it could be about. "Albania, BH?" I says to myself. "Well that's Voldemort, innit? Who else was possibly in Albania at that time?"

Well now I feel silly. Did you know Blibbering Humndingers also have terrible memories? Yes? Oh. Well I appeared to have forgotten that fact.


I haven't even gotten past the first paragraph and I'm already pulling out my favourite lines: ...buildings seemed to huddle together, as if they were afraid to stand straight and alone. Love it. It paints an instant picture of the town, especially when you think about the fact some Dark Magic is afoot in it.

I like that you wrote Quirrel travelling to Albania for glory. Kind of reminds me of Peter Pettigrew, or Draco Malfoy, where they would have been seduced by the power but got in too deep.

Quirrel is 100% a Ravenclaw. I love how you weaved those traits in. We get such a sense of his character (and technically it's a character we don't even know, since these events happened before) in such a short space of time.

You paint a chilling atmosphere with the rain and the descriptions of what Voldemort's presence has done. Very scary indeed.


Such an original idea, executed beautifully, as always. Congratulations on winning the challenge!

♥ Blibbering Humdinger

Author's Response: Ah! A Blibbering Humdinger that is also a logophile! Amazing!

Haha, not quite Voldy, but almost!

This was actually one of the first stories I wrote in HP fanfic-land, so I'm glad that you were able to glean some nice lines from it. I enjoyed writing Quirrel with a little more personality than he ever had in the books lol.

NOOO QUIRREL DON'T DO IT!! whoops, he did it anyway, alas.

Thanks once again!


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Review #2, by wolfgirl17 A Quaint Little Town

31st March 2015:
Hey Mallory!

Ellie here for our review swap before I have to climb into the void that is Camp NaNo.

You've got a really great and totally under-appreciated fic here. I really enjoyed reading it.

You did have a couple of typos throughout, with a few missing letters, sch as here:
"Have you see wells run dry and fill again with blood?"

But beyond that this story is marvellous. I really like the way you captured Quirrell's personality before he was accosted by Voldemort and the way he was so full of life and hope and intrigue, and it makes me sad to know what befell him in the end.

Thanks so much for swapping with me. This fic was really, really good. I enjoyed it immensely.

xx-Wolfigrl (Ellie)

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for swapping with me! I hope Camp treated you well. :)

Thank you so much! Quirrel doesn't appear as much in fanfiction as other characters, and I thought I would try to change that. He was rather fun to write!

Yeah, silly 2012-me. I'll go back and edit those. Thanks for pointing them out to me!

♥ It means so much that you would say that! I'd like to imagine that Quirrel was quite pretentious and cocky before the whole Voldemort fiasco, and he was rather optimistic about his future, as he was pretty good at Muggle Studies and therefore expected that he would be able to transfer his "genius" over to Defense. The poor guy.

Thanks again for the swap!


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Review #3, by kenpo A Quaint Little Town

10th June 2014:

Once again, I'm so sorry and so embarrassed about the review situation.

Hey!! Alcase-Lorraine! Heey.

Okay, so those opening paragraphs were really beautifully written. It seems that the words you got for the challenge aren't bolded, and I'm curious to see which ones you were assigned and what you added to make the style work. I like that you adopted a higher diction for the entire story, rather than just using the words you were given for the challenge. They could've stuck out a lot, but you make the whole thing flow.

Who is this? It's Albania, which is where Voldemort was hiding out. But this doesn't seems like it's him. Quirrel?

The barmaid is really awesome. She's not there for very long, but in that time you gave her mulitple dimensions. It was really nice.

I'm sticking with my gut and saying that I think it's Quirrel. Yes! I was right!!

Okay. This was awesome. Go you!!! I love your portrayal of Quirrel. It makes sense (and it's also very sad) that he went from this really arrogant, brave guy to... well... Quirrel. It also speaks to how powerful Voldy was, even in his... deadish years.

Once again, this was really fantasticly well written. You gave excellent description, and it's clear that you took your time writing this.

You made it so clear at the end, how sure he was about his fate. And... how wildly wrong he was. It's a sad beginning to his story.

Again, I'm so sorry about these reviews. So sorry!!!

This was a fantastic one-shot, though.


Author's Response: Hi! Don't be embarrassed--it's taken me a long time to respond!

Yep, I picked Alcaise-Lorraine because we learned about it in school a few years ago. At the time I wrote this, I didn't really know any other regions of France that aren't Paris. (But that's changed, thanks to Suite francaise!) :)

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked the flow of the piece. When I first posted it, I had no idea how to put the words in bold (I was still a newbie on the site, hah). I need to fix that!

Yep, you guessed it! It's Quirrel!! I have a habit of not revealing the name of my characters until the last minute, haha.

