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Review #1, by EstrellaBella The Luckless

5th January 2013:
Hey, EstrellaBella from the forums here for the review tag!

I really enjoyed reading this; it's so refreshing to come across a really original piece. I particularly love how you have incorporated art into the story. I'd also like to note that after reading this I am sincerely jealous of your writing style and the quality of your story telling. You have a real gift.
I also really like how Lucy is the main character for a change, she is so often overlooked. And your characterisation of Scorpius was brilliant! I think he's totes adorable.
Not a very in-depth or critical review but the bottom line is I really enjoyed reading this and now offer you all of my praise :D
Great job!
It's a bit irrelevant but the banner is absolutely gorgeous!

Author's Response: hey there! ooh, thank you so much :3 being an art student, I do like writing about art, heee. And I love my Lucys and my wee pathetic Scorpiuses.

thank you very much! (and thank Lucie Longhorn for the banner, haha) ♥

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Review #2, by Ravenclaw333 The Luckless

15th December 2012:
Hey! Fantastic writing from you, as always, and this really is a brilliant example of bromance. I loved how you've covered the friendship from the beginning, including but not overdoing the differences between Lucy and Scorpius' social groups and the fact that he's not someone people would admit to hanging out with - that was very well done. I loved how they just fell into a familiar and relaxed friendship (based entirely on biscuits.) I'm assuming this story fits into the Starving Artists/Weather for Ducks universe (correct me if I'm wrong) but at this stage the relationship is purely platonic. Overall, this was just a real feel-good friendship story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for entering the challenge!

Author's Response: thank you so much! well, biscuits are a sort of gateway drug into friendship, hehe. and no, actually! it has nothing to do with that universe - actually, I do write a hogwarts-era story for that universe, but Lucy only has cameo appearances and isn't friends with Scorpius at all in that. this is very similar, I know, but a totally different universe ;) thank you so much for reviewing, I really enjoyed writing it! ♥

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Review #3, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne The Luckless

13th December 2012:
oh great! Julia's written another story about artists that involves Lucy and Scorpius!!! :D
Seriously though, I love this little story xD
Fake Beards, Artsy Scorpius and Clumsy Lucy... who could resist?
Love it!

Author's Response: haha, thank you so much! ♥

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