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Review #1, by Slytherin Secret Santa (SSS) Prologue

18th December 2013:
I loved this!! The emotion and the personal conflict woven throughout this was simply brilliant. I found myself often even able to relate and understand her conflict which is truly a direct result of your eloquently written words. I was drawn in immediately and even though I knew that this was a memory that she was getting in trouble for I kept wishing, as I read, that she would do the "right" thing. LOL!

I truly appreciate that you were able to take a character that we are all vaguely familiar with and build off him to create you own OC. This makes the OC much more believable and the creation of the back story allows it to be incorporated much easier into the HP world that we all know and love. Even your chosen name for her was done well enough that it meshes very well into the HP world.

All-in-all a very well written and delightful piece to read! I can't wait to read more!!

Merry Christmas!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne one

27th February 2013:
I really can't wait to find out more.
It was really great to see her and her brother together, even if it was for him to say that the dark lord wanted her. You could really tell that she cared a lot for him though, and her pain of missing him was evident. You wrote it very well.
You wrote the whole chapter very well, it's great seeing her memories.
That end part was just incredible, the words you used and how you said about the hot pain was really vivid.
I really enjoyed this chapter, I can't wait to see how this story continues :D

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Prologue

27th February 2013:
Oh wow, I was not expecting that at all.
Seriously that is brilliant! Wow, just wow.
I have never thought of a Healer being on the dark side, not even for a moment but you've made it seem right.
I loved your descriptions at the beginning with the use of colours and how she told the most lies, I really wasn't expecting her to be a Healer, I just thought at the beginning that she was sent there and then the ending with the twist!
Seriously I'm still trying to get my head around how beautifully you switched without me even noticing.
Amazing! I'm so glad that I read this :D

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Review #4, by adluvshp one

10th February 2013:
Hi Wisty, I am back with your random (or not so random anymore) review xD

OMG this keeps getting more and more interesting. Poor Synnove! I am so anxious as to what happens next now.

I think you wrote this very well, and I liked this chapter a lot. I loved that you explored the relationship between her and her brother here as that was nice. I also liked to see the warm, tender, brotherly side to Dolohov. The ending was very fast-paced and action-filled, and very interesting too. I am very intrigued as to who she is engaged to (and why was she showing the ring) and also who was the man who found her (and then left her).

Oh and I loved this line - Her sinew and flesh and blood was tearing apart, and perhaps her soul and mind too.

I think it was so beautiful really, her soul and mind tearing apart. You have some amazing descriptions!

All in all, great job and I hope you update the next chapter soon!!


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Review #5, by Roots in Water Prologue

9th February 2013:
Hello! Thanks for responding to my status and sorry for the delay on delivering the promised review. :)

This is a really interesting beginning to what looks to be a very interesting and original story. Not too many people explore the isolated ward of St Mungo's where the permanent residents stay... And you've taken such a unique angle with this story, using the perspective of a Death Eater (or perhaps just a Death Eater's associate).

One of the reasons I really enjoyed this chapter was the subtle complexity of her life. It wasn't clear (at least in this chapter) whether or not she was actually "insane" or if she was just acting, always acting.

She definitely seems to have led a contradictory life. She's a Healer, but she allowed the Death Eaters into the ward (or at least made it easier for them to attack). After allowing them in, she healed the injured where she could. She enabled injury but didn't want it to happen...

I do wonder, however, how or if she still had her job after the attack. To continue to have one, she must have fabricated a very good reason for summoning all of the trained staff out of the main area of the ward, something believable and strong enough to withstand suspicions of her being an associate of the Death Eaters.

Another thing that I really liked was how you included brief snippets of her trial. It grounded the chapter, in a way, providing a point around which the memories could focus. Will you continue to include brief moments of certainty in this story? I hope so- it's a very good technique! :)

I noticed a few typos, and I hope that you don't mind me pointing them out. To begin, with the phrase "Its quite risky for you to be here", you forgot the appostrophe in "it's". As well, the phrase "Did you or did you not," ... "Be the reason" could be phrased as "were you or were you not..." instead and in the phrase "When their was shouting and screaming" it should be "there". Finally, with the phrase "And they realized the room was lock" it should be "locked".

