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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Problems

29th October 2014:
Hey! Sam here for the October Review Exchange. Sorry this is so late in the month, I couldn't decide what to read. Finally I went for this because while I'm not the biggest Teddy/Victoire shipper (honestly, I don't really like them in the long run, but I acknowledge the beginnings of something even in my headcanon), this was just too brilliantly adorable to pass up. :D

Seriously, Teddy was just... *hugs him tight and never lets go* I loved that it was in his PoV. He was just so sweet and confused and kind of just a guy and I am seriously picturing him in my head just to hug him because aw. And the mentions of his hair changing to colors he doesn't understand and the misunderstanding part near the end - I loved it.

Victoire was great. I can totally picture her starting the conversation, the potential asking for the date, and then not going through with it. It would be a hard step to take when you've got thoughts of not wanting to ruin a friendship running through your head and not wanting to embarrass yourself and such.

Really loved this!


Author's Response: Hello! I'm finally here replying to your review... in December. Very late. And I'm so glad that you liked the story, especially since you don't really ship them.

I hadn't written awkwardness quite like Teddy's when I wrote this story. He's just this incredibly adorable and dorky person and he doesn't know what to do with all these feelings. It was a lot of fun to write.

I think Victoire is more in touch with her feelings than Teddy, but more importantly, knows how to express them better as well. And she was so brave to ask Teddy out! I'm really proud of Victoire in this story :P

Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #2, by michael Problems

16th October 2014:
ii really really enjoyed this any chance of you putting this into a full on story of like 30+ chapters?

Author's Response: Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I don't think I'll continue this, but I'm very happy you enjoyed it enough to want more :)

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Review #3, by Iellwen Problems

6th August 2014:
I'm here from the review tag and oh man, what an uplifting read! :D

I laughed like a hyena at "This also included those half-crazed smiles that chimpanzees do when they're in danger to warn their family" xD
The entire piece was so wonderfully written! I loved Teddy's thoughts, how awkward and nervous his is around her, how self-conscious he is...
I adored that his brain shut off - him sitting there, gaping at her, after a little small talk and being mesmerized by her finger :D

That you started and ended this one-shot with almost the same sentences was a really nice touch!!
And his grandmother possibly being a dragon?! Loved it; Teddy was probably a mischievous kid just like his mother, to bring Andromeda to such extremes xD

And the carnivorous cactus!! Brilliant!!

I love the cynical humour bits you added here and there, and kudos for writing such wonderful fluff!! ♥
Honestly, I just can't stop grinning :D


Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love writing fluffy happy fics!

I'm glad you liked Teddy! He was a lot of fun to write. So awkward. So in love. So confused. So wonderful.

I'm pleased that you liked the repetition. It felt like a good way to wrap things up and link everything together since that is something with which I have the most difficulty in one-shots. And I can imagine Teddy getting into all sorts of mischief as a kid!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm very happy that you are now happy :)

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Review #4, by Belly Problems

15th June 2014:
Loved it! That was really cute. There aren't enough good stories about these two :)

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you liked it :D

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Review #5, by Lostmyheart Problems

19th April 2014:
OMG. This was so funny and adorable to read!
I loved reading it! It was so full of details, FUNNY details. It was complete joy.
Btw, I'm here for the review tag :)

You wrote Teddy as such a cute and lovable young boy with small insecurities. I loved the fact that you made his hair green whenever he felt kind of in love or maybe got butterflies, it was so sweet. And that he suddenly thought her fingers were nice! Argh! I loved it :)
If anyone saw me sitting here and reading your story, they would have asked me why I was smiling so much! :D

Loved it... loved it, loved it. Loved. It!

Big hugs,

Author's Response: Since it was for a fluff challenge, I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed it! And I can't write fluff without making it funny, even if I have a terrible sense of humour ;)

I wanted Teddy and Victoire to be really normal. Despite having super famous parents who did super awesome things, they're just a couple of teenagers in the throes of first love. Very awkward stuff!

Thanks for your lovely review! I really love reading your reviews because they leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside ^.^

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Review #6, by maraudertimes Problems

13th March 2014:

Well goodness gracious, I just aw'ed and smiled and a;sjfsdlkfer.

