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Review #1, by Singularity A Warm Welcome

2nd March 2014:
Hi there! Here for the bronze vs blue review battle :)

I really enjoy reading stories about unpopular characters, and I think you did a really great job with this one. I've often wondered what would have prompted a squib like Filch to seek a job at Hogwarts (and wrote my own one-shot about it, once upon a time :P) Personally, I think it would be torturous to be surrounded by magic, but never able to be a part of it. No wonder he turns into such a bitter old man.

Sorry, tangent...anyway I thought your characterizations were very well done. I especially enjoyed reading your Dumbledore. I think he's such a hard character to capture, so I'm very impressed by how well you've written him. His opening line about it being too soon to say it was a pleasure was very on point. And you did really well with the combination of kindness and frankness that really seems to characterize him. So fantastic job there.

Filch was really well written, too. He's younger, so less grouchy and bitter, but you can already see the seeds of that bitterness growing inside of him. However, he's also got a kind of optimism that's refreshing. It was actually kind of sad reading him, knowing what he turns in to.

I also really enjoyed that you included the interaction between him and Madame Pince (because little nods to canon like that make me really happy, at least /I/ consider that canon :P).

So basically, I think you did an incredible job with this story, and adorable little kitten Mrs. Norris was just the icing on the cake.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for dropping by!

I'm glad my portrayal of Filch made sense and you could see the progression to the bitter man he became in Harry's time. The recipient of my Christmas gift was a big fan of Filch, and I loved writing this for her because I'd always wanted to write about him.

Dumbledore is definitely hard to pin down, but it was fun to explore his character and imagine why he might have invited someone like Argus to join his staff. I think of him as being welcoming to a wide variety of people because of his own bad experiences and the sense that you can't judge a book by its cover. He's very intriguing for sure.

Yeah, I wanted to balance out the really magical sense of experiencing the castle for the first time with Filch's already-present resentment for irresponsible witches and wizards. Writing his interaction with Madam Pince was one of my favorite parts of this :) I definitely consider them to be canon!

And the kitten! Glad you liked seeing her.

Thanks so much for this lovely review!


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Review #2, by Remus A Warm Welcome

15th October 2013:
Heya! Perelandra here with your review! So sorry that I've taken a while to get here...Life's too busy; the adult life is certainly not that fun as I thought when I was a child! Haha!

Anyway, I picked this fic because well...I don't think I've ever read a story about Filch! So I figured why not do so now!

I usually read and review at the same time...but ugh, your stories tend to suck me in and I just read through the whole thing without stopping.

This Argus felt bitter about life...but not as bitter as we saw him in the books. Perhaps after working in a castle full of 'spoiled' children that have the one thing he wants the most turned him into the bitter, angry man we know.

The little Mrs. Norris was a cute touch! I like how even at a very young age, she sticks to Filch and doesn't leave his side. His small run-in with the Marauders was cute! Ah, the pains they'll give him.

You know, I never put too much though into it but I guess Madam Pince also hates children. If those two ever got together, their children would be cats and books. That's it.

Your characterization you gave them was great though. I could relate to them in a way (I work retail...and deal with kids a lot...)but you didn't exaggerate their dislike of children to where they sounded like nasty pieces of work. They're tolerable, haha!

Aww, I didn't know that JKR named Mrs. Norris out of Mansfield Park! I feel like I learn something new every day with Harry Potter! I also like the little touch of HOW Filch might have given her the name. :D

Overall, this was a nice one-shot! Thank you for expanding my head-canon of a character I rarely think of! And thank you for letting me read this!

Until next time, academica!


Author's Response: Hey! Oh, man, tell me about it :) Sorry this response has taken a while, but here I am.

I'm really glad you liked my characterization of Argus and Irma and all the little details I included, like Filch's run-in with the Marauders and the introduction of Mrs. Norris as a kitten. I agree that not a whole lot has been written about Filch or Madam Pince, and it was fun to explore a new character and think about how Filch came to be the way he is by the time we meet him in the canon series.

