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Review #1, by Secret Santa In The Broom Cupboard with Harry and Ginny

27th December 2012:
This is a sweet little thing! I really like the last sentence, shows the innocence of Harry being a 13 year old. It nicely sums up the piece and also shows the point of the piece, leaving the reader satisfied. The subtle of Ginny leaving when he mentions Cho was also done really well, it wasn't over dramatic and also stays true to a 2nd year girl just having a crush. Great job!

I'm not sure about Ginny being in the closet, from what we know of Ginny fro the books she wouldn't be one to hide away to read in broom closets, but that's only a small thing, we didn't know that much about her in the first couple of books. But you made her the age she is by making her not let Harry go for a little, like a 12 year old with a crush would do. It is also a little short, I would have liked to see maybe a little more plot, something else happen. That comes with more practice and time, so keep working at it!

I like the realistic way that Harry stumbles in, and the realism of him not getting the spell right. I think that is shows you thought about the piece, and it stays true to Harry's nature a bit. :)

Merry Christmas!
- Secret Santa

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Review #2, by someone___1 In The Broom Cupboard with Harry and Ginny

2nd December 2012:
This was kind of cute! I really liked the very last line. I dunno why, it was just lovely ^.^

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It was meant to be quite cute and a little cheesy. I cringed along with Ginny and laughed at Harry's confusion whilst writing it. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #3, by Pottergirl7 In The Broom Cupboard with Harry and Ginny

9th November 2012:
Here I am with le review! Aw that was cute!
I love how you made Harry stumble over the words for the spell and then Ginny remembers it.
I also like how he tried to ask about Cho Chang and she left real quick.
Nice one, very sweet!

Author's Response: Thanks and I'm glad you liked it. I think that Ginny wouldn't have liked to stay and talk about Cho for very long :D

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