I like strong female characters!! I don't think I could make myself write a girl who was meant to be subservient or subordinate to a male. When I wrote the barmaid, I pictured her to be a bitter girl who has been through a lot of nasty stuff, and she wasn't going to let some stranger push her around. :)

I think I started to understand Quirrel a little bit better after writing this. (Well, I understand my version of him, at least!) If nothing else, his complete one-eighty in personality is a testament to how awful Voldemort really was. (Dead-ish years, yes!)

Thank you so very much! I did take a lot of time to write this because I wanted to make sure that I was using the words correctly. :D

Oh, he was so, so wrong! Poor Quirrel...

Again, IT'S FINE. I'm just glad that you're reviewing my stories. I don't mind waiting for reviews. :)

Thanks again!


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Review #4, by AlexFan A Quaint Little Town

16th December 2013:
Every time that I see a story about Albania I get excited because I'm like "Yo, that's where I'm from!" and it's always interesting to see people's ideas of what it's like.

The entire one-shot I was trying to figure out who the person in the story was. I knew that Voldemort was involved because after all who would be causing all of this death and terror.

I finally figured it out though in the end and I was super excited to find out that I was right.

I enjoyed seeing your portrayal of Quirrel before Voldemort, he seems exactly as I imagine him to be. Slightly cocky but intelligent and he sounds like he could be quite the charmer.

The description that the girl gave however about what she was something though. It gave me chills because what she saw sounds absolutely horrifying and I definitely wouldn't want to be in her place.

But anyway, great one-shot!

Author's Response: Hahahaha, you're from Albania?!?! That's so cool! I've never been there, so I had to rely on imagination. Hopefully I didn't err too badly in my description of the landscape... :)

Yes, Quirrel! I would like to imagine that before he met Voldemort, he was actually a normal wizard. Sure, he was rather intelligent, but he was young--he must've had some bravado! And then Voldemort happened to him, and that wasn't so good for his health. ;)

Ooooh, chills?! I'm so happy to hear that my words creeped you out a little! That was completely my intention. I'm not a scary person in real life, but I wanted to see if I could write scary things. xD

Thanks again for your review!!


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Review #5, by toomanycurls A Quaint Little Town

13th December 2013:

The entire time I read through this I was dying to know who it was!! I really liked the mystery and build up as you waited until the end to reveal the narrator. You did a great job not being obvious but still being quite enthralling. You definitely kept my interest throughout the story.

I really liked how he was on a quest throughout the story but he wasn't upfront about what he was looking for. I have no idea what he thought he'd do when he found the dark evil in Albania. Of course it was clear he was looking for Voldemort but the when was well obfuscated.

His interaction with the barman and his daughter was amazing. I can't imagine what kept them there with all the darkness going on. I got a laugh out of his explanation that he was trustworthy because of his status of being a Brit.

You put such dimension to Quirrel that didn't exist in my mind before. You made him see so real and complex.


Author's Response: Thanks for your review!

I'm glad that you couldn't figure out who the character was until the end. That was kind of what I was going for--it made things more mysterious, after all! It's good to know that the story kept you interested throughout--I would hate to bore you! :)

He wasn't actually looking for Voldemort specifically, rather, he was looking for the evil thing that was rumored to be in the forest. I don't know if I made that clear--I might need to look at it, thanks for pointing it out!! No, I don't think that he went looking for Voldemort. He just wanted a chance to prove that he could win against Dark forces. I think it's safe to say that he lost!

Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! I'm glad that I could put Quirrel into a new perspective for you. There are two sides to every story, after all! :D


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Review #6, by -BookDinosaur- A Quaint Little Town

11th June 2013:
-BookDinosaur- here for the Ravenclaw Review Battle!

I really liked this one-shot. I haven't read many stories about Quirrel, but I think you managed to pull it off, although I can safely say I didn't even begin to suspect it was Quirrell until you told us. Whoops?

Speaking of Quirrell, I think you characterised him really well, and I love how arrogant he is, especially towards the end, where he says that he's 'master of his own destiny' I found it really ironic and quie amusing.

The words that you had to stick into the story were really well done, I think you managed to incorporate them really well. It really helped me to see all the imagery and description in my mind.

The conversation with the barmaid was really well done, I loved how she was so stubborn but then underneath it all, she was in so much pain.

Anyway, all in all, a really great one-shot I really enjoyed reading/

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!!

The whole reason that I picked Quirrel was because he is a rather different character, and he hasn't often been explored, from what I can tell. It's totally okay that you didn't realize it was him until he was revealed--in a way, I meant for that to happen, though it began as a rather happy accident. :)

Thank you for all of your lovely comments about Quirrel. I found it ironic as well when I wrote that line, because we all know what happened to him. I'm glad that you thought the words were incorporated well, because some of them presented me with quite the challenge! The barmaid, though I did not name her, has a history all of her own, and I am so glad that you saw her pain from the past through the conversation. :)

Thanks so much!!