Thanks so much for your sweet review :)


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Review #3, by Trundlebug A Warm Welcome

9th July 2013:
This was a wonderful little story. I really always like Mr Filch, and felt a little pity for his sad tale. You write his younger self well, and it is interesting to consider that he may have once been this way, a bit more hopeful. That's the real beauty of this tale, to me at least, imagining all the little things that slowly chipped away at that awestruck young man to make him the bitter loner he eventually becomes.

It was also really interesting that you wrote about the librarian, because she is a largely overlooked character who is ripe for further examination. I enjoyed the way you presented her, and found it quite fitting. Most librarians don't seem to like the people that they lend books to; it's only natural.

Your writing was superb, with excellent descriptions, compelling dialogue and intriguing characterizations. I enjoyed the read and never had to labor over it. I think that those two things are the most important attributes for any story.

Good job


Author's Response: Filch is very interesting, or so I think, and yet people tend to steer away from him in fanfic. It's great to hear that you could appreciate a more optimistic version of him existing under the layers of year after year of building resentment. I would think it hard for anyone not to be blown away upon first walking into the Great Hall and really seeing Hogwarts.

I tend to write a love story into most things even if it's not the main focus of the plot, and it was fun to play up the budding friendship between Filch and Pince in this story. I agree that they're one of the canon-ish ships that could merit further exploration in fanfic.

Thank you for your wonderful review!


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Review #4, by ginnys twin A Warm Welcome

5th May 2013:
This was a sweet little one shot.

I LOVED the addition of Mrs.Norris as a kitten, but I really wanted to know how she got her name. Maybe Miss Pince suggested it?

It also makes sense that Argus likes muggle books because he never went to Hogwarts. You could also add which house you think Madame Pince would be in.

Last, I think having him apply for game keeper first is very original, as is the entire idea this is based on.

Overall, great job. And again, this wouldn't let me log in for this.


Author's Response: Well, I meant to imply that Filch read the book Pince gave him and drew the name from there, given that Mrs. Norris is named after a character in that book (according to JKR). Sorry if that was unclear! Anyway, it's good that you feel like the two of them enjoying Muggle literature was realistic. As for Madam Pince's house, well, I don't like to give everything away in my one-shots. It's up to you to decide where she would fit best :)

Thanks for your sweet review!


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Review #5, by LoonyLovegood11 A Warm Welcome

20th April 2013:
wow it is excellent. I haven't read anything like it before. well not anything from Filch's point of view. I love it. :)
Liana xx

Author's Response: Thank you! There are some great Filch stories out there if you take some time and look around. Glad you enjoyed reading mine :)


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Review #6, by adluvshp A Warm Welcome

20th April 2013:
Hey! Here for review tag.

Ah what a lovely and original story. I absolutely enjoyed reading this (as I enjoy all your other pieces). I liked your portrayal of Filch, of how he first came at Hogwarts, and the meeting with Dumbledore as well as Madam Pince. It was all very creative. I also liked the idea of him applying for the job of a gamekeeper first, pretty cool xD I especially loved the inclusion of Pince giving him Mansfield Park and him later naming the 'cute little kitten following him' as Mrs. Norris.

You really thought this through very interestingly and I had a great time reading your backstory of Filch.

Oh, and you got Dumbledore quite right as well - he is a very difficult character to write, and yet you did his brief appearance justice.

Another great one-shot. Keep it up!

Your fan, always

Author's Response: Hey :)

Well, thanks! Argus isn't exactly a character who comes naturally to me, but I enjoyed trying to weave a little sympathetic back story for him and playing around with the hypothesized courtship between him and Madam Pince. It's great that you liked the little details from canon, like how Mrs. Norris got her name, and enjoyed seeing Filch interact with Dumbledore. I couldn't imagine anyone going straight for the caretaker job unless they were really desperate, even more so than Filch seemed to be here. At least everything worked out so he got to stay at Hogwarts.

Thanks for your lovely review!


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Review #7, by lia_2390 A Warm Welcome

1st February 2013:
Hey Amanda!

I'm so sorry for this being so late! January was rough, I can't even tell you.

