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Review #1, by carellio Distracted

9th July 2014:
Please please write more of this story! I'm really enjoying it so far!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it, but truth is the story is giving me a lot of problem right now. I'm sorry, but an update isn't likely anytime soon. You can read my other stories (EC in particular) if you'd care to, though :)


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Review #2, by anissamalfoy Gormless

27th October 2013:
Hey, Akansha! First off, let me tell you that this is actually the first Next Gen story that I've enjoyed so far (I tend to stay away from Next Gen fics just because I'm not really fond of it, dunno why). But your story is really good! Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind eventually and read more Next Gen fics in the future.

Anyway, I love Al and Gen's chemistry as well as their witty interactions. The flow of your story is also nice, so keep up the good work! =)


Author's Response: Hello Anissa!
Firstly, I love your name! I congratulate you on having it :D
Secondly, am I flattered or what? It's really gladening to know when something you write appeals to the readers, especially if they're not so fond of that style or genre. So, thanks so much! :)
Yes, do-there are a lot of excellect Next-Gen fics out there thst leave you simply breathless. You can browse through my favourites to find some :)
I will love you forever for saying that. Your wondeful review absolutely made my day!
Keep smiling,

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Review #3, by Loony_Scorpy Distracted

20th October 2013:
Loving this so far!
Definitely loved the starkid reference, it made me giggle just a touch.
-I'm not shipping anything too much just yet, but Luke does sound rather cute at the moment.
-Your characters all seem really interesting :)
-The dimples? haha they are definitely very cute
-I really liked the letter from home and I'm interested to learn more about Jason and their relationship, it seems they get on quite well.
-Loving the fic! :D

Author's Response: Hey! :)
I see you answered all my questions, and sequentially too. You might just be my favourite reviewer yet ;)
Though I can't promise any updates in the recent future, i'm glad you love it. :D
Much love,

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Review #4, by pleasepitch Distracted

9th September 2013:
Gaaah so I just found this and I think i'm in love! You are one talented author who needs recogniztion :( PLEASE UPDATE MY NEEDS HAVE NOT BEEN SATISFIED. Thankyou you may go :)

Author's Response: YOU ARE DROWNING ME IN A POOL OF FLATTERY I CAN'T BREATHE! :'D Gosh, thanks so much. Your wishes have been duly noted and be complied with as soon as my infernal exams get over.

You rock,

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Review #5, by Qwerty Distracted

2nd August 2013:
I gave you quick reviews for the other chapters because I figured I'd write a longer one at the end.
I generally really like your writing style. It's got that humour and character development that I really like.
Also, about the plot, I really like Albus/OC fics, and I also like the fics where characters fall in love with their best friend. And what's especially good in your story, that you havent done but a lot of authors do is that right at the beginning it's like "I'm in love with my best friend". I guessing your going to give the plot time to develop and thicken. That's awesome.
Overall, I love your story. Keep writing! I hope the next chapter comes out soon!


Author's Response: Words can't describe how sorry I am for such a late reply to your lovely, thoughtful review. Real life, as they say, is a word I can't use here since reviews need to be +12. But in any case, thank you thank you thank you so much. Best friends falling in love is something I like reading about a lot, so this just had to happen.
Next chapter? Well, I'm hoping as well...


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Review #6, by Qwerty Try-outs

2nd August 2013:
Another great chapter! Loved it again.


Author's Response: Thanks again! :)

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Review #7, by Qwerty Gormless

2nd August 2013:
Great start. I loved it.


Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #8, by Mj Distracted

7th July 2013:
Love trishna seems like a badass mother fer I would love to meet her. Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward to more chapters

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love Trish as well. She's just- exceptional. And new chaps? Coming right up! (Hopefully)

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Review #9, by RoseWeasley7 Distracted

17th June 2013:
STARKD IS THE BEST! Love the story update soon

Author's Response: I COULDN'T AGREE MORE! And yep sure, I'll try to.

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Review #10, by SoaringPatronus Distracted

26th April 2013:
I actually love this story! I love Genesis's relationship with Al..Its so cute :)

Really cliche, but but really cute.

Update soon!


Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Cliches are cliches because they're loved, as my friend once told me. :)

I will definitely try to,

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Review #11, by potterteddy555 Gormless

21st March 2013:
Heyy Akanksha,
I just came across ur story and absolutely LOVED the first chapter!! A good job on describing their characters and personalities. :) I am assuming Gen's "unknown" half-cousin is none other than Scorpius Malfoy?? :P Please keep updating regularly and soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, you lovely person! I'm glad you LOVED this story.