This was so cute and full of such squishy fluffy goodness, it made my heart happy. :P I just utterly loved this! It was kind of obvious at the start that Teddy fancied Victoire (even if he only noticed near the end), but to walk along that path of discovery with him was really sweet, and I loved the little flashback type moments of them together!

And then when he realized it, it was so sweet, albeit a little frustrating, since it was also obvious that Victoire fancied Teddy back, but I guess guys are just too oblivious to notice things like that. But then when Victoire got sad because Teddy wasn't taking the hint, I got so scared, but thankfully you didn't let that go for too long, otherwise I may have committed serial stuffed animal hugging and/or severe crying.

In short: goodness, it was so fluffy, and you nailed your fluff challenge, and goodness I just want to wrap Teddy and Victoire in a hug and proclaim them in love forever and ever and ever! :)

Great job, this was amazing!

Gryffindor vs Slytherin Blackout Battle Round 3 Review 6/20

Author's Response: Ah! My first truly fluffy piece of writing! I blame all the fun I had writing this piece on my obsession with writing fluff!

It's supposed to be really obvious to the reader that Teddy fancies Victoire, but you know how feelings can be - all slippery and not very clear and concise! So confusing! And it's just the worst since it's first love feelings in this case!

Both of them are just really oblivious with each other for most of this story, which was just the best for me because I sat there cackling for the most apart of their misfortune. Gosh, I'm so evil.

I hope your stuffed animals didn't suffer too much!

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Review #7, by ohmymerlin Problems

22nd January 2014:
Hey, I'm here from the review tag!

This was just so sweet! Absolutely adorable! I loved it so much! Your version of Teddy and Victoire is just heart warming :')

I think my favourite quote was:

Clearly, he was coming down with a life-threatening disease.

Or... he was falling in love with Victoire Weasley.

Teddy really couldn't see the difference.

Either way, he was doomed.

Absolutely brilliant! It made me laugh very hard, ahahaha! :D

And the cyclical nature of this one-shot was brilliant. It really tied the story up nicely :)

I also liked that you made Victoire struggle with Herbology. I'd never thought about it before but somehow it just made sense, ahaha!

Anywho, this was an absolutely adorable one-shot! Great job! :D


- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I wrote this so long ago, so I'm always a little scared when I get a review on this story!

Thank you so much for your lovely words! They mean a lot!

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Review #8, by Rumpelstiltskin Problems

3rd December 2013:
This didn't take me very long to read at all, which is perfect as it was my bedtime story :D.

Oh, poor Teddy. His grandmother could be a dragon? That's an interesting dilemma...but that's not what this is about ^^. I also really enjoyed the little shout-outs to Ron and Harry.

Oh, the awkwardness of having feelings for your best friend! You did a fantastic job of going through the emotions and reactions to said feelings; I found them very realistic. You had me flashing back to my first friend-crush and laughing at myself.

That must be troublesome, having your hair react to your moods. I'd imagine that makes things even MORE awkward :D.

Carnivorous uncooperative, finger-nipping, quill-stealing cacti? Awesome.

Oh, that was so cute! I'm so glad that she said that she wanted to go with him :D! This was just the light and fluffy story that I needed to read :D. I really, really do enjoy your sense of gets me every time.

That being said and since this is the third story that I have read and fallen in love with, I think that it is about time to add you to my FA list. So...welcome to that. I am pretty sure that Like a House on Fire was the very first fanfiction that I read when I joined this site. One day I'll go back through to reread it and I'll leave you reviews on all of your chapters, because you deserve it.

Anyway, this was great!


Author's Response: :D I actually don't know how to appropriately respond to this review, I'm blushing so hard right now.

Teddy was just so much fun to write. I'd only really ever written a story from a guy's POV once before, and it was a little different because it was in first person and it was Sirius (who always complicates things) so this was a fun experience for me.

Crushes can be so awkward sometimes, and I really channelled what I thought Tonks and Remus might have been like in that situation.

Thank you so much for the add - this is the part that has me REALLY blushing. I love reading your reviews! I remember receiving that first review you left on LAHOF, I was very surprised and impressed that you read all 34 chapters in one go.

Thanks a heap once again!

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Review #9, by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace Problems

1st December 2013:
Review Tag.

