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Review #1, by ReeBee Rule 1: Question Everything

12th December 2013:
Hi there! Review swaps are super fun! You find out about such amazing stories!! Loved this btw! :D And, I just realised your the artist making me my banner- on TDA! So, thank u in advance for that! :D

Okay, firstly, awesome dialogue! I loved it! It was hilarious and awesomely written! Oh my god- too good for words! But, I'm going to express in words, so, it was funny and captured the personality of the character speaking perfectly! There are some fics in which the character is really serious but the dialogues makes them seem like a prankster. This was not one of those so, congrats!!

Hm, the next thing I'm going to ramble about is writing style! It's really good- like you've had a lot of experience. And, this fic has got to be one of the best uses of third person to covey humour, I've seen! God, that was a bad sentence... Anyway, great job.

Okay, characterisation- great job! I like it how you didn't leave a whole paragraph of just description! You conveyed it through the dialogue- long paragraphs are frankly just boring.

Hm, one CC, is maybe include more description? I know that you did describe the food (hilarious use of description, btw!), but I would have liked to see a bit more description of the setting? Maybe more inclusion of the crowd? Because in my mind I could only see those two, and I am almost 80 percent sure that there would have been more people around, so just a line saying something about the crowd?

And one last piece of CC. I didn't realise that Molly didn't know Riley well (that they'd never talked), until you literally spelled it out for me. So, maybe a bit of confusion from Molly about why Riley is talking to her? Doesn't have to be much, just a tiny sentence or so?

Hm, I think thats all I have. But, awesome job!! Yay! I loved it! :D

-ReeBee :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, review swaps are grand and I love doing them every so often to find new fics. :)

First off I will definitely keep what you've said in mind. It's been awhile since I -really- wrote this, I've just done baby edits since then, so I'll definitely go back and think about adding in more description of the crowd/Molly&Riley's relationship/etc.

I'm glad that you really got the characterization, dialogue, and 3rd person humor. Those were all really big focuses of mine when I started writing this, so I'm glad they came through well! :)

Thanks so much for the lovely review dear, and hopefully I will have your banner done soon. x)


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Review #2, by LittleLionGirl Rule 2: Trust No One

25th January 2013:
Wow another great job! I feel so honnored to be in an authors note...
I do hope to see the rest of Molly's rules. Two tiny things I thought I should point out that I noticed;
Other then that it was amazing and I do expect more.

Author's Response: Hahah awh, it's no problem. (x and thanks about that, I'l be sure to fix those when I edit! I've been really busy lately, so I've neglected this a bit. :(

And thank you so much. :)

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Review #3, by poodlelover Rule 1: Question Everything

9th January 2013:
Great story! This is really inspiring! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Awwwh, thank you! :)

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Review #4, by jess94 Rule 2: Trust No One

9th January 2013:
I really like this!

Riley seems lovely, though I'm still not sure if he has another motive or not? Hope he doesn't he seems incredibly sweet

Well done

Author's Response: Thank you! I guess we'll have to see(x

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Review #5, by LittleLionGirl Rule 1: Question Everything

3rd January 2013:
Wow! Good chapter dear! I hope to see more! this was probably the first story centered around the lovely Molly Weasley. Keep up the good stuff!

Author's Response: yay! My first review. (x Thank you so much! Yeah, there aren't very many about Molly, and most of them aren't flattering. o.o I really appreciate the review and I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

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