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Review #1, by Willow_Lupin XX: Pontem

18th May 2016:
OH PLEASE! at least give me a nice epilogue! I mean, I know that you're busy and I respect that but I have read this and the prequel so many times and I love it. It's such an original idea, I love it. I would love to see Sally Anne and her mothers relationship and even her father! Please just...update *insert cutesy puppy face*

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Review #2, by gigi XX: Pontem

19th July 2015:
Another gem just like the prequel. I personally think that reading Friend first made this all the more enjoyable, especially since you'd know her history. Its just amazing how easily your protagonist and her story blends in Potterverse even more in 1993-1994 than her mum's in the Marauder era. I love all your little inclusions from canon, that show how thorough you are in making SAP a part of the world that Potter fandom has come to know so well.

I like that SA, even though she looks just like here mum and all the female ancestors in her maternal line, inherited Sirius' black hair, grey eyes and inability to sit properly in a bloody chair :-) Its very interesting how different Benjamin's relationship is with her than with Marta. He's only present when needed and quite polite and restrained with SA compared to the annoying berk who would never leave her mum, before he brings out the evil, I mean. I guess he was uniquely different with each of his 47 hostages based on their strengths and personalities.

There was no A/N for this chapter and the story still says WIP with the last update almost a year ago, so is there more to come or just an Epilogue or is this it? I hope she and her family do get to reunite with Sirius even if Remus cannot due to the curse. Since the Perks were really her grandparents, I'm assuming Marta did actually name her Sally-Anne with her maiden name, Kulinski as her real last name which she can never use again because of the curse and no point in being a Black now either when Sirius will be dead in 2 years.

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Review #3, by hollie-whyte XX: Pontem

17th June 2015:
I love these two stories! I know this is the end and I loved the twist but I would absolutely love to see Sally-Anne reunited with Sirius..
Amazing story, it had be hooked from the first chapter of the prequel :)


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Review #4, by Stace XX: Pontem

2nd December 2014:
All I want for Christmas is the epilogue for the story! Pretty please?

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Review #5, by Willow XX: Pontem

29th August 2014:
oh my gosh is that it??!!? no!! we need lots more please!! i love the twist!! oh my gosh we need remus/Marta/ sirius/ sally-anne reunion!! that'll be sooo coool! please keep updating quickly!!

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Review #6, by amuggle_ephemeral_tale XX: Pontem

29th August 2014:
Oh my freaking God! That is the king of climaxes...blew my mind to absolute bits. I can't stop talking about this. JKR herself would be proud of this tale. Please do update.I'm dying to know how all this plays with Sirius in the picture. You're awesomely awesome. Stay golden!

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Review #7, by MollyV XX: Pontem

27th August 2014:
Oh no! That's not the end is it? Everything's worked out in a way; not a 100% happy ending but that's life and I really can't see where the story would go from here. I hope you have more in store though, I love reading about Sally Anne!

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Review #8, by MargaretLane XIII: Knowledge is Power

17th August 2014:
*laughs at them taking her trainers* (Or runners, we'd say here, but that's beside the point, really.) One way of making sure she doesn't break the rules, I guess.

She studied a whole YEAR'S worth of work in a subject and still had time left over. Fair play to her.

Aw, that's both kind of sweet and kind of sad, that she's thinking about how it'd affect her parents if she died.

I actually LOVE the way you are showing an adoptive family where the issues aren't of the "you're not my REAL parents" or "you don't love me as much as you would if you'd given birth to me" type. Her adoption is relevant, as it takes place as the result of her birth mum's death and also means her parents have no idea about Benjamin's history, as her birth parents might (well, her birth mum would and her birth dad MAY if her birth mum ever mentioned it), but it doesn't dominate the story. Being adopted is just normal for her.

If I were her, I'd be deciding pretty firmly not to have children. I doubt breaking the curse is that simple, but I'd DEFINITELY be planning to try it.

And later in the chapter she considers just that. I guess she's bound to.

Maybe marrying a Muggle is her best bet, as he said she wouldn't get pregnant then, but again, I doubt it'd work that easily. He'd probably mess with the marriage or something. Or worse.

And he is trying to make friends with her again and doesn't seem to realise that telling her he's going to kill her might JUST make her less willing to befriend him.