Aww this was so cute. I love Vic/Teddy they just are sooo cute together.

I started laughing when Teddy's hair went green and he had no idea why. Come on Teddy it's inevitable you got a crush.

It was cute little one shot that was well written and I really like it so good job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I think my favourite part writing this was when his hair changed colour! I was just sitting there going "Teddy! Get your act together!"

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Review #10, by ShadowRose Problems

25th November 2013:
Hello there, I'm here for the review tag!

Wow, way to leave me grinning like an idiot. The point of this story was fluff, and it definitely achieved that goal!

I love the parallelism between the beginning and the end, because it not only draws the reader in at the very beginning, but it also wraps the whole story up at the end, showing that the story has come full circle. I like the replacement of "biggest" with "favourite," because that reflects the little change that's taken place in the story as well.

Alright now, onto characterization. Teddy is extremely well-written - he's awkward and goofy, but also heart-meltingly adorable at the same time - and that just makes him such a fun character to read about. I love how oblivious he is to Victoire's feelings for him. I love Victoire's character as well; the only thing I would suggest is that you explain her character a little more. Obviously, we're only seeing her from Teddy's eyes so it's a more limited view, but she seems like such an amazing character and I would have loved to read more about her personality! Regardless, I think the characterization you have set up for these two is perfect - they're so awkward and adorable and I just want to squish them (that sounds weird... sorry).

The imagery you evoke in this story is fantastic as well, and really contributes to the light-hearted theme. I particularly love the analogy to a crazed-and-scared chimpanzee smile, as it not only suggests how awkward Teddy feels, but also makes the reader laugh when they picture that expression. I also like that his hair turned green around Victoire - you'd expect that it would turn pink or red, given the connotation of love, but I like that it's green, because it's much less obvious, and I don't feel like Metamorphagus hair would follow the traditional rules of colour. I love the little comment about James thinking it had to do with "saving Mother Earth," that was a funny little detail to add in.

One thing I did notice is that you made frequent use of parentheses in the first part of the story, and not in the second. While it may just be a stylistic thing, I think it was used a bit too frequently at the start (it was about once very paragraph). While parenthetical information is often important, it can also interrupt the flow of the story - maybe try to incorporate the information in other ways.

Overall, this was an excellently fluffy story, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: :D All the fluff all the time! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I was worried about repeating the beginning because I thought I might be overdoing it, but then I thought - oh well. Let's see how it goes. I'm happy that you thought it worked.

I was worried about Teddy being a little caricature-ised, especially because it's a pretty short piece and we don't really get to see him over a long period of time. I'm glad that wasn't the case. He is pretty dorky though, isn't he? I like your suggestion about Victoire's characterisation. She definitely needs a lot of work! And they're so squishable I agree!

I'm glad you enjoyed the imagery. The fear a chimpanzee feels is not that different to the weird emotions of having a crush, I imagine! I agree that Metamorphagus hair wouldn't follow traditional colour rules, but be more a reflection of their personalities. And I felt that this story was already a little cliche - red hair would be way too obvious, and pink hair is something I've always associated with Tonks, so that didn't work either.

Thanks for the tip about parentheses! When I work up to editing this, I'll see if I can reduce them. I usually don't like using them, but I think I was a little overzealous in this case!

Thanks for the wonderful review! I really appreciate it :)

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Review #11, by Nasim6413 Problems

5th November 2013:
I enjoyed this story very much :D Especially how you wrote Teddy and Victoire, it was great! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #12, by blackballet Problems

13th August 2013:
Oh that was so adorable! I loved the parallel between the beginning and the end. I really just love parallels of any kind. At first, I was afraid Victoire was going to be mean and cold towards Teddy, and I was going to start bawling because poor Teddy and his problems. But you are not like me apparently and like when your characters have happy lives. I wish I could be like that.

Then, somewhere in the middle, I started feeling bad for Victoire because Teddy was being so unbelievably oblivious and she was putting herself out there and oh it got me right where it hurts. Then everything works out. I definitely need to borrow some of your happiness, if you don't mind.

Until next time,

Author's Response: I love parallels too! That's part of the reason why I included it, but I was a little worried about it being repetitive and rather crude, but I'm glad you didn't think so.