As for your Scorpius Malfoy theory, I can't say anything about that. You may perfectly correct, or miles off. :)

Thanks muchly for the review,

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Review #12, by soapman333 Distracted

18th March 2013:
Gah, dimples...hold on, I'm still laughing about that.

Okay, sorry.

I was a wee bit overwhelmed with OCs, but I'm sure I'll get to know them better later on. I'm not worried about it ;)

Assuming this fun little story is about Albus/Gen (alen? genbus? gus?), I'm all for them. Plus, I think Albus is a boss, so...yeah.

Trishna is epic! We'd probably be best friends, smoking floo-leaves together!, I don't have much of an opinion with that ball o' laughs (sarcasm). However, I have noticed that Albus does (woah, someone should give me the "blatantly obvious you idiot" award), so I'm assuming she's going to break his wee heart. :/

Albus, if you're reading this, just know that we've all had our share of awful girlfriends. Stay strong, kid.

Gen's that her love of dimples? Hehehe...dimples, so random, and yet not at the same time. I was a bit surprised, but I learned not to really expect anything short of a surprise from Gen. She's one of those delightful characters that keeps me on my toes.

I do like this fic and, so far, I adore you! I'm thinking of reading another story of yours. You've got such a pleasant writing style :D

Until I send you another obnoxious review,

Author's Response: No need to be sorry. I enjoy my readers laughter.

And that did not sound weird at all...

Ahem, moving on. It was a lot of OCs in little time, but I promise, we'll all get to know them better soon.

Two people have suggested the ship name Genbus. Hm, we might make it official, yes? As for Al being a boss... I'm sure Gen would snort derisively at that. ;)

Trishna is a girl I can totally see myself befriending, too. We'd hang around dingy bars, drinking martini and ragging on chauvanistic males. Monica /is/ a heart-breaker, but Al's deluded by her feminine wiles.

Yup, Gen's secret is her penchant for dimpled guys. I guess it's because normally, she's such a tomboy, she'd like to keep the information that she's so absurdly 'girly' in a way, hidden. And she appreciates the compliment.

Aww, thank you. I'm grinning right now. :D

Eagerly awaiting another /obnoxious/ review,

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Review #13, by soapman333 Try-outs

18th March 2013:
This is the first time you've done a boy's POV? Wow, bravo!

I'm a guy, so I feel like I can compliment you in that aspect ;)

Man, I love how she woke him up for tampons! You don't even know, I've been snorting over my keyboard for the past half hour :P. What would I do in that case? I don't even know! Menustral cycles go over my head.

This is the first story where the "fan girls" don't annoy me. Okay, well, let me articulate that better. You wrote the fan girls in such a way that I was actually laughing more than rolling my eyes.

Cool, I'll probably review your next chapter and then add this to my favorites :D


Author's Response: This is the first time i'm getting reviewed and complimented for writing a boy's pov by a boy, so i'm pretty flattered. Thanks!

Snorting over your keyboard, hmm? I usually do that too.

As for the fangirls, completely random and unintended. The hilarity was inspired by justonemorefic's story, and i'm glad it made you laugh. :)

Yes! Another favourite! *dances in joy*


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Review #14, by Fawkes_the_Pheonix Distracted

26th January 2013:
I enjoyed that not so subtle reference and TE text of the chapter. Update soon!
P.S.- Read my fics:)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, i'm so glad!:) Updates may take a while, but i'll try my best.
PS. Definitely!

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Review #15, by Tantin Distracted

13th January 2013:
You are NOT putting scollys in this NOT right now PLEASE
Other story's r ok but this one no NADA forget bout it its too good for 1 of those . Apart from that it was awesome like I remember the part of trishna his she getting paired with?!!
Seen live wile were yungs Vidio
Me luvs it!!!

Author's Response: Well, I did hope someone would pick-up on the fact that Molly and Scorp were paired up...but I can't promise there won't be any 'Scolly' action. As for Trishna, well, she's a female casanova, so i'd say that at the moment, she's paired up with whoever she decides to make-out with tonight. ;)
Thanks for R&Ring,

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Review #16, by sour_grapes_snape Distracted

12th January 2013:
Akansha! Hooray, an update from you!

All right time to answer every single one of your questions!

Ships: Hmmm... I'd probably have to go with Al and Genesis at the moment. (Alsis? Genbus?) That, however, could be subject to change. At the moment, I don't know the other characters well enough to really start shipping them with anyone.

OCs: I quite like Trishna. She seems sassy. I like that. As for the other OCs... once again, I think I'll wait a bit to pass judgement on them. I look forward to reading more about their characters!