In a way though, I find it hard to judge him. He has been created as he is and in a way, it seems like he doesn't really WANT to hurt any of the family or at least, only wants to hurt certain members of it. He just is what he is. The real Benjamin must have been truly evil, but I think the current version is simply doing what he was created to do. Not that he's not extremely nasty, but I'm not sure how much free will he has.

And he has figured out the whole Scabbers/Peter Pettigrew thing. Even if it was only for a second and he doesn't really believe it. Interesting.

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Review #9, by Aurorazola XIX: A Glint of Hope

15th August 2014:
Alright, so, apologizing in advance for the rambling bunch of nonsense that you are about to read through.

When I hit the enter button to search for a Marauder's tale with a romance between Remus and some original female character, this series wasn't at all what I was expecting to get. Unfortunately, it drew me in, kept me up until four this morning, postponed my laundry and my packing the car for school tomorrow, and ignoring my dog. Thanks for that, by the way.

These two stories are written in a way that literally drew me in. Benjamin is such a complex character that, for a curse, has evolved greatly over the two stories. During Marta's story, I hated him with a passion after crying because he wasn't as innocent as he first seemed. Now, well, I still hate him, but even though I tend towards not believing him, at the moment he seems genuinely sorry, even though he still wants to kill Sally-Anne, and it makes me feel a bit sorry for him.

Anyways, while some of the characters seem to fall just a tiny bit flat in between the complex story line and Marta, Sally-Anne, and Benjamin, it's not enough to throw me off or really be noticeable ninety-nine percent of the time.

I honestly can't wait for the next chapter of this, especially after the way this one ended, and even if your posting dates are a bit sporadic, at least you're still updating!! That's more than most of the stories I read on here, and I hate looking at stories that haven't been updated since '08 or '12 and you just know they've been abandoned.

Keep up the good work, and I truly admire your writing style, skill, and ability to finish a story, considering no matter how many stories I've started, I can't ever finish one.


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Review #10, by MollyV XIX: A Glint of Hope

13th August 2014:
Yay! I really appreciate that you usually upload when you say (by Monday). But wow this is so crazy! I didn't see the werewolf/vampire thing coming but that's a good twist and Sally-Anne sure is one smart cookie for figuring that out. Also MARTA! Is it her? Has she been alive this whole time? I hope she has a better way to break the curse than turning Sally-Anne into a werewolf. Great update!!!

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Review #11, by AussieLottie XIX: A Glint of Hope

12th August 2014:
You can't leave me hanging like that! That's cruel! But I suppose I'll forgive you if you update soon. Like now...

But anyway, having read the prequel to this up until this chapter... I'm completely caught up and excited for more! :D

10/10 and please update soon! (Not in 2 months like all your Author Notes claim to be the norm!)

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Review #12, by Sarah XVIII: The Terrible Truth

10th August 2014:
This story is amazing- I've never read anything like it! (and I read a lot of fan fiction, so that is saying something)I love the characterization both of benjamin and sally-anne, and the plot is too riveting! keep up the great work :-)

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Review #13, by zelectrodez XVII: Reaching Back to the Past

30th July 2014:
Good things come to those who wait and I must say this was a very good thing! I love yet hate cliffhangers and I am now looking forward to what Sally-Ann is going to do with her newly aquired information.

P.s. How has your summer been?

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Review #14, by Willow XVII: Reaching Back to the Past

25th July 2014:
what??? a cliffhanger??? you can't keep doing this! oh my gosh i love this story and chapter especially!! please update as soon as possible so i can read it!

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Review #15, by MollyV XVI: Almost Ready

21st July 2014:
I'm so excited to see this finally update! Don't worry about replying to reviews, I'm sure we're all much more anxious to find out what happens to Sally-Anne. Much love xoxox

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Review #16, by Toni M. XVI: Almost Ready

17th July 2014:
Youíve got to be kidding! Is this just a filler chapter or what? At the end of chapter 15 Sally-Anne needs help to get to the hospital wing, now we hear about her sniffles? She has a fever, she is sweating under her blankets, while Benjamin reminisces about past conquests. Please fill us in with the next chapter as to how this is relevant. All this time Iíve been worried as to how you were going to save Sally-Anne from going to St. Mungoís until she comes of age and has a child. And all she does is catch a cold every three days or so. Please do better, or explain the relevance. While waiting for this chapter I read your other stories and was blown away by the twists and turns in the plots, if this is one of those plot twists it may be worth it. I donít know if maybe Iím wining because of the long wait, but please donít think that this means Iím not a fan any more. I still love your work just as much as J.K.R.ís (maybe a little more!). please update soon, fan4ever Toni.