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Review #7, by ginnys twin A Quaint Little Town

4th June 2013:
Interesting. I liked how you described the village at the beginning. Especially the line about how the buildings stood crooked as if afraid to stand strait and alone. I also liked your explanation of why the barmaid and her father stayed. I think it was much more realistic and heartfelt than "we stayed because of the memories we have here." The one thing I think you could improve on is keeping the air of mystery and the dark atmosphere all the way to the end. To me, it felt like as the chapter went on, all the mysterious-ness of it all started going away. As for the vocabulary challenge, I didn't know what most of the words meant, but I looked some of them up, and the ones I did look up seemed to fit well. I also liked the originality behind this. This is the first story I've ever seen about Quirell. Oh, yeah, and I'm here for the 'Claw battle. See you in the common room!


Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you liked my descriptions and the way the words fit into the chapter. I had a lot of fun trying to make that all fit together. :)

I do see what you mean about the melting away of the air of mystery. I'll definitely try to edit that when I go back and give this story another look!

I haven't seen many stories about Quirrel either, which is why he was the perfect candidate for a story. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments!!


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Review #8, by soapman333 A Quaint Little Town

11th April 2013:
The amount of Quirrel stories I've read? This is the first! Oh geez, I like it.

That challenge you had is certainly a difficult one. So, she gave you words, or did you come up with them on your own? Either way, you had to somehow keep the diction of the piece flowing. You couldn't just randomly stick bigger words in, you had to integrate them as though your character was used to saying them.

Quirrel is a brilliant choice!

I feel bad for saying it, but the work as a whole is well-written with a great idea behind it, I just think the narrative is a bit dull. The story is exciting, but it seems like the focus of the story was on those challenge words, and not on the story.

Gosh, I really like it though!

The flashback was really integrated in a smooth way, and I even enjoy Quirrel's POV. He's not the scared, nervous wreck that we read in the Philosopher's Stone. He's got that confidence that all the students admired in him before Voldy attached himself to his head.

Seriously, wonderful characterisation!

The dialogue for your OC, the bartender's daughter, is a bit awkward. It's not very passionate. You did a marvelous job of depicting her facial expressions and body movements, but her words didn't seem to match them.

Other than those small things, I think that it's an awesome one-shot. Perhaps you can go in an unbold those words? It was a bit distracting after a while. Not that big a deal though.

Oh Quirrel, I hope I can find other stories about him as awesome as this one was :D

Author's Response: Hi, Soapman!! Sorry it's taken so long for me to respond to your review! One thing or another has gotten in the way in these past few weeks. :p

Thank you for liking your first Quirrel story! I really wanted to explore an area that hadn't really been explored, and it seemed pretty viable.

As for the words: Yes, the person who issued the challenge gave me twenty words to incorporate into a story, and one of the requirements was for the words to be in bold. (Just to make sure that we didn't leave any out!) Putting them in bold does seem to detract from the flow, as does the horrid spacing of the chapter! (I meant to apologize about that beforehand... I really stink at formatting!)

It's okay for you to say what you really thought, because constructive criticism is a good thing! Personally, I saw the whole story as kind of bleak and barren, but I can definitely see how it's also somewhat lacking in interesting-ness sometimes. One day I shall edit, and then maybe I can add more color!

Thank you for all of your compliments!! They're super nice, and the criticism is super helpful!

I'll take a look at the incongruencies between my OC's dialogue and body language... I felt awkward writing her, because she was technically speaking "broken" English, but I didn't really know how to put that across without being it totally out-of-place in the story.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your lovely review! :)


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Review #9, by adluvshp A Quaint Little Town

2nd April 2013:
Hello! Here for review swap (from my status earlier on).

Wow this seems like an amazing story! I loved the way you have portrayed Quirrel. He seems so brave and confident as opposed to how he was shown in the books (it is only to be expected though as Voldemort took over him).

I like how you have maintained such a mysterious air around the story, and narrated the events in this dark fairy-tale-ish manner. I enjoyed it a lot. I also loved your descriptions and imagery, as they really painted the scenes in front of my eyes. Your use of the vocabulary words is amazing, I would never have been able to do them justice as you did. You are truly a gifted writer =)

I liked the entire scenario of how Quirrel is a traveller who comes to Albania and wants to defeat this dark force to expand his power, and the interaction he had with the woman. It all established the setting for the story quite well and it shows how excitingly the plot is going to unfold in the further chapters.

I also like the idea of "master of his own destiny", and the irony of how that would change when Voldemort would become his master. That is quite clever.

All in all, this seems like a brilliant story. Your grammar and sentence phrasing is impeccable, and your descriptions and imagery is amazing. The entire narrative flowed smoothly, and over all this seems like a great first chapter to what I am sure is a superb story.