I haven't seen many Filch stories on the archive (excluding my own), but this is a lovely addition. Right off the bat, Filch appears intimidated by the mere presence of the castle and all the magic that runs through it. To me, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed at Filch's daring to be a part of the world he was cheated out of.

Other writers - myself included - had Filch apply for the caretaker position immediately, and I was surprised that you had him go after the job of gamekeeper! It shows that he's still a bit naďve when it comes to certain things. I smiled at his enthusiasm when he outlined his experience. Again, there are so many things for him to learn here. However, I like his reasoning. For years he'd been shut out of the world he so longed to be a part of, and now he is here…at any cost. I imagine young Filch would not consider he would become who we know him to be in canon.

I really like how you wrote Dumbledore, most of the lines you wrote reminded me a lot of how JKR writes him. You should be proud, I find him a bit difficult to write. One thing though, it sounds kind of odd to have him say 'lovely.' Maybe it's just me.

Hahaha. I love the idea of him making plans for Peeves. Best duo ever!

I smiled so wide at the mention of Mrs Norris as a kitten. I always wondered where he came up with the name, and as soon as he picked up Mansfield Park - oh gosh, I hated her character. It definitely explains a lot now ;)

There's an oddly fitting dynamic between Filch and Pince. They say couples adopt their partners (bad) habits, and at first glance I'd say Filch picked up a lot from the librarian. They are not the most likeable of characters, but they complete each other well. I like how she warmed up to him in the end, and lent him her book….and she loves cats.

The Marauders' cameo did well to let us know the era without you having to give a date of Filch's arrival. I admit I did squeal a little :)



Author's Response: Hello Lia! I'm happy to see you :)

When I was writing this, I felt like I needed to make my Filch seem like the one in canon but also make him much more likeable. I wanted people to be able to relate to him, and maybe even feel a little bit of pity for him because he wants to be surrounded by the magic he can never truly possess. You can see his desperation as he describes what would make him a good gamekeeper, only to fall hopelessly short. I felt like most people would have him just sign up to be caretaker straight away, so I'm glad you liked my little twist.

Dumbledore was a little tough to write; I'll have to go back and look at that "lovely" to see how it fits now that I've had time to step away from this. It's good that most of Dumbledore's dialogue seemed fitting, though.

I'm happy you liked my little allusions to canon. It's always fun to try to fit those small details in, like my mention of Peeves and the image of baby Mrs. Norris following Filch around and becoming his first friend at Hogwarts. And I couldn't resist throwing in James and his friends, just to set the era and introduce Filch's dislike of the student body.

I like how you characterize Filch and Pince; I think you're right about him picking up some of her bad habits. I'm also pleased to hear that they seemed to make a good pair.

I'm happy we got to exchange. Thanks again :)


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Review #8, by SilentConfession A Warm Welcome

13th January 2013:

I love this! I wanted to review this first time I read it but i've been moving about recently with only sparing internet access. However i'm here now to gush! This is really, really great i don't even know how to start! :P

This is so close to how I imagined his little entrance to Hogwarts and the way you've written this is so heartbreaking! I think i particularly liked that he tried for the gamekeeper and it really just showed his desperate need to be part of this world. Gah! I just wanted to cry SO HARD! (my love of Filch knows no bounds, and yes, i know this is a weird character to like ;p). The bit where he's remembering his family dinners too and how 'it wasn't his fault.', really loved that line and that small scene because with just a few words you were able to capture what his home life must have been like. A disappointment. It would not have been easy to grow up that way, to know about the world and yet to never be quite part of it. I've always thought they'd either do this and try to and be as much part of it as possible or they'd go the opposite way and try to forget that such a world existed because that world didn't want them.

I really thought you did such a great job with making him human here and really bringing out some of the qualities in him that were hidden, (especially in the films which they constantly took the mick out of the poor bloke). I loved the add in of Irma and the perhaps the beginning of a romance? I've always imagined something happening between them but then having it tragically torn apart at some point. I've always toyed with the idea of writing about him more as i loved doing it the first time around.

