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Review #1, by The Baxter Fred Weasley: Talk to Her?

14th December 2013:
hi! So I found Finding Faith about a year ago and loved it but I never got a chance to review. So if you don't mind I'm going to review Finding Faith: The Otherside and Finding Faith together. I thought that your plot whilst cliche in certain parts was extremely creative. The way you've been able to show how Faith/Tina/Val has grown as a person is phenomenal. But you don't stop there. Minor characters such as Al, Fred and Rhiannon (I hoped I spelt it correctly) are developed extremely well. In particular I liked Rhiannon. The way she is able to understand Faith/Tina/Val is incredible but these ideas had to come from you. You made her sound so philosophical about love and how people would see things of they only took time to pause and notice the people around them. That was a wake-up call for me. When I was reading your story I was going through some personal issues and much like Val I was pretending to a certain extent. So even though you don't know me your story has inspired and helped me so much. They way you develop your characters is extraordinary, for me, the characters, the story everything seemed so real, I would go to bed dreaming about Val/Faith/Tina. For a long time I wanted to be Val, minus the pretending and unhappiness. She became someone for me to model myself on. She was pretty, sporty and smart. All the things I'm striving to be. So the characters are one of the things I adored in your story.

The next thing I loved was the cliche parts. Particular with the relationship between Val and James. Val being oblivious to James' feelings that are so obvious that even FRED of all people notices. The way James gave up his bed for Val and the his friends tease him. But on top of using the clichés you've also found a way to turn them back around. The way people always apologise for Val's loss would happen in every story but due to the extremity of Val's situation it's refreshing. And damn that ending! It's perfect. Abso-chocolate-fudging-perfect! The way it's left slightly open ended but still answering questions is very skillful.

If I told you everything I loved about your story I would be here for years so finally, the last thing I want to write about if the use of twins. Joy and Faith. Tina and Gracie. Val and no one. This made your plot. It was fresh, nothing like the usual teenage pregnancy or popular James Potter falling for nobody. No instead your protagonist was a bitter person hidden by a beautiful facade of a popular, amazing, intimidating (in a good way) girl. I can't get over how much you managed to do everything right for this story. It is by far my favorite story yet. You are an outstanding writer and I really hope you continue this. You mentioned something about an Al/OC that you had planned? But that was a while ago.
Please please please keep writing. You, this story and faith/Tina/val inspire me every time I read this.

Author's Response: Oh goodness. I'll have you know that this is the first time I've been on HPFF for a while and I find this waiting for me? Wow - thank you so so much!

I'm so happy you've enjoyed the story so much. It was such an amazing experience for me to write and I've been thrilled at the response. I know the story isn't perfect - there are many parts I'd change or do differently - but all in all, I'm very proud of what I've done here.

Faith's story was incredible for me to write. I really like your sentence "Your protagonist was a bitter person hidden by a beautiful facade of a popular, amazing, intimidating girl" because it entirely sums up what I was trying to do. I wanted to create a "Mary-Sue" type character - but only make her that way on the surface. Just to show the complexities of being human and how you can't judge people by how they appear, because there is so much more to them than that. And I'm really happy that you got that.

Thank you again for this incredibly lovely review - I'm truly touched that this story meant so much to you.

As for other stories - I really can't say. Recently I've been focused more on trying to write original fiction over fanfiction, but I'm not quite at the point where I'd say I've abandoned my fics on this site. All I can say is that I hope to start updating again someday, but I can't make any promises as to when.

Thanks for reading!


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Review #2, by Shay_Gryff Fred Weasley: Talk to Her?

8th March 2013:
YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! More Finding Faith!! I'm a very happy person because of this (:

OOH! I read (previous chapter AN) that you aren't so fond of your title, so how is Faith Being Found or Fixing Faith or something like that? Just figured I'd give you something to think on...

I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! Finding Faith made me a happier person and I like being happy, so you should write and post in this story as often as possible, without forgetting about your other stories, of course!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! And thanks for the title ideas! I'll definitely give them thought, although there is a definite possibility that I'll keep what I have right now because I'm far too lazy to switch it. But the ideas are appreciated :)

I've got about several little chapters started that need to be finished at the moment. Not sure when that'll happen, but I'll post them sometime.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #3, by nott theodore Fred Weasley: Talk to Her?

18th January 2013:
Aw, Fred! I think he's really cute in this chapter, and I love the way you write and how each character is written differently, though you can still tell it's the same writer. You're really a great writer :)

Author's Response: I love Fred. He was always one of my favorites. I'm glad each character seems different from each other. I was a bit worried they all might seem to similar, but I guess it all turned out okay! Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by nott theodore James Potter: The Wedding

18th January 2013:
I love this idea of seeing James' point of view. I really enjoyed Finding Faith and love James and Val as a couple, so it's great to see the other side! I hope you add more to this story!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like this. I just wasn't ready to give up this story - I'm far too attached! For the most part, this will be written from James's POV, but I will add in other people as well. More will definitely come, though I don't know how quickly. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Tantin Fred Weasley: Talk to Her?

9th January 2013:
Good work freddy boy! keep it up ! I luv this chapter it made me smile at her nicknames and by the end my face resembled a chesire cat . I got to say your pairings are awesome so (its just a request really) could u give us some more of ur scoroses u no i luv them really .
So also i wanted 2 ask u 2 read my new story its utter bulshit really m just u no hoping ull maybe think its okay?
Its a scorose cum albus/oc by the name of trust.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing this. There won't really be any Scorose in this story, but I do currently have one chapter up of a story that will have them as the main pairing. Expects updates for that fairly soon!

Sure, I'll read your story! My life is sort of busy at the moment, so it may take a bit of time before I get around to it, but I definitely will!


