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Review #1, by adluvshp naming

12th June 2015:
Hello! Here from Slytherin to review your story for the House Cup 2015.

I loved this! Your characterisation of Luna is spot on. You really got into her head and did her character justice.

The beginning bit was very touching - how Luna was afraid of forgetting her mother. It is natural to happen because she was only a kid when her mom died, yet her fear and her desperation came through believably and wonderfully.

The idea that it was Luna's mother who had taught her the names, who had induced her to believe, is very sweet. It makes sense how Luna clings to these beliefs always - they're almost like her mother's legacy to her.

The name "Stargirl" is very sweet and I like how Luna's mother called her that. That was a very nice little detail and it fits Luna's personality in a way.

Her encounter with the thestral is beautifully written. Luna's emotions during the scene were very well described. You also got Hagrid's dialogue and tone perfectly so kudos for that.

The ending just broke my heart. So many deaths. And the way she named the thestrals was so heart breaking. So tragic yet bittersweet ending.

All in all, this was very well written. Your descriptions were beautiful and powerful, and characterisations perfect. Great job!

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Review #2, by lily naming

2nd January 2014:
sweet story. Thanks so much for sharing. I always love reading about Luna :)

The naming idea was brilliant!

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Review #3, by The Hive Queen naming

25th December 2012:
Oh man, this was... this was absolutely chilling! I loved it!

It started off well enough, you began moving things along, I saw that it would be about naming things, and Luna getting over her mother. I saw you explaining away Luna's nicknames and her reasons for loving all sorts of odd creatures, but man, the Thestrals! The "herd of Death." The ending was so, so perfect here, it all fit together so well! Naming the Thestrals after people who have died; so fitting. Sort of like coming full circle, in an odd sort of way. And it fit in brilliantly with your original topic, the importance of names! Very, very well done!

This was such a clever take on Thestrals. And Luna, of all people, was the perfect one to slip in and be the character that named them. It all felt very natural, the way you described it. I could just see Luna, making friends with the Thestrals, no big deal, having a solemn moment, and all the students in the background laughing at her. Very realistic.

And it makes sense for the Thestrals, too, to have names of their own. They're not death, they're just creatures who are made visible by death. And when they become visible, they need names. Of course.

Such a great job here, I really, really enjoyed it! I'll have to remember to come back and favorite it once my secret identity has been unveiled, muahaha. ;) Anyway, have a very happy holiday!!!

Author's Response: First of all, I wanted to say thank you for all of the absolutely lovely reviews - they really made my day and I loved them! (Also, the names were brilliant - I had a big smile on my face, so thank you!)

I have to admit that posting this made me a bit nervous, as it's a bit of a strange idea that I just decided to go with and write, so I am relieved that it seemed to work. It was inspired by a topic on the forums that I read a while back about what Luna's boggart would be, and somebody suggested Thestrals, and I started thinking about what they represented and how Luna might feel about them.

I am very glad that it makes sense outside of my head, haha! :)

Thank you so much! Means a lot. :)

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Review #4, by Siriusly89 naming

12th December 2012:
This. Is. Amazing! And not only because I love Luna, and I would be content reading a story about her buying soup, but THIS IS BRILLIANT! Her connection with the thestrals is so heart warming! I love it! So much! Ahhh! 10/10! And please write more Luna :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) (and yes, I love Luna, I'd read about her doing anything too!) I'm so glad you liked it! ♥ And I'll do my best. :)

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