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Review #1, by Lizzie Letting Go

22nd January 2018:
Wow... this chapter just gets me every time. It's probably my third time reading it. There's very few stories on this website (or at all) that make me cry, but this is one of the few. The way that you write it, the emotion and the complete and total sincerity, is incredible. I've never experienced anything even remotely as sad as Lily does in here, but every time I read this, I feel as if I am Lily. I feel everything that she's feeling. That's not something that many authors can do; you really have a gift for this. But really, I just wanted to tell you that I love this story and everything about it, from the way that you portray all of the parts of Lily to the typical life at Hogwarts. This is an incredible story, largely in part to how much you manage to bring your characters to life. I know it's been a long time since you wrote these characters, but I'm sure I am not the only person who would love to see more of their stories. Of course, only if there's something telling you that you should (pls don't force it :)). All in all, this is amazing and thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoy coming back to this to this story; I wrote this at a pretty difficult, lonely moment in my life, so I think I was mostly writing my feelings, so that's where the emotion and sincerity came from- on the other hand, as far as I can remember, Lily felt real when I was writing her. She was special to me and getting the emotion right, even if the writing wasn't my best, was crucial, so I'm glad you feel everything she's feeling.
It's so kind of you to say I have a gift for it. My experiences on this website- the community, the reviews, the people- are the reason I'm currently sat on my sofa in my post-grad uni house, studying English and Creative Writing for my master's rn. I didn't really know how to respond to this review- you're an emotional writer yourself- but I'm mostly just grateful these characters are still loved. I don't think I'm going to write any more stories for them (as you can imagine, I'm pretty busy writing other stuff now and as soon as I'm done with my final portfolio I'm going to start serious attempts to get published), but I think it's been so long and my life has changed so much I wouldn't do them justice. I don't want to ruin them, tbh.
So, I'm sorry I'm not writing any more, but thank you so much for this review. It means a lot to me.

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Review #2, by Sal Wide Awake

17th January 2017:
you're doing amazing! i love this :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #3, by CharmAurorG To Be Good

21st March 2016:
Hello :) I've just read both of your stories (In my blood; In my head) within day! So addicting! :) You are incredible writer with well-developed stile and characterization is so complex and unique. I enjoyed it so much! I hope you will write more stories about this universe, it's just perfect. Amazing! :)


Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me so long to respond!
Thank you for reading, I'm so glad you liked them :) I hope you still got enough sleep, though. Sleep is important.
That's so wonderful to hear. I have several stories planned, and one half-written, but university has taken it's toll on my writing in my spare time because it's part of my degree now, but this has encouraged me to tackle one of them in the summer. Thank you!
gingergenower xxx

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Review #4, by that_infinite_moment To Be Good

25th June 2015:
I read both of these stories in four hours and in those four hours I have cried and I have literally laughed at loud and squealed and did I mention I cried -because I did and a lot by the way - I don think I have ever been this impressed by a story like ever. These stories kept me up til four in the morning when I wake up in two and I don't regret a single second of it. I wow. Just wow.

Author's Response: Oh wow. Four hours?? You have an impressive reading speed :) I'm sorry you cried, but glad you laughed. And squealed! (also, I apologize for the loss of sleep). Thank you so much for the review! Have a great day :)

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Review #5, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins To Be Good

15th March 2015:
Good God...I don't think I've EVER felt this kind of emotion at ANY written work, be it on this site or in print.
I...I'm just stunned speechless. You have such remarkable talent. Please tell me you're going to have originals in bookstores someday.
Also. Can I marry Gardner? I mean, I'm pretty firmly on my team, but I would not think twice if she proposed marriage.
It's just.
I have no words. None. Thank you so much for this.

