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Review #1, by TidalDragon Rose

19th April 2014:
Howdy! I'm here in the midst of chasing down every Golden Paw nominated story I haven't read yet (which is a lot, being so new to the archives and forums). I'm trying to R&R them all in time to vote properly so the race is on!

So on to your story! I liked the structure of it, alternatingly focused on Rose and her internal thoughts/feelings and flashbacks to the past. Looking past my general dislike for infidelity (IRL and fics), I definitely appreciated that you at least did a respectable job of handling the issue. Too many stories that involve cheating here don't treat it seriously enough or use it as a plot device (sometimes even a throw-away plot device) to separate a pairing (particularly canon pairs like Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione). You did NOT do that. You walked us seriously through the difficulties and conflicts Rose had being the "other woman". This was made more complicated and effective by the way you set her up as the "true love" at the same time - an interesting wrinkle.

I found her character to be believable and relatable and her emotions and reactions to be authentic and well-expressed.

Ultimately I'm not sure how I feel about the end. I think I might've preferred Rose's strength be vindicated by remaining separate from Scorpius (which is doesn't seem is going to happen), but I always say the plot belongs to the author and your ending was certainly not out of left field.

Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the feedback and the comments. I am a believer in HEAs and ultimately, I think everyone deserves theirs so that's where I was kind of going with this.

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Review #2, by LovlyRita Rose

22nd April 2013:
Hello Ral! I'm finally here to give you your last review!

Oh my goodness I loved this story! It's everything that I can't do, and that makes me love it even more!

Ok, let's start with Rose. I think that she is definitely the typical "other woman." I loved the way you used flashbacks in this, it really makes it a well rounded story, it doesn't make it feel like a one shot at all. Right out of the gate, you make us want Rose and Scorpius to be together, even though it starts with heartbreak.

I really like how he wasn't there in the beginning, and you start with Rose in the bed. I think this really is a great effect to proving that she kind of is being left behind. I especially loved the descriptions of how her eyes and hair have kind of lost their shine and sparkle, which really coincides with how she has suddenly lost faith in their illicit relationship and kind of realized that she can't live like this anymore.

The first flashback I really liked. Honestly, when i was reading this story I kept thinking...this is exactly the kind of relationship that I imagined for Rose and Scorpius. The way they keep it quiet and don't tell their families. I loved that and I think that it is probably a "canon" thing to do. But to me, it's so heart breaking that Rose was finally ready to take that leap, and then at last minute she is unable to due to his father's health condition. Just heart breaking.

Then, after his marriage, and when they start seeing each other, I think you did a great job with Rose here. She obviously doesn't want this to be the way that her life turns out, but she is so in love with him that she resigns to live her life like this anyway. So melancholic!

I thought Camille's reaction to this is so very cold. You would think that she would be broken up about it, but it seems as though she knew it all along. I think this is interesting, since it appears that both of their families still have some power left in the world, but the fact that her dad is becoming minister kind of, to me, makes it seem like she has the upper hand in the relationship, but then it really doesn't turn out like that. I liked the dialogue between Scorpius and Camille and the way he just walks out because he realizes he's losing the best thing in his life.

My favorite scene in the whole thing though, despite the end, was the part where Rose just tears the sheets off the bed and then tears off her clothes and cries while the water is hot. What a powerful image I had in my mind! You described it so well here, I just loved the level and attention to detail!

And then the ending! So sweet! I was so happy for them, and the fact that he showed up with a trunk! love!

The one thing I like about this is that, I know you wrote it for a Nicholas Sparks challenge but it really almost does read like a Nicholas Sparks book. so full of heartbreak, but uplifting at the end, which is fabulous.

Over all it was just so beautiful. I really enjoyed this read. Thank you!


Author's Response: First: apologies for taking so long to answer your review(s). You are awesome and your feedback is awesome and I don't even know where to begin with it all.

In relationships where there's another woman people always tend to look at her as the bad guy. But I feel that there are some moments in life where you have to make a choice because it's the right thing to do. Like Dumbledore said, the choice between what is right and what is easy.

