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Review #1, by Sexy Slytherin The guy named- Eric

30th August 2013:
Loved it! Keep writing! Maybe a little more info on Eric and much more talk about a certain sexy exdeatheater and well trained auror ;)

Author's Response: oh!!! thnku!!! and sorry for a late rply...i havent come to hpff for a long time.thnku anyways

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Review #2, by malpotfan Chapter 1

28th June 2013:
hey this was a beautiful chapter and your banner was also beautiful

Author's Response: thnku malpot fan..even ur story is going good!

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Review #3, by RosieQueen Chapter 1

14th May 2013:
Hey! :) I like the plot you've got here. I'm not much of a Dramione fan but I've started reading them to see what they're like.

I've been reading some of your reviews and they seem quite harsh. Every writer starts off at the same place, and nobody has the right to say your story is terrible. Don't let a few rude reviews stop you!

You can get a beta over at the forums, or you could stop using the shortened version of words. "Plz" should be "please." I know that the shortened versions are used very commonly on social media sites, and when texting, but when you're writing fanfiction it's not right. It sounds very unprofessional to use "osom" or "lol." And people get the idea that you're rushing or don't put in as much effort. When you're writing an essay in school I'm sure you don't use these abbreviations--same thing with fanfiction or formal writing in general. There is a time and place for these kind of words.

I would suggest reading some stories from well-known fics on this site like "Delicate," which you might like. Try observing the way these authors write and it helps build your writing style.

Anyway, don't be discouraged! A few edits and I'm sure you'll feel much better about your stories. :)


Author's Response: AW. :(
thankyou alot! i never got such a SWEET review ever.!!! alright...i wont use the words osom or lol or plz..like this.and thnaks alot .

you really made me cry... :"(

thankyou once again. i'll surely try to improve :)


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Review #4, by gran/ger The guy named- Eric

12th February 2013:
If bringing this Eric guy into the mix can move things along, then I say well done! I do hope he's only an addition to get Hermione and Draco together again. I'm a sucker for happy endings. Your story must be good when I find myself getting so involved in it! Maybe I'm just daft. Anyways I'm looking forward to your next update. 'til then, Ciao!

Author's Response: yep! Eric is the person who's gonna make draco and hermione get along.u'll soon find out in the next chapter :)

well thnxx for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Sara-Beth The guy named- Eric

11th February 2013:
I need more! AH!!! This is good, hopefully someone breaks in the next chapter! Thanks, hopefully you'll write soon

Author's Response: thnxxx alot!!! I am too glad that ur liking my story...welll if u like this story,,would u mind to rerad my other stories? they r also dramione fanfics :)

well again thnxx for reviewing!
i am writing the next chapter,it will soon be validated :)))

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Review #6, by Emm123 Malfoy.....you're in a fix

8th February 2013:
Liked this one too, but I wish there was a little more exposition

Author's Response: heyy thnxx emm!! u r reviewing for all my chapters that so sweet of u hun!
dramione rockz,

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Review #7, by Emm123 Chapter 1

8th February 2013:
*swoons* Love your story idea! Haven't read any dromione ff in a while :)

Author's Response: aw thnx alot dear!

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Review #8, by wrecked The guy named- Eric

8th February 2013:
You make many errors in your story, though the plot is nice. Your writing is not so good, maybe your too young that's why. If you need help then you should surely ask for it. Some things in the story were like, umm,not what would happen in reality,i mean that Hermione is not looking like Hermione, i hope you know what i am trying to say. You can write stories with good plots, but try to improve your writing. Um, everything else was alright.

Author's Response: i like and hate u both.but thankyou for kinda supporting me :)

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Review #9, by malpotfan Malfoy.....you're in a fix

4th February 2013:
awsom pic man.really awsome.

Author's Response: thnxxx again..well its all becoz of caren who made the picture :)

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Review #10, by malpotfan Chapter 1

2nd February 2013:
hey beautiful chapter image

Author's Response: thank you, you can also see the chapter image of the second chapter .and review too plz...u r sanki or wat?
well bye

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Review #11, by malpotfan The dance tonight...

29th January 2013:

Author's Response: hi sankiii :)))
thnnx i reviewd ur chpt. too..see it..
thnx byeee

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Review #12, by somebody u will neva know The dance tonight...

25th January 2013:
hmmm..nyc plot.do write further...

