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Review #1, by CloakAuror9 One

28th January 2013:
Hi, it's me again! I was hoping that you might have some more fluffy Percy/Audrey fics written or even just fluffy fics :P. So I went and checked out your author page and I discovered this. *Does a mini-celebratory dance*. Yay!

In my eyes, this is a somewhat prequel of Saviour. It wasn't as fluffy as the one before but it's still is amazing. You really have to write more of these Percy/Audrey stories. I really love your characterisations of him and Audrey; it's completely different from what I'm used to.

I'm a bit disappointed that Percy is still not as close to his family as he might want to be even though the War has now ended. I feel like he's already paid the price enough, especially since he's got so much guilt about Fred's death. But I guess his family thinks otherwise.

At least, Audrey is there to help him cheer up though. I think that's the main thing about their relationship. Audrey contrasts Percy, though not completely, so she's good for him. Very good for him. With a girl like her by his side, it's so easy to imagine Percy cheering once again.

Amazing one-shot, once again! I am completely in love with your Percy/Audrey fics. You should totally write more. ♥


59th review out of 100

Author's Response: IZZY!!!

Aww!! You are so sweet!! And now I have several plot bunnies running around my head for fluffy fics. Don't fret dear, I am now inspired to write another fluffy fic just for you ;)

This actually isn't a one-shot, although I haven't updated in AGES, so it may seem so. It's actually a short story that I need to finish writing. *looks guiltily around*. But I will have a new chapter up by the end of the month, all part of my new years resolutions. Get a chapter of both fics up every month. So, yes, I will try my hardest to get another chapter up, if not, 2 next month. And the fluffiness will come!! Eventually. So keep following it!! I will make sure to put more fluff in there for you ;)

And oh gosh, there you go again being amazing. Honestly, I'm 99.9 percent sure that I don't deserve all your praise, but I'm welcoming it with open arms :)

And yes, he isn't as close to his fam bam as he wants to be, but the thing is he doesn't actually know how to be anymore. He is kinda in a depression/regretful phase and he doesn't know who he is anymore, let alone how to keep close to everyone. It's all about him discovering himself again, with the help of Audrey of course ;P And it's truly not their fault!! It's his, and he knows that, and he just needs to figure out how.

I'm glad you caught on!! Audrey is the cinnamon to his spice per se, and yes, she is very good for him, and I think he's beginning to realise that.

Aww, I just want to give you a hug right now. I hope you keep reading (when I post another chapter) cause I just love hearing from you!!

Thank you for your beautiful review again. You are truly an awesome person :D

- Abhi ♥

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Review #2, by Shay_Gryff One

18th December 2012:
Hello! Great job! I love how Percy is letting go and such, this is a completely new take on him and I would love to see where it goes..

Unfortunately, because you don't have two chapters up I can't count your story, but I will be coming back to it in the future!!

Author's Response: Hi!

That's totally fine :) I actually have so many chapters ready to post but I forgot about them, so alas, they are not here. But I will be continuing this story, and love that you want continue it too!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for such a great challenge :)

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Review #3, by Dlskin One

12th December 2012:
I'm usually not into Percy fic's but I like this one!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you! That must be one of the best compliments I've recieved. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reviewing!
- Abhi

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Review #4, by ginny_malfoy1231 One

12th December 2012:
Good story! keep updating, i cant wait to read more?
~ n o o r i
10/10 added to favs

Author's Response: Hi!

Aww, thanks! I definitely will update as soon as the queue reopens, I have a whole line of chapters ready. I'm glad you enjoyed it! This review made my day :)

Thanks for reviewing!
- Abhi

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Review #5, by MissMdsty One

12th December 2012:
Hey there! Reviewing this from the Christmas Swap!

I have to admit that I've never actually read a Percy story, in my mind he's always been a bit lacking in ... substance? flavour? You get my drift. And Audrey was this version of Narcissa Malfoy, where she wasn't necessarily evil, but very ambitious and just pushed him around.

That was then. This is now. I loved this first chapter and how bubbly and fun Audrey is. Unexpected from my point of view, that Percy should meet his future wife in a pub. But it's your party so to say. :D

I loved this take of Percy, where he is just as lost as he ever was and is just trying to find his way.

The story flows nicely, the dialogue is funny and light and the grammar is very good. There are a few spelling mistakes, but nothing that affects the story.

Good job!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Im really glad that you enjoyed the chapter! I did try really hard to change people's views about both Percy and Audrey. I just feel that Percy is a very misunderstood character, and therefore so is Audrey.

Im happy that you really like this new Percy! And sometimes, unexpected is good :)

Thank you for a sweet review!
- Abhi

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Review #6, by AC_rules One

10th December 2012:
Hulllo there! Here to return your christmas review swap :)

For a start, the bit about Audrey giving a drink to that guy... well, I don't think I'm going to be getting over how brilliant that was for a really really long time. Honestly, as soon as I realised what she'd done I was genuinely laughing and... ah, she has a great sense of humour and seems like a great chapter!