All in all, I think that you're off to a great start with this chapter. I'm intrigued to see where you go from here... Exactly what you'll share with us of Synnove Dolohov's life. Thanks once again for responding to my status! :)

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Review #6, by adluvshp Prologue

9th February 2013:
Hi Wisty! Aditi here with your random review xP

Wow! This was amazing! I didn't know you write so well!

I loved this chapter. The way it was so confusing in the beginning and then things started to make sense as it progressed, and the ending was bam.

I see what you mean by collection of memories though, I think its all very nicely woven and it flowed well too! I am loving Synnove's characterisation and the way she reflects (for lack of another word) on her past and things she had to do.

This shows an entirely different side to the war and
I am enjoying it. I think you really had a very interesting prolgoue! I didn't see any grammar mistakes or anything either. The plot seems to be quite interesting and the writing style is awesome!

Do keep writing!



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Review #7, by Jchrissy Prologue

4th February 2013:
Wow. I'm taking this whole review a-thon to try and read works by authors I haven't read much, or anything, of yet... and I now I know what that was a good idea. Look how much I've been missing out on!

This entire piece, so dark with this terrifying current underneath. She wanted to save. What did she want to save? She wanted to heal, but she wanted to keep herself.. alive.. whole.. I don't even think she knows.

She never seems... happy.. about what she does. Not the sick sense of satisfaction we know from Bellatrix. Not a pleasure for serving him.. she just feels like she wants to make it through. Though what, I'm not even sure. I don't think she knows.

The way she analyzes herself... the sentence where she wonders if she ever smiles and laughs.. those are all such small pieces that build this mind boggling character.

I'll absolutely be seeing you soon for chapter two, m'dear.

Well, technically one since this is the prologue.

Hopefully I'll be able to form a more coherent review then. I'm a bit struck by this piece right now, but I'll do my best to make more sense next review ;)

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Review #8, by PolyJuice_ Prologue

5th January 2013:

I forbid you to say you can't write. Because that is a blatant lie. If you say it again I'll link you back here. ;)

UM. SO. This was superley duperley good. And I really liked it. And it was fantastic. And I'm running out of adjectives. But it's awesome. And amazing. And wonderful. And stupendous.

Well. You only killed like one and a half unicorns. ;D I'm proud of you! :p


But I'll review the next chappie of wonderful-ness after foodies.

Love it,

Author's Response: LIZ. LIZ. LIZ. LIZ.

you sweet lovely mega person!
and I'd bet a Sickle your forgot by now.
because this was ages ago and I fail.

>.> my grammar

thank you again!

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Review #9, by AC_rules Prologue

6th December 2012:
Hulo Wisty.

So, firstly I have a bone to pick with you. Because you never mentioned that you were this good. I mean, seriously, we've been having all these conversation and you never thought to mention that you were writing these beautiful things full of emotional depth (and maturity, by the way) and originality and just pure loveliness.

I loved the way you started, with the colours because the descriptions were just so preeettyyy and I'm a sucker for a pretty description (really I am, can't resist pretty language). And then the structure with the italics and the time changes was just spot on and perfect and worked so well that you were just slaying me with how wonderful this was.

And then, in terms of originality, I've seen the idea of self preservation been done before, but never in the same way as this with a Healer and her mixed feelings about healing and being the cause of death and healing for the wrong side was just lovely.

There was just the one line that I found a tad confusing; People who came in on the brink of death had been seen taking their leave a ghost of a smile on the curve of their lips. but other than that the whole thing was all smoothy smooth and perfect.

Ack. Adding this to my favourites, you talented little lady.


Author's Response: I honestly never know what to say when responding to these reviews. You're just so, so lovely, Helen.

I'll be honest - I wasn't exactly sure where to slip in "Hi, Helen, I write things with beautiful emotional depth," in the conversation - let alone the fact I really don't. But you are just far too lovely. I cannot express how much I smiled when I heard that abunchofmonthsago.

I am to. It's really a weakness. Dialogue is super important but I fail at that. I like description, and I take the easy way out and describe 500 words rather than dialogue at all. She was first an auror on the good side, and she was seeing this happen, but that just wasn't working out. And I always did want to write something in between. Self Preservation really is a big thing in this, and I'm so, so, so (I'll use that word now) glad you liked it.

I really am.
Thank you

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