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Review #1, by Elf_fawkes Better Late Than Never

13th October 2015:
Oh My Gosh! I am crying. That was brilliant!


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Review #2, by Alicia Better Late Than Never

18th August 2013:
so sad and good it actually made me cry.. beautiful one-shot story

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Review #3, by KeeganH Better Late Than Never

14th May 2013:
I just have to say wow!! Your story really moved me to tears!! So wonderful!

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Review #4, by julietrose26 Better Late Than Never

1st April 2013:
the plot of the story is good but I had a hard time with some of the wording. It had no rhyme or reason to the wording.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for informing me of that. That was indeed strange. I have edited it and will be resubmitting very soon.

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Review #5, by Floresita A. Better Late Than Never

30th March 2013:
It's very beautiful, sad, and romantic.

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Review #6, by Charlotte McPherson Better Late Than Never

27th March 2013:
THE sweetest thing in the world :(

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Review #7, by Slytherin_Seeker_Forever Better Late Than Never

26th March 2013:
Oh my god I love this story it's like so amazing that it blew the world away and it one of my favorites

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Review #8, by Nymphadorah Better Late Than Never

6th February 2013:
you made me cry! have u wrote any other stories...i would like to read!!!

Author's Response: Actually, I'm working on a prequel to this. It's called Never Late is Better. It provides the backstory to this.

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Review #9, by Tag Better Late Than Never

5th February 2013:
aw!!! thats so sweet! love it!!

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Review #10, by Mya grace Better Late Than Never

20th January 2013:
Awww! That was sad and sweet. My favorite part was when Draco and his son came to Hermione's grave and the little boy was like "there you go mama. Merry Christmas." that made me smile. And that was amazing what you did towards the end.

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Review #11, by sophia Better Late Than Never

19th January 2013:
That was so beautiful, I even cried! You captured the emotion gracefully and with talent. You are a very good writer! Can't wait to see more from you, perhaps more than a one shot? x

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Review #12, by Jordan Better Late Than Never

12th January 2013:
Im crying the Scorpius thing is just so perfect!

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Review #13, by Girl left with hope Better Late Than Never

11th January 2013:
This actually was about to make me cry thank good I did not this is such a beautiful story even if it was a short one I loved it I will always remember it :]
What was it that harry whisper to the tomb stone by the way?

Author's Response: Harry always considered Herminone as a sister, I thought it would be rude of me not to show a tiny bit of him saying goodbye. What Harry said is open for interpretation. :) Thank you for the positive feedback, by the way :) x

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Review #14, by Emma_Felton4Ever Better Late Than Never

10th January 2013:
AW I love it, captured a true moment,a sequel?!

Author's Response: I'm thinking about doing a prequel. Not too sure yet. Thank you for the positive feedback :) x

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