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Review #17, by Willow_Lupin XIV: Am I Ready to Start This?

31st January 2014:
Thank you so much for updating!! i check all the time to see if you update! I love the nightmare i thought it was well written and i love when sally-anne goes to see trewanley. i love how even benjamin is curious of Hermione!!! i hope you update soon and please don't take two months again!

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Review #18, by Nerissa8 XIV: Am I Ready to Start This?

31st January 2014:
This chapter was defintely worth the wait. I loved the dream/nightmare that Sally-Anne had and Benjamin is such a wonderful character. You think he is just pure evil but then he goes and does something really nice and then you are left having to rethink your opinion of him.
Keep up the good work!

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Review #19, by Nike XIII: Knowledge is Power

22nd January 2014:
I read all through 'My Not-So-Imaginary Friend' without once remembering to review. This shall now be rectified: I Just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed reading both 'My Not-So-Imaginary Friend' and this the sequel.
I think your story line is very original and I like how very different you have made the characters of Sally-Anne and Marta, depending very much on how Benjamin has treated them.
I love your stories :) *Thumbs up*

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Review #20, by zelectrodez XIII: Knowledge is Power

21st December 2013:
Haha Peter fainted at the sight of her! Too bad he didn't die from the shock though.
Benjamin is very confusing! He wants to be friends yet he still wants to kill her. Two very different vibes.
Has he every felt bad for killing any of the desendents? Like Rhea?

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Review #21, by asdfghjkl XIII: Knowledge is Power

19th December 2013:
Hey there :)

I am glad you are back with this funny, but at the same side sad chapter. Especially the ending "Goodnight, Sally-Anne.Ē He smiled. ďI sincerely wish you pleasant dreams.Ē was so heart breaking.

At first I always thought the key to breking the curse was her "pure" blood. If she had a child with a "halfblood" or muggle, then she's be free of Benjamin. But it looks like he can control her getting children, after all he made Marta get her child early and even hepled her getting pregnant with just one try.

And now he says if she married a muggle she wouldn't get pregnant. He could stop it :( Well, a blood transfusion wouldn't do it either I believe.

Then I thought maybe she has to marry one of Benjamin's descendants. This way Benjamin would have finally gotten the girl of his dreams.

At first I wondered whether Sally-Anne or one of the others might fall in love with Benjamin. But he is too cruel for that :(

So, now I have this new theory: Sally-Anne has to make Benjamin fall in love with her so much, that he is breaking the curse himself. You can see that Benjamin and his twisted mind really want to be loved. He had feelings for Marta and I think it really broke him when she started to hate him. And now there is this cheerful, happy and smart daughter of her, and Benjamin tries to make her happy and was devastated when he saw Lupin again. He doesn't want history to repeat itself.

I wonder what the final key is, Sally-Anne deserves happines and Benjamin a final rest.

I hope you update sooner this time ;)

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Review #22, by Willow_Lupin XIII: Knowledge is Power

30th November 2013:
Hah! "Scabbers" fainted! thats hilarious! i almost fainted when i saw the update! i love this story so much and i can't wait for chapter 14! thanks for updating and hope to see another one soon :)

Author's Response: That was one of my favorite scenes I had in my head since the beginning. Mostly just for Benjamin's reaction to Scabbers' worm-like tail. I'm glad that you're still enjoying the story despite my lack of recent updates (to which I feel really bad about that). My goal: have at least Chapter 14 up before 2013 is over! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #23, by Minnie XII: Answers Where Least Expected

2nd November 2013:
Ahh I love your story and writing style, the plot is amazing and I really like that Sally was able to come up with something while Marta gave up, people tend to underestimate children. Please could you update sooner though? Also I think it would be really cool if one of the golden trio found out about Sally-Anne's real father, or maybe Harry after the Battle of Hogwarts. OR SHE COULD MARRY CHARLIE! That would be perfect, and it wouldn't mess up canon, and she could be in the DA. And fight in the battle of hogwarts. And adopt a child with Charlie and live happily ever after. OR benjamin could become Real and cause trouble then end up dead. I also feel like theres something going on with dean and sally. she also is yet to try out for quidditch! She could become close friends with the Golden Trio after school due to her Marauder connections! SHE SHOULD FIND OUT PETTIGREW WAS A TRAITOR! From Remua because Remus would have to tell her but then she'd Have no proof and have to only see him in Order meeting because her adopted parents would obviously join the order, and for that she develops Her relationship with the golden trio! And then Sirius dies and she suffers even more mental torment. But confides in Lupin and he becomes a lovely father figure for her and is Teddy's godmother! Argh, sorry for all the plotting but the possibilities are endless! Update soon I love your story!