Author's Response: That's an incredible compliment. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm studying English and Creative Writing in university right now, and I hope it's on the cards someday.
I think Gardner would be cool with that. Although she might demand you do the proposing ;)
You're welcome, and thank you so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #6, by Potterblotter To Be Good

30th July 2014:
Ok. Oh my gosh. Wow. These two stories (in my blood/head) have been fantastic. Thank you so much for being you and writting these. Your wtitting style is so unique and FUN!! I love it! And I love your characters! Or portrayal of them that is. I was absolutely absorbed with In my Blood and was gutted by the last couple chapters (they were so sad) and I kinda freaked out that that's where it was going to end. BUT THERE WAS HOPE!! And it was called In my Head! And it also blew my mind. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed reading these two stories and I think by far my favourite character is Proffessor Gardner. How dope is she!!
All I can say, is thank you again and if you ever feel like writing with these characters again, I will totally read them. You can't stop me ;)
Now if you exusse me, I'm gunna go snoop the rest of your stories and probably read the lot.

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so, so glad you enjoyed them- they're stories that are very special to me. You're welcome, and thank you for saying so. I thought this was my weaker writing style, but people seem to enjoy these much more than other styles I've written in, and it's great to hear you liked it :)
(I love my characters too, but probably a different way to you)
Yeah... the ending of In My Blood was not the nicest. But In My Head was beginning to develop as soon as I finished it, so I kind of knew it would be happier than it seemed.
Ooh, Professor Gardner, I like her too. She is pretty wicked, but my softest spot is for James. (He's such a sweetheart)
You're absolutely welcome! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review; it's made my day.
My friend is adamant that I write some one-shots on them, and I haven't ruled it out. And I would never stop you ;)
There's not that many, but thank you anyway. Have a great day!

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Review #7, by Mia To Be Good

22nd May 2014:
Hi! Congrats on finishing, an amazing and inspirational story that made me cry countless times! I read In My Blood first , and I love how it starts so light and bubbly, then progresses into a heartbreaking drama. I'd love for you to write more stories, I'd definetly read them! At the start of In My Head, Lilys situation really rang home for me, as I've been living in an Asian school, (I'm English) and am excluded because of being the only expat. But hey, let's loom on the bright side! I got to read this amazing story! Harry Potter has been my guide and inspiration ever since my six year old self picked up the Philosiphers Stone.

I'm rambling, aren't I?

Anyways, well done! :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! Ooh, I'm glad you enjoyed In My Blood too, that was a terrifying fanfiction piece to put up because it was my first one! I have another full novel up on this website, but it's mostly my original characters. If you mean stories on Ellie or Lily, I'm not sure I'm going to do any more- their stories are finished. However, I am thinking of doing some stuff on Katie Bell and Oliver Wood- the story of them getting together. Sound good? :)
I'm so sorry you're being excluded :( that really sucks. I'm always up for a chat- type in my username on tumblr and you should be able to find me if you're ever feeling lonely, okay? You're not alone.
JK totally changed my life too.
Thank you very much for reviewing, Mia- get in touch if you ever need/want to, okay? I hope everything turns out good for you.

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Review #8, by Pond To Be Good

8th May 2014:
Please write another. I'm so in love with this story.

Author's Response: I have some prequel ideas floating around, which I'm hoping to write eventually. If that helps at all. :) I'm glad you like it; thank you.

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Review #9, by Erjona To Be Good

21st February 2014:
Hey amazing author!!! :D
OMG i can't believe i'm doing this! I've been reading fanfiction for more than a couple of years now and that's my first review ever!! I always felt that my opinion wouldn't mean a think, but I just couldn't NOT write to you!
I started In my Blood yesterday and today I've finished In my Head, and I have an exam on Monday but whatever! Both your stories were so touching, and I swear I hadn't cried that much for way too long.
Personally, I am a Scorose shipper until the very end and I only read fanfiction set on the Next Generation era and while searching for some good Scorose story I came across In my Blood, and bless your heart girl you know how to write and how to make hearts melt! Thank you for giving birth to Ellie and for the way you portrayed the whole Wotter clan they were all described and they all acted as I always imagine them too. Your portrayal of Harry and Ginny and the other adults was amazing too! I know i'll be reading your story again, and thanks to you I now love Lily Luna because she was finally come to life as the true daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter and not as the selfish and too girly girl that I've come across in most ff.
I don't know what else to say, just so know -if you haven't already guessed :P- i enjoyed your stories immensly! And i hope you are thinking of writing another story with the same characters like 'In my Heart' or something and each chapter being from a Wotter kid point of view so that we can get an Idea what their futures were like -I'm just suggesting here, no pressure :)
Thanks again and more thanks to Ellie and Lily!
All my love to you Ginger, and to Ellie, Lily, Al, James, Rose, Scorp, Roxy, Fred (oh, you get the idea),

PS.: I'm retyping the review cz I lost my internet connection and it was all deleted, and i promise my original review was way better but i just can't put my brain together and remember what i wrote.
PS2.: I don't have a HPFF account and i don't know if my review will be posted. Hopefully it will.
PS3.: xoxoxo again! And sorry but i'm too hyper!

