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Review #1, by luvinpadfoot Mistletoe

7th July 2014:
*House Cup 2014 Review*

You left reviews on one of my stories, so I decided to return the favor and I'm so glad I did! This is just adorable. Hugo and the main character's banter is so cute and sweet. I love the whole idea of magic mistletoe. It has such potential for all manner of romance and mischief. ;)

The MC is so fully realized for just a one-shot. I love all the little tidbits we learn about her, like that she's muggleborn, on the Quidditch team, a Slytherin. They're not necessary to the story, but they add so much depth to her character. It's like she doesn't exist just for this one scene, she's so much more!

I think the same with Hugo. The MC's perception of him is spot on for a teenager seeing a cute guy she likes. It has a ring of truth to it that's sometimes hard to get.

And I kinda like that her name's a mystery. It adds to the whole spontaneity of the scene and the kiss. Just teenagers running wild in the castle! ;) It's so fun and enjoyable to read. I'm sorry you wound up abandoning the continuation, but this one-shot stands very well on its own. Such a lovely story! :)

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Mistletoe

2nd January 2014:
Hi, here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge on the forums!

Haha, I really loved this one-shot as it had me laughing all the way through. At first I was just wah we donít know the MCís name but I really liked it at the end because despite her loud and talkative voice she is still anonymous to us which was rather funny. Plus the way she must have annoyed Hugo by doing that.

I really loved her narration by the way, it was very different to what Iím used to but very lively and fun too. I really wish we could have more of her thoughts because she certainly is different, but in a good way mind so no worries there.

Haha, Hugo was awesome too. I never imagined him to have that poster boy appeal but he did here. Heís comment on fangirls was also brilliant and the girls retort had me giggling. Seriously, write more of these two they are hilarious together because heís so serious and I imagine him to frown a lot where as the MC was just crazy, no other words for her!

Great one-shot!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. I rarely get one so detailed! You're review made me feel really good abput my writing, I haven't really been feeling it lately so yeah. Thanks! I'm kinda motivated to write another one-shot about these two. I dunno, or maybe a really short story. If I find the time haha. Exams exams exams. That's what my life is basically about at the mo. I find the time to read, but writing is a different matter entirely! :) xxx

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Review #3, by itsonlyjamespotter Mistletoe

30th November 2013:

Author's Response: awh thank you! :) Like I said in my Author's Note it's just a one-sot , and I don't think I'll be adding to it or Extraordinary anytime soon but feel free to check it out, and Daughter of Earth if you want too :) xoxo

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Review #4, by QueenOfNargle Mistletoe

8th May 2013:
I really liked this one-shot, I think its just 'her' spunky attitude and the fact she has innocence but still seems pretty badass!
I also love how you've made Hugo into a hotty, not many people do!
As for names I've got a few suggestions, they're not very good but anythings better than nothing right?
It could be Annalise Flint(daughter of Marcus Flint)
Lana Nott(of course we all know the nott family)
Amelia Thomas (I kind of like the idea of her being the daughter of someone who was in Gryffindor...makes it more exciting)
But they're just a few suggestions! Good luck!~Q.O.N

Author's Response: I'm super duper happy that you like it! :D I always thought Hugo would be hawt, he has Hermione and Ron as parents okay? Not to mention he's a Weasley, what did you expect? :P The name suggestions are really awesome, BUT I kinda already started the story, it's called Extraordinary, and I only put up the first chapter, and some of the content might be confusing, and I'm mainly focused on Daughter of Earth, my other story anyway so.. yeah. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and maybe you could check out my other stories? Tell me what you think! xx

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Review #5, by Harry and Ginny Mistletoe

17th April 2013:
this is an interesting and funny story! she was stuck under a mistletoe for hours waiting for a guy to kiss her! I'm going to read the sequel now!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I'm super glad you liked it! How'd you like the sequel? Maybe you could check out my other story, 'Daughter of Earth' and see how you like that one? I'm really happy, you liked it! :D xx

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Review #6, by RavenclawGirl11 Mistletoe

8th April 2013:
No no no no no no no HOW is this an one-shot? You are just toying with peoples emotions :(
Jokes, I really like it, a bit quick but yeah, I don't even know her name
Not going to say much, going to save it for the next story of this
~Macy x

Author's Response: Mwahahahaha, toying with people's emotions is what I do best ;)
I guess it's quick 'cause it's a just a 'trailer' of sorts, a sneek-peak if you like, not too much given away ;)
BB xoxo

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Review #7, by Hazel Bludger Mistletoe

7th April 2013:
Haha this was cute! I have an obsession with Christmas, and I love Hugo/OC stories. You don't see enough of them. I love the idea of wizard mistletoe too, I think it's hysterical. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm happy you found it cute. Obsess away my friend, I have a friend just like that, she gets crazy excited when Christmas comes round :) YAY YOU FOUND IT FUNNY!!! The fact that Hugo/OC stories are barely around is partly the reason why I put it up :D
BB xoxo

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Review #8, by willow1 Mistletoe

4th April 2013:
i have the exact same problem with romantic scenes! ps. your store must be written soon because this was AWESOME!

Author's Response: So I've started it, and the first chapter should be up in a few days :D its sort of a filler chapter to be honest, but it just helps you get the characters more. read it and see ;) I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the same problem! This review really made me happy :D

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Review #9, by heartjily4ever Mistletoe

26th January 2013:
hey this was really cute. I think you should do some bigger story or something. And as for names what about Leah, Morgan or Charlie!

Author's Response: Well I've put up the first chapter of the new story. I'm sorry I didn't use any of your suggestions, her name sort of just appeared in my head and I just had to use it :) xx

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Review #10, by LilyLunaPotter17 Mistletoe

23rd January 2013:
I love this one-shot! It's really cute. I've not read many Hugo fics and I've been looking for one for ages.

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, CALL HER EMILY!! I have a friend called Emily and I always try to avoid naming my story characters that, because if I do I'll never live it down. She's such a chatterbox and a really big boaster so all I'll get is "HA, IN YOUR FACE I'M IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HUGO WEASLEY IN YOUR BLOODY FACE SUMMER!!" And I'll probably get an earache.

However, I do like the following names: Emma, Aria/Ariel, Lauren, Dani, Amy, Lisa, Catherine, Christina, Demi and Sam.

Loved it !!

Author's Response: Yes ma'am ;) I would hate for such an amazing reviewee (I don't think that's a word, but meh) to be inconvenienced in such a way ;) I think I'll go with Lauren, I'm so glad you loved it!! :D

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Review #11, by aquabluez17 Mistletoe

18th January 2013:
wow tht was great! I think the names Lauren, Hayley, Ariana, and Emily would be great!

Author's Response: Thanks :) I think I'm gonna name her Lauren Emily. I guess people are gonna call her Em, omg this is perfect thanks! :D x

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Review #12, by ines0803 Mistletoe

12th January 2013:
Hi! I've just read your story and I love it! I really hope that the "actual story" comes out soon! Congratulations!
I like Emily, as musicloverrr5 sugested.
Keep up with your good work and thank you for posting!

Author's Response: Heya! Thanks so much! :D And I think Emily is great but I'm still indecisive, I can't see her as and Emily, maybe Emily could be a middle name though. :) Thanks again for the review and I'm working on the story! :)

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Review #13, by musicloverrr5 Mistletoe

5th January 2013:
loved this! can't wait to read the actual story :) i like names like emma, emily, aria? those are just ideas though :) Keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really glad you like it :D And thank you for the names as well, I really appreciate it, and I'll take them into consideration, no promises though ;)

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