I really liked Gen's letter from home. She has three brothers (who are all older, yes?). I have three older brothers. How could I not love it? And her brothers seem really awesome too. If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's sibling interaction.

I think it's really cool that Gen is a Slytherin, but is also a Muggleborn. (Unless her mum is a witch? I noticed she wasn't mentioned... interesting...) Either way, it definitey breaks down the whole pure-blood Slytherin stereotype.

Do I like this story? Why yes! Yes I do! I very much enjoy it, and your others as well (Where is my Serendipity update? Hmmm?)

Of course I like you. What a silly thing to ask. Who else would draw me an extremely adorable picture of James and Faith? (Which, by the way, I absolutely LOVED!)

What? You watched AVPM because of me? I turned you into a Starkid? YES! Another convert! You are now officially the seventh person I've ever gotten to watch (and love) Starkid musials! WOO! Who's your favorite? How many of their musicals have you watched? Just AVPM? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

You're the best!


Author's Response: Hooray for me, indeed. Procrastination, it seems, is my middle name.

I quite like the name Alsis. Or Genbus. Either case, you're better at them than me, that's for sure. I understand what you mean about the other ships and OCs. In time, you'll come to know and tolerate, or love, or hate, all of them.

When I was writing about Jeff, Jake and Jason, I remembered you too have three older brothers. That, my dear, was pure serendipity. However, even through this short interaction, i've come to adore Gen's siblings.

I was kinda hoping that people would pickup on the mysterious absence of mentions of Gen's mother in the letter. It has a very twisted backstory. As for breaking pureblood stereotypes in Slytherin, well, for that matter, Eva McLageen happens to be a Muggleborn.

Dear old Tea June and her crew's crazy shenanigans are giving me loads of trouble these days. Just a little sneek peek, Lily is going to get hammered. And bookstores are visited. I know, woefully inadequate.

And i'll end this novel by saying, YES! You introduced me to Starkid, you wonderful creature. I figured I needed to check it out, if only to understand your references better. I've only managed to watch AVPM so far, but I guess Joey Walker is my favourite. Him as Voldy is too adbdddfgedgg for words. Lauren Lopez as Draco and the Snape-person are close seconds.

Thanks for everything, Laura!

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Review #17, by Tantin Try-outs

10th January 2013:
Good one akansha wats the 3rd chap called btw?

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I appreciate your curiosity, but we'll just have to wait and see, yes? ;)

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Review #18, by anonymous Gormless

5th January 2013:
I really enjoyed this chapter! I love how easy the relationship between al and gen just flows, and it's funny too ;) a lot of people think talking about 'items of female hygiene' with boys is awkward but I agree on your take on it :) one of my 'boy' friends was looking through by bag for some random reason and he says 'is that a tampon' I just said 'yeah' and he seemed really excited and said 'wow cool'' I'm very interested to see how their personalities develop, I can already see them as the most awesome dysfunctional couple in the world ;)

Author's Response: I'm glad you did. Writing is what I live for, and if someone enjoys my stories, well, all the better. Al and Gen's relationship is nothing like i've done before, so thank you for loving it.
Haha :D As a previous reviewer put it, some guys are just really chill- it seems your friend is one of them.
I hope you keep returing for more, as well as keep enjoying it. As for their being a couple, *wrings hands together and cracks a crazy grin like the evil genius she is* we'll see.

Thanks again for the wonderful review!


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Review #19, by sour_grapes_snape Try-outs

13th December 2012:
I don't know what it is, but there's just something I love about the bad tempered, uneffeminate female character. Probably because I see something of myself in them, to a certain degree. I liked seeing Al's perspective of Gen and I think it will add a nice touch to the story to have both their perspectives.

I think you pulled off a male POV very well (and thank you for the shout-out!) My best advice for doing this, and I've mentioned this before, is, when writing a male character, to not focus on trying to make him "sound like a guy." You just need to figure out what it is exactly that makes Al who he is, and write from there. Everything should then go smoothly :) And you already seem to be on the right track, so kudos to you!

The part I really liked was how Gen helped Al to escape from the crazed Hufflepuff girl's. It shows a good balance to their friendship. Al helped her with the unfortunate tampon problem in the last chapter, and Gen helped him here. I can't wait to read more about their friendship.

Wonderful work, Akansha. Can't wait for the next update!

With much love,

Author's Response: I agree. Uneffiminate, angry young characters are very relatable to me as well, because they resemble the tomboyish part of me. And i'm planning to do every other chapter or so in Al's perspective. It really is quite nice to think what he thinks.