Author's Response: Hello awesome reader! :) Sorry it took me a while to respond, I haven't checked the website in a few days.
Oh, that's so flattering- I'm honored to be your first review. That means so much to me! Blimey, you're a speedy reader, but sorry for taking away your revision time... whoops o.O I hope it goes great anyway, good luck!
I'm very, very pleased you enjoyed it.
I do need to write a ScoRose story! I really want to, but I just haven't hit inspiration yet. I really don't want to do a typical will-they won't-they, so that's probably still a few years away. Aww, thank you! I'm happy I didn't screw up the characters for you.
Guhh, don't remind me about some of the characterization of Harry's kids in some fanfiction. It's completely up to the writers, at the end of the day, but I think it's really boring when they're caricatures of an aspect of Harry or Ginny, or worse, 2D, with no real motives or interests. I did try not to do that.
I'm very glad you did. I had never thought of doing something like that, and I really like the idea (and that title, 'In My Heart' would be wicked) I'd rather not. It's mostly because my favourite characters to write are the Next Gen, and finishing their stories in that way would probably ruin them for me. I wouldn't ever be able to write full novels on them, and that's what I'm best at, so for the moment I'm probably not. However, 'In My Heart' remains to be an awesome title and I'm definitely going to keep in mind in case I do have ideas. Thank you for the suggestions :) they take my mind to different places, which is useful as a writer.
All my love to you, Erjona. Thank you for such a lovely review :)

PS. Urgh, that sucks! Thank you for doing another one, I really appreciate it.
PS2. It did! and usually always will.
PS3. xoxoxoxoxox you can never be too hyper! ;)

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Review #10, by JKsarmy To Be Good

4th January 2014:
I know I'm a little late here but your writing is mind blowing. I'm literally speechless! I've laughed, I've cried and I've jumped with joy (not literally, but almost...) whilst reading this.

These two stories and you as an author will always have a special place in my heart, thank you:) x

Author's Response: Absolutely not late. Reviews are never late :) and oh my goodness, thank you so much! That's so nice of you to say- glad you enjoyed it (although sorry about the tears). 
I love all my readers, but my reviewers I cannot ever forget, so thank you too- this is really important to me :) x

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Review #11, by Phoenix_Feather49 To Be Good

10th November 2013:
*Cough, cough*
Please don't murder me. I'm here. You know, after like five months or whatever. I don't even have an excuse so I can't aologise enough. I was tempted to leave a review like:
just over and over again but I actually wanted to chat so I decided not.
So, it took me ages to actually get round to reading the last chapter in the end because my school likes to heap up the workload at the end of the year and surprise us with the fact that my lovely ICT teachers cocked up and we have to redo a load of work. Oh yes I love them very much. And then I read the chapter but I didn't get chance to review... Then other stuff came up and I kept forgetting and then holidays and then it was suddenly school again and college and then I kept putting it off and putting it off and then I had a little break down of 'I need to finish my story' so didn't do anything but WRITE and then here I am.
You are perfectly within your rights to set a large group of ninjas on me. I would understand and agree. I don't deserve my name being in that list in your Author's Note (thanks for that by the way! It meant a lot!).
So now we're going to pretend that it is 23rd of June (when I promised to read this chapter) and I'm going to actually review...

I WAS RIGHT! You had some sort of a happy ending :) That made me so incredibly happy and relieved! Finally Lily got a break... I liked how it wasn't a complete 'and they all lived happily ever after' ending- you didn't finish finish the story if you get me? You've left it open. You've hinted that life gets better but obviously, Lily isn't completely okay yet and this is a high school relationship, so Jack and Lily might not stay together (I so hope so!). Ellie isn't perfectly better but she's on her way too.