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Review #6, by Alyssa James Potter: The Wedding

8th January 2013:
that was so sweet and cute! i'm a huge james/val fan from finding faith, so, i just loved it.
btw, who is the actress you've used as faith on the banner? she's very pretty.
update soon. :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) I really like them too!

The actress is Diana Agron. She isn't really how I imagine Faith to look (neither is the guy who's James) but I haven't really found anyone who does. But I do agree, she is gorgeous.

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Review #7, by Dezire_427 Fred Weasley: Talk to Her?

6th January 2013:
Hey Laura! *waves enthusiastically* Long time, no see.

After reading this chapter, I'm like- why did you break up Friannon? The beginning of their relationship is so cute, you feel they're one of those couples who're going to get married and have children together. Perhaps you can write a chapter where the old flames are rekindled?

You really managed to pull off Fred's POV really well- while you showed him infatuated with Rhiannon, you also gave a very good explanation for that. Also, I really like the realistic depiction of his self-doubt and hesitancy and stuff, what with him fancying his ex-girlfriend's best friend.

The return of Faith and her awetastic (how long since i've used that word!) nicknames! I smile in reminicense.

Hoping for more of this good stuff,

P.S. One thing that has been bugging me for long- what exactly did James do to connect woth his family after he first started talking to Faith. You know, when Al tells Faith how James asked Percy about his job and *gasp* seemed interested. Perhaps that could be incorporated in a chapter?

Author's Response: Hello Akansha! I'm back! Get ready for more updates again.

Friannon broke up because they sort of grew apart. Fred was off gallivanting about the world and learning to live on his own while Rhiannon was still in school. Sometimes, long distance relationships work out, but most of the time they don't. It became too difficult for the two to stay together, so they ended it, though neither of them particularly wanted to. These things happen in life, unfortunately. However, I won't say for certain that they'll never get back together. There's certainly a possibility.

Thank you so much! I like writing Fred, though I found it to be one of the more difficult things I've done. He has a rather unique voice that was hard to grasp.

More shall come! Thanks for the review, love.


P.S. That, my dear, is actually a rather good idea. I realize that I didn't show a lot of James's growth as a person, because it happened before the story actually started. I hadn't particularly planned on writing those bits, but now I think I will. I'll add it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Review #8, by AriPotter James Potter: The Wedding

7th December 2012:
I'd really like if you did some more of these. It might be cool to see from a pov other than James or Val, too. Parents, maybe? Or Joy?

Author's Response: Thanks. This will probably be mostly James, I think, but there definitely will be other people as well! Fred and Rhiannon for sure, and I definitely could try something with the parents or Joy. I know I wanted to show more childhood scenes. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Review #9, by Jenny James Potter: The Wedding

30th November 2012:
this is a great little extra bit too :)

Author's Response: Thanks :) There will be more, eventually. It just won't be updated frequently.

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Review #10, by Dezire_427 James Potter: The Wedding

15th November 2012:
Say a yay for James' POV!
You know, creepy as it sounds, I love getting into James' head. It makes stuff so much clearer, because, gotta admit, James Sirius Potter is one uncomplicated character you've created. It also feels good to see things from a blokes perspective (James in Choices would be a fine example). You've not made your James a stereotype, you've given him a deeper, more philosophical side, and to hear his thoughts is absolutely riveting. Besides, don't we all nurse an itsy-bitsy crush on Harry Potter's eldest son? (oh, and Second son too.)
I was expecting a little comment from James on how extremely gobsmacked he was when Faith kissed him so suddenly. But it was great all the same. And the embarrassment that followed was hilarious.
You once said that James is based on a person you know. We've done enough to praise Faith's growth as a character, but I think we haven't appreciated James, and his role as a catalyst to bring about the change in her nature. And seeing how James was the person, who like an expert, restored Faith's faith, I think I can say that the person he's based on must be quite a good human being and friend of yours.
I lovedthe last bit of their conversation. Espesh, the cheeky bit. Faith and James are all acting like an enormous puddle of adorableness. I love it.
Please, don't give up on this story, and do continue. I'm kinda hoping to see something like that Quidditch match from someone else's perspective.
Hugs and high fives,
PS. I knew it was James who came to visit her in the Hospital Wing, I knew it!
PPS. My newest fic, an Albus/OC, is finally out. Do check it out and leave me your opinions.
PPPS. (whew, this is huge!) You would not believe what I saw today. This boy at a party I went to, and he looked like an Albus Potter reincarnate. True, we don't have a solid description of Al, and his eyes were brown rather than green, buti still went into a fangirl spaz. I know, i'm pathetic.

Author's Response: James is a lot of fun to write, in both this and in Choices. As someone who has many brothers and male cousins and friends, I spend a lot of time around guys. Therefore, writing from their perspective isn't too difficult for me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm making them too girly, but whatever.

The reason there was no comment on James being really surprised at Faith's kiss attack is (and I really didn't make this clear in the chapter) because deep down, he did know that Faith liked him back. Everyone else could see it, and he'd been told on several occasions, but he just kept letting his doubts and fears take over. But in truth, he really did know how she felt about him - the kiss was just a concrete confirmation.

Yes, James is based off someone I know. He's a really good friend of mine and truly an amazing person. He read this story when I told him I wrote him into it, and he's been one of my strongest (non-internet) supporters. He even kind of looks like James :)

You want Quidditch, eh? I'm sure I could do something... probably another James POV (most of this story probably will be). We'll see. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm always open to more!


P.S. Of course it was James. Who else would it be? ;)

P.P.S Yay! I'll go read!

P.P.P.S. Long reviews are good :) I like long reviews. And that is so cool! I love it when I meet someone who looks like a book character. Like I said, my friend looks like my imagination of James.

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