Aww! Victoire being mean and cold would have been horrible! It would have made for some interesting story, but I wrote this for a fluff challenge, and I do love writing fluff, so I couldn't have that happen!

And of course Teddy was so blindingly oblivious! I mean, have you seen what Ron and Harry were like at that age?

And there's plenty of happiness to go around! Thanks for dropping in!

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Review #13, by ginerva_molly_weasley Problems

12th August 2013:
Hey there. Tagging you for review tag!

This story is so so cute! I can see exactly why you wrote this for a fluff challenge. It is one of the best Teddy and Victoire stories I have read.

I really liked that the beginning and the end were the same. It was perfect as it opened and then left the story in a full circle. I felt that it was complete and that I wasn't hungry for more which is one of the problems with one shots sometimes.

One thing I did notice though was the excessive use of parentheses throughout the story. Most of the things in the parentheses weren't needed or they could have been placed in other clauses or sentences. It was a little distracting.

I loved how his hair kept changing colour through it but I wonder why you chose green as surely pink or red would have been the obvious colour to choose.

Also you portrayed him well being very clumsy in love as he didn't know what Victoire was hinting at. It reminds me of Ron and Harry really which would make sense as they were his male role models whilst he was growing up!

Nice Story

Author's Response: :D I'm so happy to see how well-received this story has been, because there's like zero plot and a large overdose of fluff. And you're too kind!

I was worried about repeating the beginning for the end, thinking that it might get a little repetitive, but I'm happy to hear that you thought it worked.

I do adore parentheses, but you're right - I went a little overboard with them here. I have an edit planned for this soon, so that's something that I'll definitely be looking to fix - thanks for the pointer.

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #14, by alicia and anne Problems

3rd August 2013:
I loved this so much! It was so cute! Teddy is so cute around Victoire.
I loved that his hair would turn green around her and him smiling at her and I just want to hug them! *squishes them*

I loved when he worked it out:-

Clearly, he was coming down with a life-threatening disease.

Or he was falling in love with Victoire Weasley.

Teddy really couldn't see the difference.

Either way, he was doomed.

Brilliant lines!!

The way that they asked each other to Hogsmeade and they way that they were embarrassed... so cute!
This has made me feel so happy!
I really loved this one shot, you wrote it so well.

Author's Response: :D - That is an accurate description of my face as I read this. You're so nice! There's so little in the way of plot here, that it's actually non-existent, so it makes me super happy when people end up enjoying this! Thank you so much!

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Review #15, by lovethepotters Problems

25th June 2013:
Hi there 800 words of haven *waves* I'm here for the review tag!

I've never read a Teddy/Victoire next-gen fanfic but I'm so happy I read this one! So fluffy, so adorable, so undeniably cute!

I love the sentence: "But it was probably just his love-addled, hormone-marinated, adolescent brain imagining things." It captures Teddy's crush on Victoire perfectly :)

You should seriously consider extending the story - I want to know what happens on this date! Thanks for the lovely read: 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Hello! *waves back*

*blushes* Thanks! I'm glad you had fun!

Oh, Teddy. How I adore thee... He's so oblivious sometimes!

Haha! I don't have any plans at the moment for continuing this, but thanks for the encouragement!

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Review #16, by marauderfan Problems

21st June 2013:
Review Tag!

This was so cute! I really liked the goofy imagery ("chimpanzee smile" - haha) I love Teddy and Victoire, and I think you perfectly capture the awkwardness of the "uh-oh" moment of people realising they might not be just friends anymore. And I thought the way you began and ended the story was really good, with the list of problems.

I'd also like to add that you should write a story about how Teddy's grandmother might be a dragon. That was the most random detail but I found it so funny!

Great job on this, I loved it! :)

Author's Response: Hello, there!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. The chimpanzee line was one of my favourites to write. And thank you for liking the problems list. It took me a very long time to get it to sound right.

I really shouldd write a story about that - I think it would be an interesting one!

Thanks for the wonderful review!

