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Review #1, by soapman333 I. Mommies and Babies

23rd February 2013:
This story is hilarious and probably very accurate, in regards to how the guys are acting.

Oh man, I had to babysit an infant once and it went a lot like Ron's adventure, only I didn't know how to change a diaper, so I let the kid run around in the nude. Don't do that, btw.

My favorite part was the story of the pink shirt. Oh man, little Jamesy picking that shirt every day? Hilarious.

Awesome read, thanks :)

Author's Response: Hahaha! The image of you looking at a diaper in confusion is stuck in my head and it is priceless! :D

I'm not going to, don't worry. I know how to change a diaper.

I'm happy you liked this! Thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by Drama Ace I. Mommies and Babies

9th February 2013:
Haha the last 3 lines made me laugh :D
This was really cute and I liked it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by Gryffindor Secret Santa I. Mommies and Babies

1st January 2013:

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Years! I'm sorry, first off, that I hadn't been able to leave a review for you till now. I've been away from Internet connection for the longest time.

Anyways, I always love reading Post-Hogwarts era stories! I feel like there are so many different dynamics around the Weasley-Potter family in that era that makes writing about them so interesting.

What I loved that you did here was showcase the relationship between Ginny and Hermione because I feel like after marriage, the four's friendship was a lot different. It was no longer just Hermione around Harry and Ron, and talking to Ginny when Harry and Ron were being idiots. Now it's like, Ginny and Hermione can understand things about each other and relate to each other so much more that the two of them are like the best friends that Harry and Ron are.

Another thing that I loved was how you wrote about Ginny and James. The way that Ginny talked about James and how she understood how Molly felt against Bellatrix was just so convincing and real and I loved it.

The way that you included that bit about the pink shirt was so well done! It'd be so difficult to include a line like that but the way that you wrote it and included that into the whole story was great!

Anyways, I loved this!
I hope you have a good new year!

Secret Santa (:

Author's Response: Hey there!

I like to think that after the war Hermione and Ginny became like sisters. I guess that there are some things that only sister-in-laws can understand and I wanted to express that in their relationship here.

Thank you for the lovely comment and I hope you have a great new year as well!

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Review #4, by Toujours Padfoot I. Mommies and Babies

8th December 2012:
Oh no, Ron! You had one instruction: not to ruin the pink shirt, and that's exactly what you did. XD Oh, Ron. I'd love to see more experiences of Ron and taking care of children when Hermione gives birth and he's with a baby around the clock, trying to figure out how they work.

And the funny thing is, I can see it from his perspective! From his description of the events, it was just one of those train wrecks that can't really be stopped. But at least it was good practice for him. And Ginny managed to cheer up Hermione, which I was glad to see.

One of my favorite lines was this:
Right on cue, he started kicking his tiny legs and tried to get her to release him. He had recently taken up walking and was very excited to do it on his own every chance he got.
- That image was so adorable! Teeny little James stubbornly wanting to stand up all the time.

I love fluffy stories with babies, particular Ron ones. This one was amusing to read, and gave me some warm fuzzies. I'm glad I read it!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you so much for the lovely review! :)

I love Ron as a parent, in my mind he's so lost at the beginning it's not even funny. Except it is. I have more one-shots with parenting moments for Harry and Ron planned, for next year. I might just turn this into a series of one shots featuring the boys and their children. I'll have to sleep on that. :D

Again, thank you so much for the feedback!

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Review #5, by Roots in Water I. Mommies and Babies

6th December 2012:
Hello! I'm here in response to your great review for the Holiday Review Swap!

This was a very fun one-shot that had me giggling throughout the story. Poor Ron was just as hapless and helpless as always and I really enjoyed Ginny's perspective. It was nice to see a world where they were worrying about ordinary problems, such as pregnancy and child care, instead of the disasters of the past. It was great to see that they've adjusted really well to a more ordinary lifestyle (at least in the universe of the one-shot).

I haven't been through a pregnancy either but you certainly seemed to have done your research! Hermione's stacks of books about pregnancy were definitely something that I could see her doing (I guess she didn't change that much after Hogwarts :P). I was definitely sympathising with them about their husbands' behaviour. I too would be very annoyed if I was treated like glass and both of them are very independent women.

Ah- poor Ron's adventures with James... His decision to toss the grape juice back at him to "teach him a lesson" was so typical of him. And then to make an absolute mess of the shirt... Let's hope that he has a few housekeeping spells up his sleeve that will fix it. I don't think that James will be very forgiving.

I only noticed a few grammatical mistakes as I was reading. The first was that you were occasionally missing a comma, which isn't a big deal. For example, with the phrase "had his first child, a daughter" I would place a comma after "daughter". Secondly, with the phrase "and were planning" I would use "was" instead of "were" because Percy is still the subject of the sentence. As well, with the phrase "and will always" I would use "would" instead of "will" and I believe that you meant to use "it" instead of "I" in "the end I was decided".

All in all I think that you did a good job with this one-shot. It was very upbeat and pleasant to read and flowed very smoothly. Good work! :D

Author's Response: Hello!