Thank you so much. Part of the credit rightly goes to you, and yes, I will seriously keep your advice in mind, make him sound like Al, rather than focus on the gender issue.

That part was so necessary, like, because I really needed to show that it's not always the girl who needs saving. Like Gen put it, she is no damsel-in-distress, but they act as each others' knights-in-shining-armours. And don't worry, i'm planning to explain their friendship's beginning in the next chapter. As well as introducing a bunch of other new OCs.

Update will be as soon as possible, because i've already started writing the next chapter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #20, by East Gormless

25th November 2012:
This is so cute. Please update fast.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And I will definitely try to.

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Review #21, by Leigh Kelley Gormless

20th November 2012:
Hallo (:.

Interesting start. I have a fondness for Albus/OC stories (oh, who am I kidding? I have a fondness for everything next gen), especially when the original characters are intriguing. I don't know much about Gen yet, but any girl who can ask a guy for er, IoFH (as Al puts it), is pretty brave. (Sure she doesn't belong in Gryffindor? =P) I don't even want to talk to my fiance about it, wimp that I am.

But yes. Al seriously is a terrific friend. Though, I suppose she wouldn't have left him alone and he'd have had to get what she needed irregardless. You'd want to think that this is a regular occurrence, or that it has happened before, because he wasn't grossed out, like most teenage boys would be. Either that, or he's just really chill. Not many guys like him, or none that I know of.

Anyway. Good, funny start. There's a little error in the paragraph where Al wakes up though, or maybe I'm just misreading. It says, 'The Second-born son of the Chosen One and the Hottest Female Chaser'. The second bit is still referring to Al, right? In which case, it should be 'Hottest Male Chaser'? Maybe I'm not reading right though =P.

Update soon!


Author's Response: Hi :)!

Thank you! And, hmm, don't we all? Miss Rowling was unknowingly creating a group of crazy fangirls when she introduced the next gen. Gen is pretty brave, yes, but that mostly comes from the fact that she has three elder brothers, and has picked many tomboyish attributes. She may display Gryffie-like qualities, but she most definitely isn't. And don't worry, love. You're not the only one. I wouldn't talk about IoFH to my fiancé too, if I had one.

Trust me, there was a time when Al was grossed by all the gory details, but I feel that teenage boys' dicomfort at the topic has always been exaggerated. Besides, he's been Gen's friend for far too long to be more than slightly uncomfortable.

Actually, I kinda have trouble with that para too, I meant to talk about Ginny, as in "Hottest Female Chaser...". I'll just re-read and edit it though, thanks for pointing it out.

Love you for you wonderful and most insightful review.

I will as soon as I can!

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Review #22, by Hoppsan sa... Gormless

19th November 2012:
Love it! I love the humor in it, and the storie is just amazing

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I try very hard to be humorous when I write, so I'm glad you like it. :D

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Review #23, by sour_grapes_snape Gormless

15th November 2012:
Hello, lovely. Here to read and review as you (quite unnecessarily) aske me to. (I would have done, anyways, of course).

You use very good descriptions. I always have a very clear image in my head of what is happening and you have a nice turn of phrase, as well. Your sentences and descriptions are interesting and different. That's a very good quality to have as a writer.

What can I say, I love Al. I'm a total sucker for the Potter boys, so this is just right up my alley. Gen and Al have such a cute relationship. Their banter is witty, but you can see that they matter to each other. It's obvious, even from just this one chapter, that the two are very good friends. I can't wait to get to know their character and their backgrounds even more.

A truly lovely start, my dear. I can't wait to read more. And, of course, to read more of Serendipity. Which ever comes first :)

With love and chocolate-covered pretzels (I'm seriously addicted to those right now),


Author's Response: Hi, dearest :) I knew you would R&R without me asking for it, you're such an awesome person.

THANK YOU! Recently, my English teacher kinda criticized me in front of my friends saying that my descriptions, phrases and stuff are too exuberant and laid on thick. I have been in self-doubt ever since, and not producing my best work. But your kind comments have made my entire week. :D

Don't we all. And their relationship is really clear in my head, it's based on my best friend and her guy friend. I am really exited to write about their background as well!

Thank you! Your support means the world to me.

Love, and chocolate-covered pretzels (because you're addicted to them)

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Review #24, by Tantin Gormless

14th November 2012:
I LOVED it akansha . And yes bow to you first rewiwer . Kidding. Anyway its awesome .

Ps did i mention i love it?

Author's Response: Tantin!
Haha, i'm glad you LOVED it, and yes, first review! Quite an achievement... And YOU are awesome too.
PS. I think you did, but it doesn't matter... The more you say it, the better! :)

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