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Review #1, by Frankie05 One Year Later

10th August 2015:
This did not have the happy ending I was expecting :( But it was so beautiful. It was short and to the point and that point was wrecking my soul, for real. What have you done?

I liked the use of canon in this story, how Luna was taken because of her father supporting Harry, about her staying in the dungeon. Draco at the manor, and probably extremely miserable.

I think Draco can be very brave, and you showed that here. He is so brave to chance Voldemort and his family and all the death eaters to go see a girl who once saw the good in him, and who whispered hope to him in the darkest of times.

Now he went to visit her, and experienced her grace and her forgiveness, her desire to live, and her positivity. There must not have been that much going around him at the time.

I loved that he kept the necklace.

I loved that he protected her and tried his best to give her the comfort she so deserves by using a House Elf. You go DM, you go.

As for you, this is so well done. It's inspiring to write something because of how great this is. I'm about to go click on some more stories :)

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Review #2, by Frankie05 Draco & Luna

10th August 2015:
Hello there!

Happy Birthday :) i wanted to pop on over and read some stories for your birthday and mostly because I was curious!

This story is pretty great. I actually love how it started out with Draco's hatred of Christmas. It made me giggle and realize that FINALLY someone feels how I do about Christmas. You see, I'm not a fan.

There is so much drama going through Draco's body that I can feel it in your descriptions. I think you did a perfect job characterizing Draco and Luna in this story. He's brooding and confused and hurt and lonely.

And then in comes Luna in all of her quirky goodness and sees straight through Draco. I love that. She is one of my favorite characters and you did her justice in this story. I love that she breathes hope into Draco, I think she is underestimated and a symbol of hope and you showed that here.

"It's not as far gone as you think." Those words could breath life into anyone! Well done :) I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter!

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Review #3, by Bri One Year Later

6th June 2015:
I love it. It was incredible. You should definitely keep writing it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to review!!! So incredibly kind!

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Review #4, by Bella Draco & Luna

31st December 2014:
A bit boring at first, but I kept reading cuz I knew that some #druna would come. And it shure was worth it!!! #demdrunafeels LOVED IT!!! #druna #OTP

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #5, by dreamer13 One Year Later

26th December 2014:
LOVED this! Their characters were written perfectly and the storyline was very believable. I like how it didn't force me to see their relationship romantically but more as her just being an amazing person to a man who really needs it. So touching. I love how Draco develops a weak spot for her. Touched my heart, and I read it on Christmas! Well done! Cheers

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #6, by Kate Draco & Luna

18th November 2014:
"Your soul. It's not as far gone as you think." is a brilliant line!! I love it! This whole story was wintry and lovely! The characters I thought were very spot on with their interaction and thoughts. Very beautiful tiny story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! Much appreciated!

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Review #7, by The Younger Weaselys Draco & Luna

3rd January 2014:
Loved this! You wrote both Draco and Luna so in character it could almost be Canon. Great job! :)

Author's Response: Wow thank you :)

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Review #8, by Harry Potter Lover Draco & Luna

8th December 2013:

Author's Response: I am working on a sequel... slowly but surely!

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Review #9, by _Lumos_ Draco & Luna

25th July 2013:
I'm going to need more chapters.. like now... so. uhh, yeah get on that please :)

Author's Response: Ha working on it ;) Thank you!

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Review #10, by Penelope Inkwell Draco & Luna

29th June 2013:
This was very cute. I think you got Lunaís voice just perfect. I could hear Evanna Lynch saying each line.

Also, I *love* how she gave him the cork necklace to Ďprotect him from the narglesí. Adorable touch!

Iíve never really considered looking into the Draco/Luna ship, but perhaps Iíll look at a few more. This has made me wonder what they might be like, as a pair.


Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #11, by miss_lestrangexoxo Draco & Luna

5th March 2013:
really nice read. I wish it was longer and had some of luna's point of view though!

Author's Response: Thanks for the input!

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Review #12, by EnigmaticEyes16 Draco & Luna

11th January 2013:
Aww, this was so cute! I originally didn't think a Draco/Luna was possible but I'm slowly warming up to the idea. I think they'd definitely be an intriguing pair. Anyway, this was a really sweet one-shot. I love stories showing Draco's inner turmoil during his sixth year and I loved how Luna was able to distract him for a bit from his dark thoughts. This was a really good story and very well written. Great job!


Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #13, by LadyOrobourus Draco & Luna

17th December 2012:
Love It! It was so sweet and Luna was written perfectly. Wonderful one shot. Happy Reading ~ Lady

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #14, by JM Draco & Luna

14th December 2012:
You should continue!, This unique chapter was very good and there are many situations involving Draco that can be harnessed and interwoven with Luna.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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