I love good ol' Percy (such an underrated character!) and it was hard to see him seem so... down and insecure about everything. Although I missed some of the pompous elements of his character that I would have liked to see at some point, in the interest of keeping him in keeping with the version of Percy we saw last.

Really nice first chapter! Enjoyed it :)


Author's Response: Hi!

Awww! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! That probably is my favourite bit in the chapter, besides the end of course, but thank you! I'm glad you found it funny!

I actually wrote him to purposely be quite depressed in this first chapter, because I want to show the readers how low he starts, in comparison to how he finishes in the end. And don't worry, usual pompous Percy will surface. I just wanted to show to readers a different side of his personality before I let him go back to how everyone is used to seeing him as.

But thank you for the lovely review! It made my day, and gee, what a day it has been.

- Abhi

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Review #7, by LovlyRita One

9th December 2012:
Hi there!

Well this was a very interesting story, I usually don't read a lot of stories about Percy but this was a good one :) It's sad to see that Percy still wasn't able to find the grove with his family even after the warm and that he feels that he is so estranged. I like Audrey though, she's bold and a nice antithesis to his angst.

There were a few little grammatical things I noticed in your chapter, but it wasn't too bad at all. there's a point where you talk about someone's rights, but you put an apostrophe before the s.

I really liked your description throughout here, I felt that his kind of depression jumped off the page here. It makes me hopeful for him, hopeful that he can find happiness with her and maybe find his family again.

Great chapter, I really enjoyed it :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, Percy is still disconnected, but that is the whole point of the story, to get him to open up and live life.

Opps! Will definitely go through and fix those soon, thanks for letting me know!

Well, we will just have to wait and see what happens hey!

But thank you for your lovely review!
- Abhi

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Review #8, by Toujours Padfoot One

9th December 2012:
Yayy, I haven't been able to read many Percy/Audrey stories! I'm writing a Percy/Audrey myself, so it's always interesting to read other ones and see different interpretations of Percy and how he might have met and fallen in love with Audrey.

I'm sad for him that he's still the black sheep of the family, even after returning for the Battle and doing the right thing in the end. His guilt about not being able to set things perfectly right with Fred, and not telling his brother how much he meant to him, made me feel really sorry for him. On the other hand, he doesn't recognize that the same fate could easily happen to George or Ron or Charlie or whoever, and Percy would feel exactly the same way because he's still disconnected from his family. So he should recognize that he's still taking them for granted. Maybe Audrey will help him heal the breach within his family. She has a spunky, vivacious personality, a vitality Percy is sorely lacking. She seems to be just the spark he needs to start caring again!

Since Ministry work doesn't seem to be making Percy happy, I hope he finds his true calling. Maybe he should run off to a tropical island somewhere and find himself or something.

Flirting Percy is so cute. ♥

Author's Response: Hey!

It certainly is interesting to read other peoples views and perceptions of him!

Im actually glad to know that you feel that way! That is the feeling that I want the reader to feel about him, as the entire story is about self discovery and realisation. Soon, hopefully, he will stop taking them for granted, but for now, he has to kind of walloe in self pity for a while.

I know I'm horrible, but its all for the means of character development.

Yes, Audrey is the life of the party, and lets hope that she can turn Percy around!

Tropical island huh? That's a thought. Might actually do that, sometime down the line. Go to Fiji or something. Man, I wish I was on holiday.

Hehe, he is really adorable, given that he actually doesn't have that much experience with girls. But don't worry, his inner prince charming will rise to the surface soon ;)

Thanks for the lovely review!
- Abhi

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Review #9, by my_voice_rising One

9th December 2012:
Oh my goodness, your banner is BEAUTIFUL! :O

But onto the story...

Well I, for one, really like Percy Weasley. You seem to have a really good grasp on his character, even down to the mundane yet stressful activities of his to-do list. Also, I love that Hermione is writing a biography of the trio--is that canon? Either way, it's a great idea to include it.

This line is wonderful: I take a deep breath and and say something I’ve never had the guts to say before in my life. “Surprise me.”

I think that your spacing needs some work; it's kind of confusing as to why some sections of dialogue are lumped together and others aren't.

I love that Audrey played that joke on Percy to get him to lighten up; she seems to be just what he needs right now. And the ending scene with Percy on his balcony is perfect--I like that you included that the railing was rusty, because I just can't picture Percy Weasley in a swanky apartment XD

Really great story. I'm glad I got to review!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you! I had my favourite artist at TDA make it. Dawne is amazing :)

Thanks! I don't think that it actually is canon, but hey, I assume that she would! It just seems like something Hermione would do.

Well, I'm glad you liked that bit! It gives everyone a bit of a sense into what Percy's character is like from the books, someone who needs their life under wraps, and is only now, willing to take chances and risks.

I actually just fixed that, and put it into the queue a couple of hours ago, so thanks for letting me know!

Audrey is one hell of a character, and the fact that she is just so different to Percy, and so light-hearted is why Percy likes her. And yes, he does need some fun in his life at the moment ;)

Well, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed that scene! I actually didn't plan to write that bit. It just happened, but i felt that it kind of fit in there. And I can't imagine him living in one either. It's just not him!