I can just imagine him wandering the halls of the castle, gazing up at all the amazing carvings and simply just taking it all. He was finally at a place that breathed magic. I liked his practical attitude as well and how he approached life and his interview with Dumbledore it just really brought out the same Filch that we knew from the books. The man who would keep cupboards full of wrong doings. You have really blown life into dear Filch and i think you don't such a great job with this!!

Thank you SO much for writing this for me!!! I'm so ecstatic as i've never received a gift of writing before :P And about one of my favourite characters too makes it all the more better, this was really lovely piece in all honestly! I loved reading it a lot!!

-zayne *huggles*

Author's Response: Hi Zayne! I'm very happy to see this review :)

I'm so pleased to hear that I managed to capture Filch as you see him! He definitely doesn't seem like a sympathetic character in canon, but I felt bad for the guy, having to be surrounded by magic and never being able to do any of it himself. I agree that most Squibs would probably either do what he did here or try to avoid anything related to magic at all.

I really wanted to explore Filch before he became the Filch we know from canon; that is, I wanted to get to know him before he's too world-weary and jaded. I tried to imagine why he would stick with the castle and stay here for so long even though he clearly hates the majority of the students that attend. I'm glad you liked how I used that mutual dislike to bring him together with Irma here.

It's great that you felt like I gave Filch a fuller personality and that you enjoyed this gift! I really had fun writing about Argus and Irma :)

Thanks so much for this lovely review!


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Review #9, by Courtney Dark A Warm Welcome

9th January 2013:
Hey there! It's Courtney, here for your requested review:)

I have to admit, when I first read that this was an Argus Filch/Irma Pince story, I was a little skeptical. But I shouldn't have been, because I actually really enjoyed this one-shot! Is was very sweet, and even a little sad at times-I actually found myself feeling sorry for Filch, which is something I never thought possible!

I really enjoyed the way you started this one-shot, with the descriptions of Hogwarts. For me, the line; 'Unfortunately, all the fireplaces in the castle couldn’t make the visitor feel welcome' summed up exactly what Filch was probably feeling, and reminded me of how out of place he must feel, in a school filled with talented witches and wizards. Your use of language is outstanding, and very sophisticated, which makes me feel as though I am reading a professional story.

Your characterization of Dumbledore is pretty much spot on. I especially liked the line “Oh, a bit too early for that judgment, I think". For me, that line is so perfectly Dumbledore-however there were a couple of lines that did seem a little out of character, such as '“Forgive me for speaking so boldly, Mr. Filch, but most wizards have experience caring for house elves and owls, and even your one-time run-in with a banshee does not put you considerably ahead of the pack.” But that is me nitpicking, because you asked for constructive criticism and I am having trouble finding any!

I liked the appearance of the marauders, because it really showed how Filch slowly became the grouchy caretaker the Hogwarts students loved to loathe-it certainly would get tiresome after awhile, constantly picking up after the students who mistreated you and didn't take you seriously.

I feel as though your portrayed Irma Pince very well. In the books, she is an irritable librarian who doesn't seem to like the students at all and in this one-shot, we can already see a little of this shining through. I liked the line “No, some of them are tolerable. Most, though… ungrateful brats. If they knew how much their parents paid for them to attend this school, they’d shape up, I tell you.” The similarities in the characters of Argus and Irma make the fact that they could have had a relationship so much more believable.

Overall, I think this is a great one-shot, and I love the little details you have included-such as the introduction of Mrs Norris the kitten and the awkwardness the surrounded Argus and Irma as they talked about Muggle literature. Everything just flowed brilliantly, and I am very glad I had the opportunity to read this!

Author's Response: Hi Courtney! Thanks for coming by to review!

Haha, well, one of the things I enjoy most about writing fanfiction is trying to put a new spin on characters we think we know. It was tough to try to make Filch likable, but I'm glad I succeeded! I felt sort of sorry for him, too.

Wow, thanks so much for your compliments! I'm happy you liked the way I set the scene and introduced things with Filch walking in.

It's great that you felt like Dumbledore was done well, too. He's a tough one to crack, but I like playing with his dialogue because he says some really funny and interesting things sometimes. I agree that the one line you picked out doesn't quite jive perfectly, though, so I'll have to go back and have a look at it. Thanks for giving me the critique I needed!

