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Review #1, by ravinamalfoyblack The Past and the Future

15th May 2013:
The image of voldemort chuckling and smoking a cigar had me in fits of laughter, it was so strange
but other than that i think the stories pretty good, its very original and creative.

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Review #2, by R.W Breakfast at the Manor

13th March 2013:
Amazing! Can't wait for the next chapter! :3

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Review #3, by KJ Expelliarmus Back to Hogwarts

7th March 2013:
What great moment when Draco entered the train compartment and said what the nargles! And Luna with her reply was great.

I hope you can update very soon your great fanfic.

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Review #4, by KJ Expelliarmus Breakfast at the Manor

7th March 2013:
It's a charming chapter, with Draco and Ginny not stop thinking about the other and their possible future relationship. I hope you can update very soon your great fanfic.

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Review #5, by KJ Expelliarmus The Past and the Future

7th March 2013:
It's a charming chapter. I hope you can update very soon your great fanfic.

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Review #6, by youngest death eater Inappropriate Thinking

24th January 2013:
this is a really good story so far i love the idea when are you going to add another chapter?

Author's Response: I had writers block for a while, but I figured out where I wanted to go with it now. I just submitted another chapter today.

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Review #7, by KJ Expelliarmus Inappropriate Thinking

19th January 2013:
A good introductory chapter to Draco's inner thoughts, concerning to the newest addition to the Dark Order.

I hope you can update very soon your promising fanfic. Above all, to watch as Ginny's stay at Malfoy Manor, which is the excuse that she has given to the Weasleys are unaware of her absence in the Burrow, and what their true ancestry (actually, she can't be a Riddle because she is pure blood, and Voldemort has muggle blood by his father. She has to be a descendant of Morfin Gaunt, who is the only known brother of Merope Gaunt -Voldemort's mother- surely his granddaughter, because he died in Azkaban after being convicted of the murders of the family Riddle in 1942. However, if you want to save trouble, you could fix it by saying that she is a second cousin of Voldemort; therefore, Ginny' ancestor who was surnamed Gaunt could be a brother or sister of Marvolo Gaunt, the maternal grandfather of Voldemort; Thus, it would explain why Voldemort had trouble finding her and because Dumbledore knows nothing of her existence).

Author's Response: That's right! I forgot Voldemort wasn't pure blooded. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to do some adjusting. (:

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Review #8, by KJ Expelliarmus A Missing Riddle

4th January 2013:
A promising start. I hope you can update it very soon.

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