AND ALBUS AND ELLIE I MEAN YES. I always felt really sorry for Albus in this story, even though he wasn't really mentioned too much. Having a crazy girlfriend can't be very easy. So I'm glad you gave him that piece of happiness.

Lily's choice to drop the subjects was definitely a good one. I have no idea why I was so pleased about that but I was... But I was somewhat sort of disappointed when she resigned from Head Girl- I think she could have done it really, but I totally agree with why she did it and why she was happy etc etc.

Professor Gardner is just one sassy lady who just secretes awesomeness. I wish I had a teacher like that... Instead I have teachers who lose work -_- The fact that Lily got the job made me forgive her for dropping stuff and it really made me happy. Now she can do what she loves!

So I was really happy with how this story ended. It really put an end to things in a good way. I'm very satisfied actually. I will miss Lily and Jack and Ellie and the team, but I definitely think that you've done the right thing putting them to rest. I feel like you've really got them sorted and it does feel very final.

BUT I am very excited for your next project! I hear that it's coming in January, yes? Only a few months away! Any clues as to what it's about? Will it be as horrifically feel-filled and sob-worthy? I'll be back as soon as it goes up and I'll be a good reviewer I promise. My story is ending soon too so it was comforting to read one of my favourite author's endings funnily enough.

So, my review is coming to an end! I hope you can forgive me and will reply (you'll see it anyway thanks to the wonderful if slightly guilt-tripping 'unanswered review' notification).

I've missed our hilarious (if I do say so myself) chats and I will continue to miss them until your next project! I'll see you again soon.


P.S ALSO DID YOU DELIBERATELY USE A NERDFIGHTERS THING AT THE END? If you did it accidentally, just ignore me. But you don't forget to be awesome, GingerGenower ;)

Author's Response: OH MY GOD I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH YAYAYAY YOU'RE BACK *throws a party with cookies and hp film marathons*
*cough cough* I'm totally not a creep *cough*
Eh, don't worry about it. I figured something super-important had popped up and I don't like to pressure people into reviewing just because they have before... it feels like I'm exploiting them or something. *shrugs*
Urgh, that sucks about your ICT. If it's any consolation I did GCSE ICT and everyone hates it equally, whether they're me, who can just about make a powerpoint, or they're a professional hacker. So resenting every second you're in lesson is completely normal. Revel in it. Do a prank at the end of it (don't tell my high school but I caused some trouble when I left o/ ).
Bridge over the water, or something. People are always busy. I'm just glad anyone spends any time reading or reviewing my stuff, but you spend SO MUCH time reviewing I'm always happy to see your (user)name.
Congrats on the writing!! I'm awfully lazy at the moment with my writing habits, but I'm trying to get better.
Nahh, I'll set some chocolate monkeys on you instead. Eat them while you work and write. (you're welcome!)
YOU WERE RIGHT! I did want a happier ending than In My Head but it's like I have a block about writing 'happily ever afters'. I can read them fine, but writing them is physically impossible, so I just got as close to as possible. I really think Jack and Lily had a shot at a good, serious relationship. They'd have to start over, of course, but I can really see them attending James and Chelsea's wedding together or something.
(I'm almost entirely convinced Ellie makes a full recovery after catching up on sleep.) Yeah. Unfortunately, Al didn't really have a place in here, but he's a sort of parallel to Lily- he's entirely devoted to Ellie, but unlike Lily he's building his own life as well. Me too :)
You have no idea how long it took me to decide what subjects she was dropping. I mean, /seriously/, it was way too long. And I don't think she was ever the best Head Girl- too much of a free spirit.
I've only ever met a couple of Professor Gardners in my time, but when I do I'm always inspired. They actually care, y'know? I KNOW SHE GOT THE JOB IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO FIGURE OUR GARDNER WOULD DO THAT >.<
I'm glad you were. It definitely felt like more of a peaceful conclusion that In My Blood had, and was certainly better to write. I felt like all the characters were settled and pretty happy :)
Don't remind me! My January deadline is looming ever closer, although I'm on about 20,000 words right now, then I'm going to edit as I post. I'm really excited about this one- it's very different to any HP-fanfic /I've/ ever found, but I'm sure someone has done a version of it before. It's called 'Superhero'- basically, this girl uses magic on muggle criminals. Normal muggles think she's great (they think she's a muggle, comic book superhero come to life), the ministry thinks she's threatening the Statute of Secrecy so they're not too happy about it, and the Daily Prophet wants to get an exclusive about who she is. She really struggles- there is a /lot/ of attention on her but she can't tell anyone about it, and yeah... it's her story. It's better than it sounds, I promise! Give one or two chapters a try, then judge it :) Unfortunately, it may be horrifically feel-filled and sob worthy. Sorry. :/ Aww, that made me go all fuzzy >.< you cutie patootie.
Of course I've forgiven you and I'll always try to reply (I'm not even kidding I got so excited when I saw that counter it means I don't have to load about eight different pages anymore to figure out if I have a review *does dance*).
We are kinda freaking hilarious. Maybe we were born with it. (I'll miss you like a bunch too, if it makes you feel any better.)
PS. YES I DID IT DELIBERATELY ohmigoodness I think I just fell in nerdfighterlike with you I hope that's okay with you and stuff. DFTBA, Pheonix_Feather49!! :D

