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Review #1, by kassandra466 Sweet Meringue!

6th October 2013:
ahahaha that was brilliant ")

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Review #2, by Aberfroth Sweet Meringue!

8th January 2013:
Funny! I laughed quite a bit- perhaps add a follow-up on the hogsmede date?

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Review #3, by dolly Sweet Meringue!

6th January 2013:
that was odd. very odd indeed.

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Review #4, by CloakAuror9 Sweet Meringue!

6th January 2013:
Ooh! Vee!

This was such a nice light-hearted one-shot! I really love how even though the story was made up of dialogues everything still worked together so well! ♥

I thought you wrote James and Lily's dynamic so well and you had so much control over it! This one-shot could have easily turned into a hexing session. :P

Write more James/Lily please?


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Review #5, by Elleinad Sweet Meringue!

10th November 2012:
This was pretty funny! I love all the puns. BUT I've been waiting for the next Chasing Albus Potter chapter!!! >:( I've been obsesivly checking this site like every day! Please update it son!!!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! I will upload it as soon as possible :) Thanks for the review! x

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Review #6, by Kitty Potter Sweet Meringue!

7th November 2012:
He he he!
This is a good little story! I am amazed that you could write a story so short, but so good! You are very good at describing everthing! I like it how Siruis and Lilly had that little fight to get her to their dorm to wake James up! I am kind of confused. If this was suppose to be a big prank, did the cream stuff do anything to James or was it just there? Again, nice story!

Kitty Potter!
Pls check out my story!


Author's Response: Thank you!!! :D The point of the cream was to make James embarrased when he woke up, to find Lily standing over him! xD Thanks for the review~~

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