Again, thank you so much for your very lovely review!

- Abhi

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Review #10, by Elenia One

9th December 2012:
Hi, I'm here to return the Holiday review ^^

Oh Percy, he's such a misunderstood character in the books. He deserves a lot more attention and credit that he's been receiving (:

I did like your version of Percy, even though it's a bit different than the way I see him. But I think it worked. I could see recognizable characteristics in him and he seems to be an interesting protagonist. And Audrey! She was a lot closer to the way I picture her! Refreshing, that was the way Percy saw her, and I think that was exactly the reason he fell for her.

Your writing is very good and your descriptions were great! Everything flowed really well and the chapter held its interesting the whole time! That's always very important with first chapters, so I think you did a really good job (:

I would've liked to see Percy at least hesitating a bit before opening up to Audrey. I felt that happened a bit too easily. Maybe add a few lines about why he thought it was so easy to talk to her?

This might just be a personal preference, but I'd add fix the spacing. I just think it reads better if there's an empty line between the dialoque too (:

Anyways, this is a really good start! Hopefully you'll continue it soon (:

Take care!


Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks for reviewing! I totally agree with you, he definitely deserves a lot more attention, and he is such a troubled soul. I'm glad that you think that it worked, and yes, that's exactly why he fell for her!

Thank you! I'm glad that it flows well, that was the one main concern that I had, as with every first chapter, you've got to nail it :)

I did actually think about that before putting it in the queue, but I never did anything to change it. I guess after your advice, i'll finally get round to doing it!

Sure thing! I'll fix that too asap. Thank you!
All these holiday review swaps have put me in the writing mood, so don't fear, a new chapter is on its way ;)

Thank you for such a sweet review!
- Abhi

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Review #11, by Kristina One

9th December 2012:
Hi there! Kristina here returning the review ;)

Can I just say that I loved the interactions between Audrey and Percy. I never saw myself getting into this pairing, but you've really done a good job with it. You've really made me think more about Audrey. I kinda assumed she would be stuffy like Percy was, but seeing her so light-hearted is so interesting. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Btw you have excellent taste with your banners. Dawne is an amazing artist. I actually gave her feedback on them when she was making them ;)

Anyways great start to this story. Keep it up :)


Author's Response: Hey Kristina!

Did you?! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's my goal to show everyone a different side to this pairing, as I just love them.

Thanks! Dawne is amazing. I have now concluded that all of my banners are now going to (hopefully) be done by her, because I am in love with her work. Did you really?! Well, I should thank you as well!

Thank you for such a lovely review!
- Abhi

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Review #12, by Courtney Dark One

9th December 2012:
Hi there! Courtney here for the review swap! (By the way, your review made my blush! Hehe.)
Anyway, onto this chapter. Like you, I've always been a fan of Percy, though I'm not sure why. I think it could be something to do with Ron's many unsavoury comments about him that brought a smile to my face.
I like your take on Percy's personality-though he is still the Percy from the books, you have also started adding depth to him, which is great.
Audrey is different than I was expecting and seems very sweet.
Overall, this was a lovely first chapter and I'm looking forward to reading more. Good job!

Author's Response: Hey!

Aww, did it?! Well, thank you! Yeah, I totally agree, and it's kind of also because I just wanted to show everyone a side of him that no-one else sees. He is a deeply misunderstood and tortured character, and I feel that he needs his time to shine :)

And yes, I'm also making Audrey quite a different character to what everyone expects, just cause that's how I imagine her to be like!

And thank you! I have a lot of free time on my hands now, so I'm sure to update as soon as the queue opens up again after christmas.

Thank you for such a lovely review!
- Abhi

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Review #13, by Ron 4 Hermione One

8th December 2012:
This is interesting, very interesting!

The characterisation is just awesome, and I don't read many Percy/Audrey stories but I have to admit I do imagine her as a female version of Percy. But it's great that you are trying to change that and I like the way you've done it. Working in a bar but then she wants to be a healer,it works! I

t also helps make her better suited to Percy because even though your characterisation of Percy doesn't have him as the boring rule person he is percived to be, it still wouldn't feel right him going out with a barmaid.
A nice story, well written and I'm interested to see where it goes! :)

Author's Response: Hey!
Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you enjoyed it! In my head, Percy is quite different to what he is perceived to be in the book, a little more good looking as well, and I'm glad that you feel that it works.

Thank you again for a lovely review, and I am reading one of your stories as I type:)
- Abhi

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Review #14, by Avanell 2 One

9th November 2012:
Very nice opening, love Percy and Audrey stories! Been awhile though, so thanks! Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Hi!
It's great to know that you liked it! I love Percy and Audrey stories too, but I hate the clique put on them, that Audrey is just as stuck up as Percy was. So I'm trying to change that.

The next chapter is in edits, so it probably should be in the queue in the next couple of days.

Thanks for your lovely review!
- Abhi

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