I wanted to see how male characters react when dealing with the news of pregnancy and Ron just seemed like the funniest way to go! The story just wrote itself.

As for the spelling and grammar I know it has a few bugs but English isn't my native language so I'm learning more and more everyday!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #6, by gingersnape I. Mommies and Babies

6th December 2012:
You had me at Mean Girls. :P

Oh Ron! You silly goose, you! This was hilarious, but also really sweet. I don't usually like to read things with Hogwarts-Era characters, but I couldn't resist a funny Mean-Girls related story, and I'm glad I did read it. :)

The conversation between Hermione and Ginny was really great! I was a little apprehensive at first, but then the complaints started and the laughter and memories made for such a wonderful scene! Men. What are they doing?

The beginning descriptions felt a bit heavy and a little more reflective than I'm used to. Having that background information was helpful, but maybe adding a really strong hook with a funny thing James said might make it flow better? The passages themselves are great, but might be more smooth with something to grab people more to listen to the well done descriptions. :)

While my favorite part was the conversation between the Ginny and Hermione, I liked how the story came full circle and had the extra element of James and Ron being silly. I don't know who was more mature when Ron was over, but I don't think either of them really knew what they were doing. :P

This was very funny and you pulled the Mean Girls quote in really well!


Author's Response: Hey!

I'm happy you enjoyed my story since it was so fun for me to write!

The core of the story was always intended to be the Ginny- Hermione conversation but as I was typing away, somewhere in my imagination Ron started throwing food around and there you have it!

Thank you for the feedback and the lovely review!

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Review #7, by Ginger Lust I. Mommies and Babies

5th December 2012:
Wow. Loved this story. And I agree with the others that you got the 3 already established characters perfect!
I do agree also that James spoke too well for a 1 1/2 yr old. I was in child care (basicly, babysitting!) for 25 years although I have no children. ** IRONIC huh? Sense a lesson learned there? That's right! In 25 yrs, I felt that I had raised at least one whole child. And the best part... I went home at night! :-) ** Sorry, straying...
I just enjoyed this story so much. I love Ron and his trying to be so grown up is hilarious. At least with the marriage and becoming a father parts. And being married to Hermione is probably quite a feat.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I love Hermione also and feel that she is the best soulmate for our Ron. (Although, I will deny that to my dying day because... really, it's me!) :-)... I just love reading about their life together. And their adventures in living together then having children.

Of course, everybody loves Ginny. You protraited her so well. Like most (grown) children, she is beginning to see her mother in herself.
I think that Hermione and Ginny will make great mothers as they have such great mentors behind them. Ginny has her mother and 5 brothers (not forgetting Fred.. :-( Perhaps he can help through dreams and whispers into her ear!) as well as Hermione and her books to guide her. And Hermione has Ginny, books and her own mother to help her.

Yes, yes... I'm sure the 'boys' will make great fathers also but let's just look at their mentors, shall we? Harry has none.. no father, no siblings and Ron has... well, Bill (ok! A plus there!), Charlie (no help there), Percy (PLEASE no!), and George (let's not go there!)!!! Well, at least they have Arthur! And what a mentor. He's made it through Molly and 6 boys. He deserves a medal! Now he can sit back and laugh at his children having children. What's that old adage?? "I hope you have children just like you!!!"

Anyway... done rumbling. Enjoyed your story very much.

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for your feedback! :)

I will admit once more that I have no idea what an 18 months old child should sound like. I have no children of my own yet so that's a big mystery to me. :)

I'm really happy you enjoyed my little story and once again thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

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Review #8, by Jchrissy I. Mommies and Babies

5th December 2012:
Hi darling! I've been excited to check out this ever since you posted your status update!

Okay, before I get on to sharing how many warm fuzzies this gave me, I just want to point out a few things related to James. You have him already talking in correct sentences and using pronouns. Not that these things wouldn't happen, I've worked with a few children who were able to start using pronouns around two. But I do think it ages him too much. You *want* us to feel like he's a year and a half old, and even though it is possible that he would be doing these things, it isn't likely... Even if he's very intelligent. For a boy toddler, using 3 word sentences is considered advanced by the time they're two. So at a 1/2 year it would still show he's very smart, without making him seem off. I think if you just took the 'my' out of 'I want my shirt back'! It would help. At 18 months it would probably be closer to, 'PINK SHIRT! JAMES PINK SHIRT!' because he really wouldn't associate the word 'my' with 'James's' yet. Same with 'Mama, I want down'... 'Down now pees!' would be more realistic. And again, I don't want it to sound like I'm saying no one and a half year old has ever used correct pronouns, and if it was a girl it would be a bit more natural because they start talking soon, but for a boy toddler it just ages him unnecessarily.

NOW! Back your actual story!!! Okay, I just realized that you HAD to use the exact quote for the challenge. Hmm... what about---

"JAMES PINK SHIRT!" then Ginny saying something like, "I believe in James talk that's, I want my pink shirt back, Ronald." Or you can obviously ignore all this because I'm sure most readers don't work with kids and won't even notice his age + skill lever :P!!