I'm pleased to hear that you liked the way Argus and Irma interacted and bonded over their mutual dislike of people like the Marauders. It's weird to see James and his friends from the outside looking in, that's for sure, but I can see why Filch disliked them so.

Thanks again, so much, for the thoughtful review!


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Review #10, by patronus_charm A Warm Welcome

9th January 2013:
Hi! It's patronus_charm with your review :) I was immediately interested in this story as I've never really read anything about Filch or his origins so this was a really interesting to think to read as I now have a possible backstory for him!

It was typical Dumbledore fashion to always give help to those who need it. I thought it was a great idea to make him give the job of caretaker to Filch, as you almost felt sorry for him as he didn't have the skills to be gamekeeper. The way his parents didn't approve could also account for the fact he's extremely bitter.

I thought it was great you introduced his romance with Irma Pince as I always wondered how their friendship struck up. I thought you characterised her very well her strictness and her aparent contempt for children seemed spot on.

I loved the small introduction to the Marauders as no Marauder era story would be complete without a small feature of them. It was nice to see them as children/pre-teen as most of the stories on them are them in their teen years.

One thing thing I was unsure of. I wasn't really aware that they had to pay to go to Hogwarts as otherwise how could someone like the Weasley's afford to send 7 children there.

Overall I thought this story was really great and interesting as Filch is only thought of as a bitter old man so it was nice to see him before he became that man:) Kiana!

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for coming by to review!

I'm glad you liked how I decided that Filch should arrive at his current position. Leave it to Dumbledore to try to find a place for every odd and end that doesn't quite fit, right? I really think that part of the beauty of Hogwarts is that no one is really turned away.

It's great that you enjoyed getting little glimpses of Irma and the Marauders, too. I didn't want James and the others to be the focus of this story, but I thought they'd be a good way to allude to the contempt for students that Filch and Pince seem to share. And of course, half the point of this piece was to do a little Argus/Irma fluff, so there you go.

I tried to look into the tuition thing a little, but I couldn't find any conclusions one way or the other. I know there is financial aid of some kind available for books and supplies if a family can't afford to pay, but you're right, I doubt the Weasleys can ask for that every year. I don't know how Hogwarts is funded otherwise--maybe as part of some kind of wizarding tax? Anyway, thanks for the critique. Hopefully it didn't detract too much.

Thanks so much for your lovely review :)


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Review #11, by graylady01 A Warm Welcome

5th January 2013:
This was a beautiful one-shot and I wish that it wasn't, purely because I want to know what happens next. I honestly don't have anything negative to say, so I will tell you all the bits I loved.

I liked how, originally, Argus tried applying for gamekeeper but didn't have the skills needed for it. In true Dumbledore style, he finds something else though it was not the idea that Filch had in mind.

It's nice the see someone give Argus some redeeming qualities as the books and movies do such a good job at making him repulsive. It would not have been easy growing up as a squib as there is such a stigma attached to them. I thought you highlighted this well. Again, he would have been embarrassed to admit his lack of magical ability and it was true to his character when he 'bended' the truth to Irma.

I could keep going with everything that I adore bout this story but we would be here forever. I do hope that you turn this into a short story as I'd love to read more - I enjoyed it that much!

Keep up the good work,

Author's Response: Thanks so much for coming by, graylady01 :)

Several people have requested that I make this longer. I don't have plans to do that at the moment, but I won't rule out writing more Argus/Irma in the future. How's that sound?

I'm happy the characterization made sense and you liked the slightly less negative spin I put on Filch. Like you mentioned, the books and films aren't exactly kind to him, and I figured that at one point he would have been a bit less bitter. I was worried that maybe I went too far in trying to make him more likable, but I'm glad you think I did a good job.

Thanks so much for your lovely review!