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Review #12, by Lucy Letting Go

25th August 2013:
Omg I've read this story like 8 times and I almost cry like every single time when I read this chapter.
it's so sad. But I also love it soo much. It's a fantastic story and your an amazing author!

Author's Response: Really?! That's so flattering! :D ...that's less good. Sorry about that.
I'm glad you like it- thank you so much for your lovely review and for saying say so, it's very kind of you! :)

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Review #13, by shannon To Be Good

4th August 2013:
Read+reviewed 'in my blood' earlier and then couldn't stop reading this untill I had finished I read till 3.20am and fell asleep before I could review but just thought I'd let you know how amazing your story and writing is someone said in a review before that its the type that you think about for weeks after, that is so true so keep writing

Author's Response: Hello again! Oh goodness, sorry it kept you up so late :/ thank you very much! Oh, they did, yes- thank you. I will! Thank you for both of your reviews :)

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Review #14, by MissMoneypenny To Be Good

29th July 2013:
Yo Gingerzzz (so this makes my competition much easier)

Sorry for not reviewing earlier. I read it, then scarpered for a bit for some reason- I got hit by the IDEAS ASTEROID and was a bit busy writing and stuff. So sorry. Cause it really hurts, that IDEAS ASTEROID. And yes, you must say it in all-caps.
Isn't that ironic? All-caps in lower case? Hahahahaha. It just made my day.

*COUGH*. Back to the story. Sorry.
Yeah, at first I was disappointed it was quite a short story, but I've sort of got used to it now. Lily was a very complicated, deep character and I think this length suits her somehow.

I haven't always got on with Lily. At times I find her a bit...Irritating. Hard to read. Which I think you got exactly right because that's how depressed people are. Although she's mildly depressed. And you don't like the word. Neither do I.

Like Lily, her relationship with Jack is complicated. As it should be, really. But I think they COULD BE (ah, ah?) happy together.

Well, I really enjoyed this story. I apologise if I bombarded you with reviews. I didn't mean to. :'(
Do you have any other stories planned?

For the last time (or on IMB, anyway),

MissMoneypenny :)

P.S As for my name, and it sounding like it was out of book, have you ever heard of (you might not have, I'm told it's quite indie) James Bond? They're three little books about spies and there's also a couple of films. Don't worry if you haven't. :D