Author's Response: True, people underestimate children a lot, which is why I wrote this story with Sally-Anne still so young. And I'm so terribly sorry that I've been so bad at updates! (And review responses as well . . .)

Wow! You have put a LOT of thought into where this story could go! I'm impressed! I think Benjamin would be perfectly fine with Sally-Anne marrying Charlie, but then again Sally-Anne might want someone closer to her own age. *cough*Dean*cough* Of course, that's only when they get old enough to start seriously thinking about that subject. Thirteen is still too young.

So many of your ideas are incredible, I can only hope that you're not too disappointed in the direction I've chosen to go instead. Thank you so much for your review, and I'm sorry again it's taken me so long to respond (and post, and generally be online). I posted the next chapter almost three weeks after your submitted this review. Hopefully I won't go on another two-month break!

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Review #24, by Toni M. XII: Answers Where Least Expected

4th October 2013:
You have such a great command of Language, and can express the full range of emotions with your words, and all you can come up with is Eep!
The native tribes of North America had elders who told the history of their people and pass the stories down to the next generation you must have learned from an elder yourself.
Also I think you meant sHop in your third paragraph of chapter XII not sTop.
The family dynamics you use are core. Sally-Anne likes to joke with her family but takes her cues from her Father so as not to go too far. Yet her Mother seems to worry about hurt feelings in the most innocent word or phrase.
Now finding a villain you just love to hate is very hard thing to do, but at times you just cannot wait to find out how they are going to hurt the un-hurt-able.
I like the way you keep the established charters down to a minimum, just enough interaction to know where you are yet giving over the story to your originals where you can have your way with them.
Once again Thank You 4 a good story.
Are you on any other writing sites? If you are what pen name and site. Sometimes I use my initials A.T.M. but Iam not an automatic teller machine (although I would not mind that kind of money.)LOL
I would like to see some of your original work, or are you already a famous writer poking your fingers into someone elses pie?
Either way I enjoy the body of work you have shared with us already.

Author's Response: I probably should have phrased that part "'Eep!' I squeaked." I didn't think twice about using it, because that's my response when I'm surprised or when someone pokes me. My friends say I sound like a squeak toy. Sorry if I disappointed you with that! :(

You're right with the stop/shop type-o. Sorry again for another mistake!

Those two points seem to be the only flaws in this chapter of the story. I've read over the rest of your review several times now, and I just don't know what to say! It's so complimentary! *blushes*

Ooh, it seems that you really like Benjamin's character! Before it was revealed that Benjamin was pure evil in the prequel, I had a lot of people telling me how much they loved him despite how rude he was. To be honest, I still love Benjamin's character. He's so complex but has a simple drive to his actions, if that makes any sense.

To be honest, I'm terrified about using the Golden Trio. I don't want to go against canon and make them too interested in Sally-Anne's problems, but I also don't want to ignore them. Your appreciation for the way I've handled them thus far is gratifying.

Sadly, this is the only place in the world where you can view my work. I've only ever written Harry Potter fan fiction, and it's only been through this site. I do have several original stories that I've been working on (I have one particular story/series that I've been playing with for nine years now), but nothing has been published in the real world (yet). The inquiry for more stories by me is very flattering!

Thank you so much for leaving this review! I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #25, by archer_of_the_wolves XII: Answers Where Least Expected

27th September 2013:
Whoo, new chapter!
Perfectly fine, life and, unfortunately, writer's block happen and I personally like the result! I also love how nonchalant Sally-Anne was about Lupin's lycanthropy.
Can't wait to read what else you have in store!

Author's Response: Thanks for understanding about the writer's block thing. I figure if you're going to wait a long time for updates, then those precious updates should feel worthwhile!

Thank you so much for another review! Glad you're still enjoying the story!

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