Keep writing! Great going!

Author's Response: Ah!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words!! :D

A gifted writer? Me? You're too kind! :)

This was actually meant to be a one-shot for a challenge, but after reading your review, maybe I SHOULD continue it! I think it would be interesting to see what happens to Quirrel after he meets Voldemort, but as of right now, even I don't know! :)

Thank you so much for your amazing review!


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Review #10, by classicblack A Quaint Little Town

11th January 2013:
Hey there! I'm finally here to review your challenge entry!

Oh my, I loved this. I'll just come right out and say that you incorporated the words perfectly. And, considering it's the vocabulary challenge, that was quite important, haha. I think the way you threaded the words into the story added to the excellent imagery that you provided. It was truly superb. I actually felt as if I was in the setting with Quirrel and the barmade, in this lonely country town in Albania and that's very difficult to do.

Speaking of it being Quirrel- I was not expecting that! Once you mentioned Albania and then the Dark Arts I knew it had to be something with Voldemort, but I can honestly say it took me completely by suprise when you revealed it to be Quirrel in the end. It was amazing though! I actually gaped at my computer for quite a few moments and applauded you silently in my head for your excellent mystery.

Overall, nicely done. Thanks for entering and keep an eye out for a blog entry and a post in the Hall of Fame announcing the winners!

Happy writing,

Author's Response: I am so glad that you enjoyed what I did with the words you gave me... I really enjoyed writing this story, although it didn't feel quite right to post it... I'm kind of a perfectionist and I wanted to keep editing!

It's great that you were surprised by the revelation of the character. I thought I was being obvious and not mysterious at all, but mysterious-ness is awesome, and I love to be mysterious. :)
I guess this story had that kind of vibe, but I can't believe that it was good enough to trap you inside it!!
We are our own worst critics, I suppose...

But anyways, thanks are in order for YOU, who issued this challenge and who gave me the highest honor of winning it. I was truly surprised and pleased by your message on the forums, and I still can't believe it!!!

Thank you so very much for everything!


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Review #11, by CambAngst A Quaint Little Town

8th January 2013:
Hi, there! I saw your status update and thought I'd take a look.

I have to say, this must have been a really difficult challenge. Some of these words are so obscure and specific that fitting them into any sort of narrative flow seems well nigh impossible. Overall, you did a good job with it, though. And you managed to actually write a story that was interesting and relevant. In my experience, challenge entries are hit-or-miss that way. Sometimes people tailor their work so closely to the specifics of the challenge that they forget to actually tell a story. You picked an interesting and very important moment in canon and really did it justice.

I really liked the sense of mystery that you built up in this. In the beginning, I had an idea of what the "evil spirit" that possessed the Albanian town was all about, but I was a pretty long way into the story before I realized that the traveler was Quirrel. You built him up very gradually, dribbling out bits and pieces of information instead of just dumping it on me near the beginning. That make the story a lot more engaging.

Your descriptions of the town, the inn and the barmaid were all vivid and easy to visualize. You definitely managed to take a couple of the challenge words and turn them to your advantage.

The dialog between the traveler and the barmaid was nicely done. You did a good job of gradually revealing how her sarcasm and testiness were mostly a front to hide her pain and despair. Telling a good story is all about pacing, and in every respect you paced this story brilliantly.

I have a couple of constructive criticisms to offer. One can be fixed easily. The spacing of your paragraphs was inconsistent, and it left me wondering in some places whether there was an implied break in the narrative that I was missing. There was also these two paragraphs that had no spacing at all:

She poured the golden liquid into a glass and set it down in front of him with a dull thud. “What brings you to this godforsaken place?”
“I’ve heard rumors.”

The effect was that it was hard to figure out which character spoke the second line.

The other thing that may or may not be fixable is that a couple of the challenge words sounded really awkward in context. "Caveat" and "beleaguered" are the two that immediately come to mind.

Overall, I think you did a good job with this. It was neat to see Quirrel arrogantly bumbling toward his fate. Good luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: Thank you for answering my cry for help! :)
I really wasn't too sure that this story was very good or not... It really felt like I was bumbling around on the page a bit, to be honest...

But I'm so glad that you saw things in it that interested you and that you enjoyed! I seem to have a penchant for not revealing all of a character until the end of a chapter, but I felt like it worked for this story. Quirrel's meeting with Voldemort seems to be very underexplored, and though I didn't get to the fateful event, I wanted the build-up to be suspenseful and ominous.

Agggh, the formatting! I always mess it up, without fail. I'm still a bit of a rookie, and no matter what I try the first time, I never do it right. When I find the time (IF!!) I shall go right in and fix it up. :)

As for the awkward words... I do see a need to go in there and edit, edit, edit!! I think some of those words can be reworked so that they won't sound so odd.

Thank you so much for reviewing!


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