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Review #1, by sal love

4th January 2013:
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY!!! the writing is great, im totally hooked :) update soon!

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Review #2, by Serendipity1234 love

9th December 2012:
I wonder if Ron's speech will make Jane talk to Valeria? I really want to know why they're in a fight.
James is adorable.
Update soon!

Author's Response: Ah, Jane and Valeria. I like to think that I've done well with their fight, but my readers would be the judge of that. James is very adorable, yes, even if he's a bit arrogant, and unbearable at times, even then he's rather adorable. Ahem, anyway, thanks for the review! I hope I'll hear from you again :)

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Review #3, by Serendipity1234 Warzone

9th December 2012:
I really like this so far :) oddly enough, I've liked Patricia practically from the start and I originally found Valeria a little annoying, but I've warmed up to her now. I like how they're both pretty strong and independent. And I especially like how Patricia is such a good friend to Valeria even though they've only just started to spend time together. She seems loyal, despite being a gossip. Could you in a later chapter include a conversation between the tow of them showing why Patricia decided to be a friend to Valeria? Did she always like Valeria? Or feel bad for her because she's fitting with her best friend? I'm curious, whatever it is.
And this is random but I hope you maybe create a subplot with Patricia and some guy. Later on, of course. But that could be interesting.
Update soon!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm glad you liked Patricia, I never intended for her to be disliked, even if she's a gossip and a bit on the posh side. Valeria has her flaws, she can be a bit whiny and negative, but she's a good person. You'll find out about why Patricia is such a good friend to Valeria soon, I promise. I've written a heart to heard conversation between the two of them.

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Review #4, by AlexFan Warzone

6th December 2012:
YES! And so the war begins! Great chapter, just a few minor punctuation mistakes but other than that it was awesome.

Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next chapter! Things should be getting interest (or at least I think they are).

Author's Response: Hello again! Thanks for your continued support. Things, indeed, going to get interesting, at least I hope my readers would find it interesting!

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Review #5, by AlexFan Just the way you are

2nd December 2012:
Hello, hello! I'm the first review, yay!

First, I'd like to say that this chapter is really well written and even though the whole "I hate James Potter" thing is a bit over-done and cliche, I love it all the same.

The thing that I loved about this is that instead of going on for maybe three or four chapters about how much the character hates James and then FINALLY telling us WHY the character hates James: you get right into it.

You can tell that Valeria really does dislike James by her reactions and it isn't silly anger over stupid things. I like that. Usually, in fanfictions, the female heroine is just silly and petty.

Grammatically, there were only a few iffies here and there but they were mainly just missing words. Otherwise, it was a really well done chapter.

Good job by keeping us readers (or, at least me) wondering on Valeria and Jane's argument. I wonder what they're arguing about and I hope that I get to find out soon.

Goob job on the first chapter, I can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: Hello!

Yeah, I'm aware of the cliche. Normally I stray from the storyline where the main heroine hates the guy, but this idea just couldn't get out of my head so I had to write it down, and wouldn't you know it, I actually liked it enough to post it here.

Valeria definitely dislikes James for who he is and his actions, and not for some silly thing. She's pretty tolerant to arrogant and strange people, but James made it all personal and now she's out to get him.

As for the grammar, I expected to have mistakes here and there. English is not my first language so.. I need to get a beta soon.

As for Jane and Valeria, you'll learn soon enough. Thanks for reviewing, it means so much, especially from you. I love It Happened Accidentally.

Hope you keep reading and leaving this amazing reviews!

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Review #6, by blue_splash Just the way you are

2nd December 2012:
Well I must say this is positively interesting! I'm beginning to adore Valerie's character. Of course James is bit of an idiot but adorable at the same time. I'm curious to know what happened with Valerie and Jane. Can't wait for an update. You have a wonderful writing style and I saw no errors that jumped out at me. Brilliant.

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reviewing. I'm so glad you enjoy reading and that you like Valeria's character. I've put a lot of effort in her. You'll find out what's the problem between Valeria and Jane soon, I promise. The next chapter is in the queue, so it'll come fast. Thanks again for the review and I hope you keep reading :)

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