Author's Response: (Are you a gangster now? When did that happen?)
I'll forgive you, probably- ;) - IDEAS ASTEROID? Throw me some of those, they'd be very much appreciated! No apology needed, but accepted anyway. :) Tis very ironic. (I said that to my mum once when she was ironing my Shakespeare quote t-shirt. She was not impressed.) (in case you were wondering, 'this above all, to thine own self be true')
*coughcough* yes, you are right. Story. Hmm.
Aww, thank you. I'm glad it didn't disappoint you.
I don't think anyone entirely gets on with Lily, if that's any consolation. Her life choices are... not good, in my eyes. And I don't like her outlook on life in general, but she can't be tamed. *shrugs* Thank you. The word just has... SO much association. You hear depressed, you think a thousand other things. It's a heavy word.
I think they could be very, very happy together. And Lily could be happy on her own, which is a comforting thought, too. :)
I enjoyed your reviews probably as much as your enjoyed the story (possibly more), so don't you dare think I was annoyed by them- they were as fabulous as you are.
I am currently writing my next story! I'm really, REALLY hoping I'll be able to put it up on here, although it does push the boundary of 'crossover' quite a lot. If not, I'll definitely put it up somewhere, and tell you lot about it. (I know it's not a lot, but here's the unofficial-but-might-not-change title of the new story: 'Superhero'. It's completely different from anything I've written before and I really, REALLY like it. Oh, and what the heck, here's a clue about the plot: it relies heavily on muggles' lack of knowledge of magic.)

GingerGenower xxx

PS. I KNEW I KNEW THAT NAME. Not Matilda, BUT A BOOK NONETHELESS. I just didn't know where I knew that name from! Ooh, you're a Bond girl! Licence to... be Hot, and stuff. ;) it's been great hearing from you. Take care of yourself, okay?

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Review #15, by Fawkes394 To Be Good

18th July 2013:
THE END! I loved reading this and even though everything's happy (or really close to happy) and Lily's getting her dream job and she's ok with Jack and Ellie is getting better (yay), I want to read more!! I'm really going to miss reading about Lily... and Jack (I still like him even though he was a bit of a massive idiot). I also loved Ellie's short appearances, her letters made me laugh and James' too. And Professor Gardner was amazing, I would be terrified of getting on her bad side.

I'm really looking forward to reading more of your stories.

PS: You included me in the author's note! I feel flattered : )

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I hope it's everything you wanted it to be, and if not, something that's redeemed itself in ways you hadn't expected. Thank you for all your great support, it's been brilliant. I wish I could write more on them... but I think I'm happy with them now, so I don't want to spoil that.
Another one is in the works, so hopefully I'll see you there. :)
PS. Of course I did!

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Review #16, by Fawkes394 All My Fault

18th July 2013:
Hi. I can't believe it's been so long you've already finished writing this story! I feel bad about not reviewing earlier, don't think I feel obliged to, I just think if it were me I'd be happy if I had reviews from people who usually read my stories...

So much drama in this chapter!! Jack was hiding something, after all! I was here, hoping my suspicions were wrong, that it was just me being paranoid and he wouldn't hurt Lily : (

I kind of feel a bit proud of Lily for confronting Jack in such direct way, but creepy McFarland... just why!? Well, I know why, though I feel she's really going to regret sleeping with him.

Now, I shall continue reading : )

Author's Response: Helo! I know, it's been a long time. Oh, don't worry about it. Oh yeah, regular reviewers are great because I can usually rely on them not to be horrible. Thank you for that, by the way.
Of course he was. If I ever create a character that doesn't have a Big Secret, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. ;)
Yeah, Lily is kinda awesome. (I think anyone would regret sleeping with McSleezy)
Have fun!

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Review #17, by MissMoneypenny Predictable

16th July 2013:

Wow. I'm so confused.
Does Jack love Lily, or just like her?
...Sorry, I know you get annoyed when people ask you what's going to happen and stuff. pls forgive me or i will be like so disappoint


I liked Gardiner in this chapter, cos she was sort of feisty and protective, but I doubt in Britain (ignore this if you're American, sorry) you would get teachers acting like that. And teachers anywhere giving students permission to attack other students. There's like, laws and stuff.


bye xx

p.s glad my dad banning hpff made you laugh :( ...jk. xx

Author's Response: Never, ever, mess with the ginger. >.<
I think it's fair to say he LIKE-likes her, but he doesn't love her yet. They've only known each other a matter of weeks after all, and half of that has had issues.
Oh, I don't get annoyed, I just get AWKWARD. Like, imagine a ginger haired girl, wincing as though in severe pain as she types to answer a review attempting to both answer the question but not give everything away and ARGH PAIN.
Yeah, that's me.
Oh, I'm British too! And I know most muggle teachers wouldn't... but there just seems to be a different standard in Hogwarts. Like, Umbridge. *shudders* And to be fair, she wasn't giving PERMISSION. She was just saying if something did happen, she might not see it because she has a weird medical condition that prevents her from seeing vicious attacks on students if they're fair. :D
Laws? What is that madness? This is HOGWARTS. ;)
byebye! xx
PS. Sorry... it was just really funny. :) xx