Now back to your actual story for real this time...

I think the pregnancy talk was actually awesome! Hermione not wanting to feel crazy, not wanting to be treated so fragile, not wanting her body to go so out of it for months is all just so realistic and a very natural fear. I think that you handled it really well. And Ron's certainty that she'd been cursed.. HAHA. Poor guy, he's going to have a long handful of months ahead of him :P.

And of course Ron thought he should throw food back at James. Hahahaha. I love the 'you know, don't do what you wouldn't want done to you,' inclusion because I'm sure there will be quite a few parents who read this and can relate :P And then just the idea of a grown man getting into a food fight with a toddler is perfect.

Ahhh bleach! Nasty stuff, Ron. I've lost a handful of sweaters to that nonsense. The fact that you had him trying to fix it without having to ask Ginny or Hermione, then ruining it because he was trying to fix it by himself, was SO Ron. Actually, I really think you did an awesome job keeping everyone in character here.

This was such a fun, sweet little one shot. Realistic, normal feelings the pregnancy fear aren't covered enough in Fan fiction, so this was a bit of a rare treat!

Awesome job, m'dear!


Author's Response: Hey there!

I totally agree about the baby talk, I have no idea how children are supposed to talk at that age since I can barely remember when my brother and cousins were so little. But I did my best with the research I did (I knew babies talked at 18 months but I couldn't just make the age gap bigger between James and Rose and the unborn Albus because that just messes up cannon). But your advice has been priceless and I will go back and edit it once the challenge is closed.

As for Ron, I just love writting him. He's so funny and oblivious to certain things, that he was just the character I wanted to see go through his wife's pregnancy!

I'm so happy you enjoyed this and thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #9, by my_voice_rising I. Mommies and Babies

3rd December 2012:
Ohhh my gosh, I can't believe you dedicated this to me!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read, so let's get started :)

First off, great introduction. I'm always excited to read HPFF about Ginny because I feel that oftentimes, the writers here are better at portraying her than the actress in the movies. I love that you brought everything back to Molly defending her from Bellatrix and how Ginny suddenly realizes the kind of emotions that drove her mother to behave that way.

Bahhh, I love papa Ron Weasley. Imagining him being excited about Hermione's pregnancy is just too adorable for words. I love that you chose to make him the "main character" in this story, though it's told from his sister's perspective. It adds a whole different element to be told by a family member, rather than say his wife, and ties it all into familial love rather than romantic love.

Hahaha, I definitely laughed out loud when Ron said "it's like she's been Imperiused or something!" How very spot-on for him, and for Hermione to be mildly neurotic enough to not tell him what's wrong and lock herself in the bathroom.

I like Hermione and Ginny's relationship; I don't think we got to see enough of it in the books. You did a really nice job portraying it here, though, from the moment that Ginny knocks on the bathroom door, determined to help her friend and sister-in-law even though she's mildly scared of her.

I know this is strange, but I really wanted Ginny to make a pot of tea for Hermione instead of a glass of water. There's just something so comforting and familiar about a nice hot cup of tea when you're upset; a cold glass of water doesn't evoke the same feeling. Aaaand of course that is insanely random and completely a matter of taste XD

I love Hermione's reasoning for being upset. It's so like her to be independent and strong enough that she just wants Ron to treat her normally, and it's so adorably Ron-like for him to be horrified of anything going wrong, and treating her like she has "the Dragon Pox." And of course she has like a thousand books on parenting that she's been reading. So great!

Hahahah, "Unhand my wife and child!" So funny! So Harry. Ugh, man, have I mentioned that I am in love with your characterization?

Oh my gosh. Ron had a food-fight with an infant. I just... holy wow. I love that so much, how hilarious! He is so stubborn, and oblivious, he just couldn't let it go and let the kid win could he? XD

This is so, so, so great. I love everything about it. Thank you so much for the kind dedication; you are the best NaNo mum of the bunch!!! ♥

Author's Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed it, since it has been stuck in my head ever since we met at the beginning of Nano and started discussing stories.

This was a really fun one to write and explore how the male heroes of the series handle parenthood, since we know they can do epic battles. But can they do late night nappy changes? *evil laugh* That just inspired a sequel. Uh oh! -.-

As for the cup of tea, the whole Ginny - Hermione relationship was kind of inspired by my reactions when my girlfriends have a situation in which they need advice (you'd be surprised how often that happens). And I'm like "Here, have some water so you don't dehidrate from all the crying and tell me what's wrong so we can fix it.". And that is how the glass of water ended up on the table.

As for the food fight with the infant, that came out of nowhere, but the first time my soon to be sister-in-law lets me babysit, I'm going to have so much fun. *again, evil laughter*. Unless I babysit at my place, then we're just gonna play with toys or something.

So to end this random author's response that had virtually nothing to do with the comment and the story, I'll tell you that you're the best Nano daughter a mommy like me could ask for and I'm happy we got stuck together. Yes, stuck. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! *strolls happily into the sunset*.

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