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Review #12, by slytherinchica08 A Warm Welcome

1st January 2013:
Oh this was a wonderful and original oneshot! I loved the look into Filch and how he began his time at Hogwarts! I thought it was wonderful that he was really there to take the position of Gameskeeper but really wasn't qualified for that position at all. And having James and his friends run past Argus dropping candy which they took along the way was rather great detail as well. This really makes me interested to learn more about Filch and his time at Hogwarts and what really made him the way he was. I also love how you added in the detail about the book and leaves your readers figuring that the book is where he got the name for the cat, which is true for how J K got it. The cute little romance that you had kind of sparking between Filch and Pince was realy adorable and really had me hoping for the two to get together. Amanda, I could really gush for ages about how much I enjoyed this oneshot and how sweet I really thought it was. You did such a wonderful job adding in all these small details that really arent needed but at the same time help your reader picture things so much better! For example mentioning that he had a hard time keeping balance on the changing staircases is a detail that some might skip over as its not important to the story but at the same time it adds to it! I loved this! Happy Holidays from your Slytherin Secret Santa!


Author's Response: Hi Erica, thanks for stopping by!

I'm pleased to hear that this little one-shot made you curious about Filch. I had a lot of questions about him, too, especially about why he would keep working at Hogwarts when his job seems pretty awful and he seems to really detest the student body. I wanted to try to humanize him and explore his lighter side, which is where Irma came in :)

I'm glad you liked all the detail and enjoyed the fluff. Sometimes I just have to step away from my normal, darker stories and do something fun, and I had a lot of it writing this.

Thanks again for this fantastic review!


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Review #13, by mirasoul A Warm Welcome

30th December 2012:
Hi! Mirasoul from the forums with your requested review. :)

I actually saw this story when I was looking through new one-shots and made a mental note to read it later one, but as mental notes tend to do in my head, it got lost amid chaos. I'm glad you requested it or I sadly never would've gotten around to it otherwise!

This intrigued me. In the books and movies, Filch is usually only used for comic relief, always being bested by Peeves or chasing after the trio with Mrs. Norris. You made him sympathetic. You made him human. I think my favorite thing about this one-shot is how you took pretty much every bit of information Rowling has provided us about the man and just ran with it. Harry and Ron discover his Kwikspell envelope in CoS? You explain his parents' disappointment in him and his longing to not just be on the outskirts of the wizarding world. He's got write-ups on the Marauders and the twins tell Harry how they nicked the map from his office? You put in Filch's first encounter with the infamous foursome. Harry and Hermione bicker about a rumored illicit affair between Filch and Pince in HBP? You introduce their initial flirtation. HP readers wonder why on earth such a vile old man would be working in a place full of mischievous children? You let us know that it's because of his love for magic...and the librarian who shares his loathing for minors. I feel as if you've tied all the strings concerning Argus Filch together, consequently transforming him into a real person rather than someone just there to laugh at. It's a difficult feat only accomplished by those who care enough to actually pay attention to lesser characters, which is a trait I highly admire and think you pulled off brilliantly. I love Rowling's minor characters but I don't often find fics about them that actually do them the justice they deserve. You're on my good list.

I do admit that the plot seems a tad slow and unfinished, but I gather that you meant it to be that way. It's more of a...drabble, rather than an actual story. A snapshot into Filch's life before we knew him. I like that thought. If has room for development if you're considering turning it into a short story as the other reviews suggest, but honestly I feel as if writing more would actually kind of ruin it. We don't know the man's whole story, but thanks to you, we know enough.

I suppose I don't have much criticism for it. It's great. If you do decide to write more, I would suggest turning it into something of a peek into big moments in Filch's life--when he confiscates the map from the Marauders, when the twins pull their first prank in Hogwarts, when he finally snags Pince...Making it into a continuous story would, I think, only drag it down. All of this is just a suggestion, though. It can stand alone as is.

Once again, I'm glad you requested this review. How else would I know how Mrs. Norris got her name? ;)

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for coming by!

Wow, I'm really glad you liked the characterization here! I love minor characters, and I love the challenge of trying to tie in what little we know about them from canon with what I've come up with for my stories. Here, I wanted to try to provide some rationale for Filch working at Hogwarts for years and years, given that he can't do magic, and to explore the possibility of fluff between Argus and Irma. I wanted to humanize him, but I was a little worried I'd strayed too far from the rather nasty fellow present in canon. I'm glad you feel like it all fits, though.