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Review #18, by MissMoneypenny Letting Go

14th July 2013:
that chapter was emotional.
i agree with lily.
even though she's acting like a hormonal teenager.
i hate jack.
harry used a dumbledore trick, gingerninja. ~penny. x

Author's Response: *whispers and hugs*
I'm sorry.
(Sorry about the hormones, but I do think she's justifiably angry)
Aww, poor Jack.
(He did, Penny. He did.)

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Review #19, by MissMoneypenny All My Fault

14th July 2013:
Hello, GingieGen! Remember me?

I'm sorry it's been such an appallingly long time. My dad found out how much time I spent on hpff and sort of... banned it. So...yeah.
HI HI HI! I missed my little contest (all the nicknames, y'know?) and I'm pretty proud of GingieGen.

ANYWAY, onto important stuff-- like the story, par exemple. (Just had a French test, if you can't tell. I have no idea if that's spelt right.)
This chapter was so horrible. All along we thought Jack was the good guy , the one who was gonna make Lily happy again (she is REALLY bitter isn't she) and now it turns out he's a cheat. So, so sad.

I know we've talked about why Lily is so unhappy and everything, but does she actually have depression or something? Just a thought. Although I suppose that would be a bit repetitive, what with Ellie and everything.

Again, sorry for being ages! :)
~MissMoneypenny (or Penny) xx

Author's Response: Of course I remember you. I love your username, it always sounds like it's jumped straight out of a children's book, like Matilda. It sounds like a character name.
...anyway. Apologies for me creeper-ing on your name.
You have no idea how loud I laughed at that- my mum came upstairs and I read it out to her. Oh, dear. >.< at least you're back now.
I loveee GingieGen. (say it with a French accent as well)
I took French throughout high school, and neither do I, so we'll just pretend you were right and yay we're both wicked.
I'm sorry. I know- he seemed like such a great person, didn't he? (yes, she really is). I'm sorry.
I think she is just suffering with the circumstances of her situation- although I never say the word depression, I think she might be mildly depressed.
It's absolutely fine- I'm just glad you're okay, aside from starvation of hp fiction.

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Review #20, by Phoenix_Feather49 Predictable

22nd June 2013:

I am still alive, I am not dead, nor have I abandoned you. School and personal crackers has been incredibly hectic (my mother is having an operation- it's all fine, nothing serious- but the NHS have cocked up with one thing or another and it's all been a little crazy :D).

ANYWAYS, I haven't been writing or coming on here unless to answer my own reviews so I haven't had chance to check on this. THEN I LOG ON TODAY AND WHAT IT'S FINISHED THERE'S ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN OMR I'M SO SORRY I MISSED IT!

Incidentally, in reply to your answer to my review, I only found out it was finished from my friend who I text about this story :) She texted me like:
So I knew it was something to do with you (any random letters or something to do with "feels"=you hurting/pleasing her in some way), hence the logging on. I really should be finishing up coursework, but hey ho. There's an anecdote for you ;)

As for my theory? I'm sticking to my age old theory that you will suddenly turn everything around and have a happy ending. Ellie's looking better- I WAS RIGHT (well not really.)- so I'm sticking with my gut feeling which is you'll have a happy ending of some sort (as happy as you can get ;)). Or you'll make it terribly sad and everyone will die or something. I'm hoping for the first idea.

BY THE WAY, thank you for making Ellie better, that made my day :)

BUT JACK'S LETTER! That was heartbreaking (do you now understand the "feels" bit about you?) but beautiful. You have something for writing about degenerative diseases that is beautiful, if you get me. They seem to crop up quite a lot but I love it because I don't think they get spoken about enough; I love the way you write it in and it's so sad.