As for Camille, it's something I've often heard of with wealthy families. The women know about their husbands affairs but keep quiet because they like their life style. And yes, she did have the upper hand, but in my heart I am a romantic and I do believe in happy endings and I wanted this for them!

The scene with Rose trying to get rid of Scorpius from her life by washing him away was something that was so vivid in my mind and I'm glad it got across in writing as well!

I have no words to express how humbled I am by your comments! You really made my day! ♥

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Review #3, by FallenTruths Rose

7th April 2013:
Hi Ral!

From the very first paragraph of this story I knew I was going to really enjoy it. The descriptions of Rose's heartbreak were so rich and powerful. I immediately felt connected to her and was pulling for her and Scorpius to end up together, even though Rose was technically the other woman having an affair with a married man. The emotions that you brought out of Rose were so strong and relatable to the reader. I could really feel her pain and why she was so upset and frustrated with the situation.

Your descriptions of Rose and Scorpius's relationship were great. You were able to perfectly portray how strong their relationship was in just a few lines. I particularly loved this part, "If she closed her eyes, the small trace of freckles on his back would be as clear to her as if he was standing in front of her eyes. She knew every mark, every scar, every joy and sorrow. Yet he shared his life with another." The two people clearly spent a lot of time together and knew each other very well even though they weren't living together. I also loved this line involving Scorpius, "And like never before, the rest of his life seemed like a vast and desolated desert." You do a wonderful job describing an emotion in so few words.

I also loved that you had Rose make the decision to give Scorpius an ultimatum. She did what she had to do for herself, and she knew that she deserved better. It made the ending so much sweeter as well. The complexity of their relationship was also great and very realistic. I can definitely see someone in a higher class like Scorpius being convinced to marry someone that he doesn't really love just to please his parents. It really is tragic that the couple wanted to be together all along but the judgment of the rest of the wizarding world kept them apart.

The only minor criticism I have is that the line breaks you included were a bit distracting, and I don't think they were needed. I found that they broke up the flow of your story a bit, and the flashbacks would certainly do fine on their own with just the italics. Your writing truly is lovely, and I will certainly be stopping by to read more of your work in the future.


Author's Response: Hello Alli!

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

The other woman is always frowned upon and I wanted to show a different side of this story. This is a woman who has given up so much of her life for this man and still he expected more, even if it was not on a conscious level.

I also don't think the prejudice could die down in just twenty or thirty years, something that has been so deeply implanted into the mind of the people for so long.

Thank you again for the lovely review!

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Review #4, by aquabluez17 Rose

7th February 2013:
Wow! this is amazing! great job!! i love the way you showed it! i am glad he choose Rose in the end.

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #5, by Jchrissy Rose

4th February 2013:
First of all, let me say that I apologize for you reading Save Him. Thats my least favorite piece of mine. Rawr.

This was so, so powerful. Let me get this small CC out of the way first -- delete the explanation about what the italics are at the beginning. Your writing is easily strong enough that its obvious were reading a flashback. You dont need to explain yourself. mdear.

Back to the actual piece. Roses pain... gah. The other woman type of story always sort of interests me. What makes a woman want to have to live like that? Is it her absolute love for the man that allows herself to be treated so poorly? Is it her desire to win him... to win the whole thing... its just such a fascinating topic. I love that Roses feelings were so genuine, and Scorpius being weak enough to take so long to leave his wife and follow his heart really fit in. imo. He was raised to listen to the words of his parents above all, and going back on all that and marrying a girl that his mother clearly wouldnt approve of would be so difficult. But Rose living as the woman that he truly loves but can never show it, having to (like she thinks in this) be alone on holidays, having to see pictures of his wife on his arm... gah. It would be terrible.

Im happy that you gave her a happy ending. Part of me wanted to tell her to slap him. To tell him that he doesnt deserve her anymore.. but at the same time Im so happy she followed her heart ♥

This was a gorgeous piece, mdear *wub face*.

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm so happy you liked this, since the plot bunny just wouldn't go away! It was terrible!

I don't necessarily agree with the "other woman" type of relationship, but in the case of these particular characters I found it fitting. I don't think that the world is just sunshine and butterflies and if they got together everybody would accept that.

