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Review #1, by AHarryTale All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

6th March 2013:
I really loved the moments when Hermione & Draco were together & he was trying to say sorry, cute! I wasn't expecting Ron & Pansy, love the originality. I can't wait to read more, my fave of your stories, nice job! :D

Author's Response: thnx alott! :D plzzz update ur 6th chapter soon oh plz do...LV is osom!!

thnxx again :D

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Review #2, by Vertigo All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

5th March 2013:
loving this story already! Please update asap!

Author's Response: thnxx! i'll try 2 update soon . :)

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Review #3, by amberangel88 All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

4th March 2013:
*moans lk a child* to short! ;D good job, anyways! I really like where this plot may be leading up to! ;) ur writing is very good!

Author's Response: heyy!! thnxx alot dear!! !! the second chapter will be very long :)

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Review #4, by wrecked All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

8th February 2013:
again there were many mistakes. Many errors too but the plot was nice. I think that you wrote this story better than your other one.

Author's Response: hmmm...well thnxx

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Review #5, by malpotfan All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

4th February 2013:
hey its nice!
keep up the gud work.
regards, malpotfan

Author's Response: hi malpot fan! thnx u wasted ur precious tym for reading my story well u can go nd study now :PPP hehehehee

well thnxx alot :)
dramione rockz,

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Review #6, by Drama ace All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

1st February 2013:
This is good! please write more. there's a very interesting plot and I can't wait to read the rest :D

Author's Response: did u really like it??? omg!! thnxx alot!!! well actually im busy with my other stories so.well okay i will update very soon now :)

thnxx for reviewing ..ur review made my day.

welll you can also review for my new story- COMPLICATED CRUSHES. please do read it and tell me whther u liked it or not :)

nd u can check out my other stories too.

Thank you once again
dramione rockz,

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Review #7, by MadiMalfoy All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

30th January 2013:
Hello there! You once reviewed my Dramione story Love Makes Me, so I decided to return the favor on one of yours! I have a few suggestions for you to improve your writing. Firstly, you spell Hermione with the "i" before the "o" (also in DramIone), but that was just something that bugged me minimally.

Also, I would strongly suggest getting a beta reader to correct and grammar or spelling errors, since some of your sentences didn't flow very well or sounded a little awkward.

Finally, make sure they sound in character--they don't really sound like they do in the books or movies, so if you changed that it would make it seem that much more believable.

I hope you only take this as constructive criticism and not offensively, I'm only trying to help! :) xx

Author's Response: OMG! wow i reaaly really loved it! ur such a darling..no one ever suggested me such good things thnx alot..i will try 2 improve.. :)

uh yes...i know i am wrong in my spellings wid Hermione.one of my reviewers told me dat so i corrected my spellings in my other story- WRNGBTORW.i will soon correct my spellings in this chapter too.

hmmm..i am a young author ri8? hahaha im gonna make more mistakes..but i'll try not to make many...

well thnx again :)
dramione rockz,

ps- i found u in dark arts as well.u remember?

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Review #8, by Stella All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

10th January 2013:
well u asked me to leave a review so i did..
i really liked your story alot...it was very funny nd i laughed nd laughed so much when i read it.could u update soon so that i could read it again..i want to read further

and please update the chapters of we are never getting back togther or are we plz soon

Author's Response: oh really?? im so happy u liked it :)

well im busy in writin the chapters of we are never gettin back together or are we...so i cant update the second chapter of this story very soon..i hope u understand ok :)

wel yes im writing the 5tn chapter of WANGBTORW vry soon i will update it ok!

thnx for reviewin!

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Review #9, by dramione... All time favorite enemy- Draco Malfoy ( Part 1 )

12th December 2012:
It was amazing.
Loved it. keep going.

Author's Response: awww... thnxx alot dear :)))

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