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Review #1, by free elf 25 In Which Adela Falls Down a Lot

16th June 2013:
Question- is this going to end up with her and Albus or her and James? Anyway, love the story so far, everyone seems completely deranged, and update soon!

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Review #2, by Courtney Bloody Animals: What a Lovely Tapestry!

14th May 2013:
That was an interesting chapter. Hopefully Scorpius has to grovel to make it up to both girls as he was an all around prat and needs to get some payback. Did something happen between him and Rose yet because he seemed surprised to think she liked him? And if he keeps messing around with other girls, hopefully Rose will find someone who will treat her better. I wonder if Potter took her quills? Thanks for sharing.

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Review #3, by Gwen Of Amortentia and Emotional Girls

9th May 2013:
I actually don't understand why this story has not more favourits and stuff! You write in a very funny way and I hopehpoehpoe you upload a new chapter sooon(:(:

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Review #4, by free elf 25 In Which Adela is Left to Babysit a Lovesick Potter

7th May 2013:
I likey. You updatey. Got it? :D

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Review #5, by free elf 25 Sir Archibald and Love Potions

29th April 2013:
I love her, and them, and everything! And I'm fairly sure that was an extremely quick update, because I read chapter 4 just a couple of days ago. Am I right, or has my mental timer gone really weird? Anyway, I hope you update just as fast, because this story is crazily addictive!

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Review #6, by laughingfornow Pink Goop + Hair = Miracle

2nd February 2013:
Hi! I also reviewed a lot of the chapters on the story on Fanfiction(dot)net but I kinda wonder why you have only three chapters here when they are twenty one on the other one.
I don't mind much, seeing as I can't suscribe to this one but just a wonder thing.
I hope you update on both stories (more the other one but whatever) soon.
Laughingfornow (or Dawn Elliot. Both are me)

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