Part of me also wanted to give him a good slap and he would've received it too, had he not moved in the same night. But I guess what I wanted to show is that not all men who lead double lives are liars? Does that make sense? I hope so.

And don't apologize for the story, I really enjoyed it!:)

Thank you for the lovely comment!

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Review #6, by Crescent Moon  Rose

21st January 2013:
I loved this one shot.
You made their relationship very realistic which I always seem to miss with sco/rose, with the whole 'who cares if we're from two completely different societies. Let's shout our relationship out to the world'.
Anyway, as I've said I loved it and I can't wait to read more of your work.

Author's Response: Haha, yes I know what you mean. Especially since the Weasleys are such a large family, it's a bit hard to say "I don't care I'll do what I want".

I'm so happy you liked this and thank you for the comment!

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Review #7, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Rose

21st December 2012:
Hello! Just tagging you from the review thread =)

This is an amazing one-shot! I'm a huge fan of Nick Sparks so had to read it when I saw you were using one of his quotes. I thought the whole story had a very sparks-like atmosphere and a lot of the same themes.

I really wish they had been able to be stronger and stuck together through everything but at least Scorpius came through in the end.

I loved the fact he picked Rose! I was worried as it would have been so easy for him to let her go. I thought the story was very realistic with Scorpius (who I loved by the way) being almost forced into the marriage against his wishes. I also loved the way he told his wife that he would always choose Rose it was so sweet and lovely.

All in all I thought this was an amazing piece and really well written! Good luck in the challenge - you deserve to do really well!


Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review!

I am a big fan of the Rose/Scorpius relationship but I think that they wouldn't have been able to hit it off without some bumps. The Malfoys being one of those bumps.

I'm happy you liked Scorpius, I was afraid he would come off a little... unlikeable, for lack of a better 12 + rated word.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

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Review #8, by Gryffindor Secret Santa Rose

17th December 2012:
Hello (:

Here's what I loved about this story.
You made something that I didn't necessarily like work.
And work not just being limited to making sense, but work as in I loved it!

See, I normally don't view Astoria Malfoy as someone cold and conniving and I don't normally view Draco and Astoria taking after Lucius and rigging systems because of money. So normally the whole conception of Malfoys being as bad as they were in the Hogwarts era doesn't really fly with me, but in here, it completely works.

I've always been a Rorpius fan but what I loved about Scorpius here was that he was willing to listen to his family's wishes, even though he realized he made a mistake later. You can't get anywhere without making mistakes and learning from it. But I also love that Scorpius didn't just completely ditch his family for his love. Sometimes, that's my problem; I dislike it when in Next Generation fanfics, Scorpius just completely dismisses his parents and becomes like an adopted child to the Weasley and Potter family. I dislike that so much because I don't think Scorpius is like that; in my mind, he and his parents are close, even if he yearns for a bigger family like the Weasleys and Potters. So I love that you didn't have Scorpius ditch his family, yet he still loved Rose so much that he realizes his mistake.

Also what I love was that you didn't make Rose out to be some crazy feminist because sometimes that pisses me off. The point of love and being crazy or blinded by love is that sometimes you do the wrong things and don't act a certain way you can. I love that Rose held on to as long as she did because to me, that shows more of her character than anything else. Her choosing to stay with Scorpius rather than literally completly forgetting about him shows that she is willing to go lengths for her love, and that's what I love. Yet at the same time, she realizes that she has to put herself first, and that gives Scorpius a wake-up call. The succession in which Rose does things makes me happy because there's that perfect balance between standing up for yourself and making sacrifices for love.

Overall, I love this one-shot.
You did very well with the characters and you made something that I didn't necessarily like, work.

Very good job and Happy Holidays (:

Author's Response: Oh Santa, you totally made my day wih this review! The idea wouldn't stop bugging me inside my head and it just flowed out.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Merry Christmas to you too! :)

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Review #9, by Rae Ella Rose

8th December 2012:
This was beautiful if only he hadn't been an ass for 6 years I would have liked rose to be a bit stronger but you did do a really good job

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah, he was weak and had trouble deciding, but he came around in the end.

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