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Review #1, by patronus_charm Dancing Ensures

11th July 2014:

Wow, this such a different take on the whole Severus/Lily/James thing and I really enjoyed it. I really liked how you worked around the theme of dancing as it can be linked to so many things from love, to fun, to hello and goodbyes and you managed to tie it into all those so well that I was really impressed. There was another little tiny thing I wanted to comment on quickly too and that was your section breakers which I really loved as the crossed symbolised so much and it was such a tiny thing but worked so well.

I really liked the fact that James invited Severus to the wedding as it showed that he had finally overcome his animosity towards him and could be the person Lily was marrying. Snape’s emotions were just so sad and so horrible too as they were so raw and pure and there were so many lines which got to me but this ‘Lily Evans and Severus Snape shared their final dance at her wedding.’ And this ‘That could have been me.’ Were especially moving and just kind of rammed home how it could have been different and that was really powerful.

Great one-shot!

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Review #2, by blackthoughtsredwriting Dancing Ensures

5th December 2012:
I like this. It's really good. It's sad though =[

Author's Response: Thanks! Sadness is some I'm quite good at writing, so I've been told.

- Jasmine

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Review #3, by slytherinchica08 Dancing Ensures

2nd December 2012:
Oh how happy and yet heartbreaking at the same time! I loved how you told this first of all! I thought that this was an absolutely wonderful oneshot and just so well written! I loved the idea behind it all with Lily sharing the last dance at her wedding with her old friend and being able to make ammends with him. Though I felt her telling him that it basically could have been him with her was just so heartbreaking because of course now thats probably all he can think about is that (as you said many times at the end of the oneshot) it could have been him marrying her, kissing her, and making her happy. So now because of one stupid mistake it completely changed the course of their lives! I loved that James did that for her though, inviting Severus to their wedding, it was just so sweet and amazing! I would have thought that maybe James would have been mad at Severus for showing up but instead it was the other way around! I really enjoyed the oneshot and I didn't notice any errors! Great Job!



Thank you for such an amazing review. As much as I loved what JK set up with these two it felt unfinished and there was no way lily wouldn't forgive him in the end so here is one of my headcanons on what could have happened. thanks for the review!

- jasmine

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