Yeah, it is a little bit of a drabble, just a simple one-shot. I don't have any plans as of now to turn it into something longer, but I won't rule out the possibility of writing more Filch/Pince in the future, maybe as part of ongoing work.

Thanks so much for your lovely review :)


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Review #14, by sweet_lovely_girl A Warm Welcome

30th December 2012:
Hey there,
sweetlovelygirl here with your requested review.
First of all: this story is so cute! I loved it. And not for a second did I hate any of the characters. (Maybe James and his gang a little bit for dropping the candy.) I had never thought of Filch and Pince as a couple and now after I read this story I really think they are made for each other. Maybe that's how Filch started to resent the students even more. Too bad there is no romance in the HP books for Filch or maybe JK Rowling just never wrote about it and Filch and Pince had something going on secretly in her head. ;P (Okay, my imagination is going too far and I am not really thinking clearly since I am also listening to the radio. Sorry for that.)
Oh, I really do hope that you change your mind and make a short story (or even something longer) of this! :D
It was great to read this and you can always come back to me for other reviews.
-Xxx- SLG

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for coming by!

Cute is what I was going for, so that's good to hear :) Hey, who's to say that Filch and Pince didn't meet up for tea between shifts at work? I think they could be cute, in a weird way :D

Several people have requested that I turn this into a short story. As of now, I don't have any plans to do so, but I'm not ruling out the possibility of writing more Filch/Pince in the future. How's that?

Thanks so much for this kind review!


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Review #15, by Gabriella Hunter A Warm Welcome

29th December 2012:

Its Gabbie with your requested review. Had I known that the forums were up sooner, I would have reviewed this for you alot earlier so please forgive me. Hehehe.
So, simply lovely. I have never read anything of the origins on Mr. Filch and I'd always been a little curious, considering that he's a character we see through the entire series of the HP world. There's only a little backstory with him too, we know that he's a Squib and feels a bit of resentment for the students because of their magic and I liked how you played around with that. The little bits of his childhood that you showed here, first, hint at a wealthy family (I'm guessing by the house-elves of course that he kept in line) but disappointed parents. That must have been hard for him growing up and I'm glad that you gave us a bit of that while he admired Hogwarts. He may not have ever gone but he was just as in love with the school as say, a new student and it was actually very sweet. Now, on to Dumbledore! Just a quick thing but how did you manage to write for him at all? I avoid writing for him like the plague becuase he's just so complex but this was so good that I thought that I'd spotted his dialogue in the HP books somewhere. :D
What I also really loved was that bit of information you gave us about Peeves (I've always been curious about him) and the soon-to-be war that would break out between him and Filch. Hehehe.
So, Ms. Pince! It was such a smooth introduction to her character and I'd always sort of wondered if she and Mr. Filch were even friends or had some sort of romance. ;)
The way they met was well-done, you introduced James and his gang briefly and that didn't deter me from your main character. :D So, yay!
I really enjoyed this one-shot and I finally, finally know where Mrs. Norris's name comes from! (I thought it was cute that she was following him around too) and the bond that might have developed with Argus reading Mansfield Park and using it as a way to talk to Ms. Pince again. ;)
Why do I want a short story now? Hahaha.
I don't have an CC for this, it was simply lovely and keep up the good work!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for giving this its first review!

I'm really glad you liked the characterization here! Filch was definitely a challenge, but I wanted to humanize him a little bit, since as an adult he mostly seems to be used for comic relief or as an antagonist. I figured there had to be some reason he stuck around at Hogwarts despite being tortured by students. I also had fun toying with his love life :)

Dumbledore can be tough, that's for sure. I blame my dialogue on the fact that I've seen the films way too many times, and I'm just kind of comfortable with his way of speaking.

I'm glad you liked the little bit of fluff here, as well as the brief introduction of the Marauders, and Mrs. Norris. Can't you just see her and Filch becoming the best of friends?

Several people have said that they would like to see this turned into a short story. I don't have any plans like that for the time being, but I'm not ruling out more Filch/Pince in the future. How's that? :)

Thanks again for your wonderful review!


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