Author's Response: thnx @ somebody u will never know :)

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Review #13, by Guest Chapter 1

20th January 2013:
I'm not sure how this chapter ever passed validation... No offense, but you wrote the MAIN CHARACTER'S name wrong each single time! Her name is HermIOne, not HermOIne. (And it's also Astoria, not Austoria...)

Your story has potential, but you really need a beta... or make sure to run a spell check programme over it and/or proofread the chapter twice before you submit it.

Author's Response: oopz.! is that so?
omg! actually .oh god.im no big fan of harry potter .nd so i didnt really know that i made such a SILLY mistake.

oh god im too too too too sory :"(.im now gonna correct all my mistakesss.s...

a very big THANKS to u @guest. :D
shinichi :"(

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Review #14, by Cupcake The dance tonight...

12th January 2013:
Well all story's are interesting when written in detail.So I
think u should write in detail

Author's Response: kk i will write in detailll..thnx so much for reveiwin dear :)

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Review #15, by Stella The dance tonight...

10th January 2013:
hmmm.nice chapterr.hermoine nd draco love each othr so much..but i think hermoine overreacted a little bit didnt she?

Author's Response: hehehheheh yeah she did over react dear..i made her do so lolzzz. :P
thnxx alot for reviewin.im gonna update soon so watch out for my chapter :PP

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Review #16, by Stella Hermione's woes

7th January 2013:
oh i know now why they got separated.okay..it was a good chapter

Author's Response: thnnnxxx alot dear stellla :) u reviewd for all my chapterss so sweet of u :)

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Review #17, by Stella Malfoy.....you're in a fix

7th January 2013:
Nice :)
well it was osom too know that draco is Elina's father. wow...that is nice i want to know how they got separarted.

Author's Response: well u will find out that in the next chapter ...

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Review #18, by Stella Chapter 1

7th January 2013:
for a first chapter this is so so good!
Is this your first story?? Didi you write any more stories? well i will have fun in reading them :)
i liked it 10/10

Author's Response: yeppp i have written more stories..plzz read them too :))) plz

well thnxxx

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Review #19, by TheGirlWhoDream The dance tonight...

5th January 2013:
Write all the detail please and pretty please can you make Hermione and Draco back together ? write more ASAP please

Author's Response: thnxx for reveiwing :)..ok i will write in detail nd yes draco nd hermoine r gonna get back togther but you will have to wait fo a while.
well thnxx again..ur review made mah dayy thnxx alot :)

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Review #20, by RonWeasleyFans Hermione's woes

19th November 2012:
The story so far is quite a good idea, but i'm having trouble understanding sometimes because you change from past to present tense quite a lot. Maybe try and work on your grammar and put she said or he said after they have spoken or the reader gets confused as to who is speaking. Well done on the storyline though :)

Author's Response: ohk...im very very sorry for dat :"( thiz is mah 1st fanfic i'll try 2 improve

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Review #21, by Mystique Chapter 1

19th November 2012:

This seems like a really interesting plot and your writing is pretty good. The only thing is that your grammar needs a little bit more work. If you need any more help, such as with a banner or want a beta, feel free to ask me.


Author's Response: oh thnxx alot..yes i do need help..alot of help actuaally :) lolzz

welll yes i'll try 2 improve ofcourse...
thnxx again :)
as usual dramoine rockzzz

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Review #22, by dramoineroxxx!! Chapter 1

11th November 2012:
ooo nice.when r u updating next??and who is d father??dis is all very exciting.

Author's Response: thnxxx alot..well i have already sent d chpt .it will validate soon i hope so.
thnxx once again.u will know who d father is very soon

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Review #23, by njrox1220 Chapter 1

9th November 2012:
great idea and great storyline!!!

Author's Response: thnx alot! u will soon get the next chpt

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Review #24, by Caroline Chapter 1

5th November 2012:
I like it. Very good for a first chapter in your first story.

Author's Response: thnx alot i will send d 2nd chpt soon.i hope u like that 2... AS USUAL DRAMOINE ROCKZ

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Review #25, by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark Chapter 1

5th November 2012:
Is it Draco? Elina's father and Hermione's husband? Obviously, Hermione had probably gotten pregnant when she left Draco and so he doesn't know anything about his daughter. Am I right?

Anyways, I think it's good. Will be waiting for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: u will find that out in the next chapter thnxx alot ii am writing the second chpt...soon u ol guyzz will read it.


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