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Review #17, by randomwriter Problems

16th June 2013:

Heyy :D
I was in the mood for fluff, so I really enjoyed this :)
It's well written and cute, I love how Teddy gains confidence in the end. I also like how Victoire initiated the date...
I also think the way you've started and ended on similar notes is pretty cool :) Do writer more about them!
Enjoyed this :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Fluff is what I aimed for, and I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed this.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Review #18, by Solo Problems

30th May 2013:
Solo here from the review tag -waves-

I'm usually one to scoff at fluff and go dear lord it never works like that in real life. But this, this was just adorable. Heart melting. It made me want to cuddle both the characters. I love the repeated beginning at the ending, it's just so perfect. I love his out of control morphing and "his hair acted like a mood ring." Just brilliant. His relationships with the rest of the Weasley/Potters is just too cute as well!

The only thing I noticed was here: "So, how's the Herbology essay goins?" - is the s a typo at the end of going?

I'm a bit indifferent to the Victoire/Teddy pairing having seen so many perfect, snooty Victoire's etc, but I really like her. I like the way she took the jump because Teddy is an eejit and shy. I love non-conventional and these two have just made it awesome.

Basically I adore this one shot. Please write more about them, these two are just absolutely edible!

10/10 because it made me smile like a loon and your writing is just delicious. What about one where they both babysit the younger Wotters?

Author's Response: Haha! I agree that fluff is never the way it works in real life, but I think it's one of the reasons why I adore reading and writing it.

I'm glad you found it adorable and other fluff-induced feelings. It's good to hear that by reading something I wrote, people wear a smile on their face for at least a while.

His hair changing colour depending on his moods seemed like a really natural thing to happen to an adolescent with his abilities. Sometimes, our feelings just run away from us!

Yes, this story is typos abound! It requires a bit of an edit, which I shall be conducting very soon!

I agree - some of the Victoires out there are less than likeable, but I tried to make her a bit different from the rest! And because Teddy really can be very dense!

Ooh! That's a really good idea! They're a really fluffy couple for me, so who knows? Maybe there's another story for them somewhere out there!

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Review #19, by ginnys twin Problems

5th May 2013:
I'm sitting here laughing my head off. Where in the world did you get the idea for his HAIR being a MOOD RING? And his GRANDMOTHER being a DRAGON? Or GREEN HAIR being a sign for HELPING MOTHER NATURE? This was great!!! A bit cliche, but funny, emotional, and perfectly in character. I gush, I can't help it. Again, WHEN MORE SNUFFLES? (This is in regards to like a house on fire, not this story).



Author's Response: You may have to wait a very long time for an update on Like a House on Fire. I'm approaching exam time, and that means quite a few assignments as well. However, at the latest, an update should happen by the beginning of July.

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Review #20, by marauder5 Problems

30th April 2013:
Review tag!

Oh my God! This was hilarious! I'm still smiling goofily (kind of like Teddy's smile in this story - that says enough, doesn't it?)

I absolutely LOVED this. You obviously have a talent for writing humour, and fluff, because this is one of the best one-shots I have rad in those genres. Like this right here: "And by that, he meant that it dropped right out of his body and straight into the Kitchens below their feet (this could be rather inconvenient if, say, one had other plans concerning their stomach, such as digesting recently consumed bacon and eggs)." That's just a perfect paragraph! Man, I wish I could write like this!!

It was also funny that it took Teddy so long to figure out that he was in love with her. He reminds me a bit of Ron in that aspect. Victoire was so sweet when she asked him out - she was so shy about it, which seems very realistic.

Overall, this was a fantastic story! I have no criticism for you, because I loved every little bit of it!!! :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Aww! Thank you so much! And I can totally imagine the goofy smile!

*blushes* I can't keep on saying thank you, but I'll say it again. This was my first shot at a completely fluffy and romantic piece, although my novel is pretty fluffy and romantic! That line about Teddy's stomach was one the most fun lines to write, behind the one about chimpanzees and National Geographic!

And Teddy's really just your average run-of-the-mill idiotic guy, who just takes a while to read the signs! And awkward Victoire is adorable and awkward!

Okay, I'm gonna say it just one more time - thank you so much!

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Review #21, by dreamer21 Problems

27th April 2013:
hii there, im here from the review tag so.. this was so cute.
mother earth was just hilarious. hahaha james *heart*
they are soo cute,
how Teddy couldnt make sense and Victorie being herself. very cute. im in awe of this,
keep writing,

Author's Response: I love fluff and romance, and they work so well together, I couldn't help it.

