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Review #1, by water_lilies The Prisoner

3rd September 2016:
I just started reading your story and it's very good so far. However, I have to say that this transition broke my heart:

"James lifted an invisible sword-

-and toppled off his seat, dead, his face suddenly ten years older. Beside him lay Lily, unmoving, her green eyes staring without seeing. Remus turned to Sirius, hatred etched onto his pale, suddenly twenty-one-year old face. “It wasn’t me!” Sirius shouted. “No, Moony, I wouldn’t! I didn’t kill them! I’m innocent, I swear!”

I knew we would eventually get to the part about their deaths, but the way you did it, with such a sudden change, was so heartbreaking it left me speechless! It was extremely sad, but very well done! Also, the part about Harry really made me despise Mrs Peterson.

I am looking forward to the rest of the story!

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Review #2, by Lila Bad Dreams

14th August 2016:
Gilderoy Lockheart was a Ravenclaw, not a Hufflepuff. Great chapter! I love your writing skills.

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Review #3, by dinthemidwest Escape From Privet Drive

17th May 2016:
I like Sirius rescuing Harry-very original, and I enjoy the way you've portrayed the characters!

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Review #4, by dinthmidwest The Prisoner

17th May 2016:
Great details and plot! Glad I decided to catch your stories...

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Review #5, by Runforyourlifex Heading Home

1st April 2016:
Hi there!
Why exactly is Harry called Newt? I'm sure you explained it somewhere along in the story but it seems like I missed it.
I am kind of confused with reading Newt instead of Harry :)

Great story btw! A friend recommended it and so far I like it a lot :)

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Review #6, by ForeverLovingHermione Breached Borders

9th January 2016:
love this! cant wait to read the next!! =D

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Review #7, by ForeverLovingHermione The Serpent Sworn

8th January 2016:
sad to see this story coming to an end but utterly excited to begin the sequel!

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Review #8, by ForeverLovingHermione Guilty Hearts

7th January 2016:
OMG. So thankful that the truth is it and incredibly curious as to where the story's going to go from here. That last bit killed me. Poor Sirius.

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Review #9, by ForeverLovingHermione A Delicate Balance

4th January 2016:
I actually kinda like Nacissa. Weird. The incident in diagon alley was pretty entertaining and I'm loving the Remus/fenrir situation. Also can't wait for Harry to become and animagus!

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Review #10, by ForeverLovingHermione An Overdue Explanation

3rd January 2016:
I loved the comment about lily being formidable lol

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Review #11, by ForeverLovingHermione Mirrors At The Ministry

30th December 2015:
I loved her response about her wand less magic brig hypothetical. Literally laughed for a good two minutes. Husband might possibly think I'm insane. Lol

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Review #12, by ForeveLovingHermione The Aftermath

30th December 2015:
OMG I love how Harry "casually" mentioned the silver thing. I could totally picture his grin, too. I laughed so hard my husband asked me what was wrong. Lol! Totally loving this fic! =D

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Review #13, by BewareOfFlyingMonkeys Padfoot's Tale

1st October 2015:
aah walburga. you evil witch

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Review #14, by BewareOfFlyingMonkeys Gringotts Wizarding Bank

1st October 2015:
my my harry. what powerful magic you have

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Review #15, by BewareOfFlyingMonkeys Escape From Privet Drive

1st October 2015:
So Padfoot and Harry meet at last!

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Review #16, by BewareOfFlyingMonkeys The Prisoner

1st October 2015:
LOVE it! great start

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Review #17, by Azkabanished Fallen Soldier

17th September 2015:
Wow. I was absolutely losing it throughout the battle at the Ministry ... but for it all to be a plan? Scrimgeour's mental!

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Review #18, by Azkabanished The Snake Pit

16th September 2015:
Oh my, Narcissa is so sassy.

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Review #19, by azkabanished Trying Times And Trials

16th September 2015:
I have to start reviewing! I've been making my way through the chapters over the last couple days and it's absolutely brilliant. AU for sure, but completely believable. The plot is beautifully thought out and the writing is fantastic - I'm giggling to myself as I'm reading most of it (plus the almost-tears whenever there's a bit about L&J). Can't wait to see what happens next :)

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Review #20, by slightly odd kat Ebony's Hunt

5th June 2015:
The London Police force is called the London Metrapolitan Police Force, usually shortened to the Met, not City police.

I really like this story, it's very entertaining.

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Review #21, by Minerva_magic Breached Borders

13th April 2015:
Amazing story! Couldn't have been happier with any of it

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Review #22, by Lollypops Breached Borders

23rd January 2015:
I'm blaming you for my shoddy performance at work.. I couldn't stop reading long enough to actually do anything.
This story sucked me in and didn't spit me out till the last line.
Brilliant writing!

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Review #23, by Rachel Dystopian December

7th January 2015:
Rereading Innocent (one of my favorite fan fictions, by the way), and I just had a thought. If Harry disappeared on the night of the full moon and went to the Shrieking Shack, wouldn't he have met Sarah and Ethan in werewolf form? They're in school at this point, right? Or are they transforming somewhere else?

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Review #24, by Lemonrind Guilty Hearts

2nd December 2014:
I think this was one of the best chapters yet and that's saying something.

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Review #25, by DUMBELDAVE Breached Borders

8th July 2014:
Well bloody hell that was a surprise ending !!
Loved the story it is the first story of this type I have read
Typically I read the standard HP story's that follow the books till after the DH
Brilliant !

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