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Review #1, by ExplosiveBlunderbuss Chapter 2: Beginning a Legacy

20th July 2013:
I love the first two chapters I've read so far. I like the way you're showing that Voldemort is starting to get well known. Also, there's not many stories of the Marauder's earlier years at Hogwarts, so I'm finding this intriguing :)

Author's Response: I noticed that-it is harder to write, because it's tougher imagining how an 11/12 year old thinks and acts through things, but I like the challenge! thanks for reviewing

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Review #2, by Jimmbo Chapter 5: A Sign

18th January 2013:
I decided not to leave a review on every chapter before I caught up so here is a sort of uber-review.

I'm really liking the story so far, the characterisation is good and its nice to see Robards in a different setting. I think you have each character doing the right things and the atmosphere of the whole story is very nice. Look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: I don't blame you, that's a lot of reviews haha.
Thanks for the compliments, it's difficult to get it all right I have to say, but I'm enjoying writing it so far :')

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Review #3, by Jimmbo Chapter 2: Beginning a Legacy

18th January 2013:
This chapter was much better than the last, really liked it. Nasty chilling moment at the end too (nasty in a good way obv). Super job

Author's Response: It was chilling, wasn't it? I'm a big fan or foreshadowing.

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Review #4, by Jimmbo Chapter 1: Meeting of Legends

18th January 2013:
Finally got round to reading your other story. Enjoying it so far, good job

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it

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Review #5, by GinnyPotterForever Chapter 5: A Sign

10th January 2013:
Wow... I look forward to your updates... I like that this story is about the Marauders from the first year itself, instead of just concentrating on the Lily-James romance in seventh year... Wonderful!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it!
There's a lot more to the Marauders story than just James and Lily, and I wanted to explore all of it. It's great fun to write as well :)

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Review #6, by SydneyBlack Chapter 3: The Cloak

22nd November 2012:
Wow. That was really good! i can't wait to read your next chapter!! :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it, hope you come back!

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Review #7, by GinnyPotter0116 Chapter 1: Meeting of Legends

6th November 2012:
I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I just finished writing it today, so I'll probably put up another Knights chapter first, that way I can proof read chapter two. Glad you enjoyed it.

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