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Review #1, by KatsClarinet A Slice of Misadventure

6th September 2016:
I thought this was adorable! Very well written.

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Review #2, by DancingMooncalf A Slice of Misadventure

7th August 2014:
This was such a lovely little one-shot that I just have to leave a few words!
I don't read so many one-shots, because in the end I want to keep reading and then there is nothing left to read. But sometimes I can't resist and this time I'm very happy I didn't. I loved it!
I think Percy was really well characterized. His need to be right, his pompous way of talking, His slightly oblivious outlook on life. I thought it captured the Percy we know and love beautifully!
You also made me giggle a few times, which should never go unmentioned. I love laughing and I do it a lot and every story that makes me laugh is great in my opinion!

so thank you for this lovely little story about pie.

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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter A Slice of Misadventure

21st December 2012:

I told you that I would stop by didn't I? Well. Here I am and I attacked the first story at the top of your list, which, by the way, goes on forever! I've got some catching up to do. :D
So happy about that!
For a moment, I wasn't really able to stop laughing as I read this. I adore Percy right now and the way you have his stuffiness is just too amusing, especially since he tends to over analyze every little thing. George and Ron were hilarious too and I loved their teasing, claiming that going out with a girl for pie (Like Ron would know, mind you) concludes that its a date.
Percy's refusal to believe that he didn't understand something was a good insight to his character as well. He'd be so fun to poke at. :D
Loved the bit with Ginny too, it reminded me strangely of the Godfather for some reason and I was dying with laughter. She's as bad as George and Ron though and I thought it was funny that Percy thought he had the upper hand with her.
He failed! Hahaha.
Also, I did enjoy that he was, despite it all, a little uncomfortable once he got to the cafe by noting how ridiculous he supposedly looked. But the bits with Audrey, (Ha! I had my suspicions!!) were great, a tad awkward and sweet, aside from the pie I mean. I was able to picture them very well in my mind and I liked Audrey too, in just a few sentences I was able to get a grasp for her.
Too bad this isn't a full story! D':
The fact that Percy actually enjoyed himself while being completely arrogant with his thoughts on always being on top (No pun intended of course) was pretty interesting. I didn't think that he would want to go back on another date but he surprised me! Good for him! Hahah.
Sort of want to know how that walk turned out!
Not like I can talk, but in this whole thing there were like, two grammar things. Not even big ones so no worries there! It was a great read and I think you should do humor more! There were some funny things in here!
Can't wait for you to update WAT and I'll be trudging back to my page and updating all of my girly-angsty things. ~sigh~
^Its not as bad as I'm making it sound. Hahah.
Anyway, see you on the forums!
Thanks for the great read!
Much love of course,

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Review #4, by Jchrissy A Slice of Misadventure

3rd December 2012:
Hi darling!

Oh my gosh. A Percy humor fluffy? Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this!

I don't LOVE Percy (not.. I don't love YOUR Percy, I mean he's one of those characters I've never been crazy about). And that's mainly because part of me will always wish it was him instead of Fred. But you've really kept him the same Percy, and made me feel a bit warmer to him in this. His complete inability to see what's happening with the Barista is so funny. And he is so positive he's right! That's the best thing in my opinion you did to really seal his character for me. Every single fact points to date, and he is so sure that it isn't. He even brings poor Ginny into it!

Audrey as good as proves it's a date the second she says that she fancies his jumper. You've told us earlier that he had to change into an ill fitting one of Arthur's, so we know it can't be an awesome outfit choice, making it clear that she's complimenting it just to be nice. And why do girls lie just to be nice? Because they like someone! Come on, Perc. Get it get with it.

Okay. I feel awkward. Eating pie in silence, though I'm sure it wasn't too awkward, just made me feel awkward in a really funny way. I loved it. And the fact that he clearly has a check sheet for annoyances... I have a feeling that Audrey could begin to do any of those though and it wouldn't matter because poor Percy is smitten with her.

I really can't say much about this in terms of CC. Or.. err.. anything. It's just what it should be. It made me giggle, feel fluffy, gave me a new idea of what Audrey could be.. and despite it being humor you still kept everyone in character. It was the kind of humor that is based on who the person is, like if this was a movie it would be Knocked up, or Hangover type of humor and not Napoleon Dynamite type. Which is really a huge compliment.

I loved how by the end of it, Percy was ready to admit to himself (after told by Audrey of course) that it was a date. I also love that he's going to edit up the story just a bit for his brothers..

Thanks for making my day a little bit brighter with your awesome stories, m'dear ♥

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Review #5, by AC_rules A Slice of Misadventure

2nd December 2012:
Ack, so this was so darn cute that I genuinely feel like I've melted. I mean, really, so darn sweet and I want to give the pair of them a hug. I loved the banter between Ron/George/Ginny/Percy and Percy's internal thought stream was just absolutely.

A wide, proud smirk was plastered across his face in response to his own, self-diagnosed cleverness. The bit about self-diagnosed cleverness. ack, I just loved that so much it was unreal. Then again I know you have all these wonderfully pretty ways of describing things that make me melt inside. Really, you say you don't do humour but this was so cute and lovely that I have to say I DEFINITELY do think you do little one shots like this which are just sooo cute.

And it was definitely a date. I'd have called the same as Ginny, then again I don't think it would have been such a cute story if it had just been pie and Percy had been so taken with her that he'd decided to ask her on an actual date... but the line about magic. ACK. Loved it. Yup, so, enjoyed it all and very glad I got a chance to read this snippet of loveliness :)


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Review #6, by hannnahgracr A Slice of Misadventure

30th November 2012:
Hi, sorry it's taken me so long to get round to this review.

I really loved this one shot, it's simple and humorous. Even though it's out of your comfort zone it's really good. I'll definitely be checking out some of your other writing.

I love the characterisation of Percy, it's just perfect. I especially loved how he changed his jumper just because of a small hole, it fits his character perfectly!

I don't know what else to say other than I really enjoyed this, it made for a very pleasurable read.

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Review #7, by Siriusly89 A Slice of Misadventure

26th November 2012:
Hey there :) Siriusly89 here with your requested review :) I really love this one-shot :) You captured Percy's personality perfectly, and to be honest I've always had a soft spot for him :) I spotted the Maggie Smith line, and I thought it was a really nice touch :) One thing I would recommend is getting a banner, it would really draw people's attention to this story :)

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Review #8, by my_voice_rising A Slice of Misadventure

25th November 2012:
Hello, I'm here from the review tag thread. Ohh, I just love Weasley bro-bonding stories. This seems really cute. I can't wait to read!

Your characterization of Percy is spot-on. Absolutely perfect. I love that he refers to it as a "meeting," definitely not a date, and the way his brothers get him so wound-up that he's incapable of articulating himself even though he's very well-spoken. Not to mention that he's referring to Ron by his full name!

And I miss not-movie-Ginny so much! She's so much better in the books, and you've recreated her brilliantly. I love the way she reacts to Percy telling her he has a question to ask; the way she sits down so expectantly. And George's reaction: "Ron, did you know we had a sister?" Ughhh!!! This is too good.

How endearing that they are able to eat together in silence. I liked your explanation of proper date behaviour and how ridiculous it all is. And of course Percy has a cork board with a list of pet peeves that still hangs in his bedroom. Very funny!

I do think that your ending is a tad bit abrupt; very sweet, but I think that we were given the general impression that Percy was extremely uncomfortable to the point of not wanting to spend time with her, and then he suddenly couldn't help but ask her on a date. Maybe if we were given a clearer picture of what convinced him to suddenly change his mind?

All in all though, this is a great story. It's going on my favorites list for sure.

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