The Mother Earth line felt like something James might say!

Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #22, by Illuminate Problems

24th April 2013:
Hi! Review Tag!

I chose this story because I've written a Teddy/Victoire oneshot too, and I've never read another one before :)

This is so cute! Your descriptions are really colourful and realistic, and you can clearly imagine everything you describe, from the way Teddy feels to his bright green hair.

Your dialogue is good too, nice and believable, you can imagine how they're been friends all their lives.

I like the list of all his problems too, cool to read :)

Good job!

Author's Response: There is a serious lack of Teddy/Victoire stories around! I thought it was high time I helped to rectify that problem!

Cute and fluffy was for what I aimed! Thank you!

Their dialogue was the hardest, so I'm really happy to hear this!

Haha, yeah, his problems were pretty fun to come up with!

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #23, by HandofGlory Problems

23rd April 2013:
Oh, so many problems. I can teach Wizard's Chess to Teddy!

Anyway, I loved all the detail you put in for just one quick conversation. I liked getting into Teddy's head of what was going on. It was nice seeing how Teddy and Victoire started dating.

Very good one-shot. I wish though that we got to see the date at Hogsmeade. I imagine it would still be awkward.

Author's Response: I can't play chess to save my life, so I thought it was about time that one of my characters shared my chargrin over that particular skill, or lack thereof.

I had to make the conversation interesting, so I tried to make it as tense and awkward as the parameters allowed. Hopefully, I succeeded.

Haha! A lot of people have been wanting to see their Hogsmeade date! Maybe I'll write a companion piece for this one day!

Thank you for your wonderful review!

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Review #24, by AlexFan Problems

16th April 2013:
I love how you ended this. I loved the beginning and then the giant smile on my face got even bigger when I saw how you ended it.

I don't know why, I just really love the ending to this.

I've recently become obsessed with Teddy/Victoire stories as well (although it doesn't come close to my James/Lily obsession).

I just, there are no words to describe how much I really, I really, I really love this! If you do decide to write a Teddy/Victoire or another one-shot about them, tell me because I will most definitely read it!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm glad you enjoyed the ending - I thought it might have been too repetitive!

Nothing will ever come close to my Jily obsession. That particular obsession knows no bounds. It does not obey any laws of the universe. It is a force unto itself. Such is the fate of a Jily shipper.

And I'm really happy to hear how much you enjoyed this! I just wanted that when someone read this, they'd have a smile on their face, because people can always smile more than they do!

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Review #25, by Lululuna Problems

15th April 2013:
Hi there, I'm here from the review thread!

First of all, I really liked the introduction of Teddy's problems. I think they did a good job of setting him up as a next generation character by referring back to the older characters, but also establishing his individual personality. Also, his grandmother a dragon?? Very intrigued.

I also like how Victoire is in Ravenclaw-nice change from the Weasleys dominating Gryffindor. The line about his chimpanzee smile was also quite hilarious, and it was just too perfect that Rose would want to watch National Geographic. I'm sure her mum would approve.

The part about the cactus made me laugh as well. How does one manage to kill off a cactus??! Also, it did not surprise me one bit that the greenhouses would have carnivorous and hazardous plants.

Loving the awkwardness. Clearly poor Teddy's mind is going a mile per minute. Their relationship seems very believable and cute, and it's refreshing to read Victoire not as an over-confident mean girl who can get any boy she likes (Fleur-style), but as nervous that Teddy doesn't like her back.

The repetition at the end was very effective too. I really enjoyed the story, it was fluffy and sweet and made me happy. :)

Author's Response: That introduction was difficult to write, so I'm glad you liked it! And Andromeda Tonks is nothing but a dragon - in the most complimentary sense possible.

The Victoire in my head fit better in Ravenclaw than she did in Gryffindor, I guess. And you can't have something like half the population of Hogwarts in Gryffindor, because they're all Potter-Weasleys! The chimpanzee thing was from an episode of The Wild Thornberrys - I have no idea why I remember it from so long ago, and it seemed fitting that Rose would be a National Geographic nut!

I've killed numerous cactii. The trick is too love them too much.

Teddy is just your average, awkward boy, with the not-so-average, awkward realisation that his best friend is the love of his life. My mind would be going at a mile per minute, too!

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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