Anyways, that's it from me for now! I can't read the next chapter right now (I want to save it- I'll probably read it tomorrow) because of homework :( Another cracking chapter, I can't wait to finish it up!

On a tad Americano note, Professor Gardner kicked butt ;)

Author's Response: OMG YOU'RE BACK. I'VE BEEN REALLY WORRIED *hugs* *gives cup of tea* *sits down on sofa and gossips*
I'm really glad you're okay :) School is insane, I completely understand- and I hope your mum feels better. Give her a hug from me- silly NHS! Hopefully they'll fix their mistake, thought. Both my parents have undergone major surgery with the NHS and they're both perfectly fine, so hopefully your mum will be too.
Urgh, I check this thing most days even though I haven't updated in weeks. I totally understand that :P OH YEAH, BY THE WAY- THERE'S ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT SO BE READY FOR THAT AND STUFF.
Haha, I bet that was hilarious! (okay, well that totally made MY day. Could you tell her thank you from me if she doesn't read these reviews? Thank you :) Oh, dear. I've done it: I'm finally infamous. ;) Ooh, go do the coursework then come back! It'll be far more satisfying :P (says me, avoiding all the things I need to do)
Age old, is it? That's cool. Hope your theory pulls through. OR DO I
I'm so mean.
You're welcome :)
...I didn't actually realise I'd used two degenerative diseases in one novel. Huh. That's a good point :) which is interesting, because my next one doesn't have any so far (should start posting in Jan if you're interested, FYI). Thank you so much- to be honest, I think that adults think that teenagers can't handle the emotions of it, and forget that some teenagers are forced to deal with it all around them... I don't tiptoe around emotions because they've never tiptoed around me, I guess.
Okey dokey! Like I said, I check it most days, so I'll answer asap. Thank you so much for reviewing again!
(she is awesome)

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Review #21, by rez To Be Good

29th May 2013:

read the whole of in my head again because I'd gotten abit lost over time, and just wow. yeah it seems a little bit anticlimatic/unresolved but really pretty much every loose end was tied up and you really pulled out some crazy resolutions there, so props to you!

you cutie, love the way you acknowledge your reviewers etc, makes me want to review all day long :)

as devo as I am that this is over, I'm looking forward to seeing what else is floating around in your crazy mind!

thank you for this gorgeous literary gift to the world. it's truly quite inspiring

love love love you!

Author's Response: Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry! I know it's stretched out a long time- glad you enjoyed it anyway :) I wanted a calm ending. I wanted it to be different to In My Blood, because it /is/ different- it's a lot more resolved. Aww, thank you!
Thanks. Well, most of the time I only keep writing because of the great support I have- you guys have as much power over me as I have over you. So, I should thank everyone when I can- it only seems right. Plus, it doesn't take that long to type everyone out.
Ooh, there's plenty. ;)
...thank you. I've said it a lot, but thank you.
love you too :)

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Review #22, by TheKnightBus To Be Good

29th May 2013:
Thank you for what is, in my opinion, a very happy ending to this story! I've thoroughly enjoyed In My Head just as much as In My Blood and you've made me love Lily just as much as Ellie which is quite an achievement. I'm so glad I decided to read these stories, it's been brilliant.

Author's Response: You're entirely welcome! I'm glad you have, I really did my best. Lily's just lovable in a different way :) thank you so much. It's been just as much a pleasure for me, I can assure you.

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Review #23, by sieb To Be Good

28th May 2013:
I am looking forward to your next story

Author's Response: Aww, thank you very much :) looking forward to hearing from you again!

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Review #24, by 1_madeline_3 To Be Good

28th May 2013:
But But...did Jack and Lily end up together like happily ever after?!!?

Author's Response: Well, I think they do. Do you? :) Thanks for all your support while I've been writing, you've been amazing. x

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Review #25, by Younger Wand To Be Good

27th May 2013:
So amazing! Never stop writing. Ever. You're a credit to the imagination of human beings

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your reviews, you've been great. (That last comment genuinely made me sit up at one in the morning and do a little happy dance. So... thankyouverymuchit'ssolovelyofyoutothinksoandIdon'treallyknowwhattosay.) x

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